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Big Brother 15 – It’s Been A Bad Week For Spicoli (aka Dave)

You’re just not mean enough to be with me!!

With Aaryn’s maturity levels reaching all time lows this week, it’s only fitting she had a conversation (and breakup) with Dave that reminded me of stuff I heard around 14 years old.  If you set the flashback to 11:40pm and watch this painfully awkward conversation, you will see what I’m talking about.

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Aaryn and Dave have had one of the more awkward ‘showmances’ to begin with, but I suppose that is going to happen when you pair a cold-hearted mean girl with a laid back surfer type.  Aaryn goes on and on about how he’s just difficult to talk to, and when her conversations consist of bashing everyone in the house, that makes sense. Additionally, she wants a guy to take control, blah blah blah.  Seriously, this is stuff I dealt with in high school when kids were super shallow, dated only on looks then a week later realized a relationship requires conversation and mental stimulation to survive.

In addition to the breakup, Dave is likely going home on Wednesday, but on the bright side, at least he won’t be associated with Aaryn for much longer.

As far as the rest of the night, it was pretty quiet except for the whole GinaMarie meltdown all day.  Apparently Big Brother took away most of her clothes, and I still don’t even understand why.  Some speculated there were logos and such on them, and she did mention how she had to cover up one logo the other day.  It’s probably becoming an editing nightmare to blur out the logos during the shows, especially when they have to blur out her mouth half the time.


You can view a lot of her meltdown throughout the day, but a decent time is 8:30pm when she goes into a deep discussion about how she’s basically the loner of the family, no kids, blah blah.  I’d feel a lot more sympathy if she hadn’t been acting like a terrible person this week, so for now all I can do is laugh.

I will do some blogging today as I couldn’t last night due to the feeds blacking out for me.  I don’t expect a very wild day, but with this crew you never know.  I do know things will be pretty interesting on Wednesday night, and today will likely be the calm before the storm.

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  1. Comments (528)

    Hahaha…”but Mr. Hand!!”

  2. Comments (231)

    With 4 cameras, why are are there 2 on Aaryn most of the time? Uck it’s like a bad dream. The feeds were terrible last night but the tweets were speculating that Aaryn was told by bb about the petitions and that was why she was acting the way she was last night.

  3. Comments (1276)

    Question, Has Dave been around for most of the bashing? Any of the really bad stuff I’ve seen he hasn’t been sitting there to hear, but with my schedule, I’m sure I’ve missed tons.
    I would feel bad he’s leaving, but guilt by assosication, and honestly, he’s better off. He doesn’t seem like the guy to love being around Aaryn and GM’s and Jeremy’s crap, so in the long run better that he leave now then end up being further associated with those losers!

    • Comments (231)

      Yes, Dave has been around for the comments and made a few of his own. I can’t remember exactly but it could have been the greasy sheets with Candice ( not sure though). He is just as stupid and crass. In the beginning, he said she was perfect with the blue eyes and blond hair. All I want to do is gag bc I’m b-eyed and b-haired. He is dumber than a door knob.

      • Comments (1276)

        Thanks Patricia, I really hadn’t seen his comments, or was just so distracted by the volume of the others to remember his. Again, I still want him out as well, but I just want the others out first. Either way, he doesn’t seem like the brightest guy out there, but then again, he’s not the meanest either.
        What I found laughable is when Aaryn (during the “break up” was saying she thinks he’s just interested in her looks, and that bothers her. Well dang, that girl needs to realize ALL she has going for her are her looks, she’s not smart, she’s got an evil moral core and aside from the obvious racist matter, she’s just a mean caddy little, well I’ll leave it at mean and caddy. She needs to understand that if it weren’t for her looks, she not only would be sitting alone somewhere, but she’d never get a guy. Ride the looks all the way to the bank, because she has no other good qualities to use in her favor.
        Plus, I’m about 100% sure he was saying was that her looks were “perfect” not her.

  4. Comments (316)

    I would like for Helen and Howard to get more air time. I would like to get to know them.

    • Comments (1276)

      Elissa too, IMO. I don’t feel like they have shown her much, except for when she was upset/sad or when in a large group. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more McRae, that is when he’s not with Amanda who is so overpowering. Shoot, I’ll be honest, I’d just like less of the hate group, and more of anything, at this point I’m missing the hampster cage.

  5. Comments (77)

    I don’t understand all the talk about Aaryn’s looks. I personally do not see “good looks”. There are other girls in the house that look a lot better in my opinion.

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