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Big Brother 14 – Power Of Veto Used, Find Out Who Is Up

July 23, 2012 | 6 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 14 ian smoking


This is a random thought of mine.  In real life, I am close with about maybe 2-3 people who smoke, if that.  It always seemed like that was a dying trend (pun intended), but every time I flip on a reality TV show that shows contestants in their ‘off-time’, they’re lighting it up.  I think it’s almost a requirement to be a smoker if you want to join ‘Hells Kitchen’, and on Big Brother it seems 90% of the people smoke every season.  I don’t mean to go off on a rant about it, this was just more of a random way to start a discussion thread about the show.

The first week of Big Brother 14 wore me out, Willie was constant game talk and there was strategy 24/7, so when he was kicked out, it was almost a relief on me trying to monitor it all.  I took a majority of the weekend off from watching feeds, enjoyed the sun, checked out a gym to join and all that stuff.  It was a good time to do it because I feel the house was also taking a collective sigh of relief from the exit of a Hantz.

It’s also been a solid 2+ weeks of being a zoo exhibit and it’s starting to show for some people.  Last night on the feeds at roughly 1:15am bbt, JoJo is clearly suffering from lack of action as she couldn’t stop talking about guys, girls, masturbation and other things of that nature.  Ian was just trying to awkwardly enjoy a cigarette while JoJo kept asking him if he was going to take care of himself if he won HoH, and how she’s been dying to do it.  Pretty good conversation if you like awkwardness, so it’s worth a flashback look.

Advertisement Taboola

Hi guys, I told you all I’m horny .. right?

Then as the have-nots were laying on their metal slabs around 2:10am bbt (flashback time), JoJo was back in heat and this time flirting with Shane.  First she has to mention her thong, a typical attention-whore conversation starter, then the two go back and forth with some makeout talk and such.  With Willie gone, it seems the only tension in the house right now is the sexual tension, which could be good for those who have live feed access.

Despite the sexual tension, it appears players are starting to remember they’re competing for half a million dollars, and game talk is slowly starting to creep back in.  I’m going to monitor it this afternoon in this thread, so follow along after the jump

big brother 14 shane talking


9:20am bbt – Shane and Frank are chatting on the sofa about the game and the future of it all. They both agree that they could potentially swap HoH the rest of the way, and may need to do so in order to remain safe.  Both acknowledge they’re on the ‘top’ of their totem pole on their respective teams and could face nominations, which could force these two to actually work together the rest of the way.  It’s a valid argument by Shane, but the big question will be is whether or not Frank will go with it.

Talk then turns to the Ian crush on Ashley, and how he’s following her around like a puppy dog.  Poor Ian.

I posted this image to twitter but it’s too good not to re-post here.  Is it me or is this pair the coolest you’ve seen on Big Brother in awhile?

This is like one of those famous celebrity pictures where you see “The Dude” hanging out with “Danny Ocean“, if they weren’t characters in movies and ended up on a show together.  There is so much cool and swag in this photo I can’t even take it.

11:50am bbt – Feeds were down for a short time during the veto ceremony, and during that time Shane obviously used the veto.  The new nominee:

danielle eating big brother 14

How much longer does Danielle have left in the house?

Despite a last ditch effort to get Wil nominated, Frank indeed put Danielle up on the block.   This could be interesting if she’s voted out this week, as we finally get to see what happens to the coaches.  Will Dan enter the game as a player?  Hard to say right now.


2:20pm bbt – Slow afternoon in the house.  Right now it’s a few people tanning outside, Dan chatting with Ashley and the rest appear to be sleeping.  Makes me want to nap!

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