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Big Brother 14 – It’s Going To Be A Long Week

big brother 14 dan chatting with danielle

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As the live feeds head to trivia for the Big Brother 14 nomination ceremony begins, we got to see a side of Danielle we haven’t seen all season.  A very bright, ruthless, clever and witty player who is ready to grab this game by the horns and absolutely destroy it.

Just kidding!   Danielle is every bit as clueless as HoH as she was non-HoH.  In fact, just before the feeds cut to trivia, she was basically telling Dan to just tell her who to nominate.  It’s very clear her target is Frank, but before she can get him out of the house, she needs to understand what a backdoor is and then decide if she’ll go that route.  In order to show her, Janelle breaks out the tried and true method to explain it… the Cheez-It method…

Yes, Janelle needed to go there.  She had to bust out the cheez-its to explain how there are better odds for Frank to not play in the PoV competition by putting up two Janelle pawns (what she’s pointing at) and that increases the odds of them picking her (Janelle) to play for houseguests choice.  That means with all those little cheez-its over there, and 3 to choose from, the odds are good that Frank’s name won’t be drawn.   The only other bad name drawn is Boogie but then he only has a 1 in 6 chance of winning PoV.

So that’s how nominations are going to go tonight.  They’re either going to go straight for the throat and nominate Frank and Wil, or try the reacharound .. sorry, backdoor approach.

Less than 24 hours in, and her time as HoH is absolutely comical.  I’ll create a new thread to announce who the lucky cheez-its Danielle nominated.

(I did mention that Danielle is the same person who refuses to tell many people her true occupation of nurse because they’ll think she’s a super-genius and get rid of her right away, right?)

Side note:  I’m going to guess she’s one of those nurses who try to find your vein with the IV needle and end up treating your hand like a pin cushion until someone else comes along and gets it in one shot

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  1. Comments (36)

    Totally agreed with the comment above Dan’s head. I was watching the live feeds and listening to Dan and Danielle’s convo for a few minutes and I myself couldn’t take it anymore. She must have went over her nomination options with Dan a million times and when he gave her an opinion she would then say well what about this option or this or this ,etc etc etc. It was ridiculous. It was so annoying !! If I was Dan I would have said plz put me up cause I can’t listen to you another day……. Seriously tho, they should get rid of the coaches one by one, but hey that’s just my opinion.

  2. Comments (1276)

    Personally I’d try to get out Janelle and Boogie. But, at least for Shane and Danielle it looks like keeping Dan and Brit is their best bet, at least for now. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Dan, Danielle, Brit an Shane as the final 4, but I will say, I don’t care to see a “coach” or more accuratly a Vet win. And, I might regret this later on… but Wil is growing on me.

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