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Frank nominated for eviction again

Big Brother 14 – Nominations Revealed

Frank nominated for eviction again


Danielle took all day, needed a Cheez-It guide to try and understand odds and backdoors, but finally she came to a decision about who to nominate this week on Big Brother 14.   Oh, well I should say Dan decided who should be nominated and Danielle follow his plan.   So who was nominated?  Well, if you don’t want spoilers, then you’re definitely at the wrong site to begin with. I’ll give you a hint who the first one is, look at the picture above… and the second?  Well he was safe last week simply because of his coach, but not this week.

So if you don’t like reading my long winded paragraphs, the nominees are:

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Frank and Wil

Random note as I’m typing this… I think Frank just said “Stuff your sorries in a sack”..  I love Seinfeld and have a new respect for Frank just for that quote.   I’ve generally liked him so far this season, but now he’s Grumpy Gus thanks to his coach who has been nothing but a baby all day.   Look, I like Boogie, he may be annoying, may be arrogant, but he is a good player and doesn’t like to kiss ass.  However, drop the baby act.. we get it, you didn’t want to enter as a player, you thought you were going to cruise to $100k, but now is the time to step up or shut up.


Boogie acts like he’s the king of Big Brother, and the best player to ever step foot in the house.   Personally, I think he’s a good player, but he has definitely been able to hide in the huge shadow of Dr.Will.  He entered the game as a coach, did a pretty good job, but now he knows he’s vulnerable and doesn’t have that Dr.Will target taking heat off of him.

This is the time Boogie steps up and shows us he’s really the game player he claims to be.  Because he’s such an underdog at this point, I’m actually rooting for him to pull a miracle out of his butt.  I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Another random thought… I so wish Willie was in the house at this point.  There is no way a single coach, Britney included, would feel safe after this twist.  That baby should have also stepped up and done stuff to stay in this game.  Him leaving was about as frustrating as Dick leaving last year.

Anyway, those are the nominations, there is going to be tons of talk of pawns, backdoors, and an angry Boogie this week.  Watch the live feeds right here and watch the action unfold.


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  1. Avatar
    Kay (19 comments)

    Y is Frank such a big threat? Hes won one competition. I personally like Frank. Danielle should put up Shane hes the one thats been winning if she only knew he tryed to vote her out to save Jo Jo… Im not a Wil fan so i hope he goes this week I did like Willie but not so much everything he has done I think he would have been still there if Joe hadnt provoked him just my thoughts…

    • Avatar

      Frank was a target before the coaches joined, because he was favored by Boogie and the other coaches esp Janelle convinced Shane to target Boogie even though Shane had a deal with Frank. Danielle wanted to up up Boogie and Frank now but Dan convinced her not to. She is not playing her game but seems to be relying ib whatever Dan says.

    • Avatar
      Danie (1 comments)

      Danielle does know that he voted her out…

  2. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    stevebeans… on a somewhat unrelated note… did it ever come out why Dick left last year? i never heard why, but hoped it wasn’t that something horrible had happened. i’ll admit, i’ve at times even thought he was there so that Daniele could get that golden key.
    back to this season, i wish willie was still here too. just so we could see all of them worry, but he was way to much of a hot head to make it. which sucks, because i was thinking he was one i would like. oh well…

    • stevebeans

      Nope, never got any details about it. Never really tried though. I’m sure I probably have contacts who may know, but I lost interest in it lol. I’d like to know if someone told me, but he isn’t worth the effort to dig anything up.

      It wouldn’t shock me if he left for Danielle, left so he can cause a big stir to promote his blog or web show, or left because I’d probably leave too if I knew I had to spend a summer with Rachel.

      • Avatar
        Christina (1276 comments)

        lol, very true. i just had a feeling it was a ploy for the game, and daniele, but i thought i was the only one in that boat.

  3. Avatar
    TT (25 comments)

    Am I the only one that would like to see Boogie stand up and unite the newbies against the coaches?

    • Avatar
      TT (25 comments)

      Sorry but Brittney really has a tight body, make her the last coach out!

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think enough of the newbies trust Boogie enough to unite with him. Frank, Ian (but he’s been spending a lot of time in the HOH and with Dan, so he might even be jumping off the Boogie boat, or playing for himself finally), Jenn possibly, but who else wants to work with Boogie? Not Shane or Danielle, for sure. And I’m pretty sure Wil just wants to beat Boogie, Joe, well, he’s so wishy washy, there’s no telling, and Ashley??? I’m still not convinced she even knows where she is, much less who she wants to play with.
      I think it would be more likely that more of them would team up with the Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brit group to get rid of Janelle and Boogie. Just my opinion…

      • Avatar
        Mr. Ecoli (8 comments)

        Good post Christina. I’m with you 100% on all of your comments. It appears you have a real handle on the game.

  4. Avatar
    Lizzie (1 comments)

    I’m sorry but Danielle is SO irritating! Her voice, her face… ugh so annoying! I hope Frank survives elimination and Danielle leaves next week.

  5. Avatar
    IMO (28 comments)

    Jenelle’s nose should have its own team – wow!!!! I find it soooo distracting when I watch her…

    I think that Frank, Shane, Danielle, Brit, Dan, and some pawns should have taken the house down. Starting with Boogie.

    (I actually really like Boogie, but if they don’t take him out he might cause havoc and mayhem!).

    I think Jenelle should have been next!

    We shall see what happens… But I hope Frank doesn’t go home. He seems so awesome and chill.

    • RAY
      RAY (135 comments)

      Well you have to have a big nose to go with a big butt.

      Notice how Janelle wears a towel to cover it when she is in her bikini.

      Brittney nice, tight and hot, no shame in covering that up

      Time to dump the biggest liar in the house Janelle

  6. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (191 comments)

    They jumped the shark by bringing the coaches into the game.

    Boogie and Frank should have been nominated. It would have been interesting to see how Boogie would handle it.

  7. Avatar
    Benji (1 comments)

    Boogie has no respect for women, and I hope after this game he sees comments about this so he can reflect. He acted with no respect in previous seasons, but it really hit home this year. Maybe his mom will have a talk with him, but I don’t imagine he treats her good enough either. Maybe its to late for a 40 something zebra to change his strips?

  8. Avatar
    Mr. Ecoli (8 comments)

    Janelle: She may have a big butt and a big nose, but her big mouth gets her in trouble. I especially thought her remark about her husband and keeping him happy, was to keep his belly full and his pp empty. Wonder who is taking care of that now??

  9. Avatar
    cate (2 comments)

    boogie needs to grow up……get over urself boogie, u are a nasty, poor sport player and havent had one nice thing to say about any one in the house. the way u treat women with such disdain is difficult to watch….somebody figure out how to save janelle. i want her to kick boogie and franks ass out!
    is dan and “sheep” really this stupid? they are gonna leave 2 dangerous players in the house because dan believed boogie…..are u kidding me? have these players ever watched a big brother? seriously,u got to wonder?
    first chance boogie gets he will get rid of all his competition….keep only the weak so he can feel like an important player

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