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Big Brother 25-Tuesday Recap and thoughts on the final 3

November 8, 2023 | 32 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, We’ve almost made it thru this 100 day season! Some years, I’m sad to see it end but this isn’t one of those years. It has a lot to do with the 100 days, the game running so late into the fall and the way the second half of the game played out. I still feel like this was an amazing cast this season, for the most part. The recap episode really showed me (if I wasn’t already convinced) just how much the game changed after zombie week. It also reminded me I’ve missed Hisam. He’s so funny and isn’t even aware of it.

The first half of the season was almost hard to keep up with at times. Everything about it was so entertaining. When zombie week hit, the season grinded to a halt and it’s been a slow trek to the end ever since. It doesn’t change how great the first half was to watch. Unfortunately, this season won’t be a very good rewatch. It lost too much momentum and the edits on the episodes won’t tell an accurate story of the season. I mean, come on, we had a Red segment last night but not an Izzy segment? Who had more of an impact on the prejury part of the game? (And remember, the prejury part lasted about 3 years!)

There isn’t much of a feeds update but Jag won part 2 of the hoh comp so he’ll be going against Matt in part 3. Bowie finally appears to be getting nervous. She looked to Jag for some assurance but he didn’t give her a lot.

When Bowie asks if things are still good, Jag says” yeah” but without even making eye contact. Instead of Jag saying ‘we made it to the final 2,’ it’s more like ‘this is going to be a really tough decision.’ Either Jag is a complete menace or he’s going to stick with Matt until the end. He may not but Jag is reassuring Matt alot. Other than Matt and Jag confirming it’s the 2 of them to the end, there isn’t much else from the feeds.

I’m assuming ya’ll dont need to hear much more America bashing from Matt. That would be the only other info from the day I could provide. (Matt’s just not a nice person) Matt said he won’t hang out with America after the show because he doesn’t agree with some dating comments she made. (If she’s not dating him, why care?) I hope after tomorrow night, Matt can go train for the Olympics, spend time with Reilly and stop obsessing over America.

They also found time for a little more Felicia bashing too. They made fun of her for always hoping they would have a comp she was capable of winning. Matt said she always wanted a comp that was “something she could do.” He didn’t think it mattered because he said “she couldn’t do anything.” He and Bowie complained more about the campaigning Felicia and America had done. They made fun of America for crying during the double eviction when she was trying to stay. (Ya, it’s alot more fun to have people there who don’t even care)

He also talked about the need to get back in shape. I didn’t know they had scales in the house but he said he’s gained 25 lbs. I saw some stuff online a few weeks ago about his weight gain. I think it was mostly from people who don’t like Matt. It was before and after weight gain photos. (Jerks)

At the time, I wondered what the people who posted them would look like if they spent 3 months in a house, sitting around with nothing to do. I bet Matt will have an easier time getting that extra weight off than a lot of the people would who posted those images. Just sayin’ (I’ve got some issues with Matt but a little weight gain ain’t one of them) Besides, remember your 20’s? Back then, I could just think about dropping a few pounds and it would happen. Gotta love the metabolism of the youth! Matt will be back where he wants to be in no time, I’m sure.

Matt and Jag talked about it not mattering who won the last part of the comp and Matt said it was time to make history. I’m not sure what history he’s talking about because we’ve had plenty of bro duos get to the end of the game before.

I know he’d be the first deaf winner and Jag would be the first Sikh winner. Other than that, this season won’t end with anything monumental. As an afterthought, I guess we could also have the first Australian winner?? (No? Not excited about that one?)

I’m not convinced any of the F3 have the ability to say what they need to in order to win the game. It’s because I don’t think they understand the way this jury may view the game. (I mean, if you’re the good people and the jury is full of snakes and liars, how do you relate to them?) I don’t know if they can address each juror in a way that will help get their votes or maybe change someones mind. I think they could each be articulate enough for it. I’m just not convinced they understand the need for it. If they go with this Minute Men or Mafia ‘loyalty to the end’ bullshit, I think the jury may laugh them out of the building.

They can say they played an honest game but they didn’t. All of them lied to the jury at different times. Besides, it’s easier to play “an honest game” when you’re winning all the time. They lied when it wasn’t even necessary to do it so which is worse?

This is what I would try to get across to the jury if I were each of them. It doesn’t mean I believe everything I’m saying or that everything I’m saying is true. (Some of it’s true) It’s just what I would try to sell tomorrow night. No matter which of the F3 is speaking, they need to address a few jurors specifically if they’re trying to flip them. These are the kind of jurors who have egos that will need to be stroked. (Cameron, Blue and Felicia)


I would definitely mention wanting to be the first deaf representative on Big Brother. I don’t mean as a way of ‘trying to use it’ but it’s something he’s already talked about and it would be received well. I would mention my comp wins to offset some of Jags. (Matt isn’t all that far behind Jag in comps and I’d point that out) I might even say that I threw some of them to send the message, I could’ve done just as well as Jag.

I would explain that unlike Jag, I wasn’t in a must win situation. I’d point out my critical wins tho. I’d mention winning the veto that helped send Jared out. (If he hadn’t been a zombie) I’d say, I won the invincibility power, which gave me the ability to keep my #1 in the game. Keeping Jag was crucial because it kept me safe for the remainder of the season. I’d also work in how Jag would’ve been gone prejury if not for me saving him. I would own my part in evicting Cory, America and Blue. I might even try to spin it that I wanted Cirie out too if I could make it beneficial. (That will be hard because it wasn’t a good move)

I’d make sure the jury thought I was just as involved in every move Jag made. I’d want them to know that staying behind the scenes and letting Jag take the blame was intentional. Jag worked on burning bridges while I worked on maintaining good relationships with people. Those relationships helped me keep Jag around too.

There were times when Cameron, Cirie and Cory weren’t sure about Jag. I’d try to convince them that it was my relationships with people that got them to work with Jag too. (Make Jag sound like a tag-a-long)


If I’m Jag, I obviously mention comp wins and breaking or tying records. (I haven’t kept up so I don’t know if he’s broken a record or not) Id say, I knew I was a target and had to win. I’d remind them, they only had one shot to take me out from around the F9 till now. It was Bowie’s hoh and she didn’t do it because of the relationship I built with her.

I’d hit the part about being voted out head on but I’d spin it. I’d tell the jury that I was a true underdog the first part of the season. Early on, rumors were spread that caused people not to trust me. Even after being voted out unanimously, I was still able to build back relationships and got people to trust me. Eventually, I was even working with every single person left in the house.

I’d tell Cory and America that I had to take them out because I knew it was eat or be eaten. (They’d agree) I’d tell Cirie why she had to go and it was to take Matt’s one game advantage away from him heading into the F4. I’d also make sure she and the jury knew, he didn’t even fight for her to stay. I’d try to make sure the jury understood that I called the shots and Matt simply agreed with them. Even when Matt gave minimal pushback, he quickly caved to what I wanted to do. Sure, Matt was able to stay innocent in people’s eyes, but it’s because I wasn’t afraid to do what needed to be done. I wasn’t afraid to make big moves.

I’d address Cameron directly and blow some smoke up his ass. I’d tell him he was my biggest physical threat and he had to go for that reason. I’d do the same with Felicia by telling her, I couldn’t let her get to one of those F2 chairs, because everyone loved her and she’d probably win. I’d be thinking hard about what I could say to Blue but it would be something similar to Cameron. Jag already convinced her she’s the biggest comp threat in the house so just go with some version of that. If Jag takes Matt to F2, he has to offset the jury thinking it’s stupid. I’d say there was only one person in the house I was truly loyal to and it was Matt.

I’d sell them on the fact that I played a better strategic game than Matt and I deserved the win over him. (He needs to let them know he had the confidence in his game to take Matt without sounding cocky) If I was with Bowie, I’d mention that Bowie didn’t want Cameron out but I convinced her to do it. (Take credit for Cam’s eviction and its true) I’d wrap it up by talking about representation too and saying that I’d like to be the first Sikh winner in Big Brother.


This one’s a puzzler and part of me thinks she may be better off if she just said “G’day jury” and sat back down. I think Bowie’s only shot at winning has passed and even it was slim. If she’d won the final HOH and took Jag to the end, she’d have a better case.

Here goes tho: I’d try to convince the jury that my entire game was intentional. I’d say, I only pretended I didn’t know what was happening. I think I’d have to go ahead and admit that I didn’t fully understand the game in the beginning. I’d say that all changed after the Red vote. I’d lie and say I began playing hard after that week. I’d mention how I became the pivotal vote several times towards the end of the season and someone everyone needed. (True) I’d make that sound intentional too. (The problem is, I’m not sure she realizes it)

I’d bring up how I positioned myself in between the duos of Cory & America and Matt & Jag on purpose. I’d say I had both duos convinced I was with them too. I’d mention how I was needed to flip the vote to take out both Izzy and Jared. (Lord help her if she tries to take credit for it like she did when talking to Felicia)

I’d remind the jury, I won 3 hoh’s and took out the player everyone tried to get out, which was Cameron. (Maybe she could get Cams vote with it) I’d bring up how I was the only player who went 100 days without being nominated. If all else fails, just say I’d like to be the first Australian winner. (Haha)

Of the three, Jag at least tried to do some damage control in his goodbye messages. I don’t know how successful it was but he needs to own his moves. Don’t try to blame them on ‘reasons.’ Just keep it simple and respect the jurors by telling them, they needed to go so he could win. If Jag can offset his bad jury management at the finale by owning what he did, I’ll think he played the best game.

Matt needs to avoid blowing it, in my opinion. Make sure the jury knows all of Jag’s moves were also his moves. He just managed to make them without being an asshole about it. (He prefers to do that behind their backs, lol) If Jag can’t pull off making nice with the jurors he blindsided, I’ll think Matt played the best game.

Bowie just needs to chalk it up as an experience and a 3 month paid vacation. Best of luck with her DJ career and I hope her temporary tenants didn’t trash her house while she was away. I’ll never think she played the best game.

I’ll probably do a short post tomorrow morning. Like all of them this week, it won’t be a recap. It will probably just be some final thoughts on the season and maybe some images or silly stuff I haven’t had a chance to post yet. Go enjoy your day and forget about Big Brother until tomorrow. For fun, tell me in the comments who you think played the best game as of right now. I’m not asking you want to win. For example, I’d prefer Jag to win but as of this moment, I think Matt played the best game.

Have a great Wednesday!


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