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britney or danielle will be evicted

Big Brother 14 – Live Eviction And HoH Thread!

britney or danielle will be evictedThere is a ton of speculation that tonight will be a live endurance challenge after the eviction.  This means you have 3 solid options to get updates:


With that out of the way, I’m going to waste no time with this thread.   I already did my predictions here, and a slight recap of the week.  I will be updating in reverse order because it’s much easier to follow with endurance challenges.  (btw, if it’s not endurance, I’m going to cry. I’ve had a caffeine IV drip all day)

Watch the endurance challenge here!
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Updates will be below:


HOH Competition Updates!
(note: watch along with the live feedsfollow along on twitter)

11:49pm est – Shane and Ian made a deal to keep both Shane and Dani safe this week. Ian wins HoH

Ian wins HoH

11:45pm est – Still going.. still going

11:40pm est – Long competition now.  Ian and Shane both want this bad

11:30pm est – We have fish but last check, they were still going.  I’ll update this when feeds return – Feeds returned, still going

11:15pm est – Shane and Ian are still going, but here is a nice shot to entertain you:

Losers Circle

11:05pm – Competition STILL going.  Both really want to win this one

11:00pm – Shane and Ian still battling it out

10:45pm – No changes

10:40pm – Both Ian and Shane remain

Danielle not too happy about her dropping

10:30pm est – Dan is down.  This is Ian’s challenge to lose now.  Not looking good for Franky boy

10:28pm est – Danielle is down.  3 remain

10:20pm est – Four still remaining.

The 4 remaining are still hanging in there

Update – Jenn and Joe already off.   The Adam and Kalia of last season.

Houseguests are hanging from ropes circling around a fake sun getting sprayed by something.   Guarantee Joe, Jenn and Shane have no chance to win this.  Will come down to Ian, Danielle and Dan

9:38pm estEvictions:

Dan – Britney
Jenn – Britney
Ian – Danielle
Shane – Britney
Joe – Britney
Britney is evicted 4-1

9:32pm est – Julie’s conversation with Frank the carrot. Live eviction up next

9:20pm est – Britney is making a nice drunken fool of herself on national TV

9:15pm est – It’s official, tonight’s competition will be endurance.  Get your feeds here and watch with me!

9:12pm est – Britney breaks out the pity party water works.  Not helping.

9:04pm est – Here we go.  Finally done with the previews and we get to watch what happened after the veto competition.

7:40pm est – I’m writing this post, don’t expect another update until the show begins at 9:00pm est.  Also, I’m not sure there are any football games to interrupt the schedule, but double check your DVR now.


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  1. Avatar
    tt (25 comments)

    Good to see Jenn take a spill and suprise, Joe first out of endurance? Come on Ian, can’t believe I am saying that, win this and put up Dan and Frank.

  2. Avatar
    Jawad Ali (1 comments)

    well frank will get put up or frank will be back doored

  3. Avatar
    Rob (768 comments)

    It’s fortunate for The Rat that violence isn’t tolerated in the BB house, otherwise I’d loved to have seen Frank stand the little dweeb on his head… in the hot tub!

  4. Avatar
    Kathryn (102 comments)

    Kind of seems like this comp is custom made for The Rodent to win it. And I swear when The Rodent was about to bump into one of those obstacles it looked like it slowed down for him. If he does win, he’ll put up Frank to avenge his beloved Britney who showed basically just how loyal she truly is to her long-time partner Shane by what she said about him. Not sure if he has the balls to go after Dan, since he hasn’t said Boo to him.

    I hope somehow Danielle or Dan can pull this off, because I’m so sick of looking at the Rat’s gross little face and man boobs.

    • Avatar

      Were you talking about Jenn? Gross face and man boobs?

    • Avatar
      Anita (178 comments)

      Of course that comp was designed for someone like Ian. He’s light and could swing himself out of the path of the obstacle before it hit him with full impact. Big Brother probably arranged to make sure the twerp’s hands stuck to the rope as well.

  5. Avatar
    MJ (29 comments)

    Ian has brains. He is playing the game well. So is Frank. Dan has already won so while I like him I think it is someone else’s turn to win. I didn’t like Frank when he was with Boogie because he acted like Boogies little puppet and Boogie has a big ego. I am slowly finding that I am liking Frank more and more now that he is playing for himself. I like Ian though too because he isn’t your normal BB player and there is something about him that gets to me.

  6. Avatar
    Lisa (17 comments)

    I hope Ian wins.

  7. Avatar
    RiotHarper (13 comments)

    Ugh. Looks like Dan and Danielle decided to follow in Brit’s footsteps. By tossing the comp to Ian/Shane, Ian/Shane get to do the dirty work of evicting Frank and they get to keep (read: abuse) Frank’s trust just in case he comps his way off the block again.

  8. Avatar
    Rob (768 comments)

    Poor Ashley, now she has to spend a week in the jury house, alone, with Britney.

  9. Avatar
    Ashley (6 comments)

    To all the people calling Ian a rat or a rodent, you are all fuck heads and need to get a life. He made one of the best moves in the house by masterminding boogie going home. Frank is acting like a spoiled little child by throwing a fit because his butt partner isn’t their anymore. i am pretty sure they had a sexual realtionship inside the house. GO IAN and get rid of that ugly ginger puhllleeeez.

    • Avatar
      Ashley (6 comments)

      and also evry1s complaining about the comp being made easier for ian b/c of his small size. have u seen all the comps that were in favor for frank? exactly evry veto comp is made for frank, and is the only thing keeping him their.

      • Avatar
        Brooke (1 comments)

        Frank is hot i don’t want him going anywhere

      • Avatar
        Ashley (6 comments)

        why kinda fucking name is tianna

      • Avatar
        Anne (44 comments)



      • Avatar
        Anne (44 comments)

        The fact that you felt the need to call ANYONE a F-head (I DON”T NEED TO SWEAR TO MAKE A POINT UNLIKE YOU) and then proceeded to BASH someone else’s ACTUAL name because they did not agree with you shows that you have the mental maturity of a child in Junior High or MAYBE EVEN YOUNGER.
        You have the right to your own opinion HOWEVER I thought I would give you a quick tip from a grown up. You actually will sound A LOT SMARTER and people will actually LISTEN TO YOU SPOUT YOUR POINT if you don’t feel the need to use swear words just for effect within the first 4 words of your comment. Truly, any swear words on here just make you seem as though you are quite immature and very insecure and feel that using “big” and “naughty” words will make you seem more like a bad-ass (sorry for anyone that feels ass is a bad word I do apologize for that one, especially due to the point I am trying to make). Also, bashing someone for their name is truly just trashy….
        Anyway….you are welcome to spout your opinion ANYTIME you want to and you are also WELCOME TO SAY IT HOWEVER YOU WANT. If you want people to actually take you seriously however you should try to speak like an ACTUAL grownup, not a child that “THINKS” they are sounding like a grown up.
        Just a suggestion for future comments/ posts.

      • Avatar
        Anne (44 comments)

        Anytime. The constant bullying and attitudes on her drives me nuts. I read this because I enjoy the game and truly like to see what is happening AHEAD of the shown episodes on CBS. Everyone is allowed an opinion and allowed to spout it out however thy want HOWEVER I just think the rudeness and swearing can be saved for another posting page. Have a great evening!

      • Avatar
        Brooke (21 comments)

        Why is everyone hating on ashley? She does have a point I agree with her 100 percent

    • Avatar
      Linda (2 comments)

      Frank is the most disgusting pig ever. He is rude and has the worst mouth ever. Its time for Ian to take his ugly face out. Maybe not a sexual relationship, but Frank sure was weird with Boogie, every time his name is mentioned.

  10. Avatar
    Imwomanroar (43 comments)

    Why is everyone ragging on Ian. He is just playing the game like everyone else. He is very smart and although he’s not my top pick to win I do hope he does well. Now the one who disgusts me the most is Dan. He completely destroyed the alliance he made 3 weeks to early and for no good reason. He had it in the bag. Also, I am not a religious persn but it is also disgusting to me that he did all he did with the audacity to say it had anything to do with the bible. To me he is a million times worse than what folks are saying about Ian.

    • Avatar
      Anne (44 comments)

      I am sort of confused (truly confused, not trying to argue). Didn’t Dan just bring the bible to the HOH room when speaking with Frank to show that he would “swear” on the bible??? I guess I missed when he said that his plan was out of the bible or something along those lines. Can someone help me out on this because from the sounds of it, I am missing some game play. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

      • Avatar
        Christina (1276 comments)

        I could be wrong here Anne, but I think his point in taking the bible was to say that he swore what he was about to tell Frank was the truth. Such as the alliances, taking the brunt of Frank and Boogies tirades on himself (by the way Saint Ian also tossed in a few jabs at Dan) for them thinking it was them who rated him out, not Ian, and all of the other behind the scenes stuff that Frank didn’t know about.
        He used the excuse to the others during his “funeral” that he had a passage to show Frank, but it was just so he could swear on it that he was being honest with Frank.

  11. Avatar
    Anne (44 comments)

    Frank CANNOT compete in this HOH OR NEXT WEEKS HOH….so he has to win POV for 2 weeks in a row to stay 100% safe.

    • Avatar
      IanJerk (6 comments)

      Frank is excluded from next eligible hoh so he can play for hoh after double evict, if he survives that long.

    • Avatar
      Anne (44 comments)

      Frank CANNOT PLAY IN 2 HOH TOURNEYS which from the sounds of it will all be this week due to the 2nd DOUBLE ELIMINATION that is happening. From watching after dark etc I don’t think the house-guests are expecting this one like they were the first one.

      Based on what I know of Ian and the Big Brother game he will now nominate either Frank and Joe / Frank and Jenn / Dan and Joe / or Dan and Jenn (most likely Dan and Joe or Dan and Jenn and then depending on who wins the POV he will use it to take off either Joe or Jenn and will back-door Frank. That is what he wanted to do with his FIRST HOH but was talked out of it by Brittany. I think he wants both Frank & Dan out of the house (and probably Jenn due to her using the POV this past week—she won’t be as big a target as the other 2 however) HOWEVER I am pretty sure he wants Frank out just a little smidge more than Dan so he will put Dan on the block initially (which will let him play the POV (with his fingers crossed that he does not win it) and will then try to win the POV or use his HOH Influence to get the POV winner to take off the other person so he can Back-Door Frank therefore the final 2 on the block would be Dan & Frank with him wanting Frank gone BUT either one would be fine. I am almost 100% positive that is what will happen.
      He is one lucky duck he won the HOH because he was almost for sure going home this week if he had not. He still might end up going home because of the double elimination. If Frank goes and Jenn or Dan or Danielle win HOH he will be sent packing if they can and if Dan goes, even though Frank cannot play HOH Joe/Shane/Danielle & Frank will ALL WANT HIM GONE. Ian is now in the exact same boat as Frank. EVERY COMP WILL BE DO OR DIE for him until they get him out of the house.
      Which is sort of sad because he actually has played th game this season (he just got caught and then got REDIC MOUTHY) whereas Jenn truly has been like a piece of furniture (she talks a big game but her big POV GAME MOVE that she was SO PROUD OF was truly Dan’s move she just was talked into it and Joe sucks at pretty much the entire game as well, he is just loud so you know he is there.
      If this were to be a FINAL 2 based on COMPS / SOCIAL & OVERALL GAME PLAY it should be DAN & FRANK OR / FRANK & SHANE OR / SHANE AND DAN.

  12. Avatar
    todd32 (2 comments)

    Come on people its just a game. Ian is a coward for not owning what he did even if he made a huge move in the game. He was willing to let Dan take all the heat and go home for him. Dan made a good choice spilling to Frank. I can just hope Ian goes home. BB is no place for a coward

    • Avatar

      LOL if anybody is a rat its DAN!!!!

      • Avatar
        Kathryn (102 comments)

        Then how about Snitch Bitch for your boy Ian. That’s basically what he is. A little snitch with delusions of grandeur. Maybe he thinks in his delusional mind that Britney will fall for him and leave her husband for him. He sure latched on to Britney quick after Ashley made it clear he didn’t do it for her.

      • Avatar
        Sadie (528 comments)

        You should probably seek some help for that anger.

  13. Avatar
    Anthony (30 comments)

    That shows how intelligent you are[/sarcasm]; horrible sentence structure, AND hating on their name?

    Troll? or just ButtHurt? I’m guessing a combination of both. You’re about as bright as the Ashley that played in this season.

    • Avatar
      Ashley (6 comments)

      tianna we all no ur anthony

      • Avatar
        Tony (34 comments)

        as a girl’s name is a variant of Tiana (Russian, Latin) Feminine form of Tatius, a Roman family clan name. A king by this name was said to have reigned over the Sabines and the Romans with the legendary Romulus. Also the name of a third-century saint. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg named her second daughter

      • Avatar
        Tony (34 comments)

        The reason people are down on Ian is because he runs around claiming to be loyal but isn’t. He sold out the people who had his back.
        Funny that while Twitney was attacking like she was this great mastermind so many people where loving her. Very few people commented on how bug her ego was. Same with your boy Ian. His sole move of the season was to rat out (and there is why he’s being called Rodent and RatBoy) Frank and Ian… and LYING about it. Boogie asked him who would he put up? He didn’t say to put Britney up. He asked Ian if he would. So Ian lied to the Twit about it. Did she go and confront them? Nope. She ran and cried to the QuakPak.
        And how about how loyal she was to Janelle her favvvvvvvourite player EVER. Stab stab stab. Guess she should know what Judas felt like. I come not to praise Janelle but to bury her… But Dan is evil for what he did? How many times have Twit Girl and Rat Boy planted those knives in people’s backs while lying to their faces? But that’s okay right?

      • Avatar
        Michelle (2 comments)

        Boogie didn’t have Ian’s back; he had Frank’s back. Boogie made the mistake of investing too much in Frank as his golden boy/Dr.Will replacement instead of making his whole team feel valued.Ian only jumped ship because Boogie made it clear that there was only safe passage for Frank.

      • Avatar
        Anne (44 comments)

        WOW. SAD. Just SAD.

      • Avatar
        Anne (44 comments)

        I meant this Sad comment to Ashley’s comments sorry it is not in the correct spot. Have a great evening/ day everyone!

  14. Avatar

    Did we find out what was Joe’s punishment?

  15. Avatar
    Lisa (17 comments)

    Gooooo Ian

  16. Avatar
    AmazonGoddess (2 comments)

    Omg Shane is a spineless loser. I hope he doesn’t win HOH, I want Ian to win it and for him to get out Frank or Dan and have the others suck up to him. Danielle thinks everyone loves her and it makes me happy to know we all think she is a slimy stalker and I can’t wait for her nasal ass to get evicted.

  17. Avatar
    Pnlax39 (2 comments)

    Danielle is the biggest liar still in the game, she has as much blood on her hands as any1(Dan) for britney’s eviction. Every1 wanted Britney out b/c she was covered on all directions, but so is Danielle. Who would put her up down the road? Would love to see Ian win, it will make for an entertaining week

  18. Avatar
    Lisa (17 comments)

    @amazone it was funny when Enzo called her a stalker. Sorry Danielle fans I just dont like her. She needs to get over herself

    • Avatar
      Anne (44 comments)

      Quick question since you commented on the Enzo/ Brigade section……am I the only one that it took a minute to realize that it was Hayden at the end of the table???? I truly did not recognize him at all.

  19. Avatar
    Christine (3 comments)

    Welp, goodbye Frank.

    He’s not going to nominate Frank right off. He saw what happened last time that happened. Ian is going to nominate Dan (maybe Joe) and Jenn; for ‘backstabbing Brittney’.

    Unless Frank wins the veto and takes someone off, Frank is getting backdoored.

  20. Avatar
    Anne (1 comments)

    Go Ian and backdoor Frank that’s the only way to get him out. Frank backdoored Britney (pay backs a bitch). When Dan said that crap to Danielle and she ends up with an asthma attack, she slinks right back into Dan’s web of lies. I wish Britney had confronted Dan and made him swear on his bible that he didn’t throw her under the bus. It would have been interesting to see if he would have lied and then put his hand on the bible.

  21. Avatar

    YEAH! IAN wins HOH

  22. Avatar
    Christine (3 comments)

    Danielle had the sympathy vote from Shane. I’m surprised he kept Danielle myself, since he seemed to want to avoid her for the longest time. Frank won’t be able to compete in the next HOH either since he got banned because of the veto. He better hope that he wins the veto this week, otherwise he’s going home.

    At this point I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Joe or Ian. Joe hasn’t done anything except kiss Shane’s ass this summer, and Ian is a little nerd on a powertrip. I’m going to cringe watching the house this week since he’s going to act like he’s all tough and ~in control~

    I really wanted him gone this week. boo.

  23. Avatar
    Pnlax39 (2 comments)

    Danielle was so pissed yesterday when Ian told her that frank thought she was a weak player & had no knowledge of the game I love it how ecery1 wants to take Joe to the final 2. Any way Joe wins?

  24. RAY
    RAY (131 comments)

    Ian is a lying smear merchant, and Dani, is a gullible naive little girl for believing anything this screwball says

  25. Avatar
    Keith (169 comments)

    I think he will nominate Frank right off. There are only seven people left…six playing in the comp. it would be a HUGE risk to not put him up now because he will likely play in PoV regardless. If Frank goes home this week Ian will be right behind him Thursday. He can’t play in the HoH during DE…who else would be put up? Everyone wants him gone. At least if Frank goes to jury Thursday, he’ll at least be there before the Rodent and he’ll be with Ash and they’ll be doin their thing all they want to….and I’d rub that in The Rodent’s face as I’m leaving if I was Frank. I don’t want that creepy Rodent in jury with Ashley before frank gets there… Frank has to be there so him and Ash can have fun before The Rodent gets there..if frank can’t win the game then I want him gone before The Rodent for that reason….In the end, Frank comes out more ahead than Rodent….Frank gets the girl that the Rodent delusionaly called his girlfriend…. And Rodent will most likely be out right behind Frank so it’s a win-win hahaha…I know it sounds mean but I cannot stand the “kid”. He is my least fav HG out of ALL seasons.

    • Avatar
      Christine (3 comments)

      I really liked Ian at first. I thought he was a cute little nerd kid who was a huge fan of the show, but actually was slightly capable unlike Adam. But the more the season progressed, I just began to hate him. He did do a great job in getting Boogie out, no doubt about it, but he should have owned up to it instead of hiding behind Dan and Britt. Dan and Britt got their hands dirty for Danielle, and Ian, and Shane did all of their dirty work. That whole alliance just turned me off. Granted I think Boogie needed to wise up [it was disgusting to watch a 40 year old man act like the way he was ((I’m a 20 year old girl by the way))], and wanted him out, but if they would have focused more on getting Jenn and Joe out first, who weren’t winning anything, the house would have been much more interesting.

      I really was so happy when Dan and Frank teamed up because you had the brains and the brawn together. But Frank is probably going this week. I don’t want Dan to win another season, but at this point he deserves it the most – followed by Frank and Shane [equally].

      • Avatar
        KeithAR2002 (169 comments)

        Exactly..I really liked him too. He seemed like a nice kid but he has become a very unlikable person the past few weeks. I’ve never seen someone I genuinely liked early one, switch to someone I cannot stand more than anyone in BB history.

      • Avatar
        Kathryn (102 comments)

        He started giving off creepy stalker vibes when Ashley went on her date with Frank. Some of the stuff he said was over the line. He sounded like he thought he owned her.

        His delusions seems to have been his downfall. His delusions that he’s a villain in the ranks of Evel Dick and Dr. Will. He’s the nerd who thinks because the cool kids are letting him hang with them that makes him one of the cool kids.

        You see it in the teen movies where the nerd turns on the friends that were loyal to him because the cool kids are letting him hang with them.

      • Avatar

        I think Dan is the next one that has to go. The coaches needed to stay out of the game. Don’t actually like Ian but find myself pulling for the underdog. Thought the Boogie and Frank alliance was good but now Frank and Dan are the powerful alliance so want to pull for someone else. Would have respected Jenn more if she would have driven a hard bargain to save Dan but unless I missed it, she didn’t get any deal in place before saving him. Ian should have driven a better deal for saving Shane and Dani this week like getting him to agree to vote the way he wanted. Next week I will probably have to pull for Joe because everyone else is moving ahead of him on the anoying list.

      • Avatar
        Anne (44 comments)

        She got a deal…..Frank / Dan / Dani and Jenn are all working together now so basically she won’t be nominated UNLESS Ian or Joe won the HOH comp which of course is what happened. Before she had no one that would have helped her to stay off the block and now she has the 2 strongest players in the house backing her (in reality 3 strongest males as I am sure Shane is sort of a part of that alliance due to his friendship / alliance with Dani.

  26. Avatar
    Kathryn (102 comments)

    I’m not surprised the puny little rodent won. This contest was aimed for him to win, so BB can have more drama as the braying little donkey goes around thinking he’s the King getting revenge for his Queen being evicted. Of course, if His Queen had had her way this little weasel would have been evicted week 1.

    The problem for Rat Boy is now they’re down to 7 players, it may be too late to try and back door Frank. Unless BB suddenly says only the HOH and two nominees can play in the POV, then he may not be able to stop Frank from playing in the POV. There’s a 4-1 chance Frank will be able to play and if Frank wins, there goes Rat Boy’s grand plan.

    Rat Boy should enjoy his moment in the sun, since there’s a Double Eviction next week, I predict he’ll be also leaving next Thursday.

    • Avatar
      KeithAR2002 (169 comments)

      No worries, Rat Boy WILL be gone next week this time and I can’t wait! I reallllllly hope Ash and Frank share a bedroom so it’ll drive The Rodent insane! Ashley is such a kind, sweet girl with not a mean bone in her body and Frank is extremely lucky that he caught this girl’s eye. She’s beautiful both inside and out. No cattiness or worried about her looks constantly. That Rat Boy actually asked Ash for a sexual favor last Monday around 11:55BBT…..LOL…she just laughed in his face! It was hilarious. He got up, and as he left, he said “well think about my offer” LOL… the boy has serious issues and I honestly would be scared to be in a house with him if he didn’t like me… like I really think he could do harm to someone. I have experience with mentally ill people (I am an LPC) and he acts exactly like many patients of mine. I would not be the least bit surprised if he is on anti-psychotics.

  27. Avatar
    Mr. G (1 comments)

    Worse HOH outcome ever. frank is great and deserves to win this game. That snake Ian needs to go. If he was as smart as he is supposed to be he would have kept Boogie AKA the best ever, around and Ian, Frank, Boogie and Jenn would have walked to the final four now Ian gets to vote for a winner.

  28. RAY
    RAY (131 comments)

    Ian flipping Frank off behind his back is the sign of a little coward.

    In the real world this little turd, would be picking up his teeth in tears.

  29. Avatar
    Tony (34 comments)

    Twitney is gone!!! WTG Dan and Frank. They deserve to win just for that imho.
    As for The Rodent… Notice how even when confronted with his duplicity (see I can use big words also) he still couldn’t admit to it. As for his loyalty, where was it when Boogie and Frank, who he was with at the start of the game, needed him? He developed a crush on Twitney is what I’m thinking from the way he’s acting. I’m also thinking he has a hate on for Frank out of jealousy over Ashley. Poor little nerd wannabe can’t handle rejection and is blaming Frank over it.
    And yes flipping Frank off from behind in the house pretty much sums up Ian. He can’t do it to your face.
    It really does suck that BB fixed the comp for him. Both my daughter and I saw the meteor move away from him. That ruined the excitement for us. I would like to see BB put up a list of the comps at the start of the season rather then pick and choose which ones will help people.
    I’m betting we see Dan and Jenn go up as revenge for Twitney while RatBoy tries to backdoor Frank. Frank’s only chance is if he gets picked for the POV and wins. If Frank goes out .. it pretty much will be the end of the season. Dan will dominate the game and be a repeat winner.
    Funny how the Twit made Shane sound like an empty headed follower… Kettle meet Pothead….

  30. Avatar

    Will be interseting this week to see if stud Frank will be kissing rodent butt this week.

  31. Avatar
    Anita (178 comments)

    Once again Big Brother comes through with it’s predictability. I wish I had a money bet on who would win HOH tonight. I could have cashed in big time. So the little twerp wants to avenge the eviction of Britney. Gee, wonder who his targets will be. Yawn. Ian will probably go the route of a back door move on his actual target (Dan) rather than risk putting him up and having him take himself off the block. I can see Ian putting Frank and Shane up for eviction, knowing full well that either is fully capable of winning the POV. And, if for some odd reason neither of them won the POV, it would still benefit Ian because he would attempt to influence the others to save Shane rather than Frank. I so hope that nasty little twerp Ian goes the same route as Britney and gets to steppin real soon.

    • Avatar
      Kathryn (102 comments)

      I don’t even think the twerp has his mind on anyone but Frank. A lot of it is because Frank called him out for being a sneak. Which is exactly what he is. He’s a sneak. He’s a snitch. He’s also a gutless coward who won’t admit the truth when confronted.

      He actually had the nerve to tell Frank he had his back until he betrayed him by putting up Britney. Oh, yeah, The Snitch had his back with a nice sharp knife in his hand waiting to plunge it in Frank’s back.

  32. Avatar
    Manny (7 comments)

    I promise u all that Frank won’t go home… he either wins the veto or convinces dan or jenn to use the veto they win on him… not to mention he’s in a final 3 with shane and joe and a final 4 with dani,dan, and jenn…. he has the votes regardless basically… Its bye bye Jenn unless she wins the veto. All these geeks on here that root for the spineless jellyfish Ian are gonna have a bad Thursday next week when Frank the tank is safe…. It’ll be just like every other week, they will put him up but not get him out. Frank isn’t going anywhere, he’s just gonna have to decide which group he’s rolling with and throw the other group under the bus… cake walk

    • Avatar
      Tony (34 comments)

      HEY not all the geeks on here are behind RatBoy. I’ve been a geek/nerd longer then most people here have been alive LOL… and at first I was an Ian fan. Even after getting Boogie out I was. It was the lying about it and hiding behind Dan that turned me off. That plus the crazy scary Leatherface stalking of Ashley plus thinking he’s an evil sooooooper genius… RatBoy lost my vote. Add in the I’ll rip your face off then that scene in the HoH room annnnd the flipping off Frank behind his back… that is gutless. Then saying after his mouthing off in the HoH room any alliance to Frank I had is gone.. Rat Boy TAKE THE LITTLE WHITE PILL .. come back to reality .. you stabbed Frank in the back over and over and over and over.
      And then Twit Girl saying its important how you treat people. Hellllllllllllo do you know how you lied to Frank and Boogie and Janelle and … “my word is that much better”… uhm better then what
      … then Rat Boy stepping into Frank’s face and taking his glasses off? Notice how Ian STILL lied! He couldn’t take credit for it. Instead he still lied. Or like I said come back to reality.
      Yes Boogie took to Frank. BUT damn it he didn’t hide it. As Mike said he stabbed you in the front. They would have taken Ian to the final 4 and then it would have been a free for all.
      Ian is trying to be a super villain like Doctor Doom.. but he’s acting more like Wiley E Coyote.
      Don’t stop running Rat Boy or look down.. cause you will fall straight down to the canyon floor…

  33. Avatar
    Ed Bonds (1 comments)

    Danielle is the ugliest and pure evil. She was offended Britney was talking to Joe to save herself? Talk about entitled white trash? And can Jenn City be anymore useless? And Shane is dumber than a bag of cement. Go Ian, And good luck Britney.

  34. Avatar
    Julz (41 comments)

    I think it’s kinda ironic that Dan wanted the coaches to stick together but Boogie with Brittany’s approval decided to strike first… and now Dan is the only coach left standing. I’m not saying I want him to win but his funeral was by far the best turn around since Dr. Will told everyone he hated them and they kept him in the house! There’s strategy and there’s comps and the strategists go further…

  35. Avatar
    terrahh (1 comments)

    What was joes punishment and did anyone else hear that Ian got expelled?

  36. Avatar
    Brad (28 comments)

    I am willing to bet that Ian will put Frank and Dan up, but end up evicting Jenn, and will forever be known as the floater killer

  37. Avatar
    Kathryn (102 comments)

    You know, I love a good villain. I know a lot loathe Evel Dick and Boogie, but I liked them, because they admitted what they did and were proud of it. The Rat won’t admit what he did even when confronted. Either he lies to your face of scurries off and hides under the kitchen sink afraid to face the consequences of his actions.

    I thought the Brigade made a good point about The Rat Pack. They have no loyalty. Was The Rat even the least little bit grateful or loyal towards Dan for having to sit there and take the abuse and accusations that belonged to The Rat. It was pretty telling that Frank, who went on one date with Ashley, was more loyal to her than the little creep that was after her all summer long.

    Who do I want to win? I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think it even matters who wins. It’ll be whomever BB wants to win. I tried to believe BB wasn’t fixing the show, until I’m sitting there watching them slow it down when The Rat is about to get hit so his frail frame won’t get knocked off the perch. I’m someone who didn’t want to believe they’d try to rig a contest, but I saw it with my own eyes. And the small perch was chosen for a scrawny little bird like Ian to be able to easily stay perched on it when people with normal bodies wouldn’t be able to balance on it for long.

    I get it. This is a show and BB wants as much drama as they can get for ratings, so having The Rat win to get his revenge was pretty obvious. There would have been no great drama if someone else would have won HOH. But Frank has become such an underdog, The Rat won’t succeed, and once his HOH reign is over, he’ll be of no further use or drama value and he’ll be shown to the door.

    I think Dan and Frank will make it til the end. I mean, what drama value would there be if either is gone and then the other just easily picks off Jenn, Joe, Shane or Danielle.

    Bottom line, it’s all about the drama value.

    • Avatar
      Garfield (6 comments)

      I completely agree. I’ve liked villains too. But when you lie shamelessly to people who helped you survive the first week and gave you money then hide behind Dan and when found out you don’t own up to it like a man, that’s not being evil that’s being a spineless sneak. He’s lucky the show is manipulating the competitions’ outcomes or he would have been out next but they needed the drama. Sooner or later he would have had to cut his ties to Mike and Frank but show them some loyalty at least by not stabbing them in the back. It hurts because at the beginning he looked like the lovable underdog and i hoped he’d go far in the game. But pretty much all his subsequent actions have been disappointing culminating with flipping the finger behind Frank’s back. What else was new?

  38. Avatar

    A blue moon will grace the night sky on Friday, August 31.

    Will BB be “Watching’ Sorry. if you miss it

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