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Anyone Know About Gifting CBS Access?



Now, this is probably a question I should know, but I’m not really an expert at joining All Access.  I bought a membership like 2 years ago and never really cancelled.

So, does anyone know if there is a way to gift All Access passes to people?  I am willing to put my money where my mouth is this season and start handing out two month memberships so people can watch this season of Big Brother.  It has been a fantastic season, a great cast, and 99% feed up-time makes it a BB fanatic’s dream.

How I will go about handing out memberships is another step, maybe just raffles for those who share the BB FB page or something like that, but I really want people to watch this season.


While BB18 has been a fairly slow season, following it up with BBOTT makes BB18 look that much worse. This cast is night and day compared to the summer crew. Half ‘real people’, and the other half are the typical ‘model/actors’, but unlike seasons past, most of them actually know the show. Take Whitney for example. You’d look at her and automatically assume she was just some model who is trying to make it big, but when you watch her play, she’s actually a fan and doesn’t really seem to care about the fame.

They made sure all the houseguests closed all their social media profiles before heading into the house, so shoutouts are almost non-existent. Kryssie is pretty much the only one who clearly has an agenda to promote her band. Even Justin, who owns a restaurant, doesn’t really promote it.  Once in awhile when he thinks about it, he’ll say it, but he’s not constantly shouting the name of his place.

Alright, enough rambling.  If anyone knows how to gift memberships, let me know.  The options I know are:

  1. Simply send someone $13ish via PayPal and they can pay for it themselves
  2. Create an account for someone with all my information, but not allow them to change anything (emails, etc). This way I can access the accounts when the season is over to cancel.

I think #2 may actually be do-able.  Thoughts?  Also, any thoughts on contests?


You guys did a great job donating for my trip this summer, so now I want to give back a bit and give the most dedicated BBJunkies feed access.


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    Great idea! Love this site so much!

  2. caRyn

    I haven’t heard anything, but I am willing to pay for a couple of months for a viewer also.

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    CBS has a online store maybe you can do it through there or they could help you do it.

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    why did the house guests have to make their social media profiles private? I don’t do social media so i am wondering why this is such a big deal

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