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Someone... Save... Me

Austin Makes A Big Boo-Boo

Someone... Save... Me
Someone… Save… Me

Austin may have made this biggest mistake of the Big Brother 17 season last night, and quite possibly the biggest mistake of the past few seasons (excluding Lawon volunteering to go on the block).


Around 10:45pm (use flashback feature here), Austin decided he was in too good of a position with the extremely strong 5 (soon to be 6) person alliance that was easily going to make it to the final weeks of the game. He pulls Jason aside and reveals the twin twist to him. Now, keep in mind, everyone already knew about the twist – minus Jackie who was still in denial. However, Austin’s motive was pretty much batshit crazy… and I mean Caleb-level crazy.

His goal is for someone to ‘take care of’ Julia so he doesn’t have to. This is mainly because in the event the three of them actually make the final 3, Liz would be guaranteed to take Julia over him. Yes, with 13 people and another 60ish days remaining, Austin is trying to eliminate a potential situation that could arise during the final week of the season. You read that right.

Of course Jason ran and told Meg and it eventually got to Shelli, Clay and Vanessa.  As the three of them (Clay, Shelli, Van) sit around the HoH room at 2:45am, Shelli explains it like this. Austin knows that Liz or Julia will be a target once they’re both in the house. His goal is to make a deal with Jason for 1 week of safety to guarantee he at least make it to jury with Liz, should they both get evicted.


During the second week of the season, I called Austin the best player in the house. I take that back and then some. I understand emotions get involved and it sometimes messes games up. Look at McCrae with Amanda. However, Austin is acting like a school kid with his crush on Liz and it is literally costing him a legitimate shot at winning the entire game.

Needless to say, his alliance was not very happy about the situation, and Austin just went from a near secure final 5 spot to potentially not even making jury.

Typically, Thursday afternoons are quiet in the Big Brother house, but this event last night could potentially lead to some issues this afternoon. If not today, than most definitely tonight after the HoH competition and we see who gets power. I’ll be creating a live update thread later on to monitor the situation, but I’m not guaranteeing any action this afternoon. Either way, stay tuned.


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  1. JD

    Liz looks a wee bit uncomfortable. Like she’s trapped by crazed stalker. Another Caleb in the house. Jackie is another Victoria. Steve B. So excited for you to be down here in So. California. Now we will get the real scoop about live tapings. Enjoy your visit!

  2. Jannie

    Yes, Austin is now playing with his emotions instead of logic, but there are many, many morons not playing a good game.
    Just look at how Meg, James, Jackie, Steve and Jason run to Vanessa, Clay and Shelli to tattle and confide. Dumb move – you are not in their alliance and they will perceive you as being dangerous to their game. Instead of all banding together, the players outside of the Sixth Sense are treating the six like they are in charge of the game instead of taking charge themselves. Makes me want to root for Becki and JMac. Especially getting sick of Meg’s constant flirting and running her mouth – getting tired of her giggles. “La La La – I look like Taylor Swift” Not really.
    And last night was epic when crazy Audrey came out just long enough to covertly out the twins. Dizzy Liz was pissed! She’s not ill or mentally unstable. She is embarrassed that she got busted with all of her lies and now wants to play crazy and leave a bunch of mixed up info behind before she leaves. Never thought would be saying this, but GO AUDREY!! Leave the house in turmoil with no one knowing what to believe.

  3. AIO_7

    If the house guests are smart, they will start to work on breaking up the power couple.
    I don’t see the JuLiz tandem as a big problem.

    On a side note; all the “crying” Shelly did on last nights show for putting Audrey on the block, I didn’t see one tear, not one.

    • Jannie

      They all seem to be too enthralled with getting on the power couple’s good side and tattling to them that they won’t put them out like they should. It’s like they are the college football star and the cheerleader and everyone is starry eyed.

    • jimbo

      the twins only become a problem simply by the fact that they are loyal to each other beyond any doubt while the number of players is shrinking. Why in the world would you want that in the house? Perhaps everyone thinks they will “control” them and their votes, but, by logic, not everyone will. Some will pay.

  4. g8trgirl

    It’s a good thing Shelli is in LA. The Emmy awards are given out there and she sure deserves one for acting like someone who really gives a sh*t about Audrey ‘s feelings. Cry me a river.

  5. jimbo

    This house already doesnt seem to care at all that a ready-made alliance of two (the twins) is about to enter the house at the same time numbers are starting to dwindle — so who knows if they are going to care about Austin or not.

    • AIO_7

      How can we know that the house-guests know if or when another twin is going to enter ?

    • Avatar

      They aren’t together. Becky, Jackie, John, and basically Steve are playing solo even though Steve thinks he is with Vanessa. James thinks he’s with Jason and Meg but he’s on the outskirts. I think John knows more about what is going on than he lets on. Becky and Jackie are totally clueless! They could be 7 against the ‘nonsense’ but they aren’t working together.

  6. danmtruth

    Back to middle school Shelli Clay the it couple Vanasse Shellis bff side kick They are the kids at the cool table Austin is the star lineman protecting Clay the quarterback . He thinks he is a bigger star than Clay . Try’s to impress by using big words. Usaly in a wrong way These people are very delusional the way they keep going back to Clay and Shelli to tell all.
    Austin is now WAY over playing his obsession for Liz This is just what she wanted to happen

  7. Avatar

    What a great update. This is what I was thinking yesterday – does Austin have a plan to separate the twins. But to start the process this early is crazy.

    Let’s hope for a change of control in the hoh comp tonight !

  8. Avatar

    Yes, the house needs a change of control. Let’s really shake it up.
    I’m disappointed in Austin; I was going to see how long he could fly under the radar, but he’s let his hormones get the best of him. He’s not the first to do it, though.
    Am I the only one who sees this as weak? I can do 90-some days standing on my head.

  9. Avatar

    BIG slap in the face to HG and viewers, BB! Allowing a Have Not to eat regular food, sleep during the day with lights off, and now taking a hot shower—-deliberately LONG shower so others can’t get ready. Audrey isn’t sick. She’s throwing a 2yr. old hissy fit because she isn’t getting her way. I don’t think she had a panic attack or a migraine either. Kick her sorry ass out and get on with the game.

    • Avatar

      I agree Mouse. Shame on BB production. I guess they will put up with anything so Julie can do a 5 minute interview on Thursday nights. They gave Frankie special treatment last year too. I guess it depends on who they consider to be the ‘star’ players.
      Does anyone know what the penalty for breaking rules would be for normal players? I know the players have a rule book, but is it available on the web or something for the viewers to see?

    • g8trgirl

      I’m actually scared for Julie tonight. Good thing there is a delay that can be *bleeped* out before Audrey says something stupid to her.
      And how DOES she leave the house? Kissing everyone good bye and wishing them well? Head down, mouth shut? Kicking and screaming?

  10. Avatar

    Austin thinking with his small head, a down fall of many of men.

    Poor Liz, she is tried of faking that it is all about getting ahead in the game not intimacy with Austin who is about to make of himself a national fool if not careful

  11. Alda

    Austin is creepy,the way he follows Liz around like a magnet.He watches her like a hawk when she talks to other guys in the house.He’s smothering her!He wants Julia out because he knows that Liz will want Julia time and that will be time taken away from him.What a middle schooler.

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