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Big Brother 14 – Frank Tries To Earn Danielle’s Trust

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In a rare moment this season, Frank and Danielle started to talk some game that actually had some potential for a little while.  If you flashback to about 11:45am, Frank approached Danielle in the bathroom and decided to talk some game with her.  For those of us who expect Frank to be going home this week, it’s not a bad idea to at least try.

His attempt was similar to Dan’s attempt on him last week, pure honesty.  The difference, Frank doesn’t possess the key element to it working, which is called “Dan’s Mist”. If you’re a fan of vampires (True Blood style), it’s basically a real life version of “glamoring” people.  Whatever he says, they simply forget all logic and believe whatever he is saying.   Dan could probably convince Danielle to forfeit the game and become a nun if that’s what he wanted, but I guess he’s being kind to her.

Anyway, back to the point.  Frank opened up telling Danielle how Dan really was upset with her doing the ‘funeral’, and it was Frank who basically told him to mend fences with her.  He also said he supposedly had a f2 deal with Dan, though he doesn’t intend to stick with it, and thinks they should work as a foursome with Jenn and Shane.  While Danielle seems receptive to all of this, it gave Frank some hope and will probably go back to thinking it’s going to be a 4-0 vote this week.

However, Danielle naturally runs to Dan and tells him everything, which results in the mist being turned on and Dan easily convincing Danielle that Frank is telling her nothing new that they didn’t already cover before.  Apparently Dan already told Danielle about his fake f2 deal with Frank, and she has nothing to worry about.  With a blink of the eyes, Danielle was back into the mist and clearly on team Dan once again.  The rough alliance of Jenn, Frank, Shane and Danielle lasted about 30 minutes.

Now, Dan is outside spraying his mist on Frank and telling him that his vote is 1000% locked in, which gives Frank the warm and fuzzies he needs heading into his blindside on Thursday night.

I’ll keep you updated on any changes, but it appears this was a mild speedbump that was very quickly repaired and removed.

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  1. Comments (191)

    If Frank does go home this week I have to give Dan as much credit as Ian. Dan has Frank believing he is safe.

  2. Comments (528)

    You know, if Dan does make it to the final 2 I really hope the jury takes into consideration all the lies and scams he’s pulled. And even if they do, it’s really hard to say if they’ll be like, “that was really clever, good game, you win” or “wow, that was really scumbag of you to lie to my face like that, you lose.”

  3. Comments (4)

    I understand big brother is a game and I like looking at it but dan wow what a slumbag mist my a…. Rotton please I hope he lose

    • Comments (3)

      Right he should be the second person to leave on Thursday.. And Ian not all that smart to me because 1 Dan was up one the block 2nd host his own BB funeral 3 had one on one with HOH a day goes by veto renom Jen does what ever is told of her when Frank is HOH ohh like Shane said where did Jen come from now Dan’s off Brittany up hello Ian Dan flipped the scrip one way giving up the alliance hrs before Brittany departure Ian wants to revive the quack pack I kinda want him gone too.

      • Comments (1)

        I think everyone is forgetting that Brittany through Dan under the bus first. The allience was already broken so what Dan did was done after the fact he was already bertayed. Also Frank was already not going to keep his word to Dan. Dan just has the chance to react first and get him out. Everyone else is doing the same thing Dan is the only differece is where they failed Dan has succeeded

      • Comments (1)

        Thank you, I was thinking the same thing! Everyone is doing the same thing Dan is doing; he’s just better at playing the game. Don’t get angry at Dan, because your favorite player doesn’t know how to play the game.

  4. Comments (8)

    Danielle wasn’t buying any of what Frank was saying. She was fully aware of everything! – Danielle goes to Dan with Everything!

    • Comments (5)

      It would be interessting what she would do if the final 3 were her Shane and Dan. Who would she take with her to the final 2

      • Comments (20)

        Don’t be fooled. Danielle is playing everybody. This girl is not dumb. In fact, she borders on being brilliant. The girl was working on her 2nd and 3rd degree, and is heading to Med School.

  5. Comments (1)

    And this is why I love Dan so much… He has been my favorite player of all time since season 10. He is an absolute genuis. If he makes it to final two and then loses because of a bitter jury, then I am gonna be so mad… Dan has a huge possibility of being two time winner of this game, but I’m scared that the jury won’t vote for him because he already won.

  6. Comments (8)

    Something I noticed is only mike boogies team is in the jury/finals Ian,Jenn,Frank he did pick right while Janelle’s players all have left except Joe which will soon leave I hope Britt only has Shane who’s left and Dan only has Danielle interesting……

  7. Comments (768)

    Danielle looks like a cyclops with that big zit between her eyes! In the last couple weeks I’ve come to loathe her even more than Britney. She seems to be checking herself out in the mirrors almost as much as Janelle did. Poor Shane will not require two surgeries when the season is over…. one to detach Danielle from him, and the other to remove Joe’s nose from his ass!

    • Comments (528)

      It must be nice to never have had to deal with any kind of flaw your whole life. Meanwhile Danielle is so obnoxious she actually flaunts a pimple on live television like she’s proud of it! What a bitch.

      Seriously dude, grow up.

      • Comments (768)

        Actually your post doesn’t surprise me in the least. Every one that you’ve ever posted is negative and quite pathetic. Hopefully some day you actually develop a sense of humour!

      • Comments (528)

        HAHAHA making fun of a woman’s looks to justify your opinion is sooooo hilarious!! Now I get it!

      • Comments (768)

        Actually I was commenting on the photo that SteveBeans posted with this update. But I did notice your HAHAHA’s. Good effort with the sense of humor thing!

  8. Comments (1)

    I have liked Frank, he’s mistake was ever trusting Dan. Don’t get me wrong I like Dan, he’s playing the game… But one thing for sure Ian is a weasel and I do not want him to win!!!!! Danielle is a follower and looks stupid chasing after Shane… And the floaters are just tagging along for the ride!!!

  9. Comments (62)

    Well BLEEP!!!

    So I’ve been telling all who will listen that I believed Frank would stay and Joe was going. Still think it was better for Dan’s game. But the complete idiot tried to throw Dan under the bus before he’s off the block. And with Dani the muppet/Puppet no less. Good bye Frank! Your so dumb you never gave yourself the full chance to let Dan save you!

    Just to add a little speculation to what may be potentially the best finals night ever. I still think Dan takes Jenn and passes go… collects 500K for his efforts. But what if Dani sits beside him in the final? Try this speech on and see what you think….

    Dan(to the Jury): I have played this whole game to give Dani the money(he he he). I want you all to vote for her.. ect ect. I’ve proven to myself I’m the best player in BB history so please give the 500K to Dani! This is where the tears shed at Dan’s funeral return on everyones face….

    Well does that speech win 500K? Bet Dan already has the speech in his back pocket incase the 2 are heads up in the final!

  10. Comments (1)

    Ian is winning this show and he’ll do it by taking out Dan and getting his vote in Jury.

    • Comments (60)

      The only way Ian could win is if he final 2 with one of the life preservers (Jenn or Joe). don think that going to happen because after Joe and jenn are gone he is next

  11. Comments (1)

    To me the whole house is stupid do they not realize Dan is playing thewhole house. In plus Dan already won b4 they should be teaming up to get him out duh. I will be so mad if Frank gets evicted he is one of the players who actually deserves to win the money.

  12. Comments (1276)

    I still can’t believe how many people seem to hate Danielle so much. First, the attacks her her looks are really getting old. So what if she isn’t a bean pole, so what if she has some pimples, I’m pretty sure none of the people posting this nasty things are cover models, so why attack someone for their looks.
    Also, for the record, Shane seems to be “following” Danielle as much as she is him. He might be playing her, but it was him that jumped into her bed to sleep the other night, not the other way around. So enough with the stalker talk. Sure, she’s a girl, who is very insecure, and needs a lot of positive feed back, but dang, she’s not the devil.
    And I’m having a really hard time swallowing the Frank attacks as well. I’m not even the biggest Frank fan, but the insulting his looks is so childish. Yes, his hair is a hot mess. Yes, he looks like Carrott Top. But other then that, he’s not that bad to look at.
    Everyone in the house shouldn’t be models, they usually cast at least one model a year anyways, but this isn’t a beauty pagent, it’s a game show. IMHO, it’s a sad thing when all people have to say is these kind of attacks. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that none of us are perfect, and chances are no matter how hot you might think you are… there’s someone out there that would debate that fact.
    Plus, I thought this blog was about BB, the game, not America’s Next Top Model.

  13. Comments (28)

    Dan is a real dirt bag

  14. Comments (8)

    It annoys me the way Danielle plays this game she does nothing at all but follow Dan and Shane She can’t play her own game and make deal to further her. Dan I liked him at first but I strongly dislike the way he uses his Bible to lure people then stabs them in the back thats not cool at all especially if you work at a Christian school.

    Frank is being to loyal and trusting everyone he’s not using his brain and that is why hes getting screwed every week. You give up a chance to play in the HOH to get Dan out and you Don’t get him out…

    Joe & Jenn FLOATERS

    Ian Once again he’s making absolutely stupid decisions he’s getting the QUACK PACK further not him. You could have worked with Frank because you know Frank is dumb and super loyal so when It’s just you and the QP you can feed Frank info cause he’ll probably win HOH and help pick off the QP one by one.

    Shane Can win comps has no social game

    The Newbies are amazingly shitty. They not doing anything right and think they should run back to veterans or the HOH and tell them every word someone tells you(EX.DANIELLE). I know Frank will be Evicted after that I think this season is going downhill with the ratings and viewers. Jenn needs to win HOH this week and get Shane or Dan out of this game.

    • Comments (5)

      I think they cast this type of person and these people now play like this because of the coaches twist. Those who thought they’d try to think for themselves (not the brightest thing where you can have help from the best past players and are competing against players who are using that help for all its worth) are long gone.

    • Comments (108)

      I agree with pretty much everything you said, except for the part about Frank being dumb. I think he’s actually pretty bright…but naive. WAY too trusting for this game.

      Ian is being a cocky little jerk right now. He has no idea that Dan is really in charge. I kind of want to see him out next just to check his oversized ego.

    • Comments (76)

      Andrew i totally agree with everything you said! And also about the Christian School coment, what role model is he for this school.

    • Comments (60)

      Jenn is almost like Porche from last season. Never really playing the game and made a good final two.

      Everyone hated rachel and gave it to her not porche
      Everyone hates Dan and wont give it to a floater just to make a point

  15. Comments (528)

    Not that I care, but does anyone else find it odd the number of “thumbs down” I’ve been getting here, even on the most mundane of posts? I don’t think there are even that many people posting here. Exactly what is going on?

    • Comments (6)

      You’re annoying and will comment on anything, anytime! Thumbs down for the win!

      • Comments (768)

        Well said Richard. Obnoxious also came to mind. Never comments on the show, just on everyone else’s posts.

    • Comments (1276)

      I could be wrong, but I think some are hitting thumbs down if they don’t like other posts you’ve made. But I’m sure I’ll get a thumbs down just for saying this lol. Whatever.
      I wouldn’t see it as a bad thing. It might just mean that they didn’t like what you said, but either didn’t want to argue it, or didn’t have an argument. Either way, at least you have an opinion.
      But again, just my opinion.

      • Comments (1276)

        That being said, you know we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of stuff, but I don’t feel the need to thumbs down you on everything.
        What I think is funny, is the thumbs up when someone posts something and then they only have one, you have to think they might be giving themselves the only one they have. I’m not even sure why we can give ourselves one, but whatever. I won’t complain, I love stevebeans posts, updates and that he gives his opinions on here, so something as little as thumbs up, well… whatever.

    • Comments (169)

      Sadie, i think some people can just refresh the page and be able to vote again, from what I’ve seen. There’s no way you should be getting THAT many thumbs down on your posts. I hope that Steve fixes this sometime soon….

      • Comments (528)

        That’s what I’m thinking. Made a couple enemies and they’re taking advantage of a glitch on the page. As awesome as my posts may be, I can’t imagine I’m bringing in THAT much attention! 😉

      • Comments (1)

        Actually, Keith’s wrong.

        Random visitors who don’t have accounts or who don’t post are probably doing it, too.

  16. Comments (8)

    LMAO, Don’t be so harsh. Sadie I swear on the Bible *Dan Reference* I will not thumbs down you comments if you thumbs up mine. rofl

  17. Comments (1276)

    Hey stevebeans, thanks for the “glamoring” analogy. I had been trying to think of another way to explain it then how Brit did with her “fog” analogy, but you hit the nail on the head. It is some True Blood action he has going on! lol
    And, I went back, watched Frank talking to Dani. And I just don’t get how he thought he got through to her. She barely seemed interested. Oh well, I would have been more shocked if he didn’t even try.

  18. Comments (7)

    It’s sad that frank is so trusting and I just wish he would open his eyes before it’s too late! Going to Danielle was dumb but he’ s obviously feeling some gut instincts that the deal with Dan is completely shady! Just wish he would realize he has nothing to lose by exposing all that Dan said to him after the “funeral”. He needs to go to Shane and tell him that the entire “you are dead to me thing” was a ploy and that Danielle and Dan r tight as ever. That they met immediately afterwards and she is keeping him in the dark as he is on their hit list, just as Brit was. Shane will be pretty upset to realize they planned brit’s eviction. Ian would also be on board if he finds out his two beloved Quakers took out one of their own… Frank also needs to use Ian right now and sell him on the idea that he is the only loyal person and that getting Dan out it is a bigger star on his resume than getting out anyone else, and he and Shane can help him to do it. Once Britney sees the past shows she will then know that Ian truly avenged her. I hope frank goes for it and turns the house upside down as it would be fun to watch the quack pack at each others throats… It is just too boring and predictable right now :(. I don’t think Dan is a genius. It isn’t a big feat when so many of the houseguests are just horrible players.

  19. Comments (17)

    D Dan of the mist is at it yet again playing with Frank and Danielle’s head.justwaiting to turn the tables on them to suck the blood out of them.Dan will take Jenny to the end.not that she deserves to be there so he can win. Smart move!!!

  20. Comments (62)

    Watched BBAD and I can now confirm… Frank actually is STUPID!! He apparently tried to get Dani to get rid of Shane next while Frank is still on the block. Yup he needs Dani’s vote to stay Thursday and he wants her to evict Shane next. Yesterday it was Dan has to go. The 2 players Dani is closes too are Franks choices to target. This guy is a pure genius!! Best BB player ever! ROFL

    Well RIP TO Frank unfortunately. QP, Jenn and Joe left for 2nd eviction Thursday. I don’t think the QP will lose a member if any of the 3 eligible players win HOH if Frank is gone. Jenn an Joe go up if either wins veto Ian likely the new nom. If Joe wins HOH it’s likely Jenn and Dan on the block. Joe appears to have loyalty to both Shane and Ian.If veto is won Dani is replacement unless she wins veto and saves Dan.

    Jenn winning HOH would create an interesting senario. She could nom Dan, Joe, Ian or Shane. Only Dani would be completely safe. I have no idea which 2 go up. Depends on Dani’s influence in 2 minutes of comercial time.

    Should be a fun 1/2 hour after Frank is evicted. Then we get to what I believe will be the most important HOH with 5 left. Both Dani and Shane have stated(BBAD) they don’t want to win so they can compete at 4 for HOH. WRONG!!! You want to win at 5 period.You control the block but also get the tie breaker vote with 5 left. HOH at 4 only gives you a spot at 3. Veto winner at 4 gets spot in final 3 and picks who goes home. Plus it may still be possible there will be a Pandoras box at HOH with 5 left. Perhaps a diamond veto that garuntees top 3. That is not very likely mind you with 3 players(non HOH) at 4 left.

  21. Comments (102)

    You know what would be hilarious? If in Frank’s last speech before the vote, he reveals to them all that Danny Boy came to him and threw them all under the bus to save himself. Doubt it would make much difference to these idiots, but I’d love to see the worm squirm. It would also be hilarious if he got sent out the door right after Frank.

    I’m just wondering what lie Dirtbag will claim is the reason he’s voting out Frank. With Boogie it was his bogus, I’m doing this to avenge Janelle. Maybe it’ll be, I’m doing this to avenge Britney.

  22. Comments (1)

    Dan is playing everybody for votes, he tells people what they want to hear so he is safe. Danielle should realize this, and maybe Dan’s just playing her to.

  23. Comments (28)

    Dan the dirtbag needs to go 2nd elimination Thursday nite ….bringing a bible into franks hoh room throwing his quackpack under tha bus an lying to frank about going final 2 with him if you ask me thats just going to far….

  24. Comments (7)

    Dumb Danielle! Last night she was going on and on about how Frank was watching her doing her workout and wants to get with her!!!! What a self absorbed & dillusional nutball… Seriously she is one messed up chick… She is going to crack when she gets out of that house and starts reading all of the blogs to see what people think of her. Frank was totally crazy trying to waste his time with her, or to be nice to her. Instead he should be talking to Ian and to Shane. Hopefully today will be his day to spice things up! He needs to get everyone second guessing each other… He doesn’t even need to tell a lie to do that! Dan and Shane are both playing Danielle, and she deserves it! I’ll be sad to see frank go but I will be thrilled to see either Dan or Shane vote the stalker out of the house. Sure there are people that are insecure and I’m the first person to feel sorry for someone with self esteem issues but do not confuse Dani as being some poor victim, she is simply a wacko! She is mean, jealous, and a complete fruit loop. Hope the boys give her a big spoonfull of reality and that we get to watch her reaction. It’s the least the viewers deserve after having to put up with her whining voice, crying tantrums, stupid faces in the mirror, and everything me… me… me, for the entire summer 🙁 it would make it all worthwhile! Ian will be my hero if he gets rid of Dan!

    • Comments (102)

      Throughout this season Danielle has said some really weird stuff. Like she told Dan that she felt Jodi would be a trouble maker. We all know Dirtbag kept the ones with the best bods and best racks. It’s a good thing Kara left early or Dirtbag might not have a wife to go home to. But did she even exchange two words with her? Why did she think Jodi was going to be a trouble maker? Was it because she was black?

      I say that because this chick seems to have problems with anyone different from her. Like the stuff she said about lesbians. It was part of the game for Jenn to try and squeeze juice out of her and she was worried Jenn was coming on to her during the comp because she was doing what she was supposed to do.

      She seems to stereotype everyone. Like the first week she thought Ian was a peeper hanging out trying to cop a peek of her in the shower.

      • Comments (1276)

        I heard them talking the other night about Jodi. I guess Jodi outed Jenn to the entire house before the coaches even came in. Jenn said she was obviously planning on telling everyone, and the only reason Jodi knew was because she was probing Jenn trying to get Jenn to tell her. If I got it right, it was something like they were all sitting in the TV area, and Jodi annouced to the whole group that Wil wasn’t the only Gay person there. Again, I could be wrong, but it sounded like there were a few different things like that that happened, which they all were kind of looking at Jodi the same way.
        My guess is Jodi was just trying to get to know everyone, and just jumped in a little deep doing it. But when you only have a few hours to make an impression, sometimes people get you wrong.

      • Comments (768)

        I’m still trying to figure out why she thought it was to her advantage to say she was a kindergarten teacher and not a nurse?

      • Comments (1276)

        I don’t think any of us got that one. The only reason I can think of is some nurses start out making really, REALLY good money. And from a family of teachers I can tell you that they do not. So maybe the houseguests would have thought she needed the money more as a teacher.
        Also, she apparantly said that she didn’t want them to know how “smart” she was. Kind of a huge slap in the face to teachers, but hopefully she was really thinking about the extra schooling she had, and not that she meant to insult teachers. IMO it was just a stupid mistake, but who knows???

      • Comments (768)

        Thanks for the insight Christina. I like your posts!

      • Comments (1276)

        Thank you Rob. I have a few that don’t. I just state what I think. But that has always gotten me into trouble! lol

    • Comments (1276)

      I just went back and found her workout, and he actually was watching her. He was commenting on how she was doing. Don’t get me wrong, she was enjoying the attention, but he was laying on the hammick paying attention to just her.
      IMO he’s trying to make her fell special because he knows the best way to play Dani is to play on her emotions and her insecurity. So what better way to do that then to make her think he’s interested?

      • Comments (1276)

        And now going back a little more, he’s actually said that his goal is to make her feel special/wanted. He’s even talking bad about how Shane treats her to up his game. It is a game move on his part, but it sounds like it’s working in the opposite direction.

  25. Comments (1)

    I think Danielle is an idiot, to think a teacher is not ‘as smart’ as a nurse is insuling to the teaching profession. Its not like she’s a neurosurgeon or an MD… she’s just a nurse!

    • Comments (1)

      Rosi you state that Danielle is an idiot for thinking ‘a teacher is not as smart as a nurse.’ You said that is an insult to the teaching profession. I agree with you. However you went on to insult nurses by insinuating they are not as smart as doctors. You insult nurses again by stating Danielle is ‘just a nurse!’ I am just a nurse too. I have the utmost respect for doctors but it is often nurses who keep patients alive long enough to be saved by doctors.

  26. Comments (7)

    Danielle is dumb :). Of course frank was trying to be kind and offer her some attention as he’s up on the block and realizes she thrives on attention, but he was not about to molest her:). She was talking as though he was raping her with his eyes! Oh pleeeeease! She was probably hoping that Shane would get jealous and flip out, but he just is not really into her! The lunatic just doesn’t get it! So glad that she’s telling jenn she’s voting frank out as hopefully jenn goes to him. Maybe he’ll finally snap out it, emerge from the mist, and start to play hard ball! Careful jenn, it’s only a matter of time until dani accuses you of wanting her too 🙂

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