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Big Brother 15 – Andy Playing A Risky Game

bb15-risky-businessYes, poor photoshop job making Andy a brunette

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After what was an incredibly slow Sunday in the Big Brother house, it’s finally time to get some action.  By action, I mean feeds cut for about an hour or so until we find out that Andy didn’t use the power of veto and nominations will remain the same.  It hasn’t happened yet, but don’t worry, it will.

Speaking of, one thing about being a blogger/feed watcher is how different the cast comes off in the diary room versus reality.  Last night on Big Brother, Andy was in the DR talking about how he’s glad to be HoH and how he needs to make a big move or whatever.  I don’t remember word for word, just that he’s here to play then made a weak/safe move as HoH.  This isn’t a knock on Andy, a lot of people seem to have a DR personality and a real personality.  Nick was huge for that, Judd is another, and Dan (last season) was one of the biggest.   They’re super quiet in the house, then they get on camera and suddenly start talking like a radio DJ.

Andy is playing a dangerous game right now because as we also seen, the entire house thinks of him as his friend.  While that’s great in some cases, it’s not so great all the time in Big Brother.  There are going to be 9 people who are in there either directly or indirectly because of their supposed ‘friend’.  This is what makes a bitter jury because I’m sure it would be pretty painful to get close with a bunch of people and all of the sudden they just turn on you.  That hurts, whether in game or not.  Look at Judd’s reaction after he got on the block, and how painful the whole situation was.

The entire house is currently telling both Jessie and Spencer they’re safe this week, so that will be back to back people who are surprised as they are talking to Julie.  At least Candice knew she was going home and had time to prepare, but when you tell someone they’re safe all week and then punch them in the gut on eviction night, they typically don’t forget it.  Survivor fans will get this reference, but it reminds me of the style Amanda Kimmel played when she would evict someone and then give them puppy dog eyes as they entered tribal as a jury member.  Nobody bought it and she never won, will the same be said about Andy’s good guy routine?

The PoV meeting should be sometime this early afternoon, so I will create a post when that is complete.  If the veto is used, I’ll be completely surprised.

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  1. Lillian Robertson
    Comments (6)

    Andy wins POV this week as told on After Hours.

  2. Comments (1162)

    Will Helen be stunned when Andy helps to evict her?
    Sure but what will be interesting to watch will be Helen’s misplaced anger.
    While claiming to be angry with Andy, she should be angry with herself.
    Andy has given her enough “clues” about his loyalty to Amanda and McCrae that
    the only thing preventing Helen’s understanding of what is going on is her EGO.
    She isn’t listening to him!!!! He’s lucky because I don’t think he realizes just how
    much information he has let slip out of his mouth.

    With all of the distrust and outright lies in this game, it is at this point, a
    real game player should begin “testing” the loyalty of their “friends.”
    Take nothing for granted……..nothing!!

    • Comments (80)

      I definitely agree that she should be angry with herself. She has no one else to really blame. And IMO I feel like she deserves to be put up and evicted due to the fact that to her it was always “too soon” and “too early” to make a big move. She has certainly lost her chance now and if she doesn’t win HOH this Thursday, she has sealed her fate.

    • Comments (228)

      she should of seen the red flag many times from his conversations. She also had her chance to evict Amanda but waited..LOL! That will cost her. She was trying to convince Andy to do her dirty work. BACKFIRE!!!! NEXT
      Guess its time for the ‘cheerleader’ to go..Helen..Pop a squat…

  3. Comments (316)

    Andy is doing the right thing. If he takes sides he will get a target on his back. This way he could float right through to the end of the game!Good job Andy dear!Better safe than sorry.

    • Comments (1162)

      If Andy and Elissa end up as the Final Two (Yikes!), I think Elissa would win.

      • Comments (1439)

        I’m sure I will get the “Brenchel” gang on me for saying this, but here goes…
        I am confused about Elissa. One minute I admire her because she seems to get the horrible talk in the house and will leave a room if it gets out of control. I liked her when she told Candice that she understands what she went through and felt like she was living with a bunch of crazy people.
        But..then she cuddles up to Amanda like they are BFF’s. Does Elissa not see or hear the awful/bigoted things that Amanda says?? Why is Elissa holding the grudge at Aaryn and GM, but somehow Amanda’s rotten disposition is overlooked by Elissa?
        Last night they were making fun of Jessie and Elissa was right there in the thick of it. Is it gameplay?? Is she that naïve? And she always votes with “the house.” Or is her good girl, morality queen behavior all an act.
        Did anyone see Elissa on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show last season?? She was a bride who was completely out of control. She wanted a destination wedding and then kept changing the date(after some had bought tickets). She expected her bridesmaids to purchase $300 pairs of shoes and have them dyed. And she even told one girl that she couldn’t be in the wedding if she still had her braces on at the time of the wedding.
        So – I just don’t get Elissa…who is she really?

      • Comments (158)

        I really dislike Elissa, although I disliked her sister too so perhaps it’s bias.

        But not only is she incredibly judgemental of others in the house but she’s also incredibly ignorant about what she thinks she’s some knowledgeable about. Most recent example is she’s lecturing people about how McDonald’s fries take months to digest in your stomach?

        WTF? That doesn’t even make the most remote sense. That’s just new-age hippie bullshit. But that doesn’t stop her from casting judgement on the other houseguests in the form of back-handed compliments, based upon those BS beliefs.

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree with you about Elissa. She is a puzzling person,
        Kind but Afraid- or – Totally Misleading Everyone?

        I’m guessing she is one of the kindest people in the House but has
        reached the point where leaving a room or saying something when
        others begin their hate speak is just too noticeable. She’s attempting
        Andy’s plan of “Hiding In Plain Sight!”

        She is spineless and has wrongly placed full faith in Helen.

        She can’t make it to the end based upon her own merit, but might
        make it there because so many feel they can still use her to their
        Two nights ago, Amanda, McCrae and Andy, all, said they wanted to
        keep Elissa to the end ……. to use her.

        Andy has played up his position of “True Friend” to so many HGs
        and, IMO, will pay the price of not getting votes after backstabbing them.

        Elissa is just there. Waiting… move forward due to the others

      • Comments (233)

        I’d rather “move forward due to other’s mistakes” than to be evicted for my own mistakes. Some might call that a winning strategy in the crazy house she’s in this year. Hopefully one of the bullies will think she’s best to take to the end and are then very surprised when those in the jury show they’ve actually appreciated her low-key, gentle approach.

      • Comments (1439)

        Just amazed that she seems like the biggest floater in there – always just waiting to do and vote what/however the house wants her to and not making her own bold moves.
        Wouldn’t her own sister being telling her to “GRAB A LIFEVEST!?!?”

      • Comments (233)

        RR might be saying, Diff’rent Strokes for Diff’rent Folks when they give Elissa the big check. With the disgusting behavior in the house this season, I just find Elissa a better person to root for. No disrespect intended to you or M.M. I enjoy your perspectives.

      • Comments (624)

        If Elissa’s strategy right now is just sitting idle on the sidelines, it may get through the next week or two…..BUT eventually the power players will run out of options and go after their silent non-wavemaking allies, such as Elissa.

        She may be saving something though….who knows?

  4. Comments (453)

    Helen commented that this week is the test on exactly who Andy is loyal to.

    • Comments (316)

      Helen is not the boss!

    • Comments (80)

      Not sure why she would need a “test” when she should already know by the comments he’s made to her about them. Is Helen really that clueless?

      • Comments (135)

        No, Helen’s not that clueless. I think Midwest Middie called it. She’s blinded by her ego.

      • Comments (624)

        Second that. Middie is dead on.

      • Comments (90)

        Helen is soooo full of herself. I believe that because she’s the oldest HG, she feels she has the upper hand of “life knowledge” or experience over the others. Maybe she does to a degree, but her controlling delivery is just annoying. And the way she runs over to hug the HoH or POV winners is nauseating. Don’t get me started about her “game” chatter. *rolling my eyes way up in my head* . Where’s a large can of insecticide when you need it?!

      • Comments (231)


  5. Comments (71)

    These people make me sick. Last night Helen, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy were sitting in the HOH room mocking and laughing about Jessie and about how the whole house has deceived her. Helen was mad at Jessie for being happy that she (thinks she) is staying! Only Andy acted like he felt a little bad for her but he was laughing right along with them!
    Of course he never feels bad enough to stop being the back stabbing rat he is — how these HGs (including Jess) haven’t figured out yet that EVERYTHING they tell him goes directly to Amanda and McCrae at astonishing speed is beyond me. When Jessie challenged him to make a big move and said, “do you want to come in fifth place?” by playing it safe, the first thing he did was tell Amanda and McCrae. Same thing with Helen – he pipes all her conversations to them too, while telling her what everyone else (except McManda) says. I am starting to dislike him as much as I do Helen and McManda. I can’t imagine how anyone in the jury will want to vote for these absolutely degenerate people.

    • Comments (316)

      Spencer is the creepiest freak of all and yet he is mostly going unnoticed.

      • Comments (17)

        If you had said that Spencer had very poor social game, I would agree with you. Spencer is just a harmless dope who wants to fit in, but without Howard he’s just very alone in the game. You say that he’s going unnoticed, yet it’s his 5th time on the block. I wouldn’t say he’s creepy.

      • Comments (316)

        The freak makes sexual jokes about young kids, that is creepy.

      • Comments (228)

        even if he was joking, he was so explicit about it. That tells me he’s been thinking about it..

      • Comments (316)

        Spencer has no moral compass. Thank goodness I am me and not him!! POO!!!

      • Comments (624)

        Yeah, I would banish him to at least 5 years of dial up. That will break his smut habit. lol

      • Comments (768)

        Someone who says the creepy things he has is creepy. Spencer has essentially been neutered by the number of nominations he’s had and the fact he can’t find anyone to work with. Andy seems to have him totally under his control at this point.

      • Comments (610)

        Spencer is creepy, especially with his comments about little children and recently he made a comment about wanting to see Jessie naked. Even if he’s just “joking around”, it’s not appropriate and does come across badly.

      • Comments (624)

        Oh you know he’d nail her in a NY minute. He couldn’t get laid if he had a $100 bill hanging out of his zipper.

  6. Comments (1162)

    BY – Amanda just told Helen that she has yet to break her word to anyone in this game.

  7. Comments (610)

    vulgarity is not appropriate here

  8. Comments (158)

    To be fair those downvotes you’re whining about are just the opinions other people are expressing about your comments. So far the only “hate” I’ve seen is you calling everyone a bunch of Nancy’s

  9. Comments (78)

    You are indeed a digusting blogger!!!!!!!!!

  10. Comments (96)

    I hope if it is between spencer and Jessie, that spencer goes home. I’m tired of seeing these disgusting people ( GM, Aaryn, amanda) get closer and closer to 50,000 or half a milli

    • Comments (624)

      Somebody needs to grow a pair and put them up! But who is up to it? This mutual agreement stuff is about as exciting as watching pre-season football in the 4th quarter.

  11. Comments (2)

    I was wondering what your address was? I was hoping to send you some condoms…to prevent you from reproducing. Also can I send a letter to your mom thanking he for an example of how to NOT raise children.

  12. Comments (27)

    If Andy is going to inevitable upset people anyway, what justification is there for it not to be a big target? He’s about to give away $500k. He, like everyone else, is terrified to get bloody or a target however, the only people getting evicted are the ones without bloody hands or a legitimate target on their backs. Aaryn is knee deep in blood and is arguably the safest person in the house right now.

    Along those lines, ever since the fallout from Spencer and Howard’s secret vote scheme, everyone is terrified to vote against the house. They don’t even say “hey, this person is leaving anyway but they are my friend, can I please vote for the other person”. The house has forgotten the most important rule: you only have to have ONE vote less than the other guy.

    This is the most cowardly, gutless, spineless cast to ever play. They will eventually run out of weeks to say “lets wait till next week to get (insert big fish name here) out. The only thing this cast is good at is refusing to win!

    • Comments (624)

      Production needs to do some tweaking on the flow of the game so this doesn’t become the norm for future seasons. So predictable and very boring. Predictable isn’t even the word….the evictions are pretty much a given. I thought the POV backdoor on Judd was a turning point, but now it seems to be back to the same old “follow the house” boring game.

  13. Comments (166)

    Really Andy, you didnt use the thing this house is full of is surprises & regrets!!
    Surprised–Aaryn that her racist mouth overloaded her ASS & she is jobless & that America doesn’t love her like her mother does!!
    Surprised–Amanda that her BB showmance was with a punk with no gumption in life & that her racist comments have cost her not only her job but her family name is so damaged now!! 15 MINUTES OF SHAME!!!!
    Surprised–guess what GM you also have no job & clueless about this whole Nick obsession which clearly will be soo humiliating for you!!
    Regret–Andy that the WHOLE house doesn’t have your back!!
    Regret–Helen that the time to have made a BIG move was weeks ago!!
    McCrae–TOO many surprises(MEANMANDA) & regrets(MEANMANDA)!!!!!
    Jessie–regretful that she didn’t play harder for alliances to make moves earlier in the game!!
    Spencer–surprised & regretful that the thought of even talking about child porn was suppose to be somehow funny!!
    Elissa–no regrets, kept her integrity of being a good person & surprised that she just WON BB15!!!! YAY GO ELISSA!!!!!!!

  14. Comments (624)

    Oh my….so graphic!

  15. Comments (83)

    Andy is a spineless fag, I hope he goes home next, these are the dumbest bunch of racist, ignorant ppl to ever play BB, not one person on that show is deserving of ONE DIME.

  16. Comments (1)

    I am so glad you mentioned that about Andy. He said something during Sunday’s show, along the lines as…..“I’m ready to win HoH. I’m going to make a big move. People are going to know I’m here to play.” Then he cowers and puts up Spencer and Jessie. Give me a break! This whole season has put a bad taste in my mouth for obvious reasons AND the fact that no one wants “blood on their hands”. I have never seen a season where so many people during the live vote say things like “I’m so sad to vote out my friend. So and so would have never voted me off. I sadly vote to evict.” And my personal favorite “It’s what the house wants.” Wake up! It’s what Helen and Amanda want. These people have a once in a lifetime chance to win $500,000! I wonder how many of these spineless hamsters are going to look back at this summer and regret not sticking up to for themselves. But………on the other hand, most of them on several occasions have claimed that they just want to make it to jury. What a lame group.

  17. Comments (83)

    Sounds like u should mind your own buisness

  18. Comments (282)

    Here we go AGAIN !!!!!!

  19. Comments (143)

    I feel Helen has been given enough clues from Andy that he isn’t going to go against Amanda
    1. Andy rats out Jessie for trying to go against them, and Jessie ends up on the block 2-3 weeks in a row. yes Helen wasn’t in the conversation but this was a house wide blowup.
    2. Helen tries to get Amanda and McCrae out prior to Andy winning HOH but he says its too early
    3. Andy wins HOH, there are only a few HG left and Andy still refuses to even backdoor one of them on a perfect opportunity saying its too early.

    The reason Helen its too early is because as long as you are still in the house it will be too early because he wants YOU out. I suspect Helen might be on to this, but without winning HOH, she’ll be very limited in what she can do. I suspect Aaryan and GM are just as brainwashed and ironically Spencer will have no incentive to keep her around because she booted all his allies and bashed him over the head to the point that Spencer would rather go with Amanda and McCrae. Her word is worthless and Spencer knows it. Helen will be lucky to have anyone besides Elissa as an ally after this eviction.

    Yes I feel Elissa is my new favourite in the house, the pickings are real slim now.

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