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Big Brother 25-Recap for Wednesday 11/08/23 plus my final thoughts on the season

November 9, 2023 | 52 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies for the last time this season. Whew, if you’re still here, we did it! It’s been 100 days of ups, downs, laughs and irritation but in the end, it’s still Big Brother. It’s always been a show that we love to hate and sometimes hate that we love it. No matter the season, it’s more fun when we do this together. It’s basically shared joy and sometimes group misery, but it’s also what makes this show special. I can’t imagine watching Big Brother or the live feeds and yelling or laughing at my screen all alone. Steve’s given us a great place to share it and all of you are what make it fun for me.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the silly and sometimes messy stuff I’ve written. I’d also like to give a big thank you again to all of you who’ve donated to my little coffee fund this season. I know I’ve messaged each of you individually but I wanted to say thank you again. It’s so thoughtful and I sincerely appreciate you.

One more Izzy before I’m done:

I’ve got a small recap this morning and after that, it’s just some random things I found online to share. Some of it you may have already seen but hopefully some of it’s new.

Yesterday was the last full day in the BB house for the final 3. They were given their suitcases to pack up the last 100 days of their lives. They all seemed pretty excited for their new followers, fame and new relationships. (They may be disappointed by all 3. Only recruits still believe BB will make them famous)

That’s not to say once they leave, they don’t do some interviews on some local tv wherever they live. They get invited to wrap parties and there will be Tik Tok and Instagram videos and for some, that 15 minutes is enough. I think people like Cameron, Bowie, Matt, Reilly and Red may be disappointed. They seem to be the ones who were looking to get more exposure out of the experience, based on things they’ve said.

Bowie pretending she’s comfortable laying like this so she can be included:

After a day of awkwardness, Bowie actually campaigned yesterday. Most of it was directed to Jag but she campaigned to Matt too. She said the things you’d expect to each of them. She talked about how she wouldn’t get any votes so they should take her to the final 2. She thinks she won’t get votes because she said people like Cory, America and Cameron will take their evictions personally. Cameron and America left on her HOH’s and she thinks Cory will be mad over America’s. (I don’t believe she’d get any votes either but it will have nothing to do with her reasons)

After 3 months, I still can’t comprehend how Bowie even views BB. Here’s an example: Bowie said she liked that BB was a social game. She said the bad part was because everyone but them cheated. I have no idea what the hell this even means. Bowie isn’t one of the players that are going to sit down with Taran Armstrong and do a deep dive of their game. (Mostly because you can’t dive into a kiddie pool or a kitchen sink and that’s the depth of her game) However, I would love it if at least one interviewer would ask this woman specifically, how the other players cheated?

Bowie’s spent enough time with Matt that she felt the need to insult America too. (Yes, they’re STILL harping on America & Cory) I’ve given Bowie credit in the past for sticking up for America a few times. When Cameron or Matt made fun of her and said “America won’t know what to do once Cory leaves” or “America is stupid,” Bowie’s been the one to say, “I think she’s quite smart” or “I think America will do very well on her own.” I had to laugh yesterday listening to Bowie criticize America. Her biggest critique of America’s game was saying “America didn’t play her own game, she played Cory’s game.” (Yeah, this from the woman who decided to hitch herself to a bromance)

Matt and Jag went through drawers looking for things to pack or things people left behind. They found Felicia’s food drawer and criticized her stashing snacks away. (Arn’t they the 2 who ate Meme’s steak?) They all stashed food this season and do it every season. I recall Blue hiding sriracha in her bedroom. I have a screenshot of Blue and Jag using it. They’d made their plates after Felicia cooked them dinner and took the plates into the bedroom to add the sriracha, before going back to the kitchen to either dinner. (Haha)

Jag also found part of a costume he said belong to him and they think Felicia stole it. I think it’s more likely, it got mixed up in some of her things since these two idiots rarely did their own laundry.

Matt’s still concerned about America and Cory trying to steal the spotlight from Matt and Jag at the finale. He’s created this whole scenario in his head about Cory proposing to America to take the spotlight from them. He’s mad they’re going to do this but keep in mind, they’re going to do this because Matt decided it’s going to happen. Jag said “our bromance is better than their shomance anyway.” Matt said “at least it didn’t take us 4 weeks to say I love you to each other.” (Have I mentioned how badly they need to get some fresh air?)

Matt’s sure America will cheat on Cory as soon as they get out of the house. (I can’t believe I’m typing this shit. I feel like I’m in high school) It’s only one of the reasons he doesn’t like America. This is where all those past comments he’s made about getting “cheater vibes” from America comes from. In spite of Matt repeatedly saying “you date blondes but you marry a brunette,” I guess, America is the exception for him. Even Jag said yesterday “you haaaated America.” (Did he or did he not? Maybe that was the real problem.)

I would be shocked if either Matt or Jag cut one another to take Bowie at this point. The conversations, the behavior, how they’re spending their time, all says to me, they’re taking each other to the F2. Bowie had encouraged Jag to keep Matt at the F4. I think once Jag talked himself into feeling that friendship was more important than money, it stuck. He wasn’t going to turn around and change that way of thinking at the F3.

When Bowie’s not in the room, they’re doing their Minutemen sign or they’re talking about the Minutemen. Jag said “fans will be talking about the Minutemen for years to come.” Matt said “this season will be remembered as the Minutemen season.” (Ok, I’ve changed my mind about their alliance name. At first, I thought it was stupid but now, I’ve decided it fits them. Remember when we liked them…..for about a minute) They both agree their “fan favorites” too. (Haha, I can’t with these two) Both of them playing in that power comp really went to their heads.

They packed, they ate leftovers and blew smoke of each others asses all day. Bowie roamed the house trying to pretend she doesn’t know what’s about to happen. She said she’d be happy getting 3rd place so let’s hope that’s true. She also said she “can’t wait for the three of them to walk out of the house together on finale night.” (Who’s gonna tell her? Haha)

Here’s some random stuff to check out before I wrap it up:

I know this was a few days ago but the family videos from the jury house we’re entertaining. Cameron received his from his daughter.

Blue was emotional seeing her mom, sister and her cat:

Cory’s included the usual ‘we love and miss you’ but there was more. His mother said “we love America, we hate the mustache.”

It was a thoughtful thing to do. They’re aware that America has been a bit worried over how they’ll feel about her being with Cory.

They also told America and Cory that it’s “Americory,” not “Cormerica” and I thought that was also funny. I thought the look on Blue’s face was funny when it was said. She’s the one who named them Cormerica. I don’t think she liked hearing the shipper fan base went a different direction.

Someone made this for them too. If you remember, America used to joke and say her alliance name for Cory and herself was Pound Town instead of Chill Town.

My favorite family video was actually Bowie’s. Her parents talking about how they’ve been on a 3 week holiday but checked in from time to time was great. These two people looked like they had no idea what was going on or why. Haha

Bowie liked it and I guess thats all that really matters.

They put out more videos from the jury house. These are screenshots from them doing a short dance video. It was cute but Cirie looked like she’d been kidnapped and forced to participate.

Another of Cirie:

Ameica doing the baby gif dance, her signature move:

Cameron’s was actually the best in my opinion. (There, I managed to say something nice about Cameron before the season ended)

Ok, I lied. This is the last one of Izzy. She’s staring daggers at Cameron for something he’d just said. I don’t know if anyone will ever give me better screenshots than Izzy did:

These are from some of the eviction nights. It’s the ones they take with Julie after the episode ends.





After the interview with Taylor:

This is a very recent one of Reilly saying she’s “Team Jag.” (Dont ask me???)

This is a screenshot of one of Bowie Jane’s videos. She looks good as a blonde:

America doing one of Cory’s kicks in the diary room. (Ya, if you’re new here, I collect and keep some random shit):

The prejury has arrived in town and here’s a couple of them hanging out together:

I believe Kirsten is in town but wasn’t with them:

Izzy signing an autograph with Joseph from last season in the background. This one doesn’t count as an Izzy pic. I didn’t take it so I didn’t lie about it being the last Izzy shot:

This is very random but if you’re looking for something reality based to watch soon, check out Squid Games The Challenge. It either just started on Netflix or will be soon. It filmed back in the spring in London (I think, if I’m remembering correctly) and someone related to me is on it. I can’t say anything else since it hasn’t finished airing. I’ll just say…he doesn’t make it very far into it. (Haha)

Yes, I gave him as many tips as I could possibly think of before he went to do it. This was a new concept for a show and they weren’t given much info before they left to film. That made it very hard to prepare for so it is what it is…

For other things to watch if you have Paramount Plus, they now have 2 seasons of BB Australia. Don’t go into it expecting it to be like ours and you’ll love it! They also have seasons 1 through 9 of BB Canada. (10 is the best one and I hope they add it soon) It’s more closely related to ours except downside: they have more twists, upside: it’s a lot more fun. Maybe do a binge watch this winter because it’s great!

If you haven’t seen Sharon Tharpe’s interview with Dr. Will that came out yesterday, it’s worth a watch. It was entertaining and you can easily find it on YouTube. He talked about the jury this year, (as much as he could) mixed with a bunch of silly stuff that was also entertaining.

He said this is probably the most intelligent jury he’s seen and this is his 10th season doing it. He said “no one came to blows” but it got heated enough, “they had to take multiple breaks” during the filming . Once the interview started to go off the rails, it got even funnier. He said and I quote “I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I don’t like caffeine…I love Turtles.” Like I said, it’s worth a watch! (We met his 2 headed turtle too)

Julie gave another interview about the cast this season. I truly don’t understand this woman’s brain. She thinks Cameron may be invited back for another season. Her reasons are because he won so many comps and because he didn’t have an alliance. She simultaneously thinks America played a bad game because she didn’t have other alliances besides Cory. (You’ll never convince me she even watches this show)

Here’s one last shot of the Big Brother house this season. Personally, I’d love a season with less primary colors because it’s hard on the eyes:

Well, I’ve rambled on enough. We should anticipate either a Matt or Jag win tonight because I definitely think Bowie’s out. I don’t think even a bitter jury could be THAT bitter. Thanks again to everyone for making the season fun, especially as it got down towards the end and my batteries were running low.

Give Steve a shout out for the improvements he made to the site and the live feed updaters all season. They were amazing! This is it for me with the recaps but I’ll be see ya back here tonight to watch the episode. Don’t stand me up!

Have a great winter and…love one another?


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