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Reindeer Games – Let’s Talk

December 11, 2023 | 13 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are staying sane dealing with Christmas looming. I’ve never actually posted in December (I think), so I don’t think I’ve ever had to talk about the Holidays.

If you’re wondering, last month I went through and canceled all recurring subscriptions to the site. Ideally next season, I’ll have a feature in place where you can cancel on the site, but I don’t so I just did them all. However, as a Christmas/Holiday gift, anyone who did pay throughout BB25 will have their ads still off for Reindeer Games!

And that brings me to the topic at hand – Reindeer Games. This will be a 10-day special featuring 9 wildly popular and/or former winners as well as Frankie who will be doing mostly competitions as a way to fill the gap until the regular shows appear to be resuming after the holidays. I was hoping for a winter season, but I guess we’ll take whatever we’re given.

And that’s right, I said it. Out of this cast, there is one person who really doesn’t fit and that’s Ariana’s brother. No clue why he’s on the cast, but I guess we can suffer through one poor casting choice. I mean I guess he’s considered a comp beast and this is a comp style game, so whatever. We’ll deal. Right? Right. We’re in this together.

Let’s go through the rest of the cast:

  • Xavier – No questions here. Great pick. Former winner and great at comps. He should be a favorite to win
  • Nicole – I mean… she won the game. So there is that. I don’t know if they’re going to have an eviction process, but I assume they will and if they do, she’ll likely be first out. Or last actually. They may want to keep her in as an easy person to beat toward the end.
  • Cody – Another great pick. Former winner, another comp beast. Should give X a run for his money.
  • Frankie – We already went over him. I think he’s a mid-season exit. Probably finish top 5 but no higher than 4
  • Britney – My personal All Time Favorite player. Yes I rarely talk about my favorites, but I absolutely love her. Her DR segments are always just gold and while I hope she wins, she probably won’t.
  • Danielle – They hit up the way-back machine with this one as she was the runner up for season 3! However, she has remained a very popular player in BB lore. We know Taylor is going to be gushing over her considering she mentioned Danielle about 289 times during her season and I think even in her final 2 speech.
  • Josh – Well, he’s certainly a former player. He won the game, so he has that going for him. He’s been on The Challenge, so he’s remained competitive. But, he’s not exactly the most liked former winner. That said, it is pretty funny that both players who won due to Paul having shitty jury management are on the same season.
  • Taylor – She’s a very popular former player and won BB24. Not exactly the comp beast as she was nominated about 3x as many times as she won comps, but she’s still popular regardless.
  • Cameron – The reigning AFP and latest comp beast. Not much to say about him as he’s all fresh on our minds. I think he’ll be facing a situation similar to BB25 where he needs to win all comps as he’ll be evicted the first comp he loses. That’s solely due to him being fresh on everyone’s mind about the comp threat so there is just no way they’re going to let him hang around long.

Overall, pretty good cast. Add in a few more players like Paul, Vanessa, Dani, Tiffany, and Dan and that would be a very entertaining real season. Would certainly be more entertaining than whatever the hell BB22 tried to be.

I’m still not sure how I’m going to handle the show. I may try to have a live update thread going like I do for the Thursday shows. Talk about the show as it goes on. I guess we’ll see! This is new territory for me but it’s only a few shows so I’m unlikely going to add the players to the header or anything like that.

See you tonight!

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