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Big Brother 14 Game Reset, What It All Means

August 3, 2012 | 12 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

danielle new hoh


First, let me say if you’re a fan of endurance competitions like I am, there was a great one last night in the Big Brother 14 house.  I watched the live feeds until the last person fell, and it was one of the more interesting endurance comps yet.   Last season had a chance for an epic one with the snow/ski theme where Danielle was fighting for her BB life, but honestly the Big Brother 13 newbies were absolutely horrific at competitions and the girl who slept all day (Kaalia) was Danielle’s biggest rival.  Weak.

Watch the entire 3 hour marathon endurance competition on the live feeds here:

Watch the endurance competition here
The first 3 days are FREE!

Last night, aside from Joe and Jenn, everyone competing probably would have dominated the entire BB13 newbies.  In addition to the endurance competition, you had a game reset in the middle of the season where alliances had already been formed and people knew where they stood (unlike the first HoH comp where half the people throw it to appear weak).  I seen some negative feedback to the producers last night, but honestly I’m thrilled with how they handled it.  No eviction, everyone competes, and 4 veterans were placed into the house with 8 newbies who have already had their chance to be star struck.  Sure, a veteran may win this year, but I don’t think they’re going to have nearly as easy path as last season.   It was probably the best way to introduce veterans into a game with newbies, and I give CBS credit.

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What does it all mean though?  That’s the big question on everyone’s mind.  Will the vets just band together and dominate?  Will they keep their alliances they had pre-reset?  Here are some thoughts about the game now…

(my thoughts after the jump…)

Boogie is going to be a crybaby until he goes home – He was the only coach to vote to keep things the way they are, and he’s pretty much been crying non stop since the twist was revealed.  Does he have a reason to be upset?  In his mind, yes.. but in reality, no.  Boogie was completely convinced Frank was staying last night and Janelle’s team was going to be in chaos.  He felt once that happened, he could sleep through the rest of the season and pick up an easy $100k with Frank taking the $500k prize.    The reality:  Frank was likely being voted out, Boogie was going to left vulnerable, exposed and confused.  He may or may not have won the coaches competition to bring someone back, but he still only had a 25-33% chance of that happening (depending on Dan throwing the comp or not).   This reset completely saved Boogie’s chance at winning money, but he’ll probably never know that.

The veterans will not align like they did in Big Brother 13 – Because of the way they were introduced into the game, many veterans formed bonds and close alliances with their teams.  Dan and Danielle, Britney and Shane, Frank and Boogie are some good examples of that.  In addition, by forcing the veterans to play against each other for nearly a month, it created a lot of animosity that likely wouldn’t have been there had they come in as players on day 1.  Britney feels Janelle is very sneaky and untrustworthy, Janelle cannot stand Boogie and wants him gone, Boogie is mad at the world, and Dan is still laying under the radar.   Right now the closet thing to a veteran alliance is the one they had going pre-reset of Dan/Danielle/Britney/Shane.


Shane and Frank should be thanking the Big Brother gods – Frank is easy, he was gone this week had they went through with the eviction.  He got a second life, although like I mentioned above, feels he was safe anyway.  Shane on the other hand had a complete trainwreck of an HoH week and likely would have been eliminated shortly after Frank because of it.   He managed to upset both remaining teams by completely aiming for Janelle early in the week and then swapping Ashley for Frank at PoV.  Frank and Boogie have no trust in him, and Janelle’s team was only playing nice so everyone would stay.  There is no doubt he would have been on the block as soon as possible had the week continued like normal.

The floaters will need to be bold or will go home quickly – Jenn, Joe, Ashley and to a lesser extent, Ian have basically been floating through the game and following whatever orders their coaches gave them.  This allowed for both Ashley and Jenn especially to play “low person on the totem pole” for their team and sit back watching the Franks and Wil’s be bigger targets.  However, now that there are no official teams, and coaches can be voted out at any given week, it’s time for those floating foursome to step up their game and contribute to their alliances.  Ian already started by holding on as long as he possibly could, but will Joe, Ashley and Jenn start doing the same?

Big Brother is really pushing the Shane/Danielle showmance on us – Let it go, stop putting people in uncomfortable situations.  Shane doesn’t like Danielle, Danielle is in love with Shane, yet Julie is there pushing buttons on the live show asking to rank kisses on national TV.  If they’re going to become a couple (they won’t), just let it happen and stop forcing the issue.  Showmances are generally boring and annoying (see: Rachel and Brendon).

Finally, things are about to get real in the house – I’ve been basically saying it all above, but last night proved we have a very competitive bunch of HG’s this season, and all bets are off how things will go down from here on out.  I was blown away that every single person was still on that wall as long as they all were, even Joe.  Say what you will about the season, but they did a pretty solid job of casting a competitive bunch this year.

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