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Big Brother 14 – The Momentum Shifts Yet Again

August 31, 2012 | 33 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

What an absolutely, incredibly wild season it’s been so far in the Big Brother 14 house. There has been just one week where it was absolutely dull, which will forever be named “The Forgotten Week”.  For those wondering, that was the week Joe and Wil were nominated and decided to both use the ‘play dead’ strategy.  It wasn’t just me who felt it, I saw it on the website traffic numbers as well.  Fewer people were checking in daily, fewer comments, and I made fewer posts because there was nothing to talk about.   Thanks for your hard fought week, Wil!  (note to casting: never bring Wil back)

First, my plug that you’re tired of hearing.   Live feeds?  Yes.  Sign up. There is still some excitement to go as this week should bring more entertainment and next week is another double eviction.  After next Thursday, I’ll probably stop pushing the feeds entirely because the last 13 days slow down quite a bit. The last thing I want to do is trick people into signing up to the feeds when they suck.  During “The Forgotten Week”, I actually discouraged people from signing up because that week sucked.  If the last 2 weeks are boring, I’ll do the same.   But for now, they should still be fun …

Ok, first, the burning question on everyone’s mind.  Can Shane rock a hula hoop?

The answer is …..  yes. Of course.

Last night, the “punishment” for being the first one to quit the endurance competition, Joe was given a hula hoop and must keep it near him for the next 24 hours.  When a trumpet sounds, he has to attempt to use it.  Compared to a chum bath, this is pretty weak, but hey at least we get to watch Joe try to hula hoop.  That should be fun.. right?  ….. right?

Maybe not.

If I worked for Big Brother, I would have done a punishment like Joe has to randomly plank things every 5 minutes for 30 seconds, while wearing nothing but a speedo.

Ok, back to the momentum, Ian, etc….

If you didn’t know, Ian won the endurance challenge last night after a pretty good battle between he and Shane.  The other houseguests were terrible, but Shane held his own despite holding up about two Ian’s in weight.  The competition lasted about 2 hours, but if Shane didn’t compete, it would have gone about 20 minutes.

This leads to another situation where carrot boy will be on the block, yet again.  Ian is already tossing around the idea of Jenn/Frank nomination with Dan as a backup.  Why not?  Dan clearly proved he’s not a threat this week by pulling off a very tricky game move to stay in the house.  No, that’s not at all scary.. let’s keep going after Frank.  Good job, Ian!  Very smart young lad he is.

If he really does nominate Jenn and Frank, I’ll have to laugh.  For his game, Frank and Dan are the way to go, no question about it.  Stop being dumb.  If you’re trying a backdoor Dan approach, stop being dumb.  Only one person won’t be playing veto this week, so the odds are heavily in favor of Dan playing and possibly winning.  He can also then really screw you by pulling Frank off the block and you’ll be left with Jenn versus Joe.  Power move right there… that will go down in the books as one of the all time great HoH’s…. oops, did I say great?  I meant stupid.

We’ll see though, nominations will be held later today, so Ian has a few hours to make the right move for his game.

I did want to point this out first….

Week 1 – Willie HoH, Frank target
Week 2 – Frank HoH, Willie would have been target
Week 3 – Shane HoH, Frank target (nominations canceled due to reset)
Week 4 – Danielle HoH, Frank target
Week 5 – Frank HoH, “The Forgotten Week”
Week 6 – Shane HoH, Frank target / Ian HoH, Frank target
Week 7 – Frank HoH, Dan target
Week 8 – Ian HoH, Frank target

The one full week where house momentum didn’t shift from Frank’s side to the opposing side was Week 3 when Frank was out the door but saved by the coach reset button.  In Week 6, it was a double eviction week, so the entire night Frank was the target, but that didn’t last the entire week.  It’s pretty incredible how the momentum has shifted from one side of the house to the other so much this season.  While some cast members were pure busts, you have to give production some credit this year.   What a huge difference from last year’s pathetic attempt at putting a bunch of very weak newbies against 6 super strong veterans.   That was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30, already cranked out a post, time to wait for these suckas to wake up so I can see where Ian’s head is really at.

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