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Big Brother 14 – Two Alliances And Some Floaters

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It’s been a wild week in the Big Brother 14 house, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon.  You can watch it all play out on the live feeds, and if you sign up here you get the first 3 days free.  It’s a pretty sweet deal and definitely worth the price with the way the week has been so far.

Anyway, before I get to the overnight recap, I want to take a quick poll.  I am thinking of creating (for next season most likely) some Big Brother Junkies swag (hats, shirts, cups, etc) and was wondering if it would be a waste of time or people would actually pick up some items.

With that out of the way, it’s time to talk about the house.  Last week it seemed I could go 2 days before writing a recap, but ever since Frank and Boogie have been nominated, I feel a new one can be produced every hour if I wanted to spam people. What a stark difference in weeks between people who actually want to remain in the house versus those who are content with leaving.  Boogie has been nonstop planning, scheming and trying to figure out a way to remain in the house.  His odds are still not in his favor, but there are about 55+ hours until they cast their votes.

Last night, the tension was still very thick in the house and sides are clearly being drawn.  Frank and Boogie are getting worked up at Ian for constantly chatting with Shane, while Danielle was getting a bit paranoid about Britney’s social game.   Right now you have Frank/Boogie/Ashley versus Dan/Danielle/Shane/Britney.   Jenn is still wandering around the house trying to secure votes this week, Ian is playing both sides, and Joe is trying to jump on any train that will take him.

With that said, there are two key swing votes on Thursday.  Ian and Joe.  While both appear to be on team Shane right now, if the house continues to work them, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them flip and jump to team Boogie.  Will it happen?  That’s tough, I mean Joe is so far up Shane’s butt that he can taste what’s for lunch.  Ian appears to still be committed to the Quack Pack, but he also has a very strong force pulling him towards team Boogie… that’s Ashley.  While Ian can say he is over Ashley all he wants, let’s be real, all she has to do is bat her eyes, give him a smile and he’s back on board.

It also appears the pressure of being a key swing vote is getting to Joe.  Last night he felt he was having a heart attack or at least dealing with very high blood pressure, so he went into the DR to find out he was having an anxiety attack. To defend him, I’ve had severe anxiety attacks and they’re no joke, so I won’t poke fun at him for it.  Hopefully he feels better, relaxes and stops yelling into the DR camera.

To summarize, here is how the house stands right now if the vote were today…

For Boogie to leave:


For Jenn to leave:


Key swing votes:

Ian (leaning to keep Jenn)
Joe (leaning to keep Jenn)

In order for Boogie to stay, he will need both Joe and Ian and that’s not looking likely at this moment.  Ian is a maybe, but like I said above, Joe firmly believes he’s in a good spot with Dan, so I look for him to be voting out Boogie.  Again, still plenty of time to go, but this vote is definitely a crossroads for how the house will end up.

If Boogie goes home, you will see a combo of Dan/Britney/Ian/Danielle/Shane/Joe/(maybe) Jenn in the final 3-4
If Jenn goes home, you will see a combo of Boogie/Ashley/Ian/Joe/Frank in the final 3-4

Looking at it like that, the people sitting good right now are Joe and Ian, but considering they’ll likely have to win an HoH regardless of which side they choose, I don’t see either making it very deep.

Enough rambling, watch the live feeds today because Boogie’s plan is going to try and get Jenn and Joe fighting so he’ll be more tempted to vote her out. Interesting tactic, but if he knows Joe won’t side with him, then “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach could do something…

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  1. Comments (1276)

    I usually try not to call the votes, but I’m thinking Joe may keep solid with voting Boogie out. Ian, well, he seemed to be a little more iffy. I think he wants Boogie gone, but I also think he wants to be able to cover up his vote against Boogie, and without Joe’s being more up in the air, then I’m just not sure.
    Ashley has fallen for their crap hook, line and sinker, so she’s voting Jenn out, which I’d be willing to bet Jenn will NOT forget. And the obvious Frank to keep Boogie, that goes without saying.
    So, my picks, unless something crazy happens, Dan, Dani, Brit, Joe and maybe Ian to keep Jenn. Frank, Ashley and maybe Ian to keep Boogie. But it wouldn’t suprise me if Boogie pulled a Rabbit out of Franks hair (lol, I couldn’t resist).
    I still think Jenn needs to chill. I understand, sometimes the pawns go home, but she has to know she’s NOT the target. I just hope she pulls it together, and Boogie doesn’t get his way and cause a fight between her and Joe. He does plenty of fighting without starting stuff between the others.

  2. Comments (17)

    I just wanna know what ” Dr.Will ” has to say about all this Idiots playing the game right now.

  3. Comments (6)

    I hope Jenn goes(tho not likely) as she’s too invisible and too much of a floater. Say what you like about Boogie he’s entertaining and brings drama to the show. I hope he doesn’t win (enough is enough) but I’d rather watch him than Jenn any day.

  4. Comments (123)

    Hahaha…ur the Best…ur funniest line ever from ur blogs:

    “I mean Joe is so far up Shane’s butt that he can taste what’s for lunch”, LOL….☺….

  5. Comments (2)

    To call Jenn a floater is insulting to floaters. She is not even a big brother player. Even though I’m no fan of boogie, i’d rather see him in the house than her. Im rooting for Dan or Ian to win, but with Frank’s Houdini Disappearing Act, I doubt that will happen.

  6. Comments (17)

    I don think Boogie gonna leave ,a miracle is soon to happen
    just like Rachel & ”Evil Dick” both were quite annoying in there season but they were still the entertainment ….

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