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Afternoon Feeds; Prepping For 3



Good afternoon, everyone.  There really isn’t a whole lot going on in the house, but I figured I’d take this chance to let you guys know that I’m leaving to visit family tomorrow, and won’t be back until Saturday. There is a very high chance I will still make a post sometime in the evenings, as it won’t be like Disney where I was constantly on the go. I won’t be doing any live blogging tomorrow or Friday, so that’s about it. That said, there is usually almost nothing to live blog about this final week.  The final HoH competition will begin tonight, and that will be an endurance type of deal. Then, on Friday or Saturday, they will have round 2 of the competition, and I will certainly post the results when I get them.  Other than that?  It’s going to be Paul, James, and Nicole sitting around playing cards or reflecting on the season.

Paul will probably keep pretending to be working with James while also keeping his one-sided alliance with Nicole going.  Nicole will probably be just sniffing Corey’s bed for the next week, and James will continue to walk around like he is surprised to be in the house.

So, I will give a few updates today until the show tonight….


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  • 1:30pm – Nicole was practicing her eviction speech.  She is going to do a basic speech and then spend the rest of the time gushing over Corey. Get your puke buckets ready
    • Meanwhile, the three guys are talking in the living room.
    • Paul jokes that he wish he could have banged Tiffany.  James says she is hot, Paul follows up ‘but crazy’.  They talk about Tiff/Vanessa for a bit
  • 3:00pm – Nicole joined the guys and they mostly talked about the past two competitions
    • After a little while, the feeds went down to Jeff loops, and will probably be down until the live show. So yea, this was a boring thread, but I didn’t expect much. Like I said, I mostly posted to inform you about tomorrow

Live update thread later


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  1. Avatar

    “Paul jokes that he wish he could have banged Tiffany.” And this is the jerk who played such a great game and people want him to win. He is a filthy mouth scum bag…………but that is just my opinion.

    • Avatar

      I counted last night on BBAD while the guys were playing cards. He used the F bomb 4 – 5 times per minute. I’m not opposed to cursing but his cursing is beyond belief. It’s not an occasional use to be emphatic or descriptive. It is as if he doesn’t know any other word.

    • Mell

      He has a very filthy mouth but he seems like a stand up guy. He seems intelligent, well traveled, good game player and has a clear grasp of who he is at a pretty young age. He’s also one of the rare players who actually does quite a bit of charity work and doesn’t just claim that he does. He does however, have a very filthy mouth.

  2. Mell

    Corey and Nicole are using a strategy for the comp where they ask the jury questions and the houseguests have to guess which answer is correct. They are discussing if he should give a funny and serious answer so she will be able to know which is the right one. It’s cheating but I would be surprised if this is the first time it’s happened.

  3. Helen

    They let Nicole and Corey cheat on the macgyver comp too. It’s not like this stuff isn’t recorded . Obviously the house pets are monitored ….they get called out for singing,lights,mics and a lot of other annoying things that they do.

  4. Mell

    I think voting for AFP starts tonight after the show airs. I hope Vic and Paul fans don’t split the vote like with the care packages. Corwy and Nicole have speculated why Corey got it. (I wish they knew) It will only insure that James, Nicole or possibly Natalie get it. (from polls I’ve checked) I hope Vic gets this one. I like Paul but if he places 1st or 2nd, he can’t have it anyway. Please (Paul fans) gamble on Paul coming in top 2 and vote for his buddy Vic. Otherwise, I don’t think either one of them will win. Ok…that’s my sales pitch…done.

  5. Mell

    I know everyone thinks DaVonne is mouthy and she is buy she has only been telling the truth. Paulie is disgusting. The smartest thing he could have done was not engage but he wasn’t going to deny himself the opportunity to put another woman in her place. I hit rewind over 5 times because I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. No, DaVonne didn’t need to get in his face but for him to flip her dress like that was the lowest thing I saw during that exchange. I thought maybe his hand just got stuck at first but he did it to be an asshole.

  6. Avatar

    After this nights jury session, I kind of want Da’vonne to win AFG. No one should be treated like that. Pauline Sucks! But I would be fine with Nicole, Corey, Michelle, Victor, or Paul win it. Definitely my favs from this season and personality-wise probably ever. But I swear, if James or Natalie win anything this season I will cry. Love James as a person, but not as a game player. Natalie is neither

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