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Big Brother 14 – Big Decision For Ian Incoming

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When nominations were announced, I speculated that it was going to be a dull week with Jenn the most likely target and the remaining “Quack Pack” as the final 4.  A commenter said he heard Dan ask Danielle if she’d be ok with voting out Shane, and she said yes.  This made me wonder if Dan was actually going to make a power move and get rid of a strong player when he has a chance.  I feel it’s too risky because he’ll need Shane to try and get Ian out in the next elimination, but it’s also risky to keep him in because Shane has had a strong competitive game and a ‘don’t burn bridges’ social game.

None of that matters now because Shane was the winner of the PoV tonight which means Ian finally has a chance to make a real impact on the season.  None of this “I’ll take credit for Boogie and Frank, even though others did the dirty work” that he’s been playing.  This is it, if he wants to be taken serious in the finale, he needs to nominate Dan and have Shane vote for him so he can break the tie.  I seriously doubt he’ll make such a move because he’s been playing Dan’s game all summer, and obviously Dan wouldn’t suggest that strategy.  That’s why if it does happen, this will be all Ian, and he’ll actually be able to take full credit for evicting a strong candidate.

If I find out that Danielle is the replacement nominee which all but guarantees Jenn’s exit, I’ll have absolutely 0 respect in Ian’s game and hope he’s never mentioned as a returning player in the future (for all-stars or whatever).  Ian said in Boogie’s exit speech that he learned from the best, and he’s boasted about removing the strong players from the house all season.  If he gets out Dan, he’ll back up his own words, but if Jenn walks through that door, than Ian was just a kid poorly playing a villain character on his favorite tv show. I root for people who want to win, not who want to fill certain roles.

I am anxiously awaiting this veto ceremony to see if Ian has become a man, or he will leave the kid he came in as.

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  1. Comments (8)

    I figured it would be a very Physical veto comp to help Shane out – smh!

    So, what does Dan do now?? … I think Dan will have Danielle and Ian tell Shane that if he uses the pov, Danielle goes up, and she goes home. They will guarantee Shane that he is safe. Shane does NOT use Veto and they send him to the Jury.

  2. Comments (13)

    You are making two big assumptions. Ian thinks he can get to F2 without Dan’s help and Ian can win sitting next to a bigger comp winner, Shane, as oppossed to Dan. Plus, why would the jury give Dan a second, less spectacular win? Not to mention, Ian has no relationship with Shane. If Ian is as mentally vunerable as he seems, I think he needs Dan like a baby blanket.

    • Comments (13)

      Lets face it all three quak pack members besides Dan, want a F2 with Dan, because the are convinced they will win aganist Dan. If not because no seconds for Dan, because they have more wins, except for Daniel. As far as Jenn spilling the beans on Dan she can’t without hurtting Daniel, therefore she won’t.

  3. Comments (2)

    just whoever is the next HOH please please please get Ian out of there…. he has been the annoying little dork since day 1…do not want him in the final 3

  4. Comments (28)

    Shane will take himself off tha block an dani will go up as a replacement an Thursday jenn will head to jury… but if ian was really smart he would put dirt bag dan up an send him to jury because ian would have a better shot at final 2 jury vote win against dani…

  5. Comments (316)

    I like Dan. He makes bold moves and he is fun to watch. However, I think it is his turn to pack his bags. He has won already plus IAN is more suited for the big win this season. Don’t under estimate Ian guys…. He might just have a trick up his sleeve!!

  6. Comments (12)

    i have watched this whole season and its amazing how everyone thinks that by putting dan on the block now that he’ll be voted out. ian would have to get shane to evict dan for them to even get rid of him. ian will not make it to final 2 unless he thinks he has dan’s back because shane and danielle will stick together.

  7. Comments (1)

    if Ian wins final hoh and takes dan ian will win no question about it. Yes Ian could make a strong move and get dan out but he knows he can beat dan in final 2 cuz he knows dan has no jury votes except for Danielle.

    if ian and dan are in final 2. ian would get ashley, britney, Frank, joe, shane, jenns votes and dani would just vote for dan so ian would win 6-1

    • Comments (768)

      You nailed it! Shane’s vote could be a toss up, but even then it would still be 5-2 for Ian.

    • Comments (12)

      i think ian would beat dan in the finals as well but i dont think he should if it comes down to it. the jury is too stupid this year the jury members this year like britney ashley joe i mean they dont know how to vote they’ll vote for who they like better. this is a game you vote for the best played player.

  8. Comments (14)

    Yeah, it was at 11:56am BBT on Sept 7 that Danielle was saying how annoyed she was with Shane and Dan asked if she was okay with voting him out…I was really hoping Shane was getting voted out, but with him winning the veto…

    • Comments (169)

      Don’t be shocked if Shane gets caught in the Dan mist, where Dan tells him not to use the veto because then Danielle would go up and it’d really upset her and she’d take it personally, blaming it all on Shane, then Shane decides to leave the noms the same ala Marcellas style, not wanting his friend going on the block in his place, only then Danielle and Dan vote the poor smuck out… I’d feel as sorry for Shane as I did for Frank when he got caught up in Dans web and was blindsided… Shane probably feels comfortable…he figures Jenn is the target and justs KNOWS Danielle won’t vote him out! Right? He don’t know she’s wanting to vote him out now.. I can totally see Shane leaving the noms the same because he feels totally safe. Talk about a BLINDSIDE if he gets voted out….wow.

      • Comments (13)

        Listening to Shane tonight he has sounded pretty dumb. Five hours after the POV Shane asks Dan if the feeds know he won! He just might be blindsight material.

      • Comments (169)

        Love him or hate him, you gotta give Dan some credit…he’s a master manipulator. He has the ability to mist Shane into not using the veto and keeping everything the same. You’re correct, Shane isn’t that bright it appears..he may be good with physical and endurance comps but he’s swayed sooooo easily. It’d be a big moment in BB history if Shane doesn’t use the veto and then walks out the door. We’ll see how good a sport he his when he’s leaving, if that happens.

        D/D/I/S complained that Frank wasn’t a good sport when he left… Well if I had just been genuinely blindsided i would be in shock too that I was betrayed like that…he only had a minute to get his stuff which is far from enough time to get emotions in order. Joe knew he was leaving once Dani was up next to him, so of course he left in a good way. If they had hinted to Frank that he’d likely go beforehand, then he’d been emotionally prepared and accepted the fact he was going, then could have left after hugging everyone. He wasn’t even going to hug Jenn I don’t believe, but she went to him and then he hugged her and said “thanks so much, Jenn.” he thanked Ian for telling him he was a good competitor, so it’s not like he ignored everyone…remember how Jeff left last season in the double eviction? Wasn’t exactly good sportsmanship. Just like how Howie left in All-Stars.. Chilltown told him they’d keep him, but they didn’t, and Howie was shocked and hurt, and was almost ready to fight Boogie…Frank didn’t do any of that, at least…and then he had a smile on his face when he walked down to Julie.

        If I was Dan, if it comes down to choosing to take either Shane or Ian to final 3 (that is if Shane doesn’t go this week and the mist fails) then I’d want to get Ian out. Ian is good in both mental and endurance challenges. He could easily win the endurance portion of the final HoH.. And would easily win the jury statements portion, as well. Shane, while he would win the endurance portion, likely wouldn’t do well in the jury statements portion. He simply isn’t good in those comps.

        Danielle sure loves talking crap about people that aren’t there anymore… that crazy girl has NO room for bashing other people about anything. I’ll be pretty darn happy when she’s evicted. You know she will cry and sob when she is. It’ll no doubt be and Dans hand, too. But, just like a hostage with Stockholm syndrome, she will vote for him in jury. The HGs will be shocked when they learn they aren’t the absolute greatest season ever once they get out…they think theirs is the best..lol.

      • Comments (1276)

        Keith, as to the Frank leaving as a “poor sport”, I agree with you. He was blindsided. I mean, granted, I feel he should have been a little more prepared to walk out the door, since he was in the exact same spot weeks ago, before the reset, which he mentioned multiple times, and was on his way out then.
        But, I have to say, I personally don’t get the cover up before anyone leaves. For me, I would only lie about my vote if it was going to help me in the game. Say that others wanted me to vote someone out, but I knew I wasn’t going to, I might hide my vote to keep myself safe. But as for Frank and Janelle, I would have just told them that I wasn’t voting to keep them. I would have issue with lying to their face time and time again.
        If I was going to lie to their face, they would have had to have done me personally wrong in some way. If I was getting even, for example, then fine, do them wrong, lie to their face, and happily vote to evict. But if/when it is truely a game move, I’d be honest. Heck, I’d tell them just do I didn’t have to have them campaign to be constantly. But that’s just me.

      • Comments (169)

        Im guessing BB wants tries blindsides to happen because it looks good for the camera, that’s the only thing I can think of. I would have thought they’d give Janelle the respect of letting her know what was going on since she’s a big part of BB history… I think Frank was maybe somewhat prepared, if he felt 100% safe, I think he would of really REALLY been upset..like you said, Christina, he had in the back of his mind what happened week three, most likely. I think I read in one of his exit interviews that he felt 60% safe…. and his reaction was what I’d expect from someone that felt that way. If he felt any more sure he was staying, then we may have seen him crying, and that’d been a painful thing to watch.

        I honestly don’t know how long I’d last in Big Brother. I would have a really hard time betraying people and lying… I’m the kind of person that wants everyone to like them, so I’d really have a hard time backstabbing..but I get that’s how the game is played. If I had to choose between BB and Survivor, I’d definitely choose BB. NO way I could do what they do on Survivor! That’d be pure hell, in my opinion!

      • Comments (169)

        Sorry, once again I’m typing on an iPad, and as a result, I appear illiterate once again 🙂

        It should read TRUE blindsides, not TRIED blindsides..lol

        And I’m the kind of person that wants everyone to like ME, not the kind of person that want everyone to like THEM…that original sentence made zero sense…haha.

      • Comments (1276)

        I know what you mean. For me it’s not even wanting everyone to like me. In my younger years, that might have been the case, but now it’s just the guilt. Over time I’ve learned that I can spend my time making everyone else happy, or I can be honest with myself and them.
        I just don’t know how much of the lying I cuold do. My biggest downfall, in BB, if I were in there, would putting my trust in the wrong person. I’d go in wanting to find people to work with, but would try to find one person to be 100% with. Basically in inner and an outer circle. I would have a hard time not just being honest with the full group.
        Plus, I’m sure I’d get myself in trouble by not hiding who I’m voting for. I personally wouldn’t swear time and again that someone is safe if they aren’t. I’d be able to cover for others, but not for myself.

      • Comments (108)

        Keith, you don’t have to keep correcting your typos – we know you’re not stupid. Nobody can hear your accent on the web, remember? 😉

      • Comments (169)

        Yeah, Christina, I have a huge guilt issue when I lie to people and stuff. For me, it’s hard to do. I remember one of my bosses a few years ago told me there’s no way you can get everyone to like you…that was back when I was 19.. all I worried about was making everyone happy. I had such a difficult time in a supervisory role at work back then because I wanted everybody to look at me as a friend, but for the most part, everyone respected me enough to do what I asked of them, I would always asked in a nice way…in the BB house I’d stress so much over nominations if I was HoH…lol. I’d sit up in the HoH room with the mom box and keys for hours switching them out every few seconds because I wouldn’t be able to make up my mind!

        Lol Jenny, your reply made me smile 🙂 Hey you don’t know me, I COULD be stupid! Haha. Naw, I’d like to think I’ve got a few marbles rolling around up there. I realllllly wish we had an edit button…

        Hope y’all have a Happy Monday…. Not sure those two words are even in the same sentence too often, but I wish it for y’all 🙂

      • Comments (1)

        Keith, you hit the nail on the head with Danielle….what a loser. She thinks she is all that at this game but she just sits and stares at herself, while constantly eating and then badmouths the players who are gone. Really don’t know her true issue with Frank, but Frank proved to be a loyal player which was part of his demise and was there to play. Dani looks like she’s there for the exposure. COVER those Mirrors….Please.

      • Comments (14)

        I really can’t see that happening because the quack pack had already decided that Jenn was going to be voted out no matter what (or what Shane thought) and so in his mind, he should be thinking that it doesn’t really matter who goes up against Jenn because Jenn would be voted out anyways so to guarantee his safety, he will pull himself off the block, and Danielle shouldn’t have any reason to be worried since Jenn is suppose to be the target…was Shane aware that they tried to get rid of Ian last week? I never caught that, but if he knew then he should see through the mist and take himself off…but then again, anything is possible in that house!

      • Comments (62)

        This is a real possibility. Who gets Shanes jury vote when he knows he’s been betrayed by these 2? Epic TV if he doesn’t use the veto. Much better TV if Shane uses the veto!!!

  9. Comments (143)

    Despite disliking Dan for evicting the most interesting players in the house,he is the best player,I am re-watching his season because I never watched it,and damn is Dan good. Ian may not realise it,but Dan will win 7-0 if he makes it to the final against him and Ian had a better chance against Frank.

    Dan played a real good game,he lied cheat, backed stabbed and double crossed his way through season 8 and went around telling everyone how good he was. I can get why the noobs believed him but Britney was a major doosh bag. I guess dan can get ready to collect his 2nd check for 500k.

    • Comments (14)

      I don’t think it’d be 7-0 with Dan and Ian. Britney knows that Dan threw her under the bus, she will vote Ian. Frank will vote Ian because he knows Dan played him, and whatever Frank votes, Ashley will vote too. From the way Joe spoke of Ian in his exit interview, I am thinking he would vote Ian, but once Shane gets in there, i’m worried Joe will want to vote like Shane – and i’m pretty sure Shane will vote Dan. I think it’ll really come down to Jenn and Joe’s votes to determine who would be the winner between that F2 situation.

      • Comments (1276)

        That could be true, but in Dan’s first season, they all knew Dan had done them wrong, and they still voted his way. Even Jerry, who called him Judas. Just a few days after doing so, he voted for Dan to win.
        Granted, most of the Jury will be bitter towards Dan, but what is going to matter is if they choose to vote that way, or if they vote for the best moves in the game. Even Frank will have to look back and admit to himself that while Dan did him in, Dan convinced him to get him off and put Brit on the block (even if they reasons for doing so were the truth). They all know Dan was a big part of why they are out, and if they see themselves as players, then they would see he got out the players he needed to to win. So if they vote on that, you never know, he could win the votes again.

      • Comments (528)

        They might just say either one could take home the money but Dan has already won and Ian making it to the f2 is just impressive as hell considering no one expected him to make it past the first couple of weeks. Based on that alone (and of course Ian DID win his share of comps) I see them just giving him the cash.

  10. Comments (62)

    I couldn’t be happier with the veto being won by Shane! Unfortunately I think he will get hit by the mist and not use the veto!! I put shane still around 50% to be next evicted. Oh and you want to watch pimple popper scramble now. You won’t here word one about “stalker” shane and how he smothers her ect. She’ll be all over him like “white on rice”! I’m going to argue that the best of the BB season will take place over the next couple of days.

    1st I do not think Dan is a lock to save Dani if she is a replacement. If as I believe Ian is fully one with the mist he can get Ian to break a 1-1 tie and eliminate Dani. Would I love to see that backstabbing narcicist move her azzz to the jury. I’ve said here several times that I believe Dan’s real F2 preference is Jenn city. Jenn goes to the Jury Dane will not get 4 votes from the jury IMO. He has to vote out Dani even if Ian saves her on a 1-1 tie. Fact is Dan could have a long talk with Shane about Dani “backdooring” him if Shane uses the veto. That would be good TV. Especially interested in seeing Jenn’s reaction. She should be in full histaria by BBAD tonight.2:30 minutes from now… I cannot wait. We are going to see some real game. Jenn scrambling, Dan misting everyone. Dani crying on Shanes shoulder while wondering when she’ll be able to backstab this dummy. Thinking she’s safe with Dan voting out Jenn!. Even Dan might have a little paranoria wondering if he’s about to get backdoored? And Ian finally shows us if he has real game by nominating Dan or has the mist already worked it’s magic.

    Convos to watch for real gamers…

    Dan and Jenn- He’s promised her he’ll never write her name down to nominate or evict. ROFL A vote he has to have if he sends her to the jury. Good luck getting that after Jenn and Frank talk. Especially when she finds out the Frank deal included a little F2 deal and that book! hehehe On second thought BBAD would be better in the Jury house by a whisker. Man that would be great TV for the next 10 days!!

    Dan and Shane- The mist on Shane may be better than the buttholing Dan did to Frank if he convinces Shane not to use the veto! This convo will be epic! We get to see how DUMB Shane truely is. Anyone with an IQ over 80 should be able to rationalize Dan has no good reason to ask Shane not to use the veto. Ian puts Dani up so what. The QP still votes Jenn out…that was the plan right Dan? LOL Part 2 of this convo is Dan’s preperation of Dani to do everything under the sun to get Shane not to use the veto.

    Dan and Dani- Dani will have her little girl voice working overtime. Pimple popper RN has no idea her convo with Shane could very well decide if she stays or goes to the jury. She better cover her bases with Ian also. She barely talks to the kid unless the QP is in the same room together. I truely hope Shane uses the veto and Dan and Ian send the 3rd eye to the Jury. Then again at age 53 I still put out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas eve!

    Jenn and Dani- This is going to be a beauty! Talk will be all about Shane not using the veto 1st. Then there won’t be much more to discuss with each other unless they decide getting Dan out. Other than the Shane/veto talk this should be pretty tame.

    Dani and Shane- I strongly recomend you take gravol and have nothing to eat for several hours before watching this trashbag try to convince Shane not to use the veto. Don’t forget every convo which Dani invoked Shanes name since Ian’s noms. Not 1 kind word from that douchebag. I have to say honestly I have the same feeling deep in my gut like when I watch Survivor and know someone isn’t going to use imunity only to get backdoored. I really do think Shane is that stupid he won’t use the veto.

    Dan and Ian- The mist in all it’s glory…maybe. If Ian has no intention of nominating Dan and Shane uses the veto Dan has his biggest decision. He knows Shane won’t vote out Dani. Second voting Dani out without Ian on board to vote her out as well is pointless. I could see the convo going something like this. Dan tells Ian that Shane/Dani needs to be broken up. More drival about how Jenn can’t win if she survives to 3 so either Ian or Dan win the money ect. It’s a big mist move as Dan has to expose the QP is dead. Jenn stays and Ian has to evict Dani. Only reason it’s a possibilty is Dani has had virtually little social game with Ian.
    Remember Ian had said he thought Dan a good pawn initially this week. Well I think Dan has to be a little worried. So Ian grows a pair and decides to backdoor Dan or he becomes the next confirmed puppet in the house. Leaving only Jenn city thinking for herself.

    Convos likely to have little real importance!!

    Ian and Shane- Highly unlikely he really is going to ask for Dan to go up instead of Dani. Shane will presume Jenns going to the Jury and QP final 4 even if he uses the veto. More likely a QP 4 convo after Dani is the replacement would be more interesting.

    Ian and Jenn- This convo never happens.

    Jenn and Shane- Convo never happens regaurding game.

    Ian and Dani- pretty sure Dan will take care of the Ian/Dani talk for her. Whether it’s actually to backdoor Dani or not she’ll find out at the vote.

    • Comments (1276)

      Only on the Dan and Jenn part, I just realized from your post, what I knew I heard in the first place. Dan did say to Jenn that he would never “write her name down”, this could be Dan’s word play in action again, considering that they are not on Survivor, and in BB, you don’t write down anyones name! lol I would be shocked if he used that wording on accident! 🙂

    • Comments (6)

      Whoa! I find it so amazing that you get off on insulting Dani. I hope you find peace with your self esteem issues.

  11. Comments (30)

    At this point Jenn knows she’s up against either Danielle or Dan. Despite what Dan might tell her, she should realize she cannot count on Dan’s vote. He and Danielle spend a lot of time together, Dan and Danielle were on the original QP together and Jenn was not, and the three of them are supposed to be together, so it has to break up somehow. Even if Dan were to vote for her, she knows Shane will root for Danielle and Ian would likely vote Jenn off in a tiebreaker as Ian had an original QP connection with Danielle. If Jenn were smart At ALL, she should go to Ian immediately and try to get him to put Dan up. She sould recognize that’s her only hope. Herself against Danielle is an almost guaranteed eviction for her, while her against Dan could save her if eithr Danielle or Shane could be convinced to vote Dan out. The way to get Ian’s tiebreaker vote is to expose Dan’s double-crossing to Ian and then pledge support to him once she makes Ian realize just how vulnerable he is next round. I think she has enough information to convince Ian. It would be the only way to save herself, and then Ian next week, which Ian would recognize at that point. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jenn is smart enough to think this through, though.

  12. Questionable Comments???
    Comments (21)

    If Jenn can get off the sulking bus and spills the beans to Ian about final 3 deal with Dan and Dani this is her only hope. If Jenn has any game play whatsoever she will make the move. If not Jenn is truly the couch of the season and will be exiting stage left on Thursday for her Julie interview. Will be a quick interview as the couch will not have much to say except a few growls!!!! Watch out Ian unless you win POV you will be walking out the door in 4th place.

  13. Questionable Comments???
    Comments (21)

    Here we go maybe Shane is not the airhead he comes across as. He actually said to Dani that Dan has been talking to Jenn a lot and thinks they have a final 2 deal and he thinks if Dan would have won POV he would have taken Jenn down and voted him out. He is going to talk to Ian tomorrow!!!! This may actually get interesting. Of course this was brought on by Dani whining about going up on the block as the replacement nomination and she was not sure about Dan’s vote. The house of cards may come falling down all around the BB house very soon. Shane and Danielle also talked about Dan and Ian may have a final 2 deal. Why does the man not ask her if she has a F3 with Dan/Jenn??? They both are sleeping in different beds tonight hmmmmm!! What gives with that scenario!!! Tomorrow may be a very interesting day in the BB house.

  14. Questionable Comments???
    Comments (21)

    Okay retraction Shane is an airhead was talking about not using the Veto and telling Dan not to pull a Marcelles on him. OMG if he does not use the VETO Shane will go down in BB history as one of the dumbiest players ever. Shane if you do not use the VETO you deserve to be voted out. Easy play for Dan did not even have to talk Shane into a little Dani whining about she is afraid to go on the block and he is being a complete moron!!! Maybe one day they will actually find some cast members that have an IQ higher then a rock!!! UGGGGGGGGGG

  15. Comments (2)

    I am hoping Dan will split up Dani and Shane… Dani talking her being a replacement nom is a good idea – I would love to see her face if she is backdoored. She is always talking about getting Ian out I want him in the final 2. Dan or Dani needs to be taken out and this is the move to do it.

    Sick of seeing Danielle eating with her mouth open and watching herself in the mirrors, fishing for compliments, checking to see which camera’s are on her. I would hate to see her win the game when she voted the women out for personal reasons JoJo (fat comment) Janielle (sp) due to jealousy about Shane! Jealousy of the other good-looking women. Her comment about being the only women left in the house. Jen is a women … you silly hillbilly Dani

  16. Comments (65)

    Shane… I dont know what to say if he does not use the Veto.

    Ian seriously needs to nominate Dan. He can then convince Shane to vote to save Jenn since she is no threat. He is the male Ashley so he will believe anything that anybody says. Or he can tell Dani that he made a final 2 deal with him because he knows how close she is to Dan. Either way, Ian will be the tie breaker and vote out Dan. That is what I hope happens.

    I wont be upset to see Shane go home either (if he doesnt use Veto LOL).

    • Comments (1276)

      I think the trick with Shane is whoever gets to him last. If he has time to stew on a decision, he actually thinks it out. I think he will use the Veto to get himself off, but it’s the vote that is in the air. If Ian is really trying to be a great “player” instead of just acting like one, he’ll put up Dan. If Ian is the last to get to Shane, or if even Jenn decides to let the cat out of the bag, and they get to him last, he might actually get Dan out, well, vote Dan out and let Ian break the tie. Which we know Ian will want to do.
      I agree, it will be interesting this week.

  17. Comments (316)

    Of course Shane is going to use the veto on himself. I’m 100% sure of this. The real question is who will go up in his place….

  18. Comments (24)

    The best person to sit next to in the F2 is Danielle. She did nothing but cry herself to this point. I would venture Jenn is the next viable. She was a floater through the game with no blood on her hands. Yet, Ian’s strategic decision is Dan or Danielle. Ian knows he cannot trust Dan, but also getting Danielle out weakens Shane by taking out his showmance partner. Oddly enough, Jenn may float by again.

    My guess is that Ian will put up Dan. Ian has not backed down to go after the power players, and Dan is the last coach standing.

    • Comments (65)

      Ian has to nominate Dan. He knows how long it took Frank to leave the house, so he should not be making another mistake and put Dani up instead. What I fear is that the producers will tell him to keep Dan safe to keep the drama going.

      • Comments (62)

        Ian’s under Dan mist and the QP alliance mistakenly. IF Shane uses the veto Ian will think who ever goes up is a pawn. Dan says Dani, the mist does it’s thing and poof Dani on the block!

        I watched 3 hours of BBAD last night I actually figured Shane had already declared he wasn’t using the veto. 3 hours of almost no game. Man was I unimpressed. Does the veto ceremony happen before or after BBAD tonight/morning?

        PS… Pimple popper RN looked and acted like she didn’t have a care in the world. Jenn spent the 3 hours napping. Not what I expected last night. These players are truely terrible.

      • Comments (528)

        Unfortunately I think Ian WANTS to go to the f2 with Dan. He considers him an ally rather than a threat and believes Dan, too, wants to take him. People like to call him a rat because of Boogie but his true alliance was always the QP and he’s stayed loyal to them. I don’t know if Dan is even on Ian’s radar at this point which is sad….he just doesn’t get to see everything we’re seeing from our side.

      • ianfanyep4sureokdokey
        Comments (5)

        I also believe Ian is quack pack to the end. He will do everything he can to get Jenn out this week. Do I think it is smart, no, but he has no choice now. He probably didn’t want Shane out this week, but he would have been fine with it when it happened. Of course he does not like Jenn and her hate for him is getting pretty obvious, so making sure she goes this week is probably his highest priority.

      • Comments (62)

        Sad truth is Ian apparently sees almost nothing. He’s talking and playing a classic “power player” game when he is not that guy. I like Ian as a player. He does think way to much of himself and the Dan mist has him completely. He gets put up by Dan… Dan’s his buddy. ROFL He’ll be gone at 4 unless he wins veto. No one takes him F2 so he has to win out from here on in.

        Say what you will about Shane he appears to be a decent guy with loyalty. Sad truth is he will get crushed by Danny boy as well. Lord he better use that veto or he’s done.

        Lastly I had no liking for Jenn’s floater game. Floater, almost no social, is a really bad combination. But I think she is using her brain alot more than the other 1st timers. At this point I wouldn’t be upset if the jury gives her the 500K. 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have said that. But she needs Dan/Ian to keep her if Dani goes up.
        This also is where we see whether Dan’s as good as everyone says on line. He has to dump Dani if he can. She is not a help in challenges and if Ian is to get evicted Shane may be more help. He has to know she could easily backstab him the same as she was willing to Shane.

    • ianfanyep4sureokdokey
      Comments (5)

      No way, Danielle will get plenty of votes if she makes F2. Not as many as Shane, but she is very well liked regardless of how CRAZY she is.

  19. Comments (9)

    You folks are all delusional and giving these HG much more credit than they deserve. It all mostly comes down to Ian and he is QP all the way. His ego is huge and he wants to see “his” alliance in the F4. Don’t expect anything interesting to go down the next couple of days or you’ll only disappoint yourself.

    • Comments (528)

      what is this “ego” you people keep seeing in Ian? He’s acting like any other houseguest in his position would except he’s not conforming to his apparent cliche. “he’s a nerd, he should be meek and polite and submissive” screw you. He’s just doing what everyone else does but you can’t approve because of his social status. “omg, he’s saying the f-word, that’s terrible, he’s so obnoxious” seriously?? Have you heard Jenn talk? I don’t think she’s gotten through a single sentence without dropping an f-bomb…oh, but that’s okay because she’s a lesbian, right? Ian can’t say that, Ian can’t be confrontational, Ian can’t give the finger – he’s a nerd!

      Hypocritical dicks.

      • Comments (30)

        your posts are absurd. I don’t see anything in your post that is valid as a rebuttal. Where did Dana say that Ian drops the F-bomb all the time and Jenn is an angel? Nowhere.
        Quit spilling your beans to people who frankly don’t care, and stop making yourself look like an idiot.

        Ian’s ego IS larger than it should be, and if you don’t agree with that, then you must not understand what an Ego IS. Did Dana say, “Ian is a nerd, and should be meek and polite and submissive”? Nope. You did, which means you’re making things up in your own head.

        “Ian can’t say that, Ian can’t be confrontational, Ian can’t give the finger – he’s a nerd.” Clearly you can’t distinguish maturity from immaturity.

        Firstly, I never heard Dana utter anything related to that, and your whole post is moot. Secondly, Ian acts very immature. Everybody drops the F-Bomb, who cares. Ian is NOT confrontational, because he is a coward. When People in the house had a problem, they confronted people about it. Boogie, Frank, etc. Ian? He hides behind Dan. Ian had his chance to MAN UP and take the heat, but he likes being that sneaky little rat. Thirdly, Giving the Finger? How old is he? 12? Last time I checked, when you’re in an argument and the other person turns their back, You might possibly give them a finger, but Throwing double middle fingers, alternating simultaneously like his hands are a F*** You Machine Gun, That SCREAMS little kid. Is it ok to throw a Middle finger now and again? sure. The way Ian did it was not the way any adult would’ve handled the situation.

        Delusional Troll.

      • Comments (528)

        Can you do me a favour and quit stalking me, please? Lately the only thing you comment on here is my posts.

    • Comments (9)

      How funny – all those down votes for what I said but guess what? I was right. Nothing exciting happened.

      I feel the need to put a neener-neener in here 😉

  20. ianfanyep4sureokdokey
    Comments (5)

    I don’t know who wrote this post, but I do not think they have been paying attention. Just by Ian putting Shane up it shows that he is with Dan to the end. If he wanted Dan out he would have nominated him next to Jenn, especially since he has EVERY reason to since Dan put him in harms way many times recently. I think Ian IS with Dan and will put up Danielle since he wants a final 4 quack pack and he feels he has already built his resume for winning by getting Frank out last week and Ashley during the first FF. I would vote for Ian if he made it to the end over Dan for sure. But who knows with the muppets this year.

  21. Comments (6)

    Why does everyone say he has to get out dan all ian has to do to win is make final 2 he can beat anyone in the finally all he needs to do is win the next veto and the final hoh is his to lose

    • Comments (528)

      Because just as you are aware Ian can beat Dan in the final two, so is Dan. Therefore we can only assume Dan will try his ass off to get Ian out first chance he gets so he’s sitting next to a floater in the end. Getting Dan out will only help secure Ian’s win…his biggest threat right now is Dan.

      • Comments (6)

        Im not saying it wouldnt be a good move but either way he is going on the block next week no matter who wins hoh or goes home this week. If he wants final 2 he will have to win his way into it cause no one wants him in there with ian it depends on timing and wether he has the votes we shall see on wednesday

  22. Comments (1)

    Just watching the live feeds. Ian stop swearing!! Especially the f bomb. It does not make you look mature in fact it makes you look more immature. I really wanted to pull for him in the end but his attitude and language makes it very difficult for me to be a fan.

    • Comments (528)

      Ian is an adult if you haven’t noticed. As I said in a previous post – have you listened to the other houseguests? Just because he SEEMS childlike, he’s 21 years old and just as much in his right to use the f-bomb as, let’s say, Jenn..who uses it NON STOP IN EVERY SENTENCE. Why is he the exception? The f-word is nothing but that: a WORD. Get over it. It’s a way of expressing your feelings.

      I was a damn SAILOR before I had a kid, it just creates more expression. I just don’t want my kid repeating it in class, yikes. But Ian has as much right to use foul language as anyone else in the house and yet I keep seeing HIM getting the most criticism for it. I wonder why?

  23. Comments (5)

    …could it be because your posting behaviour is originating from a deep feeling of Infatuation for Ian, resulting in a form of Big Brother 14 Dementia?

    • Comments (528)

      You mentioned that before Anthony. Maybe your obsession with me comes from a deep feeling of infatuation resulting in a form of Internet dementia?

      • Comments (30)

        Sorry, If I comment at all, I’d use my real name, just so you know who intelligently reduces all your arguments to nothing.

        Clearly, “EvictThis” was deliberately referencing my prior post to your benevolent and abhorrent troll post. If you think I wold deliberately change my post name to insult you, you’re very wrong. I’d do that with my own name, so people know “Who is that guy that makes so much sense?”

  24. Comments (1276)

    Ok, so I love Dan. Rather or not you agree with the way he’s playing, you can’t say he’s not playing one hell of a game, unless the facts just don’t go into your opinion. Plus, to all of the ones who think he’s the worst person ever to walk the face of the earth (be it because of a GAME) you can’t say that he doesn’t love his wife. I don’t care who you are… if you didn’t get choked up watching him see the video message from her, then I don’t even know.
    That being said… Ian obviously should have targeted Dan. I think his biggest downfall is going to be having Jenn on the block next to him (if he does get smart and backdoor him). If he had thought ahead, then he would have known that the only way for him to have any kind of control over the votes would have been to have Jenn voting.
    She was so mad, and still is, at Dan that I think he could have used that fuel to start the fire of getting Dan out. But, when Shane uses the Veto (which he better) and either Dan or Dani go up, he now has no control. Shane will vote to keep whichever one is on the block, and Dani will vote to keep Dan. Dan on the other hand, if he thinks he’s smoothed it over with Jenn, might vote to keep her.
    I think, best case scenario, if they want to take a shot at Dan is pulling a “Dan”. If Shane tells Ian that Dan wanted Ian out. Ian, tells Shane that he’s in the “new Renegades” with Dan. Jenn tells Shane that she his in an alliance with Dan and Danielle. And Jenn tells Dani that Dan told her no matter what, he would pick her over Dani. Then, they can all get Dan out.
    The problem is, everyone is so worried about staying “loyal” in a game for $500,000 that it’s shocking.
    The only way I see Dani getting to the final 2, is staying with Shane. Jenn, IDK, I think Dan would do them all in to sit next to Jenn in the end, he has the best chance at votes with her beside him.
    So, which scenario gets Ian to the final 2? That is unless he wins everything at the right time (which he’s been doing as of late). I just don’t see any of them choosing Ian. The only one I see choosing Jenn is Dan.
    And the only way I don’t see Dani taking Dan is if she finally gets tired of him using her big heart against her. If I was her, if for no other reason then because of how many times he’d done her wrong (for show or not) I’d have to turn on him. I’d stick to Shane because I think he’s the only one in the house who would really take her to the end.
    Any thougts?

    • Comments (12)

      if ian puts dan on the block and they get dan out great for them. the problem with this is that shane and danielle will be completely glued together. ians only hope would be to get jenn to become his new partner and she would have to beat out dani and shane in the next hoh competition. i think ian is screwed either way unless he wins the veto. if he wins that then he wins the game because hes good at mental and physical comps. i dont think he will nominate dan though i think ian will nominate dani and jenn will go home. dan is not going to evict danielle if he and ian vote out dani then what happens is shane targets them both big time. dan is playing smart his only worry is that jenn will tell everyone about his deal with her and dani. dani is more loyal to dan then shane no matter what anyone says. she told shane to not tell dan that shane was going to go on the block against jenn. thing is is that she told shane that he was a pawn when in fact dan was going to get danielle to vote him out that is until shane won the veto. honestly though ian will stick with dan and as good as dan is he has made some flaws in the last couple episodes hes panicking when in fact he should not have told jenn about getting rid of ian because now jenn has a potential out. however as long as dan has dani and shane with him hes golden. i think if ian is in the final two he wins the game no matter who hes up against. hes a way better player than dani shane or jenn. and no one likes dan and unlike bb10 with a jury who knows how to vote for the best player this jury are idiots and they will vote for who they like more.

  25. Comments (11)

    Team Ian all the way. I hope he realizes to needs to get rid of Dan this week and his best bet is to take stalker dani or Jen city to the end. I get Dan has played a great game but he he did play a dirty game and he won already. I do hope Ian makes his big move this week

  26. Comments (7)

    Part of playing the social aspect of this game is to get people to do your dirty work. If you think that Ian getting others to implement his plans to evict Boogie and Frank doesn’t make sense or were big moves the that tells me you don’t understand the game of Big Brother.

    • Comments (1276)

      But that is also a matter of perception. Did Ian actually head up those plans, or did Dan? I think it could be looked at either way. While Ian is the one saying it to the houseguests when they are evicted, Dan is the one saying it to the DR.
      I’m not saying all of it is one or the other, I just think Ian can’t take full credit for getting either out.
      Yes, Ian shared info with Brit that Boogie and Frank wanted them out. Now, what he actually told her was the they were going after her and Shane. What Brit told the rest of the QP was that they were after Dan and Dani. So, it got them to turn on Boogie and Frank. Now that I laid that one out, maybe a lot of that credit should go to Brit.
      For Frank, I’m sorry, but even with Ian putting him up, if Dan had decided he wanted to keep Frank, he is the one who actually had control of the votes. He had Dani and Shane voting how he wanted, not how Ian wanted. So, why should Ian be getting the credit, yes he got him on the block, but they are the ones that got him out.
      For me, it goes back to just because you put someone up, you really don’t contol who leaves unless it’s a tie. So I’ve never really gotten why everyone always takes credit for the eviction, when it’s the rest of the house that decides.
      I think it’s one of those “it takes a village” scenarios. No one person, single handedly gets anyone out.
      Yes, one person might sway the house, but it’s still their votes. IMO, often the people on the block have as much control as anyone. For example, they could choose to blow up at everyone, and risk loosing votes. Or they could tell all the little secrets and deals they know from along the way, and gain trust. Either way, how they react can also change the outcome.

      • Comments (9)

        Ian hasnt done anything…he has been a puppet..lets see if he grows a pair and actually thinks for himself now…..I doubt it

      • Comments (528)

        And you must be stevebeans puppet. Ian has done plenty, he’s just done it by making decisions WITH his alliance partner like many other payers do. I firmly believe he agreed to every decision he made and didn’t do anything he didn’t personally want to just because Dan said so.

      • Comments (30)

        Similar to Dan’s mist convincing people something that is inverse of what is happening, you have your own form of “Ian’s Mist” which results in you thinking Ian is playing his own game, makes his own decisions to get him further, and is a loyal and mature player.

        Now, unfortunately, the bad news is that I don’t know when this fog clouded around your head will clear. This could be a terminal illness that impairs your judgement for ALL Big Brother’s to come, or it could be just til’ this season is over. I’m not a doctor, I can’t estimate when you’ll get better, but just know that you’re not that only person that is shrouded in a mist; in fact, Ian himself is trapped within Dan’s mist.

      • Comments (528)

        Hello, hi…this is a discussion board about BIG BROTHER, not Sadie. Please quit following me around and commenting on every post I make…it’s annoying and creepy.

      • Comments (62)

        I think you have let a personal issue with Sadie make you Dilusional!!! You can say what you will about Ian’s maturity it says 21 but he definately has alot of growing up to do. No arguement from me on that. But loyalty he’s been pretty solid. He’s stayed by the QP all the way to 4. As I believe Jenn is in fact going home. He had no part in getting Shane out that never happened. And he certainly had no part in evicting him at 6 if he didn’t win veto. Dan has by far shown less loyalty than anyone in the house. Any honest reasonable person has to admit that. Doesn’t mean i don’t like his game. But loyal it certainly is not!
        Lets not forget he put himself between QP and Boggie/Frank. He couldn’t be loyal to both. It is part of game play. Pretty good to be in 2 big alliances early on IMHO. I prefer Boggie and Frank still around myself. But such is BB you rarely get what you want at F2.
        But lay off Sadie I may disagree with some off her comments but she means no real harm just has her favorite. Everyones intitled to that even you. But your attacks are personal and I fail to see why. I find you far and away more offenses than anyone on this forum. There is no need for this behaviour. You action seem to be as juvenille as Ian’s frankly. Let the girl post her opinions and keep the discussion to BB rather than personalities IMHO.

      • Comments (29)

        they all have been puppets but dan. he is the leader of the house… House have comps under his belt…

      • Comments (29)

        sorry i meant Ian has comps under his belt– the 2 that truly deserve to be there is dan and ian

      • Comments (7)

        It’s not a matter of perception we saw Ian go to Brit and tell her that Boogie and Frank were going to throw her out and that lead to Boogie getting evicted. That allows Ian to take the credit for Boogie.
        He put Frank up and did and sure Dan has a say in Frank staying or going but at that point evicting Frank was a no brainer. It was then or never.
        The person that puts the player on the block general is able to take the credit especially when the POV isn’t used. That’s why during the POV ceremony a the winner says “I have the ability to change one of YOUR nominations”
        You can believe “it takes a village” all you want but at the end you have to stand up and plead your case. In Ian’s he can say that he got Frank and Boogie out.

  27. Comments (1092)

    Dan has played an amazing game until now. He had been fairly discreet. Now he is boldly ordering everyone what to do.
    If the hgs cannot figure out that hehas the whole house controlled, then they all deserve to lose.

    Ian thinks that he is in the final two with Dan, and believes that he would beat Dan because he got rid of Mike and Frank. Also, he thinks that Dan is hist biggest alleye. He probably thinks that he has to get to the final three before throwing Dan under the bus. But Dan and Danielle have already said that Ian is too strong and has to go.

    The way it looks right now, Dan will win unless Shane wins next hoh and gets rid of him. Which is doubtful, cause it will be ian that they evict.

  28. Comments (2)

    If Ian doesn’t realize by now that he’s being played by Dan, and doesn’t take this opportunity to at least try and get him out, then he’s not as “smart” as people might think he is and he doesn’t derserve to be in the final two.

  29. Comments (528)

    I assume Shane and Dani don’t know about this f2 deal between Ian and Dan, Dan using that excuse for having out up Ian last time. Maybe Ian will do the same to Dan, assuming the QP (Shane and Dani) will assuredly vote out Jenn. Then it would be up to those two to wisen up and blindside Dan, with our without Ian’s blessing.

  30. Comments (768)

    Kind of ironic that right now Ian is going to have to play the same game that Frank was playing… win every competion or risk going home. From his reaction at not having to cast the tie breaking vote in Frank’s eviction and then having to win the veto competition after Dan put him up, he has to know Dan is trying to get him out. I’d love to know what’s going through his head while he’s rocking in that hammock! It should be fun watching him drag Dan kicking and screaming to the final two!

    • Comments (62)

      I cannot come up with any senario that sends Dan home at 4. Shane HOH Dani chooses Ian. Ian would choose Dani to evict if either wins veto. Dani wins HOH Ian votes out Shane or Shane votes out Ian if either has veto. No way Dan does not make final 3. Ian takes hm F2 and Dani takes him F2 only Shane deciding who sits F2 does Dan not get to F2. The question is simply does he have 4 jury votes. I give Shane less than a 5% chance to win the 3 part final. Actually I think that 5% is way to generous.
      With Jenn going perhaps Ian now becomes Dan’s best F2 choice. I personally think Ian wins fairly easily but he’s rubbed some jury members the wrong way as has Dan. Perhaps Dan only loses the money heads up versus Shane. What’s Dani(pimple popper RN) going to use as an arguement why she should get the money? I have a little girl voice, cry on cue and have done nothing but float for weeks….please! Though in fairness my perception and the juries may be very different.

  31. Comments (2)

    Is there a chance that those in the jury house will talk to each other? Ian played the floater card early because in BB there is no benefit to winning a lot of competitions early, just ask all the big players who never won (Frank, Jeff, Janelle, Robert) the big prize but won a LOT of competitions. All it does is mark you early as a “dangerous player” and get the target. When it gets to crunch time, say 6 or 7 players left that is the time to start winning. Now on to the question for BB14 facing Ian right now: who to target for final 2. You can say how genius Dan is for playing everyone but what he is doing is pissing a lot of jury members off. Frank even said “ya there are hard feelings”, I can’t imagine anyone feeling sorry for Dan or wanting to reward him for anything. Ian on the other hand played the pawn early, won late and convinced EVERYONE on the planet that he was this poor easily influenced kid. So who to target:
    Jenn – Be for real, he’s gonna need someone to win the HoH comp and she can’t win. The only comp she won, PoV was only because Frank disqualified himself.
    Dani – Possible to win but second least likely and way to in lust with Shane and under Dan’s influence to target in a final 2 for Ian.
    Shane – Dude could win the next HoH as long as it isn’t a mental competition. I was raised in Vermont so I pull for him but he’s a rock. Also the Dani link would make him too much of a wild card. Also the jury would be very split on his competitive ability vs his wishy washy decisions so no slam dunk for Ian.
    Dan – Got the mist…thinks he’s gonna win no matter what…has screwed over every member of the jury regardless of who rounds it out. Also could win but would put more faith in Shane to win, offset by the fact that everyone in the jury knows he has backstabbed more than he needed to and he’s already won once.

    Verdict: gotta take Dan or at least target him, other factors make everyone else less reliable.

  32. Comments (1)

    Just before Ian nominated Shane and Jenn, did I hear Dan tell Ian “nominate Shane and Jenn or I’ll rip your face off?” Isn’t that grounds for expulsion?

    • Comments (768)

      I think that was actually when Dan was HOH and Ian had won the veto so Dan had to put up Danielle… he told Ian if he voted for her he would rip his face off! Such a nice Christian boy! I guess you can say anything, so long as you don’t follow through on it…. I’m thinking Jeff vs. Russell and Russell vs. Jessie and Howie vs everyone.

      • Comments (528)

        God I noticed that too! WTF? People talk about houseguests being “cocky” what th shell was that? And after Ian got the veto dpDan barks, “Ian, hurry up and get back here I need to talk to you!” at this point he’s pretty much bullying and intimidating the houseguests into listening to him – and they are! It really says something about the warped reality they must live in that house.

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