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Big Brother 13 – Live Eviction Thread


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As predicted weeks ago, the Big Brother house will be one step closer to turning into a sausage factory after tonight. The sixth girl of the season will walk out the door out of eight evictions! Hopefully Big Brother has something up their sleeve because I have news for them – girls are good for reality TV.  Zach (bless his heart) tries to create drama, but considering everyone knows that’s his shtick going forward, few will actually take the bait.

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My biggest hope is that production has a few more twists up their sleeves. A houseguest will return, but that’s nothing new. A Pandora’s Box will likely happen, but rewards the last few seasons haven’t really been very game changing (I don’t remember them all off-hand, but most were meh).  I’d like to see something new for the last few weeks, something that will get the house stirred up somewhat. Shake up the alliances. Make Team America mission a big deal.. something, anything!  I beg you!

I realized I’m running out of time for this, so I’m going to publish and get in my Big Brother watching spot on the couch…


  • 6:00pm – Big Brother starts and mentions about the HoH warning. Just because you’re HoH doesn’t mean you’re safe.  We get it, Nicole is screwed.
  • Julie talks about how the detonators alliance is still together, but when will it turn on each other?  She then leads us into the post-POV fallout with Christine/Nicole.
  • Highlights of Donny crying because he’s been alone most of the season.  He sits there and watches everyone play pool.  Nicole is also crying about Christine.
  • They show Nicole talking about how Christine acts around Cody and then a clip of Nicole laying on his lap.
  • The clip of Cody punching himself in the face while sleeping.  I am shocked I haven’t done that yet. I woke up punching the bookshelf before.
  • Mostly highlights pretending Nicole has a chance.
  • 6:13pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:16pm – Back
  • Showing clips of Frankie, Caleb and Christine going to the Dallas Cowboys training camp.  Caleb wants to meet his man Jerry Jones. (he does)
  • Jones to Frankie – It’s going to take some work to make you look like a football player.  To Caleb – Better watch out, they may throw you in some drills.
  • They also met Tony Romo who tried to give Caleb an autograph but it was intercepted
  • Note – I am extremely jealous. I would love one of those experiences for the Patriots.
  • CBS is done their Thursday Night Football promo segment.  Time for Julie to talk to the house
  • Julie – You met a lot of people, who was your favorite.  Caleb – Jerry Jones. I know a few NFL football players personally, so it was nice meeting him.
  • Julie mentions the drama in the house this week and what it meant to Victoria. Victoria rambled on about nonsense with everyone looking at her like she had 2 heads. Everyone in the room except Victoria knew Julie was setting her up to mention Ariana Grande… she didn’t.  Julie changed the topic.
  • 6:22pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:25pm – Back and Votes

Zach – Nicole
Derrick – Nicole
Frankie – Nicole
Caleb – Nicole
Cody – Nicole
Victoria – Nicole

Nicole is evicted 6-0

  • Julie confirms there will be two HoH’s, although that was pretty much a given. I’m pretty sure this will be the last week though.
  • 6:30pm – Commercial Break
  • 6:33pm – Back
  • Interview with Nicole
  • Julie mentions about going from HoH to evicted. Nicole said she just really wanted to be out of the house.
  • Julie – Do you like anyone left in the house?  Nicole – I like Donny!
  • Julie – What do you think of Christine? Nicole – It was a smart move on her part I guess. I’m frustrated with her right now. She was my friend. I don’t think very highly of her as a person but as a game player good move.
  • Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Donny all give Nicole nice good-bye messages.  Donny said it will be lonely in the house without her.
  • 6:40pm – Commercial Break 
  • 6:44pm – Back
  • They show highlights from the ghost thing last night to prepare for the HoH competition.
  • Note – there is a movie about a zombie outbreak that takes place while people are in a fake Big Brother house. I linked it in an earlier post

Question 1 – Caleb out
Question 2 – Nobody
Question 3 – Victoria, Donny out
Question 4 – Zach out
Question 5 – Nobody
Question 6 – Nobody (Cody, Derrick, Frankie remain)
Question 7 – Nobody
Question 8 – Cody out

Derrick and Frankie HoH

  • America’s Choice options. Terrible as expected…
  • A) Hide a piece of clothing from each houseguest then organize a neighborhood watch program
  • B) Weaken another players game by keeping them up for 24 hours straight

Check back for more

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  1. Comments (412)

    I see how Stevebeans already put Nicole in place for jury. It’s really sad she’s leaving but glad it isn’t Donny!

  2. Comments (174)

    Hoping Donny wins HOH tonight.

  3. Comments (383)

    Julie looks much better tonight. Hair is gorgeous, dress is gorgeous. If only she didn’t have so much eye makeup on. You can’t even see her eyes under all that mascara and eyeshadow and false lashes…. Baby steps, I guess. She really is a beautiful woman but her makeup artist is overdoing it bigtime.

  4. Comments (8)

    Victoria should win…

    • Comments (412)

      At first I thought Victoria didn’t have a whole lot going on up top, but lately, I think she’s playing a pretty smart game. Maybe not better than Derrick, but obviously better than Nicole[only because she’s gone] and I honestly think she’s playing smarter than Christine. I like Victoria.

  5. Comments (12)

    love zankie and hope the god that that hasn’t changed in the last week.

  6. Comments (25)

    I am very annoyed by the fact they left the house to go to the cowboys training

    Im very very annoyed by that
    Its a huge bs

  7. Comments (120)

    Two HOH’s AGAIN. Instead of voting for TA missions (which they’ve failed two weeks in a row), we should have voted on whether or not the BOB twist should end. This twist HEAVILY favors one side of the house (The Detonators). I’m ready for this to end.

  8. Comments (487)

    I have been watching BB since Season 1 and this is the first time I felt bad for one of the HG being evicted. Nicole is a good person with a good heart. A young woman much like my daughter. I pray she and Hayden get the chance to come back and destroy the detonators or whatever they call themselves these days. I know its a game but to go after a person’s character while being a liar yourself is just not right. Derrick, Frankie and Christine are the worst.

    Just needed to vent. Thanks

  9. Comments (27)

    I am tickled that Victoria did not mention the whole Frankie family thing and give CBS and Frankie the publicity they wanted.

    • Comments (682)

      Me too. But Victoria wasn’t even thinking about that because to her it was so long ago. I think her reply was all about the Derrick “alliance” issue she was having. You can see the other HGs knew what Julie was suggesting.

      Poor Donny. But he did it to himself by sleeping instead of listening.

    • Comments (383)

      I wanted to high-five her through my TV. That was effing AWESOME. Dear BB: nobody gives a crap who Frankie’s sister is.

  10. Comments (27)

    Class act exit interview given the many hateful awful things said to her by a couple of people still in the house, and the stabs in the back

  11. Comments (43)

    team America missions are available to vote on, now.

  12. Comments (1)

    I hope Derrick wins!! He’s my favorite!!

  13. Comments (5)

    Are they ever going to have an endurance HOH the same thing is a little old now

  14. Comments (487)

    Derrick and Zach win HOH. I wonder how Derrick is going to keep Victoria and Christine from going up on the block now. I don’t see Frankie wanting to keep either one of them. Derrick: Caleb and Christine; Frankie: Victoria and Donny.

    • Comments (1443)

      Everyone wants Donnie gone and he’s the target. I bet ppl will be volunteering to go up to throw it so Donnie is on team on block. Then they will vote him out. Or either plan to back door him thinking he will not win pov. Everyone I liked is gone when Donnie goes. Could care less who wins out of the remaining ones

  15. Comments (5)

    They should have pandoras box… if someone opens it they are sent to jury and a jury member comes back into the game

  16. Comments (843)

    Way to go Derrick. Claiming your vote to evict Nicole was for Team America. What a douche!

    • Comments (426)

      I am so disgusted with him. Managing peoples thoughts in a controlled environment is one thing. But does he really have the big head enough to think he can pretend to America that his actions were anything but self serving? He doesn’t care one bit about TA except the $$ he might make. It certainly had nothing to do with his vote tonight, and it is an insult to us for thinking we are all that stupid.

      • Comments (1443)

        Yes and what will he use foe excuse next week? Funny tho. They have told Victoria she would not go up this week but guess it doesn’t matter when everyone throwing competitions!! I hate the dual hoh. Ppl can’t put up the strong players they really want out. Only one who has done it this season has been Nichole. She had more balls than any of them

    • Comments (1443)

      Amen such a douch bag!!

    • Comments (383)

      you know, I don’t really like watching him, but you have to admit he’s playing a great game. Nobody seems to notice he’s controlling the house. At the end of the day (sorry, gaaaa I hate that expression!) I really think he has earned the win. Even though I hate his stupid facial hair and ridiculous Clark Kent glasses.

      • Comments (88)

        First off Jenny I love your comments. you have made me laugh like 3 times tonight. Clark Kent glasses oh my god that’s hilarious! I hey Derek I think he’s manipulative and he brings a bad name to cops. that being said I do think he’s played a hell of a game and I wouldn’t be irate if you want.

      • Comments (383)

        awww, thanks, jesus6789! I crack MYSELF up all the time…glad I also make you laugh. 🙂

      • Comments (1443)

        Have you noticed he can’t keep his hands off his face or head. Drives me nuts. Worse than McCray butting his nails all the time

      • Comments (426)

        I agree. But I hate it. But it reinforces to me that you can’t be a nice, decent person and win these reality games. I just wish the others would compare notes and wise to him.

      • Comments (644)

        I agree with you Jenny. I always say I hate how Derrick is always touching his little beard. He really is a mastermind but I don’t want him to win.

  17. Comments (843)

    They will pick someone to go up with Donny and throw the competition so he stays on the block.

  18. Comments (174)

    I am wondering if they will put Donny up. If he is not on the block there is a good chance he might not get to play for Veto.

  19. Comments (412)

    Someone’s coming back in the game next week!

  20. Comments (2)

    I really hope the producers do something to give a power shift even a thought in the house. It’s getting too predictable. At this point why not just have Frankie and Derrick sit and everyone left vote which one wins. It’s definitely setting that scenario step by step up every week…

  21. Comments (182)

    Nicole “I am glad to be out of the house” you could of fooled me, after that begging campaign session to stay the last two nights.

    It’s OK Nicole, you will soon be in Hayden’s arms

    • Comments (487)

      Why do you fault her trying to stay? None of them would tell her she was wasting her time. I would be glad to get away from those liars and snakes. And Christine, Derrick and Frankie’s good bye messages were pure BS, just trying to get America’s Favorite.

    • Comments (469)

      Ray – you and stevebeans are saying Nicole said she ‘I am glad to be out of the house” – no – what she said was “They really wanted me out of that house” – and Julie asked – why do you think that is.

      • Comments (383)

        I heard what they heard — thought she said she was glad to be out of the house. I assumed she meant she was tired of the drama? But “they really wanted me out” makes more sense. Thanks.

  22. Comments (17)

    Love nicole,hope she gets come back and that hag christine goes!!

  23. Comments (1799)

    I still ask Nicole says what a long time fan of BB she was . How could she be fooled twice by Christine ? Got the feeling watching the goodbye messages to Nichole The campaigning for her vote started. Derrick was having a hard time holding back a laugh . As he told her he can’t wait to explain all that went on around her .Frankie over acting in his how much he loved her Even tho she was the person who twice tried to get him out of the house Finale the rat Cristine trying the it’s just game play nothing personal

  24. Comments (528)

    I just wanted to say this has seriously been the best episode of the season. Maybe ever. Cody punching himself awake? Gold. The zombie stuff and mirror scares? Beautiful. That gyrating ’80s zombie in the yard? The clear winner of that challenge. If the rest of the season is this entertaining I’m falling back in love with you, BB.

    • Comments (528)

      I rewound and watched the face-punch, like, three times. Laughing out loud all the while liked a damned fool, but no regrets. Same with Zach’s reaction when Nicole started screaming.

      • Comments (6)

        LOL! My son made me rewind it several times too! We had to pause the whole show until we got over the laughing fit! And how he looked around like “Oh good, NOBODY saw me do that!” Now I’m laughing all over!

    • Comments (1443)

      You must have seen a different episode than I did

    • Comments (383)

      Cody punching himself awake was PRICELESS. I also watched it a couple of times. I have never done that but I did once wake up realizing I had rolled over and accidentally punched my poor cat in the face. And then there was the time I was dreaming about a bear trying to get my dog (a lab) and I had one hand on the bear’s snout and another on his side and was pushing as hard as I could to keep him from getting in the house. And then I woke up and my poor dog had retreated to the very end of the bed because I had shoved him away. Oops.

      • Comments (528)

        Yeah, I kicked my cat out of the bed once. She was a big fattie so when she hit the floor (on her butt, not gracefully like a normal cat) it made a giant BOOM! Which woke me up. She actually – I swear to god – had this expression on her face: ^o^

        It was hilarious later but at the time I was half asleep and just dragged her back into bed and passed out again.

      • Comments (383)

        that made me LOL. poor kitty!

  25. Comments (1799)

    Now things get interesting with the detonators So Donny, Christine, Victoria, now it gets tricky Cody has never been on the block . Will Zach be talk into being a pawn? Will Caleb go up there are very few options

  26. Comments (412)

    I’m excited about ZINGBOT! I really want to see it zing Christine. Or call out Derrick and make a few people realize who the puppet master really is. I have a feeling it’s going to be extremely mean to Victoria, but we’ll see.

  27. Comments (332)

    I am so sad Nicole is gone and further mad they threw the HOH to Frankie and Derrick again. So I expect Caleb to be gone next week. So predictable, Zach and Victoria and Christine and Caleb. They have to keep a token female! I somewhat hope Frankie stands and Derrick sweats a bit. But Frankie will probably bow to Derrick and let him rule the house.

  28. Comments (138)

    I think its going to be Zach and Caleb versus Donny and Christine with Donny going home and Christine the backup.

    • Comments (332)

      You forget about Americas team. These two will not want to put up Donny if they know America wants him in the game. I bet they play it safe with him off the block. I bet Donny asks for a reprieve since he has had two weeks on and the boys talk together and say “we can always get him out later.”

  29. Comments (492)

    Zingbot should bring fruit loops for Zach.

  30. Comments (23)

    Someone here has already mentioned that Frankie resembles a lizard. I think it’s either a lizard or an extremely needy attention-seeking frog. My advice is don’t play a drinking game where you drink every time Frankie licks his lips. You’ll be plastered in five minutes. I think he does it so he can make that pouty lip duck face. I can’t stand looking at him anymore because I just keep thinking, “Stop licking your lips!” and “Can’t you keep quiet for ONE minute??”

    At first I was annoyed that he won HOH tonight, because this just gives him more of an excuse to brag, but I think it’s good he will have to show his cards and put two people up. Then, hopefully his team wins the BOB.

    I understand that CBS probably has an arrangement with Ariana Grande’s publicist, but sheesh, they should read the fan sites and recognize that Frankie is not in America’s good graces anymore. I liked him the first week, but now I see what he’s like and I want that pedestal pulled out from under him.

    • Comments (383)

      I’m the one who called him a lizard. I can also see frog. Hadn’t noticed that he licks his lips all the time but I’m sure from now on that’s all I will see. lol

  31. Comments (59)

    There is no point in BB sending a house guest back in. It’s basically 7 against 1 right now (Donny being the one). So it goes back to 7 vs. 2. It’s just a waste of a week. And it’s not really a twist when it’s been done before.

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