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Big Brother 14 – Dan Makes His Power Move

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I just turned on the live feeds after taking a little break from the CBS show (man do I have some comments about that, but I’ll save for a different time).  Anyway, it appears Dan is reaching into his big bag of tricks to really work the house this evening, and I haven’t even had time to watch it all so I’m going to be updating this post as I watch the flashbacks starting at 7:51pm bbt.  You can watch along right here

I’m not going to transcribe the sessions because other sites do that and I don’t really feel like giving you a word for word recap.  I’m going to be watching and probably updating every 5 mins or so giving brief recaps of what’s happening in the house.  If you want to know it word for word, I strong suggest you sign up for the feeds and begin the flashback at 7:51pm bbt.

Keep checking back here for updates if you don’t have access to the feeds.  (Did I mention how glad I am to be home?)

7:51pm bbt – Dan is dressing all black for his Big Brother funeral as he addresses the house for a meeting.  It’s clearly a sympathy ploy, but now he’s going through the house complimenting each person.  The funny part is that Dan offered his sister to Shane after the show.  After seeing him offer her to Ian on the CBS show, is it me or is Dan’s sister going to be pissed about all of this?

Frank listening to Dan’s speech

7:59pm bbt – Dan goes off on a lot of praise of Frank how they’re arch rivals but he truly respects Frank’s desire to remain in the game.  He also offers to speak with Frank privately in the HoH room later.

Then he finishes it up in the most awkward way possible.  In the speech to Danielle, he basically said that he picked her because he thought she was going to be another Mephis (from his season), but she turned out not to be and she’s dead to him in the game.  Kind of harsh thing to say in front of anyone.

Danielle did not take that so well

8:03pm bbt – Danielle is now starting to absorb Dan’s words and is slowly going into meltdown mode while people try to comfort her (note: I am not sure yet why she’s dead to Dan, I’m pretty sure he tells Frank in the HoH room so I’ll get to it)

Dan heads into the HoH room with Frank leaving Danielle completely stunned.  Frank is trying to find out what Dan was talking about, and now he’ll hear the whole speech from Dan.   I can’t figure out if this is simply a strategy or Dan really has had enough of the people in the house.  Either way, this bodes well for a very interesting week ahead.

Dan brought the bible up to the HoH to swear on it and told Frank that during the conversation he’s going to be 100% honest with him.  He even went back to earlier in the season when Dan lied about Danielle’s vote to Frank.

8:07pm bbt – Dan gets right into the good stuff and is already telling him about the alliance of 5.  This should be quite an interesting conversation.

Reminder, you can watch any of this with the live feeds using the flashback feature.

Dan reveals that if Britney won the veto, she was going to take Danielle down, Ian was going to take Dan down leaving a situation where Shane goes up against a pawn, and the pawn goes home.   While Frank may not be bright enough to figure out that Britney has been a snake to him, at least Dan is cluing him in before the poor guy gets stabbed in the back yet again.

Also, the fast-forward was a set-up.  Dan is revealing that everything was pre-planned this past Thursday.  He didn’t simply talk to Ian on Thursday night and convinced him to nominate Frank.

8:13pm bbt – Dan further proves the honesty by saying he was in a great shot in an alliance with 5 people and a secret alliance of 3 with Boogie and Frank.  He didn’t want to get Mike out, but with Ian announcing Boogie’s plan of Shane/Britney, the group turned on the two and you know the results from that.

Frank announces that he was suspicious of Ian quite a few times already, including before Boogie was out the door.   Dan then asked what happens if Shane wins veto. Ian’s reply was “If that happens, and you vote out Britney, I’ll rip your face off”.  Yes, Ian said that… wow.

8:20pm bbt – The cat is completely out of the bag on any alliance going on in the house.  Well, Dan didn’t mention the joke alliance with Joe, but I think everyone knows that’s only going to last as long as they need Joe around.

This is a very interesting situation, it seems Dan completely toasted any bridge he had in the house by destroying Danielle in the living room, but it sounds like he would like to work with Frank.  At this point I don’t see a way that Dan can remain in the house though

8:24pm bbt – Dan reveals why he’s upset with Danielle.  During the POV, he told her to throw the competition to him so he can take himself off the block, and she’ll almost definitely beat almost anyone Frank puts up with the exception of probably Britney.  However, when Danielle went for a point, Dan realized that Britney was in her ear and she couldn’t be as trusted.


Ok, that was quite interesting, now I’m going to skip ahead to 9:10pm bbt where Dan talks with Danielle.

Again, watch all this on the flashbacks, it’s good stuff…..

It’s time for Dan to explain things to Danielle.  It’s very clear he is one ruthless player, but he is also very brilliant.  I didn’t do him justice on my profile of him because he’s clearly the best player in the house by a long shot, and now I can see why he was a unanimous winner during his season.

His plan was to use Danielle’s emotions to get her all the sympathy in the house while making Dan public enemy #1.  He is then siding with Frank and trying to work a final 4 deal with Danielle, Frank, and Jenn.  I’m going to write up more about it tomorrow in a better recap format, but this was one incredible session and it’s why I watch the show.  Brilliant work by Dan… ruthless, but brilliant.

I’m heading to bed, look for the full recap tomorrow

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  1. Comments (102)

    Yeah, I read tweets about it on Twitter. Apparently, Dan concluded his grand plan with going to Frank and throwing everyone under the bus.

  2. Comments (1)

    Cant blame Dan for throwing them all under the bus. Ian is a wimp for letting Dan take all the blame for what he did. Dan is getting the wrath of frank and boogie before he was evicted for something he didn’t do. He sat back and took it. At this point his only game play is to tell frank. The question is will frank listen or just keep falsely blaming Dan.

    • Comments (102)

      It may not matter what Frank does. Been reading stuff on Twitter that the DR is trying to manipulate things, again.

      But yeah, Ian is a pathetic little rodent. Dan said if he wasn’t grateful for what he did he’d throw him under the bus. Dan didn’t like Twitney putting The Rat higher up in the pecking order than him.

  3. Comments (6)

    Ive been waiting to see these 2 players team up!! FRANK-DAN…

  4. Comments (102)

    There’s a way. It would involve getting Jenn to cooperate in back dooring Britney. Jenn uses her POV and takes Dan down and Frank puts up Ian. Then Ian uses her POV to remove himself and Frank puts up Britney.

    As proven with JoJo, Shane will vote for Danielle to be evicted. And so will The Rat. Dan and Jenn will vote for Britney to be evicted. The swing vote will be Joe, unfortunately. But if they draw him into an alliance with Frank, Dan, and Jenn they have the votes to give Britney the boot.

    It would be risky though and it could backfire.

  5. Comments (1276)

    I am not going to be able to see the flashbacks until tomorrow afternoon, but just from what you said, WOW!
    I’m trying to sort out what is going on. First, what is this about Danielle was picked as a female Memphis??? I’m sorry, I’m usually a Dan fan… but she wasn’t his first pick. If he saw someone as a female Memphis, they would have been his first pick, so I’m going to have to call Bull Shit on that lie. Also, how is she dead to him. Granted, she hasn’t taken over the game, but, hasn’t she won more then he has? I’m not loving Dan too much right now.
    I knew he’d end up tossing Ian under the bus, as for me I would have had a hard time not doing it last week when I was taking that verbal beating, so honestly, Whatever.
    I just don’t get what going so hard against everyone is going to do for his game??? How will he end up with enough votes to stay in the house??? I just don’t get it.
    Now, to Ian. I don’t want to attack his odd behaviors. I have no idea, and I’m not a medical professional, but I’m guessing at very least, he’s got ADHD. But I’ve known people with ADHD, and they aren’t nearly as anxious as he is. So I’m guessing his movement and such is a medical condition, which I won’t judge him for, I’m only mentioning it because some have seemed to find it as a trait to pick on, and I hope maybe people will keep that in mind.
    That being said, these comments he’s making are just dick head comments to make. The last thing he said to Boogie, the “pop a squat” to Joe at the veto, the “you do you” to Frank, the apparant “I’ll rip your face off” (I mean seriously, does he see himself as a physical threat?). I think little Ian can’t handle any kind of power, has a total Napolean complex, and needs to get himself in check. He seems like he’s writing checks his ass can’t cash, and in my opinion, if he was speaking to me the way he’s trying to speak to them, I’d vote his ass out the first chance I got! One line I keep seeing that I’m really, REALLY liking, I can’t remember which blogger said it “there’s No crying in Evil Doing” (sorry for not remembering who said it first). Basically, Ian needs to get on his big boy pants if he’s going to try to play with them.

    • Comments (4)

      I think Dan is playing. All. Of you…he is that sneaky little. Catholic. Kid that got his way by being. A little. Bitch tattle tale and back stabbers…couldn’t stand him his season. Hate him more this season..WATCH OuT Chelsea! !!!!!!!

    • Comments (108)

      Ian has Asperger’s. It’s a form of autism. Thank you for realizing his “weirdness” is something that should not be mocked. A couple of days ago on Showtime After Dark he was talking with Danielle and Britney about how hard it has been for him to socialize, and one of them asked “have we helped you?” and he said yes. Based on that and other comments people have made (Boogie mentioned his “affliction” that made it hard for him to be there) I assume Ian has told people what is up. People with Asperger’s are generally bright but have trouble reading social cues. Showing genuine interest in other people doesn’t come naturally to them. The way Ian walks on his toes and rocks constantly are also signs of Aspergers.

  6. Comments (8)

    Great Job Dan! … Whether Dan stays or NT, He needed to do that!

  7. Comments (6)

    I am a fan of Frank but if Dan pulls this off, then he deserves to win this game. This play where they pull the double switch to get Britney out, if successful could be the best play ever in this game…The key is cutting Ian down to size and putting him up so he wastes his POV…

  8. Comments (1)

    Dan is proving why he the best player to ever play the game. Doesn’t even need to win comps and hes still in this.

  9. Comments (47)

    Hallelujah!!! I love Dan for that move! I thought that snake Britney was going to get away with brainwashing yet another victim Frank! And she was the one who has been trying so hard to get everyone to do all her dirty work while she gets to smell like a rose and do absolutely nothing!! She made my stomach turn when she was whining and trying so desperately hard to make Shane feel guilty for mentioning that she may of had a little influence on him putting Frank and Boogie up!! That made me sick because Shane has been the one that had to always win the HOH’s, make the big moves and tough decisions and put HIS neck out on the line. And when Ian won HOH she was badgering him and she told him that he HAS to put up Frank and Ashley then gave him that fake “I’m so sorry to put you in this position”. She made such a big deal about when Shane put Frank and Boogie on the block and Boogie and Frank talked to her and she told them that she’s not controlling anyone, it wasn’t her and she’s not telling anyone what to do. I remember her even telling Dan and Ian at different times that they need to win an HOH. And I was thinking what about you! What have you won! Anyway……I hope she gets what she deserves and gets evicted.

  10. Comments (28)

    Dan needs to go he’s just trying to get in good with frank cause frank is a beast at competitions frank doesn’t need anyone he hasn’t all this time why now no one has kept their word to him…

    • Comments (102)

      Actually, Frank does needs someone. He can’t play the next 2 HOH’s and that little bitch Ian already said the way to get Frank out is to backdoor him so he can’t play the POV. Next time they’ll put Frank up as a replacement eviction and he won’t be able to play POV. He needs to team up with Dan to get rid of Bitchney, Shane and The Rat.

  11. Comments (8)

    Yay Dan!
    I’m really hoping he convinces Frank, Brittany has been the one controlling the house and not getting her hands dirty I really feel bad for Shane and Ian listening to Brit, Why doesent she try winning herself and do the dirty work lasts see how she likes it. I’m really hoping she goes home on Thursday she doesent deserve to be in the final 4 she is such a liar and manipulator I’m done with her How was she even Americas favorite? O yea America just felt SORRY for her crybaby ass WOW she just needs to go home already. As for Danielle I feel real bad for her it would be great to see her against Brit and Danielle winning the votes over her I really want to see this happening

  12. Comments (1)

    I know everyone believes Dr. will is the greatest to ever play the game… but Dan, after that performance, deserves consideration.

    He took the 24 hour confinement and thought about strategically, how he could change the game in his favor.

    If this backdoor of Britney goes through, it will take Joe’s vote to evict her. It will be interesting how Frank/Dan sell him on voting Britney out. Dan is genius!

    • Comments (102)

      Sorry but one desperation move doesn’t make Dan the greatest player ever. Boogie pulled off the same move to backdoor Janelle and he had more against him than Dan has. Boogie had to turn an alliance that was on Janelle’s side against her. The fact Boogie actually won the Coaches Comps and protected his players kind of puts him a step ahead of Dan.

  13. Comments (22)

    Yeah I was sitting last night watching BBAD not believing my eyes and ears. In my opinion, Dan is one of the best, if not the best BB player ever. How many people would have thought of doing something like that to stay? It was a genius move, especially if it works! Ha!

  14. Comments (3)

    Dan is a BRILLIANT! OMG This guy was on the block and was bound to go home and some how made it out with no scratches. He convinced his biggest rival Frank to get Jenn to use the veto on him and now he is off the block and Brittney and Ian were totally blindsighted, the looks on their faces were priceless! People wondered why I kept rooting for Dan and THIS is why.

    Like Dan said “I didn’t win Big Brother by winning challenges”. #TEAMDAN!

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