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Big Brother 25- Monday Recap for 11/06/23

November 7, 2023 | 22 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello BB junkies, There isn’t much for ya today. There is if you like to hear about 3 people sitting around talking about how amazing they are and how everyone else sucks. If you want to find out that green pepper seeds are apparently poisonous and why Cory’s gonna propose to America at the finale, this recap is for you!

Thankfully, the feeds were down for quite a while. No, that isn’t something I’m used to saying. Lately, I’m finding myself the happiest when the feeds are down. (That’s where we’ve arrived this season) It’s not even because there’s only three people in the house and it’s boring. That has to happen because that’s how the game works. Usually, you’re sitting around waiting for some snippet of conversation to give you a heads up about what someone’s planning. This season, I can honestly say, I really don’t care.

If you do, Matt and Jag are confirming to each other, they’ll still taking the other one. Bowie and Jag are still having conversations about the two of them needing to beat Matt. Who is Jag lying to? I have no idea. Will Matt cut Jag if he wins the last hoh? I have no idea.

We probably arn’t going to hear about it either. They had a conversation about camera talking yesterday. None of the three of them approve of it. Just add that to their long list of dirty and slimy ways to play the game. Blue, America and Cory cam talking was a bad thing in their eyes so there’s that.

Matt and Bowie trying to figure out if Felicia stole the other deck of cards before she left:

I hope this thing with Reilly and Matt works out and they’re happy together. I also hope Reliiy’s favorite hobbies are to cook, clean and do laundry. Oh, and she better get good at shit talking Cory and America. Otherwise, these two aren’t going to work out.

Matt said he thinks Cory will propose to America during the finale. His reason for this is because Cory and America are going to be sooooo jealous when they find out about his Reilly HOH letter. (His words, not mine)

Bowie agreed with him. (She agrees with everything) As first, he was worried Cory and America wouldn’t know about it. Bowie said they would because Cirie was still in the house when it happened. They agreed she would tell them about it.

This is Cirie and Felicia talking about how stupid it was that Matt and Jag were so obsessed after knowing Reilly for only 2 weeks. (If it even comes up, I don’t think Cirie is going to put the romantic spin on it that Matt would like):

Matt’s already said, he and Reilly would’ve been the best showmance in the house and I guess he thinks Cory and America are losing sleep over it. He thinks they’ll want to top it with a proposal. Like Blue, he thinks this has been a competition too. It’s as if he doesn’t realize which parts of the past 90 plus days are the competition and which parts are just life.

He talked about Cory’s mustache yesterday… again. (At least he isn’t making fun of Cory’s surgery anymore about his testicles) He speculated if Cory only grew the mustache so he could look older and pointed out his age difference with America….again. I’m not exaggerating when I say Matt talks about Cory and America ALL the time! Here’s and old shot of Matt when he started to grow a mustache right after Cory did and talked about catching up to him:

I’m still not getting how so many people are blaming most of the shit talking and the nasty comments only on Bowie and Jag. I dont know why alot of live feeders are giving Matt a good edit, the same way production has done. If it seems like I’m talking about Matt’s comments more, I probably am. Jag’s getting alot of undeserved hate in my opinion. I’m just trying to spread the dislike around evenly. None of them will get a medal for being nice the past week or two.

There was more conversation about playing the game the right way and how they’re the good people. Matt said all the people who tried to play dirty have been evicted and Bowie agreed. Jag is able to chime in on these conversations again too. Since he made the loyalty choice over winning the game, he’s back in with being “the good people” I guess.

With Felicia gone, they attempted to cook their own dinner. Matt said, the only reason they kept Felicia around as long as they did, was so she could feed them. I guess it was a good choice because they don’t fare too well on their own.

Bowie apparently believes the seeds in green peppers are poisonous but Jag said he didn’t think they were. Mind you, he wasn’t sure, he just didn’t think they were. (wtf??)

Bowie was in charge of making some chicken. They weren’t sure about how to season it. In the end, they decided the oil and butter would season it for them enough. There was some discussion over whether or not it was done. Bowie thought it was cooked but Matt wasn’t sure. He checked to see if the chicken was still “bouncy.”

Here’s another appetizing dish Bowie managed to whip up. I believe it’s a potato, cheese, corn and canned tuna. (Did she get this Recipe from Raven?):

I think we got confirmation that Jag threw the first part of the HOH comp. After Bowie dropped, it sounds like Jag went ahead and gave it to Matt. (I’m not saying he wouldn’t have won it anyway because I don’t know) There was just some talk about how they felt Jag would do better in part 2 so they wanted Matt to take part 1. From that convo, it doesn’t sound like Jag is going to cut Matt but you never know. Finding ways to overcomplicate the game for himself has always been one of Jag’s strengths.

Felicia is doing a lot of revisionist history in her exit interviews or she truly doesn’t remember the timeline of some things. She’s still throwing Cirie under the bus. She believes Cirie spent the entire season trying to undermine her game. She did at different times but only after Felicia tried to do it to Cirie but Felicia’s leaving that part out. (Haha) In one interview, she also had some food requests for the jury house. Felicia will continue to entertain right up to the finale.

Between Felicia not knowing the way some things happened, mixed with lies Bowie told her this week, she’s completely lost. Hopefully, she gets to sort some of that out at the jury meeting. I believe it’s been confirmed Dr. Will is doing the jury discussion again.

It also sounds as if something happened to Felicia’s brother while she was in the house. Some accounts online are saying she found out he passed but I don’t think that’s been confirmed. In one of her interviews whiel talking about an event in the game, she said “that happened week 9 and it was right after I found out about my brother.”

She didn’t elaborate so I don’t know but I feel for her and her family if its true. Felicia really is a tough lady if she kept all that inside while still playing Big Brother.

Well, it feels like it’s been 5 and a half years since this season started but we’re down to 2 episodes. Too bad they won’t include all the shit talking the remaining 3 have done about the other house guests. Now that could be a way to spice up the ‘walk down memory lane’ episode tonight. Instead of saying kind and complimentary things about them, they could flash back to some of the conversations they’ve been having lately about them. (Haha)

Tomorrow, I’ll go over how each of the remaining 3 could win the game and what they could possibly say to the jury to make that happen. (If Matt makes it in the F2, I’m assuming this is his game to lose tho) For now, we’ll have to wait and see who wins part 2 and hope they don’t get salmonella before Thursday.

Have a great Tuesday.


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