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Big Brother 14 – Dan Makes His Power Move

August 27, 2012 | 21 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 dan talking

I just turned on the live feeds after taking a little break from the CBS show (man do I have some comments about that, but I’ll save for a different time).  Anyway, it appears Dan is reaching into his big bag of tricks to really work the house this evening, and I haven’t even had time to watch it all so I’m going to be updating this post as I watch the flashbacks starting at 7:51pm bbt.  You can watch along right here

I’m not going to transcribe the sessions because other sites do that and I don’t really feel like giving you a word for word recap.  I’m going to be watching and probably updating every 5 mins or so giving brief recaps of what’s happening in the house.  If you want to know it word for word, I strong suggest you sign up for the feeds and begin the flashback at 7:51pm bbt.

Keep checking back here for updates if you don’t have access to the feeds.  (Did I mention how glad I am to be home?)

7:51pm bbt – Dan is dressing all black for his Big Brother funeral as he addresses the house for a meeting.  It’s clearly a sympathy ploy, but now he’s going through the house complimenting each person.  The funny part is that Dan offered his sister to Shane after the show.  After seeing him offer her to Ian on the CBS show, is it me or is Dan’s sister going to be pissed about all of this?

Frank listening to Dan’s speech

7:59pm bbt – Dan goes off on a lot of praise of Frank how they’re arch rivals but he truly respects Frank’s desire to remain in the game.  He also offers to speak with Frank privately in the HoH room later.

Then he finishes it up in the most awkward way possible.  In the speech to Danielle, he basically said that he picked her because he thought she was going to be another Mephis (from his season), but she turned out not to be and she’s dead to him in the game.  Kind of harsh thing to say in front of anyone.

Danielle did not take that so well

8:03pm bbt – Danielle is now starting to absorb Dan’s words and is slowly going into meltdown mode while people try to comfort her (note: I am not sure yet why she’s dead to Dan, I’m pretty sure he tells Frank in the HoH room so I’ll get to it)

Dan heads into the HoH room with Frank leaving Danielle completely stunned.  Frank is trying to find out what Dan was talking about, and now he’ll hear the whole speech from Dan.   I can’t figure out if this is simply a strategy or Dan really has had enough of the people in the house.  Either way, this bodes well for a very interesting week ahead.

Dan brought the bible up to the HoH to swear on it and told Frank that during the conversation he’s going to be 100% honest with him.  He even went back to earlier in the season when Dan lied about Danielle’s vote to Frank.

8:07pm bbt – Dan gets right into the good stuff and is already telling him about the alliance of 5.  This should be quite an interesting conversation.

Reminder, you can watch any of this with the live feeds using the flashback feature.

Dan reveals that if Britney won the veto, she was going to take Danielle down, Ian was going to take Dan down leaving a situation where Shane goes up against a pawn, and the pawn goes home.   While Frank may not be bright enough to figure out that Britney has been a snake to him, at least Dan is cluing him in before the poor guy gets stabbed in the back yet again.

Also, the fast-forward was a set-up.  Dan is revealing that everything was pre-planned this past Thursday.  He didn’t simply talk to Ian on Thursday night and convinced him to nominate Frank.

8:13pm bbt – Dan further proves the honesty by saying he was in a great shot in an alliance with 5 people and a secret alliance of 3 with Boogie and Frank.  He didn’t want to get Mike out, but with Ian announcing Boogie’s plan of Shane/Britney, the group turned on the two and you know the results from that.

Frank announces that he was suspicious of Ian quite a few times already, including before Boogie was out the door.   Dan then asked what happens if Shane wins veto. Ian’s reply was “If that happens, and you vote out Britney, I’ll rip your face off”.  Yes, Ian said that… wow.

8:20pm bbt – The cat is completely out of the bag on any alliance going on in the house.  Well, Dan didn’t mention the joke alliance with Joe, but I think everyone knows that’s only going to last as long as they need Joe around.

This is a very interesting situation, it seems Dan completely toasted any bridge he had in the house by destroying Danielle in the living room, but it sounds like he would like to work with Frank.  At this point I don’t see a way that Dan can remain in the house though

8:24pm bbt – Dan reveals why he’s upset with Danielle.  During the POV, he told her to throw the competition to him so he can take himself off the block, and she’ll almost definitely beat almost anyone Frank puts up with the exception of probably Britney.  However, when Danielle went for a point, Dan realized that Britney was in her ear and she couldn’t be as trusted.


Ok, that was quite interesting, now I’m going to skip ahead to 9:10pm bbt where Dan talks with Danielle.

Again, watch all this on the flashbacks, it’s good stuff…..

It’s time for Dan to explain things to Danielle.  It’s very clear he is one ruthless player, but he is also very brilliant.  I didn’t do him justice on my profile of him because he’s clearly the best player in the house by a long shot, and now I can see why he was a unanimous winner during his season.

His plan was to use Danielle’s emotions to get her all the sympathy in the house while making Dan public enemy #1.  He is then siding with Frank and trying to work a final 4 deal with Danielle, Frank, and Jenn.  I’m going to write up more about it tomorrow in a better recap format, but this was one incredible session and it’s why I watch the show.  Brilliant work by Dan… ruthless, but brilliant.

I’m heading to bed, look for the full recap tomorrow

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