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Big Brother 14 – Live Double Eviction Thread


It’s time for the biggest night of the Big Brother 14 season so far.  While the newbies will be taking a big hit by evicting one of the few people brave enough to go at Dan and Britney, the biggest outcome will be after that happens.  Tonight is a double eviction night, so it will be jam packed with an eviction, HoH, nominations, pov, evictions and perhaps the start of another HoH.  The second eviction and second hoh will set quite the tone for the next 2-3 weeks.  If Frank and Ashley manage to pull off back to back wins, the power could completely shift back to the newbies.  If Dan and his tribe win the HoH’s, it’s lights out for the newbies and they should hand Dan a check.

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Enough with that, it’s time to get the show on the road!


9:56pm est – Frank is LIVID right now.  HoH competition incoming…

Looks like HoH will be later tonight.  Catch the live feeds for more.

Second eviction:

Jenn – Ashley
Shane – Ashley
Britney – Ashley
Frank – Joe
Danielle – Ashley
Dan – Ashley

Ashley is evicted 5-1

9:47pm est – Ian renominates Joe.  Ashley or Joe will go to jury, most likely Ashley.

Frank wins the veto!

9:38pm est – PoV time. Ian finds his first clover. Frank found his first.  Joe found his

9:32pm est – Frank and Ashley nominated.  “I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry” – Ian

Ian is the next hoH

Britney out

Frank is out

Joe, Jenn, Ashley, Dan out

9:25pm est – HoH time.  Trivia time.  It’s before or after just like everyone guessed.  Big Brother needs new challenges

9:19pm est – Ian announces his betrayal but sounds dumb with his “Quack Pack” alliance.

First eviction:

Ashley – Jenn
Britney – Boogie
Joe – Boogie
Frank – Jenn
Dan – Boogie
Ian – Boogie
Danielle – Boogie

Boogie is eliminated 5-2

9:06pm est – Quick recap of the week before they get on with the show.

9:10pm est – I can’t believe Boogie never figured out Ian. He let out so many clues.

9:13pm est – Funny how Boogie is still working Joe but even if he flipped, Ian would still vote him out. Good to see him at least try, unlike Wil and Joe who had some act planned.


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  1. Avatar

    Anyone want to bet if Boogie was going to be on the jury Blubbering Britney would have been kissing Boogie’s butt and telling him how sorry this happened and she didn’t want it to happen. That she tried to convince Shane not to do it?

    As for two-face Dan. Sorry, dude, but saying you’re booting Boogie for Janelle is the biggest pile of BS that’s come out of your mouth, so far. You were in on the plan to back door her and you voted her out. Can’t suddenly say you’re booting Boogie because he targeted Janelle. You were in on it.

    • Avatar

      I was thinking the same thing

    • Avatar

      Did anyone notice how strategicly placed in the bin Frank’s shamrocks were? Once Frank had found the first shamrock, he found the other two (particularly the third shamrock) VERY rapidly. Almost as if all three were placed in very close proximity for him to find. Could he have been told about this in advance? These games CAN be rigged in favor of a houseguest…particularly if they want to keep that houseguest in the game. What’s next? Frank wins HOH next week? Yawn. This is getting way too predictable. All I wanted was ample time to celebrate Boogie’s eviction from the house. And for the first time I actually enjoyed watching Britney because of her “farewell” message to Boogie in the diary room (as if she herself didn’t play a very large part in Janelle’s eviction). I hope Janelle and hubby popped open a champagne bottle in celebration. As far as Ashley being evicted, well, there’s no fury like a twerp’s scorn. Ian may have wanted his “competition” for Ashley booted from the house; but it worked out just as well. Now he’s playing the innocent. I feel sorry for Dan. He’s getting the brunt of all the blame when in fact it’s really been Britney stirring things up. Between Ian, Britney and Frank, they just may succeed in turning other housemates against Dan.

  2. Avatar

    This show is so rigged, they knew Frank would be on the block so they made the veto a physical competition, so that would get off the block

  3. Avatar

    Yet Again, Frank proves to be a great competitor, and deserves to be in this house, unlike all the other floaters we know of. Seriously, I’m getting a Brendan & Rachel vibe from this house going after Mike & Boogie. Boogie is out, why does everyone want Frank out? Because he’s too damn good. So, if people in this house started using their heads, they would Align with Frank, because he just doesn’t lose. Why oh Why can’t a power-house alliance like the Brigade. If Frank, Shane, and Dan would align, and possibly Ian although he’d be expendable, they would dominate week after week getting all the floaters & those unworthy of winning.

  4. Avatar

    Okay, before the POV, didn’t The Rat make some deal with Joe and then he puts him up on the block? Why not Jenn? Is The Rat afraid of her, too?

  5. Avatar

    Ashley was high off her assssss…..

  6. RAY

    Delusional Ian, must of heard about Frank and Ashley’s kiss and flirting, probe by Bimbo Britney, to create jealous.

    I don’t know how else to explain his super betrayal of Frank who really liked and care for Ian and defended him a couple nights ago against the
    ‘Frighten Four’ who feared everybody especially Frank and Boogie. They made him cry and talks of his eviction was in the air.

    Ian your problem extends beyond the house, you have Zero understanding of what true friendship and loyalty is.

    • Avatar

      I know. Can you believe he had the nerve to try and hug Ashley. It looks like she shoved the rodent away from her. As much as I want The Rat booted out of the house, I don’t want poor Ashley stuck with that little perv.

      I also can’t believe The Rat is trying to take the credit for Boogie’s eviction. All he did is scurry up to Twitney like the rodent he is and it was Shane that actually did the dirty work and got his hands dirty while The Rat hid behind everyone else. Did you see him jump off the couch the minute Frank sat down like he was afraid to sit down to him?

      Sorry, Rat, but villains aren’t cowardly little cretins like you. Evel Dick was a villain and he did it to your face. He didn’t cower behind everyone like you.

    • Avatar

      this is a game show, Ian isn’t very good at it, but still he doesn’t owe anyone any loyalty, he is playing for himself

      • Avatar

        You have to have some form of loyalty to someone to get to the end. Otherwise, no one will trust you and they’ll get rid of you, knowing you can’t be trusted.

      • Avatar

        Even Boogie literally tipped his hat to Ian. It’s part of the game. I don’t usually like when people lie in there, but it’s next to, if not impossible to not lie to someone at some point. Ian made a move. He wanted credit for getting Boogie out. I know he needs the cash, but I’m pretty sure he would rather have the title of getting “one of the best players to ever play the game” out.
        And, as much as he cared for Boogie, he also says that Dan is one of his favorite all time players. Being that the coaches are no longer their coaches, and the rookies had no say in the original team picks, I would think it’s only natural for at least some of them to leave their coaches.
        If the twist had happened before Dan and Brit were down to player each, that they were able to get so close to each one, they might have left their coaches too.

  7. Avatar

    Anybody else find it absolutely absurd and completely ridiculous that this ditsy Ashley makes it to Jury after cruising all summer doing nothing, and somebody worthy of Jury like Boogie is out? I can’t believe he still has respect for The Rat. Reality Check Ian: Backstabbing people who have your back is not ‘evil’, and is not worthy of a ‘mastermind plan’. It’s a complete dick move, and shows how horribly unintelligent you really are. Sure, you may be at University, but you fail to distinguish you’re the 5th wheel to a 4-person alliance, while only 3rd wheel to Mike and Boogie. Mike & Boogie would’ve gotten you further, and in the final 3, you would’ve had a good chance at winning (If you actually tried, which you clearly don’t do very often.)

  8. Avatar

    So where’s Christina, still want Frank out?,, on the block every time… this guy deserve to be win the game , and Ian’s pathetic.

    • Avatar

      I’m sure she’ll be on wanting Frank gone, since she seems to love two-face Dan and two-face Britney so much.

      I’m trying to remember. Didn’t BB used to have a relative there to greet the person evicted? I wonder why they stopped doing that? I also wish they’d stop playing a nasty goodbye message after someone’s evicted. If someone doesn’t have the class to not leave a polite goodbye message, then I wish they wouldn’t play it. Every time someone’s evicted, there’s at least one nasty goodbye message which just adds insult to injury.

      • Avatar

        Acually, I’ve said I don’t care for Frank on personal level. I never said he wasn’t playing the crap out of comps. That boy can win a comp, even more so when his neck is on the line. But I honestly think that this week will be the first time we get to see what HIS personal game is really like, on the social level, he 100% followed what Boogie wanted to happen.
        Heck, he might even suprise me and I might even start to like him and root for him. Again, I do not care for anyone who crucifies others (the focus has been on Dan) for doing what they themselves do.
        But I’m pretty sure that each of us having our favorites it half of what we all love about BB. We shouldn’t all like the same people, but we all need to keep in mind that unless we know the people outside of the house, none of us can be sure what they are really like… they are all just playing a game.

  9. Avatar

    You know, I think it was better when Jenn didn’t get camera time, because now I’ve seen her in action, I actively loathe her.

    All she did after getting nominated was brag and bray about you don’t want to mess with her. Apparently, aside from laying on her back not doing anything, the only other thing she’s good for is flapping her big mouth braying about how terrifying she is if you mess with her, while she puts nothing behind those words to back it up.

  10. Avatar

    Oh Kathryn, Me too!!

  11. Avatar

    Am I the only one that actually likes the quack pack!!!the name of the game is lieing and no can say that if Frank and Boogie won HOH they wouldn’t put up Dan or Shane…the only think I don’t like is how the pack act scared ! Why be scared of Frank or Boogie when u no boogies going home ! As for frank there’s no way with all the heat he’s had this whole season will win ,I must say he has amazing luck put it will run out….As for Ian he played it right why have someone on his alliance go home when he can’t play HOH now , I was iffy about him but now I no he wasn’t in Ashley’s trap and got rid of her!

    • Avatar

      On this site you probably are…. This is the first one I’ve seen that isn’t pro quack pack because they really are boring. It’s nice to finally find one that likes good and interesting players. You should check out jokers or buddy…. They all hate boogie and frank there

  12. Avatar

    if frank goes, this will be the worst season ever, everyone in that house are the biggest cowards ive ever seen. Cowards=snoozefest, the new nerd herd.

    • Avatar

      I’m just wondering about that cube with the ? make in the arcade room. BB put it in there right after Boogie and Frank got nominated. BB didn’t bring it into play, so I think they may have another trick up their sleeve.

      • Avatar

        Me too ! Wouldn’t it be great if Boogie came back…lol. Then all the scared little rats can go hide in their corners and eat their cheese. I think Ian may even pee his pants instead of running around the house naked. Frank needs to win this game, period !! He is playing the hardest in the physical comps. If Britney thinks she’s funny maybe she should try out comedy so we wouldn’t have to watch her pick at her face, chin, nails,and être, etcs,….Dan and Brit are making Shane do all their dirty work so they can win. Hey, you guys hit the re-set button now deal with it. When did Jenn finally wake up to the game, oh yeah, I guess when she finally made it on the block. Go Frank all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send weasel Ian out ASAP, followed by Shane

      • Avatar

        That’s what I’m wondering. If that cube will be a twist that brings Boogie back.

      • Avatar

        The only reason I tuned in to the show this year was because I heard they were bringing him back.

      • Avatar

        ITs as if everyone forgot the coaches arent coaches anymore, they are in the way of you winning. MY biggest pet peeve is people go into the house talking about how they want to win this money, then it turns into the experience, then it becomes about being friends and just let things happen.Lol, I miss the days of players knowing what to do in this game.

    • RAY

      The only reason to watch if Frank is gone, is to see these ‘Frighten Four’ attack and evict each other. That will be a small consolation prize. Bimbo Britney won’t be able to handle it, she stressed out even when she was hiding behind her group and not even on the block.

      I can’t wait to see Brown-Nose Joe, get the boot. ‘Take your low-level cook show back to your own home Joe where your wife and kids have no choice but to eat it.’

      Jenn “damn girl are you for real?” ‘you are dumb and clueless to your soon demise, you showed no forgiveness to Ashely, thus no mercy for you.’

  13. Avatar

    Big Brother put an extra CLOVER in Franks bin so he could win the veto. They wanted him to stay so the show would not be boring. No one else had a chance because Frank had more clovers to find.

    • stevebeans

      Frank won because he’s one of the best competitors in the house. If CBS was rigging the game, Boogie would have stayed. People need to stop the conspiracy theories.

      • Avatar

        Just because you say the Producers DID NOT give Frank an extra clover does not make it so. I happen to think they DID rig that veto comp.

    • RAY

      Frank is the most competitive player all season. And has proved it with numerous veto and HOH wins and he kept his cool and kindness through it all.

      The ‘Frighten Four’, having been plotting against him in fear from the beginning. The only way to take him out was to pull the biggest double cross after a iron pact sworn allegiances in BB history.

      DDBS are little rabbits afraid of the big bad wolf Frank. They deserve Five Dollars each only. Big Frank should get the $500,000.00 for MVP

      I guess the producer fixed the ‘Trivia’ for him also. Get real

      • Avatar

        The Producers also made it one time so that there were no evictions one night. Hmmmmmm just when Frank was about to walk out the door….

      • Avatar

        There were no evictions because the game reset. If the coaches would have stayed coaches, then Frank would have left but then he would have won his way back into the house. If Frank does not win next hoh, then the boring pack will try to back door him.

      • Avatar

        I believe that the reset was intentional to work in Frank’s favor, but that there was no extra clover.

    • Avatar

      Lol….get real !!

      • Avatar

        My comment wasn’t intended for you ray, it wax for stevebeans

      • Avatar

        Frank is the best all around competitor in the house. His social game has been his week suit. Hopefully he does not trust that slime ball Ian. I can’t wait for him to get the shank.

  14. Avatar

    Dan did it for Janelle! Gimme a break. He was pissed off because he didn’t come up with the idea, yet when Boogie did he went along with it totally. What a suck hole! I hope Frank disposes of that toe-walking, duplicitous dweeb Ian and doesn’t get sucked in by him again. Boogie hit the nail on the head when he described his play like he was watching the show on TV. I don’t think the show will be worth watching once Frank leaves. For now I’ll be satisfied to see how much havoc he can create!!

    • Avatar

      I hope Frank wins the next HOH and puts up Shane and Dan. Like he said, Danielle and Britney are hiding behind them. If he doesn’t win, I don’t think they’ll put him on the block. They’ll try to back door him so he can’t play for the POV and take himself off again. They’ll nominate two people they think can win the POV so they can take themselves off and the HOH and replace Frank with the nomination so he’ll have no way to save himself.

      I’d love to see all four of the alliance up on the block.

      • Avatar

        I hope you are right that if he does win he puts up Shane and Dan, then if one comes down he still has either Britney (preferred) or Danelle to put up. This is terrible that Joe, Jenn and Ian should or could float on by for the next couple weeks. Danelle’s whining again tonight is just too much.

      • Avatar

        Fantastic, Frank wins HOH!! Come on now, put up Shane and Dan!!!!

  15. Avatar

    I wasn’t a frank fan but after tonight I gained a lot of respect for him. Ian no comment…. Big turn off after what he did to Dan. Seriously wow. There comes to a point when your soooo called friend is getting bullied and taking all the heat you don’t man up and allow that.

    • Avatar

      First you have to be a man in order to ‘man up’!

    • Avatar

      I’m not too keen on Frank but have to admit he’s one hell of a player. Wish he’d cut that horrible hair. Looks like Shirley Temple. As far as I’m concerned, the only one who deserved to win that game was Janelle, and she’s gone, so I really don’t give a hoot who wins now. However, I do hope it’s not Danielle. This girl thinks she’s God’s gift to the world. Better look in the mirror girl…the ass is getting wider by the minute and the ego is expanding into the statosphere.

      • Avatar

        Didn’t care for Janelle but it would have made everything more exciting if you got rid of Joe and Jenn and still had Janelle and Boogie. That would have made for interesting watching.

  16. Avatar

    I’m still trying to figure out frank he talks a whole bunch of smack this week ,calling people out but yet he’s telling Britney and Shane vote to save Ashley and I’ll work with you again!?it’s a last mans cry for a plea ,I think frank but he sank his own boat in the begging teaming up with boogie who obviously is a huge target. As for the game I hope Shane takes it ..he’s the only one to make big moves.

    • Avatar

      Shane only made big move because his puppet master, Britney, pulled her strings and told him to do it. He’s No-Brain Shane. He’s the perfect puppet.

      Frank was trying to save Ashley because she put herself in danger by voting to keep Boogie. It’s called loyalty to someone who was loyal to him.

      • Avatar

        I loved Boogie’s diary room comment about No-Brain Shane…. he’s like an idiot savant…without the savant!! I’m going to miss his little quips like that!

      • Avatar

        But was it not a good move ? The name of the game is lieing to WIN! There winning money not friendship patches for there girl scouts vests!!$500,000 up for grabs and u wouldnt take out one of the best players in bb history? Come on now …

      • Avatar

        Exactly, people are acting like this is a church camp. You are suppose to lie and backstab. Ian is just playing the game.

  17. Avatar

    Lol yes Robbie you are totally right. If Frank wins hoh he will definitely go after Dan. He needs to go after Ian and Danielle. Sorry not a fan if her. I dislike her I don’t know why I just don’t like her at all.

  18. Avatar

    Frank is nothing but a bully. Anyone who bully’s people is a coward, that makes Frank a coward. He is acting like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum.

    • Avatar

      I’d throw a fit too if I had been as double and triple crossed as he has been. I’m so freaking sick of the word “bully” being thrown around… It’s getting to be like the race card now. How is Frank bullied anyone? I’ve watched the feeds and yeah he’s gone off on people but only because of the double crossing. I’d hate to be in that house, I’d lose my mind. The Quack Pack act like high schoolers. I’m sick of them, Joe, Jenn… All of them. What do they think will happen once Frank goes? They’ll all go home and will all win the 500K? I reallllllly want Joe gone because he’s the ass in that house. Pretty classy his plea speech was. Picking on a poor, sweet girl that hasn’t been evil to anyone. His family should be proud and I feel sorry for his kids. He should have gone instead of Wil. Jenn I used to like and didn’t think she’d be stupid enough to jump on board an already crowded life boat. Who the heck can root for an alliance of 7 when there are 8 people in the house? It’s sickening. No wonder the ratings stink. And they keep going down even lower as of this week.

    • Avatar

      Lol … a bully ? Really. He’s making this game interesting … Unless you want to route for a bunch of lazy backstabbers.

    • Avatar

      Can’t agree more ,should be exciting to see him with out his master boogie in his ear

    • Avatar

      You mispelled your name…”St-upid”.

  19. Avatar

    I kind of chuckled at Joe when he was still panting and trying to catch his breath in the nomination chair. I thought he was going to have a coronary right on the spot!

    • Avatar

      I wasn’t chuckling at seeing how hard it was for Joe to catch his breath. It could have turned into something very serious. I’m surprised Julie didn’t ask if he was okay. No one else was breathing heavily at that time so that exertion obviously effected Joe a lot more.

      • Avatar

        Believe they said he has anxiety issues which may be the cause for the breathing. Drawing attention to it may have made it worse.

      • Avatar

        He also has high blood pressure, I’m sure all of it went into it being so hard to catch his breath. But I’d be willing to bet the other players checked on him, they would have said something.

  20. Avatar

    Most of you are dillusional. Ian is becoming one of the greatest players ever that can’t win a physical comp. it’s especially funny that even boogie can admit Ian made a great game move (which by the way boogie won the game by making numerous moves like that) And you clowns act like u kno wat ur talkin about more than him lol. Stop bein haters n give the kid props for bein a great deceiver n playin a perfect game so far.

  21. Avatar

    Wow it’s so nice to hear good thing’s about Frank and Boogie on the other site I was on they do nothing but bash them, Frank is a hell of a player and hegot True Grit even JohnWayne would be proud ofhim..LOL Ian is a little worm Shane is a Pretty boy on Pink a puss, Dan is a very strange guy, Joe never washes his hands and I cant wait til they see they beeeneating pissy hands and poopy for dinner and breakfast he passes the bathroom never washess hands,Britt eats her own skin i’m so tiredof watching hereather hands and pick her face then put her hands in her mouth LOLas for Jennshe was better when she stayed off the camera useless..this show is not rigged why do people say that if u think it is turn of the tube, Daniell isa meangirl very jealous of all women..GO FRANK

  22. Avatar

    I HAVE to say I am a fan of Frank & Boogie. And I will miss Boogie. I on the other hand do not care for Ian. Boogie would of carried him as far as he possibly could. I am SOOO hoping that Frank wins HOH and throws Ian’s butt up there along side of either Dan or Shane. Mostly next to Dan. And of all HOH’s to win I am glad Ian got the one he did. He was HOH for all of 30min hahahahahaha no room/no letter/ no pics/no percs like Jenn said and I always say,”SUCK IT IAN”!!!! I lost ALL respect for Ian. I would LOVE to see Frank win this whole thing. The Quack Pack can SUCK IT TOO!!!! Dan needs to go for so many reasons and one huge one being he has already won.
    I am actually surprised that when the STUPID reset happened that all of the newbies did not ban together and try to get out all of those that have ALREADY played. But, no one has thought that. Why in heavens name would you want someone that has ALREADY been in that house for a SECOND OR THIRD time? Clearly it did not play out like that. I was also hoping that Ashley would of stayed OVER Jenn. At least Frank would of had someone to keep him company and sane. Now Frank is fighting for survival. The one time he can’t play for veto he may very well get back doored but I hope and pray that NEVER happens. I am his fan :)) and I will miss Boogie.
    Come on Frank win this HoH and stuff it to back stabbing Ian!!!!!

  23. RAY

    One thing that can be said about Boogie, is that he went out with Style and Class, unlike Janelle who went out with Profanity and Disgrace.

    Hey Bimbo Britney your phone call is coming soon.

  24. Avatar

    Oh how I want Frank to win HOH andPOV this week..theee guy is one ofthe best players I’ve seen in all 14 seasons..Gonna miss my man Boogie the house willbeso boring without him..IAN the little wimp want’s to make a name for himself well he did a RAT..Britts puppet hope he goes to jury right behind Dan Danielle she is such a fake bitch always looking at herself heck she aint even pretty..Felt badfor ASHLEY she realy was out of it hope shegets some rest in Jury house at least she madea stand Jenn worthless.Joe worthless and veryDirty never washes hishands never passes the sink right up after takinga dump LOL then cooks oh’ nasty..Shane liked him but he’s just a wimp when boogie called him out I thought he was gonna cry, all muscle but no brains..Gonna beboring if frank goes toohope he keeps on winning..

  25. Avatar

    Maybe the others only had one clover in their bins .. Who knows.

  26. RAY

    “WAY TO GO FRANK!!!”


  27. Avatar

    Yahoo……Frank is HoH….I would love to see him stick it to Ian. How do you like me now you little back stabber?

    • Avatar

      Eh…. As much as I want the weasel gone, this week isn’t a good time. Dan or Shane or Danielle or Batney HAS to go this week. Break up that horrid group. I can’t stand them. I hope it’s Shame and Dan on the block, one of them wins veto, Danielle goes up. Or Bratney. Good thing about having no allies is that it don’t matter who wins the veto, one of those rats will go home this week. Ian can go soon. I think Frank gets a Pandoras Box this week and it’ll be a Coup de tat or a DPoV. Heh I can’t wait! He needs all the help he can get now that he’s alone. That will be GREATTTTT!

  28. Avatar

    O boy, where to start.
    -Joe. As boogie said after dark, typical red neck fat piece of shit. Too stupid to see that he is not coming between a 4 person alliance. Too stupid to see his best chance of winning would be to keep boogie, and have boogie-frank go after the 4 team alliance and coast to the finals against an ashley or an ian.
    -Ian. You’d think for an engineering student he’d be smart enough to figure that he is not going to split those 4 up. Further by winning HOH this week and nominating every non “quack pack” member he had pretty much outed himself, and guaranteed a lost in the game. He is going to be the 1st to go from that side
    -Frank. Basically has to win Veto next week b/c there is no one for him to work the votes with no matter who goes this week. His best bet is to send Dan home and try and seduce Danielle and build an allieance with Joe, Jenn and Ian. But that goes back to point 1, Joe is as boogie says a stereotypical big fat redneck pussy. If I was him, I’d look to backdoor either Shane or Dan, Dan doesn’t win comps but is strong socially, Shane wins comps but is short a few brain cells. The smarter option might be to put up both and backdoor Britney and watch that alliance implode into itself.

  29. Avatar

    Boogie is probably the most misunderstood guy in the house.
    He is a dynamic player and peo

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