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Big Brother 14 – Nomination and PoV Results

(I know this is the 3rd time I used this image, but it cracks me up)


After the Big Brother 14 live feeds being down for about 30+ hours (watch them ALL DAY, EVERY DAY), they came back up after I was already sawing some logs, so I had to find out who Danielle actually nominated this morning.   Not only did I find that out, but I also found out who won the most important competition of the week – the PoV!

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I promise they won’t be down that long again this season! (I think)

Let’s start with nominations, these were not really important. Danielle could have collected all her tears from the season in a little jar, and threw it all over the memory wall, and nominated the most dry player remaining.  That strategy would have been just as effective as Danielle trying to analyze anything because this week is all about the PoV.  I’m sure Danielle didn’t use the tear method and probably fried her brain figuring out who to nominate, and these two names came out of her head:


Ian and Dan

That’s correct, Danielle nominated Dan!  Maybe she did to the tear jar approach because I was mostly expecting an Ian and Shane nomination with some “deep” meaning behind it.  By deep I mean some junk about how Dan is like her father and Shane has been her partner and it was tough to choose between the two blah blah.   Just say you drew straws, anyone with half a brain wouldn’t take offense to being nominated this week.  (hmm, maybe that’s why Shane wasn’t nominated… I kid, partly)

Now, on to the most important competition of the week.  The Power of Veto!

If Ian wins, Shane or Dan (unlikely) will go to jury.  If Shane, Dan or Danielle wins, there is a 95% chance that Ian heads to jury, or so I thought… (I’ll get to that)

Well, Danielle steps up to the plate again and actually wins PoV!  Wow, look at her go.  I think she won one competition all season until this week, and now she has a chance to sweep the remaining challenges  (I believe she gets a chance to play in the final HoH competition tonight, which is endurance).

What will she do with the PoV?   Well, she’s speculated taking Dan down and allowing him to get some blood on his hands by voting out Ian, but if she does this, she’s a damn fool and deserves what may come to her as a result.  Dan has been very open to the DR about wanting to get either Shane or Ian out, and as of right now, I think he’d probably choose to vote out Shane before Ian.  His reason?  Shane and Danielle would likely be happy taking each other to the final 2, while Ian has shown far too much loyalty towards Dan this season, he may actually take him to the final 2.

With a pending endurance competition coming, and Danielle’s only puppet the one person who can decide who goes home and who remains, she has one decision to make.  Just one.  Any other decision, and I’ll facepalm so hard I may break my nose.  Have Shane vote out Ian, head into the endurance challenge with two very strong endurance players (Shane and Danielle), win and take each other to the final 2. At this point, she has nothing to lose by doing that.  She has 0% chance of beating Dan or Ian in the final 2, and if she takes Dan over Shane, she’s nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is.

We’ll see what happens as the day progresses.  I’m not sure if the PoV meeting will be held today or during the live show, but if Danielle uses her POV, I want Julie to kick open the door Rambo-style, grab Danielle by the hair and smack some sense into her.


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    Shouldn’t the final HOH, be the 3 part competition they always do when its down to the final 3?

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    I agree with everything except Dani not beating Dan if they are F2. I actually believe she wins pretty easily. Shane and Brit are easy votes as is Jenns IMO. Frank voting for Dan is not going to happen. She also likely gets Ashley as well. Dan gets Ian and Joe is a toss up. We’ve all seen the best of pimple popper LPN but what have the guests actually seen. I see the Jury as “anyone but Dan” 1st and formost. Followed by who do you actually like coming in a distant second.
    I completely agree that Dani would be foolish to use the veto on Dan. She protects Shane and Ian goes home and she is F2 no matter who wins the final comp. If she is smart she never wins the final and lets the winner vote out the other HG. ie Shane votes out Dan or the more likely Dan votes out Shane. I actually believe that if she does not use the veto today she has a really good shot at 500K if Dan takes her F2.

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    I do not believe she will win what was her game play to float thru with two strong players?!!!! In my opinion I have not seen her do anything to get farther in the game but by luck win these last two comps and hide behind dan and shane. Had Ian played in that HOH he would have won hands down and not have to guess really low as to not go over there would have been no need for a tie breaker. her hair should be blonde.

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      When it comes to Luck, Frank actually had more than Danielle. Two of his HOH’s were dumb luck. Remember the Shamrocks? That was nothing but luck. Danielle was definitely not a floater. I picked her as a winner over a month ago. She manipulated everyone, but Dan,and she allowed him to do her dirty work. So, you could say, she used him. She played Jenn like a drum, and Jenn still doesn’t know it. She could sweep the entire jury, if Ian decides to go her way. Danielle wins,,,Shane comes in second, and Ian gets Americas Choice.

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      I agree, Ally – Dan coached Danielle thru all the rough spots when her approach to a difficult situation was to just cry – ha ha … yeah, he has carried her thru this season … but in all fairness she complemented Dan’s game very well … too bad Dan wasn’t a practicing dermatologist, tho – ha ha …

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      Give Allyshia a saucer of milk

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    Dang, guess Ian should start packing…

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      Someone watching the feeds apparently stumbled on this bit of insanity. Dani may very well use the veto on Dan. And I’m not kidding!!! It’s being sold to Shane as covering up he and Dani’s final 2 deal. Are these morons kidding? Dani/Shane F2 is the most obvious deal in the freaking house for weeks!! I do not know if Dani actually realizes Dan will vote out Shane or she is to stupid to even protect her own interests. At 1st yesterday I only partially bought into the suggestion that Dan would evict Shane if he had the chance instead of Ian. I still believe Shane cannot win 7 questions in part 3 of the final comps. Thus Dan gets F2 with Dani which is his preference. I’d argue vote counting gives Dan his best shot beside Ian and not Dani or Shane. Dani using the veto would/will be 1 of the worst decisions in BB history period!

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        Well, I’ve got my fingers crossed that Dan can pull it off and get rid of Shane instead of Ian, if that’s his plan.

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    *Dan does not have the numbers in the Jury
    He burned Britney,Frank,Jenn and who ever the next jur is and
    Ashley airhead and would probably vote with Frank. Only need 4 out of seven to win and I dont think he has it. I think his over all intention was to get Danielle to the final 2. After all 50,000 2nd place is not all bad when you already got 500,000 the last time played. And he stands a good chance for America’s Player (25,000)

    If Danielle ends up with either Shane,Ian,Dan – she wins
    Ian needs to go to jury I dont see him making it to final 2

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      lol, no. Ian would beat Danielle hands down. So would Dan. And there’s a good chance even Shane would.

      She’s been pretty useless all season, the only person she had a chance of winning against in the f2 was Jenn but she was too stupid to see that and got rid of her.

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        oh yeah, I cannot get why they cut Jenn loose! Perfect F2 partner. Everyone else has so much blood on their hands, it’s almost impossible to guess how the jury vote will go.

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        Didn’t help that moron Jenn never once campaigned for herself. Get put up on the block? Oh, I think I’ll just sleep for two days. Then talk about how I’m a “fighter” and not ready to leave. Idiot.

        All she had to do was plant that seed in their heads that she’s less a threat in the house than, um, ANYONE, and she might still be there. Honestly, she was a terrible player. Only lasted as long as she did BEAUSE she sucked so hard, so in the endgame, why wouldn’t you use that fact to your advantage? At least do SOMETHING.

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    I think it was her strategy to be under two strong players. Her not winning many competitons mean she is not held responsible for who goes home. That way the eliminated hgs will not hold a grudge against her unlike the strong players *cough* dan and shane. S

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    I agree I dont think danielle has done much of anything and that one time she won POV she got to choose if she wanted it or not so IMO that dont count… Dan “throwing” all those comps im not sure mayb he really cant win like he thinks he can he lets everyone in that house do his dirty work and he looks innocent its not a bad game play but he lost most of my respect when swearing on the bible cross wife ect… I dont think he deserves first place If i had to pick by whos left i guess Shane he hasnt played a bad game and hes been pretty honest for the most part but I was a HUGE Frank fan that guy worked his a** off keeping himself safe for all those weeks in the row… Just my thoughts 🙂

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    I’m still hoping for Dan and Ian in the F2. I think that will be much more interesting for the audience to watch than the other options.
    Imagine Dan giving a killer speech in the end only to come up with the second place prize. That would be funny!! Ian, with all of his problems still played a decent game. The kid really tried.

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      Vote counting in the Jury I have/had it 3-3 with Ashley the Dits deciding who gets 500K if it Ian versus Dan in the final. But that was not based on Dan voting out Shane at 4 but rather choosing Dani over Shane to take to the final. I had it like this. Brit Frank and Jenn voting Ian. Though Jenn isn’t a sure thing. I gave Dan Dani, Shane and Joe with Joe being the shakey vote. If Dan backstabs Shane Ian may get Shanes vote. That’s 4 perhaps and Ashley doesn’t matter.
      I do not think Dan’s close to being the best player ever. He appears to not having counted jury votes all season. Could have kept Franks vote at play just by voting to keep Frank and let Ian break a 2-2 tie. Same idea witjh Jenn though trickier. He could have perhaps convinced Dani he was giving Jenn a sympathy vote and don’t hold it against him. Alot riskier I grant you.

      Now apparently were in for the smiling, laughing assasin laying beside a crying Dani as he convinces her he voted out Shane for her! And don’t you remember Dani you were ok with Shane getting evicted until he won POV remember? Then again perhaps it’s Dani who, as one of the great morons of all time, actually wants Shane evicted today along with Dan. She could actually be that stupid!!! Pimple Popper LPN the best HG of all time!

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        You can almost hear Dan thinking, One More Week of This Whining, Crying, Bragging, Chews-like-a-Cow Chick, Then I’m Free!!!! Hang on, Dan!

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        Although I agree with the 2 game moves Dan should of thought of when voting. Because it could affect his Jury votes. This is like Payton Manning missing 2 throws that could lose the game for him, doesn’t mean hes not one the best ever. To say Dan’s not close to the bast player ever is just insane. Letting your personal feeling stop you from seeing the entire game as a whole is a disservice. Big brother is a game of chess with people,( whats said or done to get a piece off the table is part of the game). Some people are to sensitive for ther big brother idea. So hopefully they stick to blogging and not get put in the house. Based on you and most comments a house of chef Joes would make you you happy (no game moves, no backstabbing, no anything), boy that would be a great season. If Dan doesnt’ win then the show will take the loss. By far best player.

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        I guess this is addressed to me! LOL You Dan lovers cannot see the the obvious. He started this season with no risk of being voted out. He had the opportunity to build ralationship with no possibility of being voted out. Add his unwillingness or inability to count jury votes he just does not measure up to Dr. Will for starters. What he did in his season was far better BB play. He and Memphis where dynamic and he played great. This year can best be discribed as Paton Manning versus a a pee wee football team. The newbies never had a chance.

        What Dan did well is see the need to get the other coaches out so he would be able to influence every move in the house. This was done to perfection with Janelle and Boggie not making the jury. I also think selling everyone basically on taking him F2 with his approach telling each no one will give him a 2nd 500K. Don’t believe that 4 a 2nd. Only Joe I think would vote based on that criteria. But I do believe Joe may be 1 of only 2 votes for Dan against Dani. Given the rules this season he has taken advantage of the unbalanced opportunity. But Peyton Manning beating a pee wee football team adds nothing to the arguement Manning belongs in the HOF, best ever.

        Boards such as forums are all about personal feelings and opinions. Perhaps you need to stop visiting them if you don’t realize that. More importantly you have a favorite your rooting for where I have no favorite. The bias lies solely with you and not I. Further I’d give Dan the money based on who’s left. That he doesn’t deserve it twice is nonsense. It’s true he’s a pure godless dirtbag but what do you expect on this show. Lying and backstabbing or core skills in BB.
        I guess one of the many differences between us is I look at everything objectively. I felt pretty bad for Shane when the other day he said to Dani that 10K would be life changing. That’s not enough to buy a brand new car. I’m fortunate not to be in the financial position the 10K would change my life. I have a little bit of a soft spot for Ian b/c at 21 he is like most young adults. They haven’t developed the skills to evaluate other poeple. You learn these usually by getting “burnt” by others. He will get a crash course when he watches the season. And I garuntee you he will. Started the season liking Dani. Not sure if we are seeing the real Dani before she entered house or the confined area and lack of contact with the outside world changed her atleast temporarily. Either way I truely dislike her at this point. When I write I believe she wins the money easily if it’s a jury vote between Dani and Dan that’s how I count them. It is not what I want. I want DAN to win the 500K. I’m just not in a “bromance” with Dan as you are!!!

        Lastly learn to read. I never suggested I was a Joe fan. My comments tend along the “what if” or the “this could happen next”. Sometimes I root 1 way over another a little based on recent game play. The different is Dan could hang a cat from the balcony and you’d call it “game play”. I would considerate imoral! Take your bias and keep lying to yourself. If you want Dan to win BB you better hope he sits beside Ian in the final. He sits by Dani he never gets 4 votes. Well I’d say perhaps a 5% chance at best.

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      Ian needs to start campaigning now. He should really just concince Dani and Shane that they DON’T want to be sitting next to Dan in the f2 and make them think he’s the lesser threat. That’s the only way I can see him getting out of this is Dani has the brains not to use the veto. If she uses it, well…

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        Dan has Ian boxed in like Jenn was. They’re both told to just let Dan do the work to save them. Jenn trusted/decided to not rat Dan out and hoped he saved her. Howed that work out again? The difference this time is Ian has a shot. I am now convinced(95%) that Dan would evict Shane if Dani uses the veto on him. This is where BB can truely suck! Shane becomes “nice guys finish last(4th)”. Dan has a better shot versus Ian than Dani. So perhaps Dani does not even get F2 which was a lock if Shane and Dan are F3.
        All in all if you truely hate Dani to the core and want anyone else but her winning the only shot you have IMO is having her use the veto on Dan and then Shane evicted. And don’t forget Ian has a real decent chance of winning the F3 comp. He isn’t taking Dani either.

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    The only smart choice to make is vote Dan out. Not voting out Dan, for whatever reason, would be ridiculous. However, Shane and Danielle will probably keep him.

    Personally, I want Ian in the final two. He is the only one who deserves it at this point.

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    I still don’t get why everyone thinks Dani is a floater. Granted, she hasn’t won a ton, but she’s the only female to win now 2 HOH’s, and she’s got 2 Vetos, and if I’m not mistaken Jenn was the only other female to win a Veto, but I could be wrong there.
    Dan told her at the beginning of the season to throw comps, so we really don’t know if she could have done better in the first few.
    Plus, we have to keep in mind that Frank and Shane were pretty much running most of the comps, and when you have 2 strong male competetors that you are up against, I think pulling out any wins is pretty impressive.
    Plus, it is a smart move to not always have all of the blood on your hands. While she wasn’t the one nominating, she was voting, and had her hands in almost every eviction. Sitting back and letting Shane and Dan do more of the obvious work, could really help her in the jury. I think she’s played a pretty good game. For that matter, I think all of them left have. It doesn’t matter if you approve of their game play, the fact of the matter is they all made it to the final 4. If the rest of the house had played stronger games then these, wouldn’t they be in the house, not the jury or home? I’m not including Frank with them, he should still be there, but you can only dodge so many bullets, and he had more then his share this year.

    I’m hoping she doesn’t use the veto, mainly because I hate it win people use it on their own nominations. Esp since it isn’t like at this late point in the game something crazy is going to happen to make you want to put someone else up. I think she’ll leave it the same, and her and Shane will prob get out Ian, although I think the smart move for her would be to get out Dan.
    If it was me, I’d look at it as out of all of the people in the house, she wanted to get to the end with Dan and Shane, and she’s there. I say WAY TO GO DANI!

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      Floater is a strong word to describe anyone. So I wont disagree with you on that, but, Dani has not been using Dan and Shane to do the dirty work. To use someone you have to know your using them. Dan has made moves that have made her fall apart, not knowing the stradegy behind it brfore she starts crying. Lets all stop giving Dani more credit than her wins, she has not played a great game, unless you call doing whatever,, whenever dan wants you to.

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        Maybe I used a strong phrase as well in saying using them to do her dirty work. What I really meant was she didn’t get her hands as dirty as they have. She was able to vote, and have a say in their plans, but wasn’t the one in the battles, or putting up their alliance members.
        I’ll be honest, I would have been hurt as well if Dan had done the same things that he did to her. Granted, it didn’t seem like too much time passed between the “funeral” and him teling her, but he was in the HOH with Frank a lot longer then it seemed, so she had plenty of time to be upset. He wanted that reaction and knew he’d get it, so really, she only helped his plan work by reacting with tears.
        And I just don’t see it the way some do. While she did do most of what Dan wanted, even he has said that women (meaning Dani and Brit) play more emotional then a Memphis, so sometimes he had to go along with what they wanted just to keep the peace. Also, I didn’t say she played a “great game” I said she played a pretty good game. If she hadn’t at least played a good game, how is she in the final 4? How has she won 2 HOH’s and 2 POV’s and been close in a few others?
        While some think I’m giving the girl too much credit, I think most aren’t giving her enough. That said, if she does pull Dan off the block to put Shane up, she might be killing her own game.

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    Dani will take Dan off the block because she thinks Shane might evict him. Shane goes up on block and Dan votes him out. Both Ian and Dani will take Dan to final two but I must that if its Dan and Ian in F2 Idk who will win…

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      Dan wins. But considering the absent minded peeps. don’t know! But Britney and Jenn on post interview leaving the house, made the comment on how great Dan is at this game. This boads well for the votes. But are they still taking to personal like Frank. Dan Deserves is. The second half of the season, everything that has happened is souly Dan. Even though some believe they made the move themself.

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        It’s perception of the jury not what we see combined with what they tell each other. Dan’s famous swear on everything to Frank costs him Franks vote. Backstabbing Shane costs him Shanes vote when he’s evicted later today. Dan versus Dani Dani gets Brit and Jenn. 2 are up in the air and Ian votes Dan. I seriously believe at this point Dan cannot beat Dani if he has to evict Shane tonight. As I said in a previous post I don’t believe Dan’s been very smart at counting jury votes. I see his only chance at winning is getting F2 versus Ian. But that means he has to evict Shane himself. And that might be the 4th vote for Ian on the jury. Or maybe Ian taking credit for all the dirt actually hands dirtbag Dan another 500K.

        As bad as I’m going to feel for “nice guy” Shane if pimple popper loses her mind and uses the veto I think F3 could be real interesting. Especially if Dan looks at us in the camera and says he’s taking Ian F2 over Dani. No Dani F2 would be priceless!! Emotionally she may never recover!

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    Doesn’t Ian still have a veto he can use or is that our of play now?

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    I enjoy your updates more than any other site. You nail it and aren’t afraid to express your opinions. Thnx for your time in doing this.

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    The only person voting is Shane. All Ian has to say is “Hey Shane, who do you think Dan is taking to the final 2?” Shane would be an idiot to keep Dan.

  15. Avatar

    I want Dan OUT! He’s already won. He shouldnt even be a player but BB HAD THIS “great” idea to bring in “coaches” which meant they got a FREE 3 week ride. And I would love for Frank to get Americas Player. He was likeable and worked he butt off to stay. Just my opinion :))

    • Avatar

      I don’t think Frank was even remotely likable. Listen to the five finalists recently. They described him as dirty, smelly and ignorant. This is from people who were around him, not from us viewers, who were watching an edited broadcast. When I watched him on BB after dark, he was obnoxious. He is now in the jury house, and causing trouble there, if you’ve watched the teasers for the Thursday night show.

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    You know darn well EVERYONE in that jury house will vote for Ian to win the 500,000 if he is in the final two no matter who he is up against. If Dan takes Ian to the final 2 he is an idiot. If all of them do not agree to get rid of Ian they are all idiots. It doesn’t matter how people feel the jury should vote on who played the best game strategy-wise.And admit it Dan has played the best game in that department.

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    I think Ian, Shane, or Dani would be very smart to take Dan to the F2 b/c most of the jury will think Dan already won the big money so let someone else have the experience! Dan will end up getting 2nd place for sure, although, he’s been way smarter! He truly deserves to win the grand prize, but I just don’t see the jury handing it to him for the 2nd time.

    • Avatar

      It would be completely unethical to deny him the prize because he’s already won. BB made the decision to bring back a former winner, he worked the house and played the game to get where he is, he managed to get his ass off the hot seat repeatedly with skill (evil skill but still…skill) so if he’s sitting next to, say, Danielle and they chose not to give him the win “because he’s won before” that would go against everything BB stands for and make the whole point of the game moot.

      In the final two, the ONLY thing the jury should even be allowed to consider is the game that lead the player there. They can hate what they did in the house that season, but they shouldn’t be allowed to throw past seasons into Dans face. Period.

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        Huh? … are you saying BB has morals and is supposed to represent some semblance of an ethical code? … correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the HGs can be evicted for anything conducive to others’ dislikes – such as habitual face picking, displaying unclad moobs, or continued swinging in a hammock while sitting cross-legged and muttering to self – ha ha … in fact, I don’t believe they need a reason to be evicted … same goes with a bitter jury selecting who they wish to collect the $500k – do you really think Ashley is exercising deep thought for her selection – more like eeny meeny miny moe … ha ha … a post-BB panacea may be a switch to Honey Boo Boo to unwind – much more relaxing … ha ha – best o’ luck!

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        I agree Dan previous win should be no factor in the jury vote. I actually think the jury won’t give Dan the money simply because he played on peoples emotions so viciously. But until we see some edited footage from the jury house it will be hard to tell what’s developing. I figure more jury time Sunday than tonight.

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    I love your last line of you post!!!! ROFL

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    If Dan makes it to the f2 he will win. Everyone in the jury house will realize that Dan has made big moves and they all were simply out played. I dont want Dan to win but if Dani uses the POV tonite it’s a done deal.

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      No, he didn’t play a good game. He lied and cheated and and back stabbed everyone. No. He does not deserve to win. Not all. I hate him. And hate is a strong word. And I actually don’t hate anyone. But he’s a devil in my eyes. DEVIL

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    I don’t think Dan deserves to win 500 grand. No way. He’s a devil. No way. It will ruin my night and I won’t watch BB again. Never.

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