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Big Brother 14 – PoV Meeting Results

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The Big Brother 14 veto meeting has taken place, and “The Silent 6” alliance apparently has some legs after all.  In a season with constant vote changes, lies and manipulations, Janelle suffered possibly the biggest shock of the season so far as Wil was removed and Janelle replaced him on the block.

This is the second time in a row that the HoH has vetoed his or her own nominations which is pretty shocking in itself.  Needless to say, Janelle is not too thrilled about the move and will be busting her butt this week to keep herself in the game.  The queen is not going down without a fight and it will all take place on the live feeds.

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Right now the house is in shock over likely the biggest move a newbie has made against a veteran in the past two seasons.  Granted, the move was generally Boogie and Dan’s, and poor Danielle is getting the blood on her hands for them, but hey at least this helps get a veteran out of the house.

I’m a little surprised at how Danielle handled it.  She removed Wil to put up Janelle, and that fired a clear shot at Janelle.  In addition, she didn’t even try to pull a “I wanted to help secure Frank going home because I heard others were going to vote out Wil”… instead, Danielle told Janelle that she was scared of being a target.  Kind of dumb if you ask me.   Swapping Frank for Janelle would have 100% guaranteed Janelle leaving if “The Silent 6” remain together, but now they still have to hope to get another vote for Janelle.

While it’s very possible Janelle can get herself off the block, right now it appears she may be the one going home this week.

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  1. Comments (191)

    Good move? Only time will tell but I hope she does go. I can’t stand the way she plays the game and a coach is going home, which would be good news.

  2. Comments (1276)

    I can’t say for sure why she took down Wil and left Frank up, but I do have some ideas. I’m thinking 3 things, one she appeard pretty upset at having to break her promise to Wil by putting him up at all, so she might be trying to make it up to him.
    Second, I’m thinking they are trying to keep the new alliance quite, so leaving Frank up will help to cover it up.
    And 3, maybe she’s thinking it will help her to keep Janelle slightly at Bay. Obiviously, the gloves are off and the line was drawn, but Danielle could still make the argument to Jan that she might want Frank out, just to keep her off her butt for the next few days. And Janelle, being the constant player that she is, will probably see it as if she gets Danielle’s opinion changed, then she could have the vote of Shane, Dan and Brit in her favor.
    Seems pretty risky to me, but in this game, sometimes risks pay off.

    • Comments (126)

      Last night on BBAD, the reason was to keep the ‘SIX’ covert. This was Dan’s idea. Janelle is out, lest there be a long shot mess up and Janelle’s pressures too hard and somebody crumbles.

      I think taking Frank off the block was best for this ‘let pretend nobody will figure out we are all together’ is dumb to think that they don’t already know.

    • Comments (8)

      I believe you are once again, right on about the game and your thoughts.

      • Comments (1276)

        Mr. Ecoli, I like the way you think 🙂
        I just can’t figure out why everyone doesn’t just agree with me. lol

    • Comments (406)

      Listening to her try and explain it on the feeds, she did a terrible job. I completely agree with you about those 3 things, but Danielle failed miserably at trying to get that point across and instead made it appear like Janelle could be a target.

      I guess that’s what happens when someone else is playing your HoH for you and you’re left to clean up the mess

    • Comments (2)

      I hope Danielle realizes what a huge target she has now put on herself winning both Hoh and veto and changing her nominations to put Jan on the block putting more blood on her hands then need be cuz she could have easily kept them the same got rid of wil who will be a threat later on in the game if he plays them right and she also kept her alliance more secretive because the target would still look very much so like frank because will is still a likable guy and hasn’t proven himself athreat yet. And let’s say the vote was Ashley jenn Ian janelle to get frank out and Shane brit boogie Dan to get wil out thevote would be split so you just have to convince Joe frank is a better assist to him then wil. Clearly frank is also a bigger target keeping everyone else aligned with him safe until they finally get rid of frank.

  3. Comments (5)

    Danielle has a serious inferiority complex. She is so out of her mind to stick with boogie to satisfy her jealousy for Janelle.

    • Comments (1)

      OMG! That Danielle is getting on my nerves with her whining! Wah, wah, wah! Janelle this, Janelle that, Janelle, Janelle, Janelle!!!! Just like a kid would do. grrrrr Can somebody at BB tell her to stop her fricken whining? She’s getting on my nerves BIG TIME! I wish I could give her a good slap on the side of her head and tell her to grow or shut or both the F**k up!!! Man she definitely has an inferiority complex! Isn’t she driving anyone else crazy out there???

  4. Comments (8)

    BaaD Move!

  5. Comments (11)

    Danielle is an idiot…she is only removing Janelle because she is jealous of her. Boogie and Frank suck and it would have been better for Danielle, Shane, Dan and Brittany to allign with Janelle since she is a better player moving forward than Frank who is useless. Boogie is a liar and even said he hated Danielle before she was HOH….Danielle is a super idiot. I hope Janelle convinces Ian to be the swing vote and make her stay in the house, then Janelle wins HOH and makes them all regret it!!!!

    • Comments (5)

      You are so on the mark. Danielle is so jealous of Janelle.

    • Comments (169)

      Why do all of the Janelle fans think that any player that doesn’t like her, MUST be jealous of her? Maybe it’s simply because she’s a BEAST at competitions?? I assume if some of you were in the house with Janelle, you would all just give up and sign the 500K over to her? It’s a game for a LOT of money…. and Janelle would be a big threat to WIN said money. It’s only logical and reasonable to eject said threat from the game. Hey, it may not get Dani to the end, but nobody can deny that if she DOES make it to the end, she will have a VERY strong case for the jury.

    • Comments (1)


      Danielle put her up because it was a good move. Janelle is a strong player who has no plans keeping Dani, Shane, or Dan around.

      Janelle just wants to bring Joe and Ashley along as far as she can and then kill them off at the end.

      Before the Veto, Janelle was trying to play both Boogie’s side and Britney’s side. She wanted to pretend as if the coaches were going to play together to give her some wiggle room in the house. That wasn’t a bad idea, but she did not execute her plan properly and Boogie topped her.

      Janelle is more conniving than Boogie is, I think it’s strange how most of America cannot see that.

      • Comments (3)

        Janelle is more convincing because she is a psychopath. She can look you dead in the eye and lie to you. If they keep her around she will mind f**k them all.

  6. Comments (6)

    Please lets hope that Janelle is gone and Frank has not used up all of his 9 Lives. BIG BOLD MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Comments (5)

    Daneille is so full of herself. Anybody notice how Dan kept changing the subject when she was talking about her nursing job?

  8. Comments (1)

    Yes, please get her out she is so fake and I hope Frank stays for another week then get Dan out then get out Boogie, and at last brat then I hope Ian takes it all

  9. Comments (1)

    Big move. Way to go. So tired of hearing Janelle talk about her playing BB 3x”s and no win. Frank is not a jock like everyone thinks. He is just a down home, honest boy from Arkansas. He will be true to the “6” til the end of game.

  10. Comments (1)

    Lets just say if Janelle leaves the game, im going not gonna watch the rest of the season. The reason why is beause by Dan’s alliance getting rid of janelle basically gives the other side of the house (will,jenn,joe,ashley) a very slim chance on even winning. This season is becoming to predictable, I just wish CBS or production NEED to stop bring people back for GOOD, or make an all-star 2.

    • Comments (169)

      And I’m sure all the people that stop watching because she’s leaving will cause the show to get canned. I never get why people declare something like this. We all have our favs, I wasn’t happy when Jeff went home last season…I hated Shelly… and it’s OK for all the Janelle fans to hate Danielle… but it’s a game move. Sure, when a player we don’t like gets backdoored and evicted and talked smack about, it’s perfectly fine and dandy…but if one of our favs is in that situation, we declare we won’t watch anymore. You gotta respect big game moves…Sure, I have my favs throughout the seasons…I like Janelle…. but I respect and love the game more than those favorites. I was sooo mad at Shelly for what she did, and yeah I was happy when she got evicted, just as I’m sure the Janelle fans will be happy when/if Dani gets evicted. It’s normal. Just gotta respect a big move and move on…that’s all 🙂

    • Comments (191)

      I love it when people say they will stop watching if something they don’t like happens. In two weeks they say the same thing about something else:)

      • Comments (1276)

        Personally I like Danielle, just like I liked Jordan in prior years. Maybe it’s being from the south myself, but I don’t find them annoying. And what a lot of people see as annoying, is simply speaking with a Southern Accent. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if she wasn’t from the south, or at least didn’t have a strong southern accent a lot of the people who seem to hate her so much, wouldn’t have a problem with most of the things they complain about.
        Plus, as much as Janelle is a huge threat, and has the ability to win comps, from her track record in prior seasons, it seems like she’s not able to close the deal and win. In my opinion, it’s because of the whining, that annoying baby voice, and the CONSTANT lies. Also, I can not for the life of my figure out what anyone would be jealous of in Jan. Again guys, just my opinion I don’t expect everyone to agree with it.

      • Comments (7)

        I feel that the main reason Danielle is not liked is because she said she did not want anyone to know she was a nurse, so she said she was a teacher so people would not think she was smart. That is really a SLAM to teachers.

      • Comments (1276)

        I do agree with you there. I don’t know if that was something that she thought out prior to getting in the house, or if she made a bad decision last minute. I don’t get why she is saying that, and coming from a family of teachers, I totally get why that bothers so many people. That being said, I don’t think that she thought it out and realized that it would be putting teachers down. But again, it’s just my opinion.

  11. Comments (2)

    I think boogie and frank are just playing them I mean if I was boogie why would I allign with the people who were sending my alliance home or at least attempting to. What makes anyone think when boogie wins Hoh he won’t just turn around and nominate Danielle and Dan for being the swing vote that wasn’t loyal and for being her coach making him just as much disloyal. And ya maybe boogie didn’t know initially but he now knows so why join forces with people you hate and won’t be loyal. As for the janelle thing I hope she goes home because she thinks she is better than everyone more specifically boogie when she’s clearly not or she wouldn’t be on the block currently. And she would have been Hoh and calling the shots. She talks big for someone who’s never won big brother and has played it two times prior to this season.

  12. Comments (1)

    I am loving this new alliance. Frank always stays true to his word if they make this pack he will stick with it 100%. I think they are smart to get out Janelle because she has already said she will put up Shane and Danielle next week if she wins, so why wouldn’t they want her out? Boogie refuses to work with Janelle so I think Boogie will stick with them at least for a little while. I was watching Big Brother After Dark and it was just Frank and Boogie talking and Frank said how he hopes he wins HOH next week so he can prove that he is with the silent 6 100%. Basically Janelle needs to go. I used to love her but this year she is just rubbing me the wrong way she is so fake!!!

  13. Comments (11)

    I have always liked Janelle for the simple reason that she PLAYS THE GAME, she does not let personal feelings for other players interfere in her game plan. Danielle is so wishy washy, she was all sure to send Frank home and now because she hates Janelle she changes her mind. I find it a bad move because Janelle is not a threat to them at this point and they could have alligned with her INSTEAD of Boogie because she is a better player to advance their game. They need to break up the Boogie-Frank “bromance”. Why would Boogie not go into an alliance with the other coaches and send Frank home? no valid reason….he is in love with him just like he was in love with Wil in his chill town days….he is so pathetic. I would want all the coaches to be eliminated eventually since they had their shot BUT I would love Janelle to win out on this one and see Boogie’s face when Frank leaves….THAT WOULD BE PRICELESS!!!

    • Comments (3)

      Janelle is not a threat at this point? Until next week when she wins HOH and puts up 2 of the six. She is a sociopath with no feelings for anything or anyone. Why would you keep her around?

  14. Comments (2)

    This is the exact move I would have made in the house at this point too. Janelle is A HUGE threat. Hello she won 2 coach’s comps (granted Boogie was an idiot and Dan threw one) but still, she holds the record for most comps won in a season, so if you leave her in the game you WILL NEVER get her out. I haven’t been watching the feeds just updates, but I knew the moment HOH was released, what should have happened, now not letting Janelle play veto was hella smart, so was back dooring her, putting Wil up umm would not have been my choice, I would have thrown up Boogie, and screw Dan’s theories all to hell, I want the Vets to go home. Dani not too smart and not confident at all with her abilities is relying on Dan to get her farther in the game until they screw her like they screwed Brit. Alas, I can’t wait for Janelle to walk out that door, Shane wins HOH (again) and (in my world Boogie and Joe would go up and Boogie goes home)

  15. Comments (1)

    Hoping to see Janelle go, I think that she causes more confusion than anything by constantly switching sides, so by eliminating her I’m expecting there will be some major changes to the game play!!

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