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Big Brother 14 – Ian Is Making His Move

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It appears the people in the house early this season were correct on one thing, the later in the season it got, the more Ian had an advantage.  As we have seen in the last few challenges, possibly just OTEV aside, they have been geared toward the person with the bigger brain.  Typically as the season wears on, Big Brother uses up their physical challenges and has to bang out a bunch of trivia or puzzle type of challenges near the end of the season.  This is because they’ve had a season of data, and can quiz them on dates, quotes, etc.  It also allows for quicker and smaller setup area which allows for 2 challenges to be out at once (during double evic nights).

Ian would have won the live HOH challenge with ease, but he was ineligible to play, then he won the maze veto, and finally after the live show stopped, he won the second HoH of the night.  The challenge seemed like a ‘The Price is Right’ type of ‘Guess That Date‘ where you have to guess the closest without going over.  I only assume that because I heard a few people mention how they were going to pick ‘1’, which is the cheapo way to guess on ‘The Price Is Right’.  (side note: I always hate the person on that show that bids $1 higher than someone else… scumbag play)

What will Ian do now that he’s HoH yet again? Is he going to target the one person in the house who can possibly beat him in the final 2?  Nope.  From the sounds of it, you can expect a nomination of Jenn and Shane today, with Danielle as the replacement nom if it comes to that  (Dan’s mist strikes again).  It’s crazy how Dan can convince Ian that he was nominated just to appear they weren’t aligned, and then escape nominations yet again.   Ian seems like a good player, but if Dan is in the final 2 and doesn’t win this season, I’m going to say this season had to most bitter or stupid jury in Big Brother history.

Right now, the order of victory would be:


That means Danielle can only beat Jenn, Shane can only beat Danielle and Jenn, and so on.  Ian is becoming so arrogant lately that I think he believes he is on top and can beat anyone in the house, so he’s just staying loyal to Dan.

Although to be fair, Dan’s mist could have a negative impact on the jury.  He could have everyone so convinced that his pawns are really the bad guys, they won’t believe him when he says that he manipulated the entire second half of the game.  I don’t think they’ll have time to fully realize what Dan has done until they leave the house and re-watch the season.   To the jury, it will be like one of those movies with such an extreme twist, it leaves your head spinning until you see the movie 5 times and finally understand what happened.

Yes, Dan is having that good of a season where he may lose simply because he’s too good.   It’s unlikely, but possible.

Discuss what you think is going to happen this week, but please keep religious chatter out of it.  I know Dan swore on the bible, but let’s try to keep the discussion as secular as possible.

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  1. Comments (1)

    I agree mostly, but I do think Ian would win against Dan. My reasoning is based on a tweet earlier that reminded me that with Frank now in the Jury House and is really angry with Dan. So, if Ian & Dan make it to the F2, then Frank will surely vote for Ian to win.

    • Comments (20)

      I think Dan deserves to win if he gets to final two but don’t think he will because this jury is full of a bunch of blooming idiots, and they will vote because they got either their feelings hurt (boo hoo) or because they got outplayed by DAN so they will vote out of that and give it to anyone but Dan. Like the old saying goes YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID, and this season jury is not fully of the brightest bulbs in the box. Think if I was one of the remaining housemates I would definitely take Dan to the finals with me because jury is made up of fools.

      • Comments (2)

        Personally I look at it this way . If Dan
        duped me in the house I’d dupe him him
        For the cash !!!!!! Because it’s personal .
        No hard feelings it’s just a game 🙂

  2. Comments (2)

    I have to agree with you completely except on the order of possible winners. I would dwf put Danielle over shane. Shane made a couple of risky moves early but noth

  3. Comments (2)

    nothing recently. he looks to Danielle and Dan for guidance. you know now that I write it out…I believe dani and Shane are equal. could go either way.

  4. Comments (528)

    Still incapable of giving credit where credit is due, eh stevebeans? Ian is playing one hell of a game but of course, that’s only because they “gear” everything towards him and he’s a “puppet” right? Give me a break.

    Anyway, I hope he’s able to see through Dans charms and realise what a deadly threat he is and puts him on the block, making a final three deal with Danielle and Shane, convincing them to oust Dan. That would be ideal. He should be aware by now he is one of – if not THE biggest threat in the final two….let’s face it, Ian vs. ANYONE in that house rights ow would win. Probably by a large margin. Like 100% of the jury votes. So he’s going to have to really make some big moves to keep himself in the game because if the other houseguests having any brains, they’ll ALL be gunning for the geek.

    • Comments (1)

      Everyone has lied in the Big Brother house. Dani has even lied to Shane about her final 2 deals. The only 2 people that should be sitting there in the end is Ian and Dan. The other 3 have done nothing all season. Either one of them deserve to win in the end. They have both played everyone who is gone.

    • Comments (5)

      The only problem with that even if IAN puts Dan on the block is getting Shane and Danielle to vote him off,the only way he can pull it off is by putting Danielle and Dan on the block and winning the veto ,then for sure Dan will go home

      • Comments (62)

        Pretty much spot on. Dan versus Dani with Shane voting Dan and Jenn voting Dani with Ian breaking the tie. Dan can also go at 4 if he is not HOH or wins Veto. But only Ian is possibly going to realize in time Dan is the person to beat.

        Shane believes it’s he and Dani. The other 3 all think F2 is with Dan. Dan’s positioned perfectly if Shane goes at 5. Which I have a gut feeling will be Dani backstabbing Shane and a 2-0 vote to evict. Danielle is the true “douchebag” of the season. Just watch what happens if Shane does not win the veto. He’s going to be shocked.

    • Comments (2)

      I to hopes Ian comes to his senses and gets rid of Dan. He is such a idiot and everyone is eating up everything says. Ian should look at it as, getting Dan out, means he helped clear out all the judges, The elite players. Take a new player with him to the final three,and than the final 2…

    • Comments (30)

      Your clear infatuation with Ian is clouding your judgement, and your phony sense of humour is only picked up by those of similar delusions.

      Dan is running the house, and Ian is about as clueless as Frank, or even more. Frank at least had a sense Dan was sharpening the knife. Ian has no clue.

      Your arrogance is truly revolting. Instead of actually understanding Stevebeans post, you pick and choose from what you like, you twist the scenario, and you make him out to be the ass.

      Firstly, Ian is not playing “One Hell Of A Game”. He’s TRYING to play the game, and he’s CLEARLY several steps behind DAN, who is playing “One Hell Of A Game”.

      Secondly, Stevebeans simply stated the OBVIOUS. Competitions like puzzles and trivia are what people like Ian excel at, therefore they are GEARED towards them. Did he say “RIGGED”? NO. The intended premise was that near the end, these competitions are more suited for people like Ian. Were the physical competitions “Rigged” for Frank to win? No. They sure were geared towards him winning though, because he’s a tank. A physical Beast at that, whilst at the same time very smart.

      Thirdly, WHERE IN THE HELL do you get the implication of Ian being called a “puppet” in this post? Because it sure as hell isn’t in there. The closest you could get to that conclusion would be: ” It’s crazy how Dan can convince Ian that he was nominated just to appear they weren’t aligned, and then escape nominations yet again,” and THATS a giant Stretch. In case you are incapable of reading between the lines (figuratively if you don’t understand that either), or even just comprehending what that sentence means, it means that: It’s incredible that Dan was able to Convince Ian that he was not the target for Double Eviction, and he avoided being a nom. Plain and Simple. Puppet reference anywhere? No? That’s Odd. You look like a sore butthurt loser.

      TL;DR: Quit Trolling/Spamming your irrefutably biased opinions and get over it. Again, this behaviour is originating from a deep feeling of Infatuation for Ian, resulting in a form of Big Brother 14 Dementia.

  5. Comments (191)

    I would like to see Ian win it all just because he was such a long shot at the beginning of the season. Remember they talked about him being the first one out.

    If Dan is there at the end he should win for brilliant gameplay but he pissed off too many people on the way. You can bet Frank will campaign against him.

    It will be dull the rest of the way.

    • Comments (3)

      He was a long shot at the beginning of the season, and thanks to Boogie and Frank taking him under their wing, he is where he is. If it is a final two between Dan and Ian, then the jury will have to decide who was the least offensive rat between the two. Ian will probably win just on the basis that he has never won before, while Dan has.

      • Comments (4)

        I AGREE WITH YOU GEOFF!!!!!!! I keep going back and forth with Ian. Sometimes I like him, other times I want to throw something at my TV….. I hated when he turned on Boogie. I thought it was classless and he made it out to be some epic game move. He loves taking credit for other peoples work doesnt he??…He is delusional. I may be extra bitter because Boogie and Frank were my favorites, but i just feel it was a nasty move.

      • Comments (5)

        I guess we all see things different, I did not see him turn on Boogie, if you did not see in Boogies head it was just him and Frank to the end I think Ian just realized what he had to do to stay in the game,the only reason they wanted Ian on their team was for the vote but the way I see it he was back stabbed first he just did not fall for their BS anymore and
        turned the tables on them and got them out,thats why he has made it this far not thanks to Boogie only problem no one left in the game to trust,If he would have stayed with Boogie and Frank he still would not have made final 2 ,Frank we all know was a good player we all can give him that

      • Comments (228)

        Ian reminds me of the ‘rat’ in the Harry Potter series. I don’t think he’s capable of playing the game.

      • Comments (528)

        That’s total BS, “taking him under their wing” my ass. Exactly how did they do that? Ian himself trusted Brit more than them and he knew pretty quickly he was going to be gunning for them, he was just clever enough to not let them find out. They got played by a playa, grow up and deal with it.


      • Comments (30)

        Yea, Boogie giving Ian over $3,000, keeping him safe, telling them their plans, and sympathizing with other houseguests because Ian is still a Kid is CLEARLY not looking out for him. Looking to take Ian to the final 3 is CLEARLY not looking out for him. Yea, ON the Boogie & Frank HIT LIST was Ian as Public Enemy #1.

        Are you seriously suffering from some mental illness that has you forgetting about everything that has ever happened this season? Because it sure comes off like it.

        If you watched, Brit even threw Ian under the bus for Shane’s Frank nomination because Ian couldn’t give a straight answer.

        Wait, did we just lower the standards of qualifying someone as “Clever” to just telling “Lies”.

        Lying != Cleverness. Lying == Sneakiness.

        Dan’s Funeral == Cleverness.

        Catch my drift here? Ian’s getting played by the only Player left in the house (AKA Dan), so grow up and deal with it.


      • Comments (3)

        Dan’s funeral was no clever. It was so fake and staged that it almost made me not want to watch this season.

        And Dan swearing on the bible and his wife is the ultimate low. Obviously lying is part of the game but swearing on a bible crosses the line.

      • Comments (528)

        By your logic I guess you must have the hots for Dan.

      • Comments (30)

        I know logic very well, and highly doubt you even know what exactly logic IS.

        For a matter of Fact, I dislike VERY Much. Swearing on a book of lies is fine. On your wife and dead grandfather? that’s low. That’s true desperation, similar to Janelle offering her wedding ring to Britney.

        Frank deserved to win, and Dan is next in line. Frank was nominated 6 times, won 3 HoH’s, 3 POV’s, and only got to vote what? Once or Twice in the whole season? That’s an amazing feat.
        Dan just manipulates people, and it’s exactly the reason why I wouldn’t hang out that type of person outside of the house. People say that you’re a different person in the BB house. Not At All. The BB house brings out your true colours, when the pressure and anxiety builds up.

        The way you defend Ian in virtually all of your posts make you come off as a butthurt fan.

        Bottom Line: Frank should’ve won, but it’s a game. Dan deserves to win now, but I dislike him very much. Ian is pathetic, although I was rooting for him as an extension of myself, but that clearly stopped when Ian couldn’t distinguish something called Loyalty. Everybody in the house has it with someone else. Ian had it, then gave it up for a Fake Loyalty that somehow …. Britney… was going to have his back. I’m sorry, that’s ridiculous. Leaving a Power Team to join a team with a pair of floaters, manipulators, and a dummy.

        And now, let me settle this rebuttal for good with this quote I often forget when commenting on this forum:

        “Never argue with an idiot. First they bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.”

      • Comments (5)

        Is this your first time watching Big Brother every season the best players do not make it to the end ,nothing new thats why sometimes people act like weak players until the end which I think is what Ian did lay low the skinny nerdy kid ,look Janelle never won and she was a good player

      • Questionable Comments???
        Comments (21)

        Reading your post Anthony one may get the impression you have the hots for Frank. I think your being extremely rude and ignorant. When Frank and Boogie decided to be in the silent six alliance well that sounds like Ian was out in the cold. Them taking Ian to the finaly 3 was highly unlikely. Ian pulled the wool over their eyes and got them before they got him. Frank even said something about Jenn and Ian finishing 7 and 8th place. Frank wanted Boogie to give the money to Ian and Jenn to keep them voting their way. So really get off your high horse and face the facts Ian in the final 3 with Boogie and Frank was never going to happen. Thanks for coming out with your lopsided comments. So when are you are Frank getting hitched!!!!

      • Comments (228)

        Well Said!!!!

      • Comments (228)

        When he rewatches the episodes I wonder if reality will sink in.

      • Comments (191)

        As Jenn has proven it isn’t how you got here that counts, it’s being there at the end that counts.

        I disagree that he was carried here.

    • Comments (1)

      And Britany told Dan that he had better remember how he treats people who end up in the jury house.

  6. Comments (3)

    Is it possible that Ian is smart enough to sees Dans schemes, an wants him for the final two anyway. Frank wont vote for Dan, Britney and Ashley probably wont vote for Dan. I love Dans game play, and I think he should win, but having won before, I think the jury will vote for Ian against him…

  7. Comments (1276)

    I think, for the jury, what good-bye messages they see can come into play. For example, last night, Dan was sure to tell Frank that he knew he couldn’t beat him in the Finals, so he had to go. Ian, on the other hand, was sure to take credit once again for Franks demise. So, as much as Ian wants the full credit, that could come back to bite him. Basically, IMO the last thing they are hearing before leaving for jury, is Dan isn’t playing personal, he’s just getting rid of his competition, which is kind of flattery (even if it is true) and Ian is going for credit, which could come off a arrogant.
    Do you all remember the anology we got a few days ago, about how on other shows the jury usually hasn’t had much time to cool off, mend their wounds, and vote according to game play. But, with the BB jury, they have some time to sit back, relax, talk to each other, and make their decisions without taking their egos into account? I think that might show itself for the finals. Like stevebeans said, if they aren’t to bitter, Dan could win it all again. It just depends on what the flow in the jury house is.

    • Comments (528)

      But they ARE bitter. Frank said he’s holding a grudge towards Dan in his post interview and Joe said he wants Ian to win in his. That’s pretty telling.

      • Comments (1276)

        They might hold the grudges they feel when heading out. Like Brit said to Julie, she’s pissed, but she knew it was a good move. Someone like Brit will probably vote that way, not out of anger, but by who she believes played the better game.
        I think Frank will do the same. Of course, IMO, I think after cooling off in the jury house, he’ll realize he want’s the person who he believes played the best game to end up the winner.
        And just a side note on everyone who is ticked that Ian backstabbed Boogie and Frank, this might be the case, but I don’t take issue to that. It’s a game, and you have to get out who you think can beat you, and who you think will not take you to the end. While Boogie and Frank seemed to want Ian as their 3rd, we all know neither one would have taken him to the 2. What upsets me with Ian, isn’t the game move, it’s the snarky comments that he makes when doing it. Like, crying over Boogie, but then saying, what was it, get to stepping, when he was leaving? It’s those comments that I think could leave a bad taste in the jurys mouth when it’s time to vote.

      • Comments (1276)

        I forgot to mention Ashley, only because she’ll vote however Frank tells her to, unless Ian is in the final 2, then I think she’ll vote for him. That is unless she’s upset he put her up. And, it also depends on if her and Brit became BFF’s while in the jury house alone. Brit has an amazing way of becoming the best friend anyone has ever had in a very short amount of time.
        Also, I’m pretty sure she’d vote against Dani no matter who she’s against. For whatever reason she seemed to have some real jelousy issues with Dani. Case and point, Jenn. If nothing was going on with Ashley and Jenn (which for all I know there might have been something there) then her thinking Dani would “steal” Jenn seemed odd.
        While I simply forgot to put my take on Ashley’s vote, I actually had already forgotten about Joe. I don’t know how I did that, but I did. I think he’ll be the most likely to vote off of if he’s holding a grudge. I think he’d vote for Shane against anyone, but other then that, it’s up in the air.

    • Comments (228)

      When you invoke the name of God (on the Bible) to further your lie, it may just be his judgement day.

      • Comments (1276)

        people like you are why are stopped going to church. it is not for us to judge, plain and simple.
        Romans 2:1 Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things.
        Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.
        Matthew 7:3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
        Romans 2:3 So when you, a mere man, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?
        I could go on, but honestly, you aren’t worth my time.

  8. Comments (4)

    NOOO! So sad to see Frank go but it was only a matter of time. I cannot believe he hung in there as long as he did but we were all rooting for him down here in FL. I would love to hate on Dan for sending my favorite out of the house but I have to hand it to him, He is incredible at what he does. And if you think about it, its brilliant. He knows he can’t play the same game he did last time (Being primarily honest & swearing his allegiance to one person) so who would ever think that he would turn the coin and go the complete opposite? Stabbing backs left and right. Nobody expects that from him. It is pure genius. I HATE when members of the jury base their vote on personal feelings and grudges. Like Joe said before he walked out last night, Hey, its just a game! I would love for Frank to get over his bitterness, vote based on game play and take the eviction as a compliment. If Dan isnt scheming to get you out, that just means he thinks he is better than you and can beat you in the final!

    Heres my thoughts on the rest of the houseguests:

    SHANE-Awesome in physical competitions but virtually an awful game player. Loses (HORRIBLY) any competition that has to do with having half a brain. Lets other people (Specifically Britney) do all his dirty work for him.

    DAN-Just genius. NOT Judas in my eyes-Nuff said.

    JENN-I never like a floater but Jenn-city grew on me this season. Love her as a person, not as a game player though.

    IAN-I have said from day one that he will take this whole thing if given the opportunity. His arrogance does become a little much at times but he comes through when he needs to and hes a smart kid. He’ll have the votes if he is in the final two!!

    DANIELLE-OMMMMMG. Most annoying voice ever. Most annoying person ever. Cannot stand her. I can’t stress enough how much I want to bang my head into a wall everytime she talks/cries/looks at shane/talks about shane. Basically-everything she does pisses me off 🙂

  9. Comments (1)

    I agree that this could possibly be the most stupid and bitter jury!!

  10. Comments (4)

    On a side note, I did think that Ian speaking in his blog about how all the houseguests were remembering Sep 11 this week & to pray for the troops etc was awesome… Way to go Ian! 🙂

  11. Comments (316)

    Hey, here is a thought…. Who thinks JENN will win it all???

  12. Comments (528)

    So I’m just catching up on BBAD right now and they just went into Ian’s HoH room…did he just say he was “kidnapped”?? Wtf does that mean? (in context, they were looking at a picture and he said in a non-joking tone, “when was that? Oh! That was right before I was kidnapped.”) HUH? :/

    • Comments (14)

      It’s when they are all picked up from home or wherever they are, to go to the BB house. Ashley said it to some other people a while back and I was confused too and read her bio to see what the heck they were talking about, but a few of them mentioned the night they were kidnapped a few times and they were all talking about when the BB crew went to get them to bring them to the BB house.

  13. Comments (42)

    Face it – the only true player who continually engineered and planned to win this game (getting to the $500,000) is Dan the Man … Dan has played the game before, won, and therefore follows a successful algorithm which varies to the real-time conditions in the game … while Dan is two steps ahead of everyone, the remaining HGs won’t realize it until after Dan has cashed in his big check … to date, Ian has played a great game but is constrained to the sophomoric JV league – he is basically still in grade school while Dan is a professional in this game … Boogie and Frank never intended to take Ian anywhere – while Ian was still “walking the plank” on the pirate ship, Frank and Boogie dropped any support for him and went inside to get warm and discuss their next move … Ian was literally left out in the cold – therefore, from Ian’s perspective, Boogie and Frank deserved what they got … Ian’s goal is to experience the game that he knew while watching it on the boob tube as a kid – winning half a million clams is beyond his wildest dreams – he is a 21-yr old adult virgin trapped in a juvenile’s body/mind (although a hairy juvenile at that) … watching him around women (well, physically mature females) was painful – although in all fairness, Frank and Shane also seem somewhat clueless by their actions on this show, anyway – ha ha … Shane seems like a genuine nice guy – altho he should be thanking his lucky stars that the act of breathing is an involuntary function … maybe Dan will share some of this winnings with Shane and his family? … as for Danielle, hopefully someone will explain to this little girl the difference between nursing school and medical school – somewhat like comparing garage mechanics to mechanical engineering … not to take anything away from what nurses have to know – but far from developing new medicines, understanding enzyme reactions and pathways, and practicing surgery on live bodies … she is still a spoiled little brat who has plenty of growing up to look forward to … then there is the well-tatted 38-yr old Jenn who seems bright enough but it still somewhat callow to the game … plus she is getting to the age where her tats will start morphing into elongated shapes – ha ha … while she may have participated in one or two big moves, like Ian, she was never the principle catalyst which started it all … that would be … uh … Dan the Man – who should be picking up the half-mil grand prize – enuff said!

  14. Comments (3)

    Most seasons of Big Brother Ian would be a favorite to win. Yet, with my love of the game, I can not see Dan losing in final two. He has played the best Big Brother game in history including his season 10. Where he won. Dan should be a politician, hows he’s manipulated not people to just do what he wants, but to make them feel like it was their big move (ex. Jen, Ian many times, and even Boogie) If jury membors and Fans can not see past their personal feelings towards his game then its a disservice to the show.

  15. Comments (35)

    although Dan has played the best game by far and should win I can see him losing in the finals just like Russel Hantz did. playing such a good game that the jury is so mad they weren’t smart enough to see what he was doing that they vote for someone way less deserving to win just to get revenge

  16. Comments (1)

    I think Ian is an idiot if he doesn’t get rid of Dan. That being said I don’t think Dan will win the big money again I think he will get second to whoever is next to him.

  17. Comments (178)

    I think Dan has been quietly counting the money he will be winning, which isn’t always a good move until the check is actually in your hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the diary room sessions puts a little “flea” in the ears of the remaining players in order to get them to suspect that Dan just may be playing all of them by offering them the final 2 position. If it reaches Ian’s ears, he’ll either nominate Dan for eviction or backdoor him. Dan is way too confident that this is in the bag for him. I’m sure Big Brother will at least attempt to throw in some sort of wrench rather than let Dan just coast to the final 2 and possibly win (again). It’s not that Dan doesn’t deserve to win. His manipulation of the other players has been masterful. And, apart from some of the bravado we’ve seen in his diary room sessions, he’s not as obnoxious about his manipulation of the players as Boogie and Britney have been in the past.

  18. Comments (4)

    When Dan won hoh Ian should have grab Jen and said Dan just screwed you by voting frank out and he just screwed me by putting me on the block so we tell the cook you stick with us -we save you take out who ever Dan puts up. Dan can’t play fire hoh we put him up and take him out. But NO. They do what Dan says. Dan is smart enough to know he won’t win against Ian. But he wins against the other ones. Because these people are stupid and they LOVE. DAN

  19. Comments (12)

    So if Dan makes it to thefinal two, out of the four house guest in the jury right now I see only one of them voting for Dan, that’s Joe. I see the other three voting for who ever is standing next to Dan.

  20. Comments (111)

    I actually believe Jenn can pull out a win, if she can survive this week.

  21. Comments (24)

    Ian deserves to win because he has grown in both Dan’s game and Boogie’s game; ie – the social game. Ian started the season as a geek that everyone wanted to avoid. But through taking on slop, life as a dog, and letting the women mommy him, he has grown in his social game. Even when he gets some blood on his hands, the evicted jury members still favor him over Dan.

    Both Dan and Boogie won in previous BB due to their social games. Dan had his usual social game in check till Dan’s funeral. Then his strategic game came out. Yes, we all admire his strategic game, but his social game took a big hit.

    Ian’s combined the best of social and strategic. He is now a force in HOH and POV competition. Dan plays an aggressive fourth quarter strategy, but Ian’s strategy to build his social game has grown tremendously since week 1.

    BB Juries always vote the best strategic player if the final two are bad in the social game. But if there is a star of the social game in the final two, then like Dan, Boogie and Jordan, Ian will walk away with the money.

  22. Comments (1)

    So what’s up with them not showing the jury house???

    • Comments (1276)

      Good question. They should have shown it by now. The only thing I can figure is it has something to do with maybe being a bit behind due to the reset. But still, it’s weird.

  23. Comments (8)

    I think the best option is to put Shane and Dan up we all know Dan wanted Ian to go cause he knows Ian could win this game. The reason I say Shane and Dan is because Shane is a strong competitor and can remove himself off the block we put Danielle up and it’s Dan and Danielle and Shane likes Danielle so he’ll vote Dan off. Ian needs to get rid of Dan he’s to dangerous.

  24. Comments (65)

    I think it is good to nominate Shane and Danielle. Ian will tell Dan he is 100% safe or make an alliance with him. Then when the Veto comes along, Dan will probably throw it, amd someone else will win. They will then backdoor Dan and send him packing hopefully. Ian has somewhat grown on me though. If Dan does not go, Shane should. We all know Jenn is safe this week.

  25. Comments (768)

    I thought it was nice last night when they all agreed that Frank was one of the top 15 players to ever play BB. I’m sure we’ll see him on the show again in the future! I hope!

  26. Comments (6)

    If Ian believes Dan put him up to hide their final two deal is he as smart as we all think he is? Maybe there is a difference between the Periodic Table and figuring out if Dan is telling the truth. But there shouldn’t be looking at Dan’s track record. I think Ian deserves to win more than Dan. He’s won more competitions(so far). His dealings with Frank (my favorite player) though not very honest pale in comparison to what Dan did to him. The last straw for me was his explaining that disregarding his swearing on his wife was a good move since it would ultimately help her if he’d win the money. Sorry Dan your mist hasn’t reached Canada yet. To quote a not so wise but very honest and great competitor “hard feelings? Hell yeah!” Ian give Dan some of his own medicine and use a fan to dispel Dan’s mist.

    • Comments (228)

      I hope he is ready for redemption day since he offered up his wife by swearing on the Bible. He showed me and the viewers who he really is. Using the Bible as a ‘prop;’ to me is offensive.

  27. Comments (62)

    Well this should be backdoor Dan week. But of course Ian has a big case of the mist. Funny thing is I think Dan isn’t F2 all of a sudden. Shane goes then sadly Ian. Feel bad for both. Only because niether has a clue about who is truely positioned with who. For some reason I think Dan makes F2 only if he wins and gets to choose who he sits beside. I think Jenn and/or Dani take each other.Dani a complete douche in my opinion. She has to see she can’t beat Dan and take Jenn. I think Jenn looks at the Jury and counts votes and decides Dani rather than Dan is a better F2 option. Frank Ashley and Joe are all votes for Jenn. The question becomes what Dan tells the Jury house or does not regaurding Dani’s game/backstabbing. From here on all 5 know who did them in. 2 votes this elimination means unless your sitting beside Shane he’s gonna know that the HG backstabbed him. Might be better sitting next to Shane to get his Jury vote. The POV winner at 4 gets to eliminate straight up unless HOH wins POV. Ian wins POV or goes home here as he is a 100% nom IMHO. Dan will play his azzz off to win hoh.

    Only the mist or Dan winning the 3 part final do I think gets him to F2. The last 48 hours I just keep thinking at some point at 3 the other 2 HAVE to ask the big question. Who can I beat in the final? I don’t think anyone answers Dan.

  28. Comments (1)

    I like these boards and think you do a great job and appreciate you mentioning to keep religion out of it-Excellent work!! 
    On that note, I would like to gently remind everyone that these people in the house are PEOPLE! They are playing a game and we all know that. I think personally attacking someone is a bit harsh. Please remember when they come out of the house, they will see everything….just imagine yourself coming out and reading all of this…how devastating it would be.
    Important fact, what is written on the internet will be on here forever…..
    Please be kind and keep it to game play not attacking them personally, we all have no idea what it is like in there unless you have played it, and then shame on you if you are doing the personal attacks as well…. I am sure I will get slammed however; I feel that this really needed to be said….

    • Comments (1276)

      Well said Barbi! I wish I had seen this post sooner. Unfortunately, to some, the relentless personal attacks seem to be only posts they can make.
      I’ll admit, I pulled out some Bible verses above, but it was to show the point you are making. Simply, that it’s not for us to judge. I’m all about discussing their game play, but some of these rants are just rediculas.
      I’m glad to see a voice of reason, supporting stevebeans, and asking to keep religion out of it. Again, unforunately, I’m sure we’ll be hearing about “Bible-gate” until the season is over. Maybe even next year.

  29. Comments (2)

    I MISS Frank!!!! <3 <3 <3 him!!!

  30. Comments (28)

    Dan tha dirt bag needs to go….

  31. Comments (1)

    you are all under dans mist he is playing with clueless players making his game better and he should his true colours when he playing for the golden veto and swearing on a bible – he makes me sick!!

    • Comments (35)

      get over yourself. Its like no one has ever sworn on the bible before. Get over it. ITS A GAME

      • Comments (1276)

        It’s obviously the only thing people can think of to use against him, so they are beating the Bible thing like a dead horse. Myself and tons of others have explained how he did not go against his “bible swear” but it is either not sinking in, or the facts just don’t matter. Either way, it’s not worth the argument, they are just going to keep going, and going, and going….

    • Comments (228)

      I agree. Using the Bible as a ‘prop’ is disrespectful and down right low. But, he showed the viewers who he really is.

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