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Big Brother 14 – The Momentum Shifts Yet Again

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What an absolutely, incredibly wild season it’s been so far in the Big Brother 14 house. There has been just one week where it was absolutely dull, which will forever be named “The Forgotten Week”.  For those wondering, that was the week Joe and Wil were nominated and decided to both use the ‘play dead’ strategy.  It wasn’t just me who felt it, I saw it on the website traffic numbers as well.  Fewer people were checking in daily, fewer comments, and I made fewer posts because there was nothing to talk about.   Thanks for your hard fought week, Wil!  (note to casting: never bring Wil back)

First, my plug that you’re tired of hearing.   Live feeds?  Yes.  Sign up. There is still some excitement to go as this week should bring more entertainment and next week is another double eviction.  After next Thursday, I’ll probably stop pushing the feeds entirely because the last 13 days slow down quite a bit. The last thing I want to do is trick people into signing up to the feeds when they suck.  During “The Forgotten Week”, I actually discouraged people from signing up because that week sucked.  If the last 2 weeks are boring, I’ll do the same.   But for now, they should still be fun …

Ok, first, the burning question on everyone’s mind.  Can Shane rock a hula hoop?

The answer is …..  yes. Of course.

Last night, the “punishment” for being the first one to quit the endurance competition, Joe was given a hula hoop and must keep it near him for the next 24 hours.  When a trumpet sounds, he has to attempt to use it.  Compared to a chum bath, this is pretty weak, but hey at least we get to watch Joe try to hula hoop.  That should be fun.. right?  ….. right?

Maybe not.

If I worked for Big Brother, I would have done a punishment like Joe has to randomly plank things every 5 minutes for 30 seconds, while wearing nothing but a speedo.

Ok, back to the momentum, Ian, etc….

If you didn’t know, Ian won the endurance challenge last night after a pretty good battle between he and Shane.  The other houseguests were terrible, but Shane held his own despite holding up about two Ian’s in weight.  The competition lasted about 2 hours, but if Shane didn’t compete, it would have gone about 20 minutes.

This leads to another situation where carrot boy will be on the block, yet again.  Ian is already tossing around the idea of Jenn/Frank nomination with Dan as a backup.  Why not?  Dan clearly proved he’s not a threat this week by pulling off a very tricky game move to stay in the house.  No, that’s not at all scary.. let’s keep going after Frank.  Good job, Ian!  Very smart young lad he is.

If he really does nominate Jenn and Frank, I’ll have to laugh.  For his game, Frank and Dan are the way to go, no question about it.  Stop being dumb.  If you’re trying a backdoor Dan approach, stop being dumb.  Only one person won’t be playing veto this week, so the odds are heavily in favor of Dan playing and possibly winning.  He can also then really screw you by pulling Frank off the block and you’ll be left with Jenn versus Joe.  Power move right there… that will go down in the books as one of the all time great HoH’s…. oops, did I say great?  I meant stupid.

We’ll see though, nominations will be held later today, so Ian has a few hours to make the right move for his game.

I did want to point this out first….

Week 1 – Willie HoH, Frank target
Week 2 – Frank HoH, Willie would have been target
Week 3 – Shane HoH, Frank target (nominations canceled due to reset)
Week 4 – Danielle HoH, Frank target
Week 5 – Frank HoH, “The Forgotten Week”
Week 6 – Shane HoH, Frank target / Ian HoH, Frank target
Week 7 – Frank HoH, Dan target
Week 8 – Ian HoH, Frank target

The one full week where house momentum didn’t shift from Frank’s side to the opposing side was Week 3 when Frank was out the door but saved by the coach reset button.  In Week 6, it was a double eviction week, so the entire night Frank was the target, but that didn’t last the entire week.  It’s pretty incredible how the momentum has shifted from one side of the house to the other so much this season.  While some cast members were pure busts, you have to give production some credit this year.   What a huge difference from last year’s pathetic attempt at putting a bunch of very weak newbies against 6 super strong veterans.   That was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30, already cranked out a post, time to wait for these suckas to wake up so I can see where Ian’s head is really at.

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  1. Comments (1)

    I hate Ian I hope Frank makes it, go frank!!!

  2. Comments (102)

    It became obvious a long time ago this twit wasn’t playing the game with anything approaching intelligence:

    Has a chance to take Jenn’s trip and opts for wearing a dog suit. Right there, one of the dumbest moves in BB History.

    While most HG’s pray not to be on slop, he happily volunteers for it.

    He’ll make his nominations with no strategy whatsoever. He’ll pick Frank for nominating his beautiful Queen Britney and Jenn for using the veto. Frank was the one who called him out for what he was and he thinks it’s okay for him to backstab everyone but no one is supposed to call him out for it. Besides, I don’t think he has the balls to go after Dan. He’s a snitch that needs someone like Shane to go after a coach, then he can bray how he masterminded it by wagging his tongue.

  3. Comments (528)

    Can’t believe you people are STILL underestimating Ian. Also, the reality you see out here isn’t the same reality they’re living in that house, remember that. Ian is playing a damn good game…I think sooner or later that will be recognised.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Comments (406)

      I’ll praise him when he starts making good decisions to further himself in the game. Right now he’s trying to play a character that he’s not.

      When Dan throws competitions, he says right away he wants to appear weak (like early in the season). Ian tried to throw the HoH last week because he didn’t want to be the bad guy and nominate Frank, even though that’s the role he ‘chose’ for himself. Ian knew there were far less than 1k seconds for that competition, but he didn’t calculate how wrong Danielle would be.

      • Comments (528)

        Yeah, single-handedly getting out major competitors like Boogie and Ash to clearly get ahead in the game was a…what? Bad decision? That took SERIOUS balls. Just because he doesn’t brag about doing this or that and would prefer to try and fly under the radar WHILE making those kinds of decisions doesn’t make him a coward or a rat, it makes him SMART. He doesn’t want people to hate him, getting sympathy after ousting people is brilliant. Being considered an underdog while having control is brilliant. I get from a lot of the Ian hating posts here that there are some major inferiority complexes going on.

        Get over it. The little nerd plays a damn good game. Better than most of us could pull off.


      • Comments (30)

        If by “Damn good game”, you mean “damn cowardly moves” then yes.

        Let’s get a few things straight. Ian never “Masterminded” anything. How was Boogie evicted? He was the target of the Quack Pack. Why? Because Ian told Britney that Boogie was going to put up Shane and Britney (Lie. He asked Ian WHO he should put up. It was a suggestion) Therefore, The ONLY role Ian had in getting out Boogie was ratting out a thought Boogie had. Um, excuse me. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t qualify for the position of a “MASTERMIND” plan. It wasn’t Deliberate. After he ratted, Britney was the one to give the A-OK to the Quack Pack to get Boogie out.

        Now, about Back-Stabbing. When people have your back for several weeks, and would take you to the Final 3, and give you $3000, and keep you safe, they give a crap about you. What Ian did was the virtual equivocal of living with your father, then sneaking off to live with a family down the street, then kill your father, because the family down the street is larger, and has two attractive girls (Damn right Ian has a crush on Britney). It’s one thing to BackStab someone who would do the same to you. It’s another to BackStab someone who was anything but loyal. Sure, Boogie and Frank were tight. But Ian was next in line. As long as Ian had won the first spot in the Final 2, he could’ve taken Boogie and won.

        After watching last night’s episode and Ian’s antics, I can’t help but realize how Cowardly and IMMATURE Ian is. He acts tough around the house, he walks like he’s a big shot, he talks like a spoiled brat. He really showed how immature he is when Frank walked past him and he was throwing middle fingers. Seriously Ian? You’re in University, and you throw the Middle Finger around like you’re in Public School.

        Sorry to break it to you, the Majority of people know what Loyalty is, and would damn well know who’s got their back, and who thinks they’re expendable. Maybe you couldn’t pull off better, but that doesn’t mean we can’t.

        Oh, and one more thing. Your first sentence, that’s how I knew you were a buffoon.”Single-Handedly getting out MAJOR competitors like Boogie and Ashley.” I’m sorry, ASHLEY? MAJOR COMPETITOR? Get outta this thread, troll. Boogie was never a physical competitor, but a social one.

      • Comments (528)

        Big man, jealous of a little engineer. Don’t worry, sweetie, you’ll be recognised for your greatness.


      • Comments (2)

        Well played Sir, 100% agree. Without Boogie and Frank in this season, and lets face it, some credit to Dan as well, even though he throws so many competitions, ratings would have been down the tubes this season.

      • Comments (126)

        You took the words out of my mouth Anthony

        Ian is way over-estimated as far as intelligences, he is like a savant less the savant, more of a bookworm that but a paperback.

        Amazing how the people in the house thinks he is so smart, this says little about their intelligences.

        All that was missing is a organ grinder for Brit and a leash for Ian, and the tunes she played for Ian to dance to would probably help other see how he arrived at his decisions.

        Now that Brit is gone Ian is very nervous, even talking to Frank as a possible alliance, doubt that will happen though. Because Prince Ian has to avenge Princess Brit’s honor as promise. Even though the real culprits should be Dan and even Jenn. Frank warned everybody that if Dan comes off Brit goes up, so were is the surprise.

        It’s not like Brit didn’t have a chance to win veto. But Brit was a big fat zero this season, her only claim to fame was to lie, connive, deceive and manipulate, whine and cry and stress-out, all that only goes so far as we all saw last night.

      • Comments (406)

        First, Boogie was on his side, was very disliked by the house and was far less a threat than 3/4 of his own alliance. Even if he received full credit for that, it was a dumb move for him at the time. Far too early. Boogie and Frank were his biggest allies in eliminating Shane. Frank was already a huge target, so he probably would have been knocked off in the crossfire eventually leaving Ian and a very beatable & disliked Boogie.

        Secondly, Ash is not a major competitor, and she was only voted out because he was too scared to make the move he WANTED to make at the time, which was to backdoor Frank instead of give him a chance at the veto.

        Ian has been a puppet all game, making foolish decision after foolish decision. When Dan wins, he should thank Ian in his acceptance speech.

      • Comments (528)

        I’ve been watching BB since season one. The biggest mistake contestants make is aligning themselves with 100% loyalty to ANYONE. So Boogie was “on his side”? For how long? Ian was a disposable comrade to Boogie and he knew it, so why play his game and stretch out his being in the house to a dangerous degree? I think you’d be an IDIOT to keep that guy in the house if you had the opportunity to oust him and that’s exactly what Ian did. Ultimately each player is playing for themselves and you have to get rid of the dangerous payers. If you don’t think Boogie is dangerous than you have never watched Big Brother.

        Honestly, it’s like some of the commenters and even people writing the articles here have never seen this show! It blows me away!

      • Comments (406)

        What I don’t understand by your statements is that you’ve done nothing to convince anyone that Ian’s alternate plan of becoming a 5th wheel in a stronger alliance was smarter.

        I completely understand at some point he had to get rid of Boogie. That’s how the game is, eventually you have to slit the throats of even your alliance members. Smart players don’t do it midway through the season to become the expendable piece in a bigger/stronger alliance

      • Comments (30)

        Clearly you haven’t seen any of the Loyal alliances that have made it damn far, further than Ian, with 100% loyalty.

        Brigade? surely this one is familiar. this was 2 seasons ago.

        An alliance was formed and loyalty was shown.

        Ian has completely ruined his chances for winning. ALL Ian had to do was sit back, and watch the fireworks. Hey, Look at Joe. He’s done JACK-SQUAT. And yet, he’s likely going to get that Cheque for 2nd place.

        Ian said at the start of the summer, he wanted to be the guy everybody likes because he’ll take slop, and to stay under the radar.

        He’s done a horrible job of that. I find it funny that Ian has watched all these seasons of BB, and once he gets on BB, he goes and sabotages himself.

      • Comments (102)

        All he did was snitch, Shane was the one who got Boogie out. Who got blood on his hands, while the little coward you laud was cowering behind Dan.

      • Comments (25)

        Dan went along with being the front so that Ian would still be able to play both sides and report back if Frank was able to get the rest of the HGs against them.

  4. Comments (22)

    Nah, I agree with Kathryn, I think Ian THINKS he’s playing a good game but to most of the viewers and the other houseguests he’s NOT! In my opinion he wants to be a great player and an evil villain so bad that he’s lost some perspective and is making some very rookie and dumb mistakes….not to mention his constant rocking and eye darting is creepy! lol

    • Comments (528)

      Your opinion is automatically invalid when you mock someone who clearly has an affliction for the ticks involved. It’s rude and ignorant. I don’t feel Ian should be treated somehow “special” because he pretty obviously has Aspergers, but to go out of our way to mock the ticks? That’s just plain despicable. Diss his game, that’s fine, but leave the personal attacks (especially when it comes to this kind of thing) in kindergarten where’d you obviously belong.

      • Comments (4)

        As the mother of adult children with Aspergers who are considered very high functioning, I doubt very much that Ian has Aspergers Syndrome. People with this disorder are highly incapable of reading facial expressions, grasping sarcasm, and understanding social cause and effect, so playing this game would be almost impossible for an individual with Aspergers. Ian potentially has some disorder that causes some of his tics, rocking or other behaviors, but I would say the chances of him having Aspergers are about as likely as him ending up winning this season of BB.

      • Comments (1)

        With all due respect, I 100% disagree with your statement regarding Aspergers. I think it is quite evident that Ian has Aspergers. It is a spectrum disorder, thus there are varying degrees. It is not uncommon for individuals with Aspergers to be extremely intelligent, thus over a period of time they learn how to read social cues, by a learning process, which is much different than the rest of us (he memorizes what facial expressions mean so to speak). He is of college age; perhaps a young child would not be able to read facial expressions, but at his age he sure as heck has memorized what facial expressions mean.Individuals with aspergers are not incapable of learning cause and effect, you can teach them how to read others behavior, it’s just not done naturally, or innately like the rest of us. I am a mother of a child with aspergers and I find your statement very sad. Some people with this diagnosis have much promise of interacting and appearing as if they are “typical” as an adult with much teaching and intervention. Go Ian!!!!!!

    • Comments (1)

      I have to add.. The damn eye darting makes me laugh everytime.. Bug eyed Ian.. lol hahah

  5. Comments (29)

    i get that Ian is trying to get the title and all but he is playing a great game. everyone lied and back stabbed people- look at Britney her and Janelle were close but she voted her out which didn’t benefit her game at all. Frank wanted to put Dan up and thanks to Boggie he didn’t, he also had a deal. Danielle is playing 2 sides, she is protected just like Britney was. you have to give the kid some credit. everyone has lied and backstabbed in this game, broke promises etc

    • Comments (528)

      Yeah, seriously. Have these people never played Sorry with their friends? Some games REQUIRE screwing your opponents over. Then they choose to watch BB and get pissed off because CERTAIN people play the game this way…just like everyone else! So weird.

  6. Comments (12)

    Huge mistake if Ian puts up Frank and Jenn, if Dan wins POV then Ian has to nominate Danielle to keep the votes to his favor, but will he? Best play is Dan and (Mr Nomination) Frank.

  7. Comments (3)

    Umm Ian might be a little awkward but I highly doubt he has aspergers. He hasn’t shown any signs to indicate that he would except the twitching g

    • Comments (528)

      Actually, if you know anything about Aspergers, he’s shown many, many signs and continues to do so. If you’ll notice, his ticks are hightened when he’s alone (because most kids in that situation are given therapy to help them to function “normally” in public) and when he’s high stress.

      I don’t know about you, but I watch BB after dark pretty regularly and what’s shown on the actual show is quite minimised. I remember at one point the houseguests making fun of some of his weird – VERY autistic behaviours – like tiptoeing, pacing, hand ticks, talking to himself, etc. and I also recall it stoping quite suddenly. I personally think the producers put a stop to that because it was pretty inappropriate to mock.

      I feel a lot of the comments here towards Ian and his “creepy darting eyes and rocking” etc, are just plain shameful. I wish this site had the same kind of moderation because Ian is the perfect example of a high functioning person with an affliction and shouldn’t be mocked for it, it’s completely unfair. Don’t like his game? Fine. Think he’s a rat? Cool. But don’t make fun of the kid for shit he can’t control….or I should say, is controlling incredibly well. Grow up and stop acting like schoolchildren.

      • Comments (1276)

        I actually don’t know very much about Aspergers, but I did just read up on it, and Ian does fit a lot of the symtoms listed. But, there are a lot of other possiblities for what causes his behavior. He might simply have a case of ADHD. Unless you, or anyone on here know Ian personally I don’t really think anyone should be taking guesses at what it is. While he appears to match a lot of the symptoms, he also doesn’t appear to match a lot of them, so again, unless you are a medical professional, or know him personally, I personally feel it’s not right to continue posting a diagnosis based on what other then when you are viewing, CBS shows, After Dark or Live feeds. I hope you don’t take offence to my opinion, none is intended, I just personally don’t feel that it is ok to assume that we know what’s going on, unless we have more information then the rest.
        But no matter what his affliction, I honestly don’t think his behavior is really what people are taking offence to. I could be wrong, but it looks to me that most people (obviously not all) who make the comments about his behavior, actually have many other problems with him first, and then just toss the others in for more to say.
        I will say, if he has an affliction, like Aspergers, and again, I could be wrong, I would think that it is something the houseguest would know about. Not that it is everyones business, as in none of ours, but for those living with him, it seems like that would be information shared so that, 1, the comments wouldn’t be made to begin with and 2, so that they would try to to irritate it.
        I personally have issues with Ian for the way he is acting. He continues to get up on this high horse, and try to talk crap. He acts all sad that Boogie is out and that he did him wrong, but then tells Boogie to “Get to steppin” or what ever he said. Then says things like “Pop a Squat”? I honestly think he thinks it makes him “cool” to use these one liners, when in fact it’s just making him come off as a prick. Again, just my opinion, but I think what most people are having issues with involves his arrogance, not his possible disorder.

      • Comments (4)

        I would say it is MUCH more likely that Ian has OCD or ADHD, or a combo of the two even, but the chances of him having Aspergers Syndrome and being capable of grasping as many of the social aspects that are such a huge part of this game are incredibly unlikely. I have lived surrounded by high functioning Aspergers Syndrome individual for over 26 years now, as well as being a specialized therapist, and am quite confident that Ian has some form of medical issues, but Aspergers Syndrome does not seem like a likely choice in my opinion.

  8. Comments (13)

    My brother has Aspergers. Ian does not.

    • Comments (528)

      He certainly may not, I don’t deny that. I’ve seen enough cases to just assume his ticks aren’t random but it’s not as though it’s been confirmed or anything. Even of he doesn’t, mocking his behaviour still seems pretty damn petty and nasty to me.

  9. Comments (5)

    Ian definately shows signs of being mildly autistic. Autism runs from very mild to very extreme and everything in between. I have no problem with his disabilities: I can’t stand the kid due to his game. I agree, he wants to come off as this big great player on Big Brother but he is the furthest thing from it! What he did to Boogie after receiving $3,000. from him shows me Ian’s true character. Go Frank! Now you my friend, has worked so hard at this game….you definately deserve to win!!

  10. Comments (2)

    the best 2 are Shane and Frank,since only one can keep himself,safe,one will be evicted,before the final episode.
    my guess will be Frank(even tho he’s not my fav)sitting beside one of the floaters and weakest.A sure win,for him.Just hope It’s not Dan(don’t want a repeat winner)production needs to bring in new players ,for the game…IMO

  11. Comments (102)

    You want to know the irony of Ian’s devotion to his beloved Brit? She was the one who got him in trouble with Boogie by claiming Ian said they might put up Shane, because she didn’t understand the way he phrased his answer to her. She totally threw Ian under the bus and blamed Ian for Shane backstabbing Frank and putting him on the block. While the person that had his back, saved him from being put on the block and gave him $3,000. And that shows what a clueless boob he truly is. But like to like I guess. One backstabber trusts another backstabber.

    BTW Kentucky Joe is now officially the biggest floater in the house. He has won nothing. He has done nothing but shoot his big mouth off. Jenn won POV and played a major part in backdooring Britney. He even fell off the perch before Jenn did.

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