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Big Brother 15 – Maybe We’ll Get A Big Move Next Week?

Yea, we're bored too, McCrae
Yea, we’re bored too, McCrae

As of today, it appears this is going to be yet another slow week in the Big Brother house.  Kind of shocking, kind of disappointing, but mostly frustrating.  I posted last night how Spencer and Jessie were nominated for eviction, and the big plan is hope Jessie doesn’t win veto.  Even if she does, the backup plan is to put GinaMarie in her place and send her home.  Snoozer.

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I know it’s not a popular opinion because everyone seems to hate Amanda right now, but at this point I’m almost rooting for her to win.  Why?  Because I hate bad gameplay and it was absolutely stupid of the house to sit on their hands when they had 2 straight chances to get her out of the house.  Jessie was the only one with the guts to try anything, and she was just met with resistance from Helen despite Helen wanting Amanda out!

Yes, the same time Helen was debating with Jessie on why she should keep Amanda in, she was telling the diary room how she needs to get Amanda out soon, but she’s worried she’ll be the target once that happens.  Her idea is to pass up a prime opportunity to get a huge threat out and just wait to see what happens.  It’s reasons like that why it’s hard to root for Helen in this game.

(I still can’t fully root for Amanda because then conspiracy theorists will think the big plan to have her win was correct, so for now I’ll root for Jessie.  Jessie is an underdog right now, and I love me a good underdog story.)

While Helen passed up two solid chances to get Amanda out, McCranda have been plotting on ways to remain in the house down the stretch run.  They see what’s going to be happening soon, and they’re trying to plan ahead.  The current idea is for McCrae to ‘flip’ on Amanda and try to join a final 3 deal with Helen and Andy. Ideally this will prevent McCrae and Amanda from sitting on the block together which is nightmare scenario for the pair.   The first chance they get, they’re going to get Helen out and just ride the floaters to the end, picking them off one at a time.

I am not sure if this plan will work because Helen is already thinking that McCrae is a pretty big threat due to his ability to win competitions over Amanda.  I couldn’t imagine her really sticking with that final 3 deal, so while it may seem like a good plan in theory, I doubt it will work.  If they don’t have a backup plan, Helen very well could have the advantage now that they voted out their own alliance member last week (Judd).

That’s where the house stands right now, but this is a pretty key veto today.  Jessie basically has to win or she’s out of the game.  She’ll have 4 people playing to keep the noms the same, and the other person playing to swap pawns.  I’m sure a majority of my readers will be pulling for this to happen, so I’ll keep you updated as soon as I find out who wins today.

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  1. Comments (48)

    You nailed it. Things are so dry and repetitive lately that I can’t even think of an interesting comment.

    • Comments (610)

      Did they intentionally decide to play this a la Groundhog Day?! It’s almost the same thing over & over, except different (not as threatening) people evicted each week. Yawn.

      • Comments (27)

        Amen. You would think BB would use the DR to plant seeds of chaos. Why not ask Helen “what makes you think Amanda won’t strike first?” and vice-versa. I almost blame the producers as much as the cast at this point for such a lackluster season. The conspiracy theory of Amanda is bogus; if it was true they would have a HOH competition like a lazy-off or a bitch-off. You know, something she would win.

      • Comments (143)

        Normally, they would but IF the game is rigged in her favour that is a logical explanation. Nope, often the people who win the most hoh become targets and go, the best players are the ones who just get the noms out they want without winning so they have no target. Its why jenelle never won.

    • Comments (1162)

      So true …… yet the HGs think they’re the best looking, most interesting and
      sharp-witted HGs to ever appear on BB.
      The HGs rude awakenings after the show will be, without a doubt, life-changing for them.

      • Comments (610)

        Yes & CBS should capitalize on that…there’s a ratings boost. (sarcasm) but seriously we’ve invested enough in this season, we gotta see the HG reactions when they are told they’re no longer employed.

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (198)


      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        I agree – I want to see them watch one of those u-tube clip collections full of their ugly comments, I want to see them hear about implications of their actions – that would make for DAYS of interesting watching – and I want to see them find out America voted Amanda to be on the block twice. Maybe get Jerry Springer to host an episode just full of mayhem!

      • Comments (19)

        I totally agree with you “just another fan”. Just put them all together and show everything that has aired on TV and the news, and watch some of their faces when they are told they no longer have jobs,lol That would be great, I think Jerry Springer would be a great host.

      • Comments (7)

        You won’t have to see GM’s reaction. You will HEAR it from the west coast to the east coast, in Hawaii and in the northern most parts of Alaska.

      • Comments (27)

        Canada too LOL!!

      • Comments (651)

        Will I be safe in Australia?

      • Comments (30)

        And GM’s reaction when she finds out Nick moved to the opposite coast.

      • Comments (768)

        Of which continent?? 😉

      • Comments (1446)

        Yikes – just read GM’s HOH blog on Nick had better have that restraining order ready and/or get in the Witness Protection program quick. And I can see why she was upset – the poor thing is barely literate. So many spelling and grammatical errors it’s hard to read. She should worry more about the inside and not so much about the outside.

      • Comments (1162)

        Go to CBS BB15 and read GM’s HOH Blog.


      • Comments (228)

        and changed his name and telephone number..

      • Comments (60)

        Or when she finally finds out he is an actor! That doesnt mean he wasnt a legit player in the game but he is an actor……I was watching a show called Deadly Sins and thought wow he looks familiar and sure as heck it was him! He even talks about it on his facebook page and how fun it was to film….I dont think she has a clue about him being an actor. I just hope he is nice to her at least with her hopes being so high.

      • Comments (19)

        I think now 3 HG’s have lost their jobs and 1 is pending. Aaryn was dropped by her modeling company, Gina Marie was let go as a pageant coordinator, and Amanda, as of yesterday (according to the Huffington post) her realtor license in Florida has been rescinded and Prudential Realty has taken down her work website. And then there is Spencer, I am from Arkansas and the Conway Police Dept. is investigating Spencer for his child porn comments. A statement released by Union Pacific Railroad has said the Spencer had taken an unpaid leave of absence and they have done all they can at the moment under the Collective Bargain Agreement. The issue will be addressed as soon as he leaves the show. The Railroad also contacted the Conway Police Dept. and is cooperating with them fully.
        Warning “Rant”
        I am really ashamed to admit I am from Arkansas right now, his comments were way out of line, you don’t ever, ever mention Child Porn and needless to say he said it while being videoed 24 hrs a day. Joke or not, he just kept on talking and talking and the comments just got worse, it is tasteless as are all the other horrible comments that have been made this season.
        I live about 40 miles East of Conway(Spencer’s hometown) and for the last week this has been on our local news and people talking about it, I am a little sick of it right now.

      • Comments (30)

        I think it was Jessie (the body builder) that thought he was the best looking houseguest ever.

      • Comments (407)

        That was until this year Deborah. I think David is right up there with him. Talk about conceited!!

    • Comments (220)

      I agree. What happens after the season ends should be documented. I actually want to see Aaryn, GM and Amanda’s reactions and meltdowns when they learn how their behaviors were received by America and their ex-employers. THAT sounds far more interesting than the re-runs we’ve been subjected to. I am rooting for Jessie. Once she leaves, I’ll check the blogs for updates and watch the finale. But I doubt I can stomach who’s left.

      Helen HAS to make a move this week to keep me watching.

      • Comments (407)

        I totally agree Didi, if she doesn’t make a move this week, I think she will be talking to Julie real soon. The funny or maybe I should say sad thing is, Aaryn, GM and Amanda are going to come out of this show thinking they are on their way to stardom and that couldn’t be further from the truth. If any of them have (I should say had) any black friends, I think they will no longer be friends. Also, people put Rachel down (she got on my nerves too), but she has made a life for herself after the show. She has appeared on Bold and Beautiful and so has Jeff Schroeder. I wonder how many of these people will be able to say that Big Brother helped them with their lives? It hasn’t, but it wasn’t BB that ruined it, they did it totally on their own.

      • Comments (18)

        I think Jessie would make a great bachelorette but I know it’s a different network

      • Comments (407)

        Not sure about that Max..she would want to keep all of them!

    • Comments (302)

      Ditto – The most hilariously ironic comment came from Helen last night when she claimed this was the strongest big brother cast ever. I beg you BB GODS … add a new twist .. send in Will & Boogie and clean out this wretched house.

      • Comments (1162)

        They would say to the HGs, “What the heck game are you playing? It isn’t Big Brother!!!”

  2. Comments (1)

    You are rooting for a racist and a bully to win. You call that strategic game-play?

    Your endorsement for Amanda to win is repulsive and has lost you a reader who endorses your blog.

    You didn’t stop and think that people of color could be reading your articles.

    • Comments (407)

      Apparently you missed the part where I said I’m rooting for Jessie.

      • Comments (83)

        I am also rooting for Jessie, but she will need a miracle to stay this week, somebody needs to grow a pair and make a Big move, I know Andy don’t have a pair, he is one of the worst players ever, now would be a good time to get rid of GM or Amanda.

    • Comments (140)

      Racism aside, Amanda is the only one playing a good game. Yes she’s a bully and has said many crude and disgusting things but if we look past that, you see a girl who has won absolutely nothing and has controlled absolutely everything.

      Who else, ever, has not won a single HoH or POV and yet controlled all major decisions? Amanda is playing an incredible game! She has an army of minions doing exactly what she wants them to. They’re taking out whoever she views as a threat and they’re not even stopping to ask if what they’re doing is actually good for their own game. This is unheard of.

      I guarantee you, if Amanda had closed her mouth and refrained from saying unfavorable things, we would all be saying she’ll go down in Big Brother History along with Dr. Will and Dan. The people in this house openly discuss how big of a risk she is and how they need to get her out, but NO ONE will do it. They’re scared and have convinced themselves they can just do it later, or that “this is what the house wants” even though when they tally it up, the majority of the “house” doesn’t actually want it. Reality is the house is Amanda; this is incredible.

      I hate Amanda but she has absolutely amazed me.

      Do not mistake acknowledging great game with condoning ones actions.

      • Comments (453)

        Jessie said it all when she said, you find a weakness and prey on it, Amanda. A person who preys on others’ is nothing but a true bully, but turn the tables on her and she cries and whines. She could play the game without being a total bully and bitch.

      • Comments (48)

        There is no way I would compare Amanda to Dr. Will or Dan. She has a long way to go and Dan played his game without speaking negatively about others or bullying others. To me there is no one that surpasses Dan in BB history, not even Dr. Will.

      • Comments (651)

        Without McCrea Amanda would have no game. She’s just a bull in a china shop and now McCrea is losing control. Would love to see him go and watch the real Amanda game play. I believe it’s referred to as scorched earth.

      • Comments (220)

        While I could appreciate your point of view, I think Amanda’s hold on these people has less to do with her game play and more to do with the LACK of game play and the lack of risk-takers in the house.

        Had there been a Will, Dan, Rachel, Janelle, Dick, Danielle (Dick’s daughter), and the other Danielle Reyes (from season 3)….Amanda would have been gone a long time ago.

        Spencer and Nick wanted Amanda gone during the first or second week. And had the Moving Company been around, Amanda would have been saying “Adios” weeks ago. I think the moving company minus Jeremy would have given us all of the back stabbing and shake ups we love to see without coloring it with vile, racist, over-the-top bad behavior. Amanda’s brand of control is uncomfortable to watch.

        In my opinion, its this lame group left that makes Amanda look good. And yet her incessant whining and bitching trumps her game play. It can’t be overlooked. I don’t see her as that strong of a player.

        Its too mean-spirited and one-sided. There hasn’t been any true gamesmanship. Its just a gang of mean girls with some wimpy gutless boys too scared to shake things up.

        Amanda hasn’t had anyone truly, firmly confront her and say “You are not running me! Bring it, Bitch” and really make her feel it. Or no one has campaigned hard enough to say, “Hand her the $500k now! Bunch of punks!”

        So, for those reasons, I just can’t seem to root for her type of control over the house. Too dull. It is like watching Serena Williams play tennis alone. Snooze.

      • Comments (12)

        Well said. A great player does not need to bully. Yes every one is scared of her. Isn’t that the goal of a bully? I’m so disappointed that CBS did not take this opportunity to discuss racism. The oversized elephant in the house is breaking spirits. Current events are discussed in the house so why wouldn’t racism? Didn’t the President want to have a discussion on racism? Not a discussion on politics but racism. Get not bring it to the table? It doesn’t matter what might happen or not happen. Sometimes…it is the RIGHT thing to do…bring it out in the open. Don’t couch it in a game or penalty. Have someone from outside the house moderate the discussion. CBS, JUST DO IT. Who cares if there aren’t immediate changes? Deep entrenched beliefs take time. And sometimes change isn’t in a person’s vocabulary.

      • Comments (160)

        Spencer and Jessie have told Amanda that she doesn’t scare them. I think it has affected her game or she wouldn’t have targeted them in the last three weeks.

        I don’t think she’s one of the best Big Brother players but I still think she’s one of the strongest player in season 15. Yes her methods might be unorthodox as compared to other past Big Brother players but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have gameplay. Personally, I DON’T like her gameplay but it seems like it’s working for her and McCrae.

        The whole moving company scenario was doomed to begin with. It wasn’t only Jeremy that was distancing himself from the alliance, but so was McCrae! So just because Spencer and Nick thought it was a good idea to get rid of her on those first two weeks, she was already close to McCrae (HoH week 1) to “influence” him.

      • Comments (302)

        Amanda’s play is a lot like Russell Hintz on “Survivor”. Great at taking down their targets but no shot at winning in the end because everyone hates them. Who would have thought earlier this season that Aaryn might look like a more appealing option to the jury than Amanda.

      • Comments (12)

        Doug good comparison…

    • Comments (1)

      shit man you lost one reader you better change your opinion

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      I am also a person of color and I do not think that what Stevebeans said should offend people of color or other minorities. lay off and read it again! He in no way offended us. Thanks Steve for your blogs….. ……makes my day!

  3. Comments (1446)

    Some pretty interesting info last night on BBAD…
    Elissa and Andy talking about GM and her OBVIOUS eating disorder. Andy even mentioned that she “went to the psychologist” a few weeks ago(he thought it was about Nick). Who knew there was a BB psychologist on set??
    Call me crazy, but if she has an eating disorder, and had to see a psychologist on set, then maybe she shouldn’t be playing the game. It explains a lot – I just thought she was bi-polar the way she was so friendly and then could suddenly turn on a dime and be super bitch.
    Then an hour about names for the future offspring of Amanda and McCrae…dumbest BBAD ever. I think McCrae is over Amanda, romantically at least. But he will continue to play along so he can make it to the end.

    • Comments (1162)

      I wonder what medical questions are asked of possible HGs?
      How through is the vetting before selection?
      It can’t have been done very well considering the group on this BB.

      • Comments (651)

        Most show of this type make you go through physical and mental exams. The fact that so many are on meds should have been a big clue that this is a group of seriously disturb people.

    • Comments (18)

      Jannie I agree with you GM should not be in the house after hearing the feeds last night. She needs mental help at this point. I think she has many problems and it is wrong for BB to keep her in the house. The person who selected the cast this year should be fired. So many are on meds this season. Amanda had the nerve to call Jessie a slut after what she did with McCray last night. Poor McCray is leading this playing this game with the wrong head. He is doomed.

    • Comments (610)

      I agree too, it seems like GM has some serious issues and once she gets out of the house & finds out she’s been fired from her job, she may lose it completely. She seems a bit emotionally fragile. (but I’m not excusing her racist etc comments throughout the season

    • BB Superfan without the BS
      Comments (56)

      I think that the Jury House twist that julie mentioned is another way of keeping the HG’s from speaking about the problems inside the house/ What better way to tone down a discussion, but to control what is said by hopes of someone moving back into the house? That Allison Grodner is a sneaky person. Her and Amanda are two birds of a feather!

    • Comments (228)

      Yes, there is a psychologist at production. After the show is over each one of them sits with a psychologist and they update them as to what is going on in the real world. This is the last step when the show is over. The house guests are aware of this transition. When GM had a melt-down when Nick exited, they immediately had her sit with the psychologist. I think GM’s sudden eating disorder is because she wants to look nice when she meets up with Nick again. She has it in her mind that they are a pair. GM’s mind is far from reality. There must be a reason that GM at age 33 is still living at home.

  4. Comments (1)

    QUESTION: Does the jury have access to everything going on in BBH after they are evicted? Or are they in total darkness as to what is going on in the house as to not be influenced by the remaining HGs antics?

    • Comments (407)

      From what I’m aware, every time someone is eliminated, they bring a dvd with them featuring highlights of competitions and things like that.

      I don’t think they get to see a whole lot, just go by what the evicted houseguests tell them.

      • Comments (19)

        If I remember correctly Julie said something about not being able to tell the jury house anything this season until the twist, not sure if that is correct. I took it to mean they would not get to see any feeds of any type at all.

    • Comments (1162)

      They get to view a short videotape of the show. The newest Jury member brings
      the video with them. They are allowed to talk to each other about what went
      on in the House. Some may reconsider how they’ll vote in the Finale based upon
      new and/or corrected information.

      IF Amanda is in the Jury House will she become demonic in her quest to get
      McCrae the BB15 Win. You bet!!! However at that point, I think she will have
      lost her controlling influence over her fellow HGs. At least, I hope so……….

      • Comments (140)

        To see how the jury responds with each other will definitely be interesting this year. Everyone has been so afraid of Amanda’s wrath in the house they’ve continued to do majority voting. Once in jury, they have nothing to fear so will people finally step up to her? I’d love to see Amanda in her place.

      • Comments (68)

        Are they even doing this yet? Being as someone has a chance to come back in the game? Did you noticed that Julie was very vague with her interview with Candice & Judd.

      • Comments (1162)

        Good Point!

      • Comments (39)

        I have a question…once you are sequestered in Jury, do you get any contact with family? I know that you aren’t allowed to know what is going on with the outside world as well as everything going on in the house because that would obviously influence votes in the end…but do you have any contact with your family (children, etc)??

      • Comments (140)


    • Comments (1)

      Wikipidia says they get to see all competitions and ceremonies.

  5. Comments (26)

    I’m waiting for Helen to catch on that her beloved “alliance” wants to backdoor her. Then I’m waiting for her to tell everyone else that “it’s just too soon to make a move against them!”

  6. Comments (231)

    I’m waiting for Aaryan to flip this week.

    • Comments (768)

      Flip out or flip the house?

      • Comments (610)

        either one…anything to give us a little more game play this season!

      • Comments (231)

        Despite the fact that Aaryan has shown herself to be a “not so nice” person, I do believe that she has strong survival skills. Her body language around Amanda is very closed and distant. Also, she is not happy with all the blood on her hands without receiving due credit for it. Other things too but I guess I will see!?!?

  7. Comments (768)

    I just remembered…the night before last on BBAD, within the first 10 minutes because that’s all I could take…Aaryn talking with Jessie in the HN room told her she still hasn’t received a letter from her mother and was trying to figure out what was up with that. Maybe her own parents are trying to distance themselves?

    • Comments (610)

      Get a clue Aaryn! Mom certainly isn’t going to write “we’re rooting for ya darlin” after all the drama she’s caused.

    • Comments (651)

      She did get a letter from her sister telling her to remember the values she was brought up with…I think that’s when she stop with the in-your-face racism and moved it behind closed doors with GM.

      • Comments (160)

        For all we know she learned her bigoted “values” from dear mom and dad. Sooo really? How is that suppose to give her a clue that she’s been acting atrociously?

    • Comments (18)

      I think Aaryn is a reflection of her mother. Those comments were deep rooted. You are raised with that kind of hate and entitlement it just doesn’t appear in your teens or early twenties.

      • Comments (1)

        I agree. When she was looking through her things, she got an item from a birthday party, and said it was from big birthday bash (New Orleans theme, maybe?) she had. Turns out she was like 12 or something like that and it sounded like it would have been for a much older child or a bigger event. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  8. Comments (27)

    I am just waiting and hoping someone see’s the light and backdoor Amanda!! I am also hoping wins veto and then win’s HOH, so she can get on with eliminating Amanda…I also watch BBAD and also got the feeling Mcray is over Amanda!!

    • Comments (48)

      I thought it was a plan (by Amanda and McCrae) to act like they broke up and then McCrae could make a fake alliance with Helen and Andy so that they did not have to worry about going up on the block together. Maybe McCrae is only over Amanda because Amanda planned it that way.

      • Comments (651)

        Amanda won’t even let McCrea sit next to another female HG. Kind of hard to distance yourself when Amanda won’t let you go more than 3 feet away.

      • Comments (220)

        That made me laugh out loud and I’m in the library!!!! Amanda has a grip on McCrae.

        I am praying that HE of all the HGs turns on her. That would be the best move of all BB.

      • Comments (407)

        I thought it was funny when Candice was evicted and Amanda grabbed McCrae and hugged him until Candice was ready to walk out. I think she was afraid Candice was going to give him a hug. If I remember right, she didn’t hug either one of them, but I may be wrong.

  9. Comments (27)

    Hoping Jessie win’s veto and HOH..sorry missed that

  10. Comments (453)

    Every season it gets boring to watch BBAD,etc when it gets down to just a few people, this year, however, we still have nine people,and ole ugly boredom raised it’s head weeks ago.

    • Comments (302)

      At this point I almost think BBAD will be a lot more interesting at the Jury House. I’d love to see the reaction of some of the players who have been eliminated when the truth starts to unravel with their fellow jury members.

  11. Comments (453)

    And the children in the house whine and complain they want games, cards and talk about luxury comps like it is owed to them!

  12. Comments (1162)

    Rachel Reilly Tears Apart This Week’s Double Eviction………

    • Comments (1162)

      Darn …..typing too quickly and forgot to post an “s.”

      Anyway …….

      • Comments (30)

        Whether people liked Rachel or not that girl played the game. I did like her and she kept the game interesting. (In my opinion) She was a real Drama Queen which put a bigger target on her back. Somehow she pulled it off. Rachel did say some crazy things but I never heard her make comments like this year that were so below the belt. I bet she has some opinions about this year. Janelle was the other female that I really liked. Both always had a target on their back but played the game. Well that’s how I remember it.
        I remember quite a few years ago there was two females that made it to the end. A blond and a brunette. The blond worked out a lot and the brunette cooked. Don’t remember either names. When they announced the winner the jury barely clapped. When asked post show what was going on they said something about voting for the lesser of the two evils. Could this be another year like that?
        I don’t know what the rules are when you enter the house but I have to say I am tired of hearing “houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about production”. If they continue to talk about production would they get kicked out? What happens? So racist comments are made but you are not allowed to talk about production…hmmmmm!

      • Comments (39)

        I think you are talking about Jun and Alison, BB3. It was such an awkward finale! Difference is Jun (the winner) was awesome, and still is awesome…. she has a great blog, although she has boycotted Big Brother this season, it is really worth checking out if you want an inside look at the casting process and “behind the scenes” info about BB.

      • Comments (1)

        Or Yvette and Maggie in Season 6 with the Nerd Herd.

      • Comments (39)

        oh yes. i forgot about the nerd herd haha

  13. Comments (610)

    Since it’s another slow day at BB, what punishments should the HG receive in a future competition? (for example, we’ve already seen the solitary confinement, cone of shame, etc).

    How about Andy can’t join in any conversations for 24 hours? How would he respond to that? Or Helen & Amanda chained together for 24 hours? (now how would anyone strategize?!)

    • Comments (96)

      Or a houseguest of Americas choosing gets evicted right off the bat.

    • Comments (226)

      Omg, sequestering Andy would be hysterical!!

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy seems to be a nervous type of person…..always afraid of anyone saying his name.
        Isolation would give Andy a case of hives…..all over.

    • Comments (19)

      Making Andy not being to talk to anyone would be a fun twist all in it’s self. But, go a step further and during Wednesday’s show tell Andy he cannot communicate with anyone in any form until Thursday nights show. He will only be released when Julie has sent everyone to the diary room to vote and right before she announces the vote she can say “okay Andy you can talk now”.

  14. Comments (96)

    I am hoping Jessie wins veto and sends GM packing. at least one of the nasty players can leave the game.

  15. Comments (166)

    Speaking of GM, the other day when she won HOH & the house guests all came up to see her things(pictures from home, her hair color,snacks,letter from home,her crown etc) why in the hell was there a picture of her with Nick from the backyard..why did they put that in there, bcuz she was totally surprised by that..who’s idea was that??!!!

  16. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    I remember when the spy screen was a new thing and was so amazing – maybe they should have a feature where the hoh can isolate the audio in any room or for any player – that would be crazy.

  17. Comments (316)

    For the past 14 seasons Big Brother has been my Summer guilty pleasure. This season I have heard some horribe things said from many of the houseguests. I first got angry with Aaryn and GinaMarie and Spencer. Then my anger sort of shifted to Amanda. Then back to Spencer again after what he said regarding young children(still choking with disgust) All the while CBS just sat by and allowed it to continue. The houseguests even get yelled at if they sing a song lol.Give me a break!!! So what did I do??? I continued to watch in hopes of something happening. Anything at this point. …and what do the houseguests do? They evict poor J U double D D…

    • Comments (231)

      I agree with all the shifting emotions and not calling them out over the speakers when they speak inappropriately but that might be a free speech thing —- I don’t know. As for Judd, he was a nice guy and all but he drank the koolade n stopped playing HIS game.

    • Comments (68)

      Same here yearbooks. I’ve been watching since season 2. It’s a tradition in my household for me,and kids to watch every summer. This year, well, it’s not so enjoyable with all that has been said and done. More of a learning experience for them to let them know just because a person is “grown up” doesn’t mean they act that way. Also, has shown that
      hatred still exist and is alive and well. It’s sad but true.

  18. Comments (30)

    I have read many of the comments that some people think there is a conspiracy on who is the predetermined winner. I would hope CBS and the producers would not be that stupid. But I was shocked when (I think) it was Kaitlin who said she was approached to be on the show. I thought people went to casting calls, tried out and went through the interview process? Not sure who was responsible for the choices but they may need to get another job.
    I do think if they are going to get Amanda out, they cannot tell Andy.
    I read one comment where someone said the ratings were down. That tells you the viewers are not happy with what they see/hear and that will cost CBS in advertising revenue. I am very disappointed in the Producers for allowing the HG’s who make the toxic comments to remain in the game….but if they didn’t there would probably be 2 or 3 people left.

    • Comments (453)

      Maybe the theory that amanda is the chosen one is why Helen and Andy always shoot it down, been told in the DR not to vote her out and be rewarded extra $. Dang, been watching too much BB, getting paranoid thoughts, lol.

    • Comments (651)

      I think the ratings are down because live feeders and sites like this have revealed what’s really happening rather than the favorable edits that were happening in the beginning and continued up until last week. That was the first time they started to show the true Amanda.
      Why watch the show when you can go somewhere else to find out what is really going on? And why watch the show if you think CBS is rigging it? They have shot themselves in the foot this year. While people like the Kardashians (OMG I did type THAT!!)can get away with editing themselves favorably, this is a competition show and CBS is held to a higher standard.

  19. Comments (46)

    Can we all agree this has been the worse season ever?

    • Comments (768)

      Some of the lamest competitions ever too!

      • Comments (48)

        In years past, I would almost break my neck to make sure I was at home to watch BB. This year I have not had that problem. I have missed a show and when I watched the next one it was a continuation of where I left it. Nothing new and exciting. In the beginning I was so glad when CBS decided to start BB early. It is hard to believe how disappointed I have been so far. Surely something is going to happen to excite me. Hopefully someone will grow a set and evict Amanda.

      • Comments (19)

        Me too, sisterofmine. If I miss a show I just look on here and see what Steve wrote and within a minute I am caught up. Somedays you can tell its slow when Steve has only one post per day and has to think of other things to write about.

      • Comments (44)

        Same, I only watch on thursdays now, just to see who got evicted, pretty much read about everything on here.

    • Comments (1162)


    • Comments (233)

      Yes, lame comps: Frog-throwing?? Or how about, Weigh yourself – eat like a pig – weigh yourself again. Why are we still watching?

  20. Comments (3)

    Is there a section that lists the alliances? I would like to see which one’s are dead and the name of the HGs involved.

  21. Comments (407)

    I’m catching up on BBAD and the hg’s are throwing names around for Amanda and McCrae’s future children (please Lord don’t let that happen) and someone said “how about Alexis?” McCrae’s response….isn’t that a car? I wondered about his smarts when he started fooling around with the queen bee…I wonder no more.

  22. BB Superfan without the BS
    Comments (56)

    I just watched the double eviction again and I heard something that I missed during the live taping. I can’t remember many times that Julie was shocked by nominations, even she had to comment! And when Elissa went up to hug Judd, he said that I don’t want your hug Elissa and I don’t want yours either Helen. pretty sad that he clearly trusted them more at the end and realized they were the ones involved I his eviction. He further went on to snub Jessie by not recognizing her. Bummer!

    • Comments (651)

      Judd was in shock but you know Candice is saying “I told you so” She told him McManda was going to throw him under the bus but he just wouldn’t listen.

      • Comments (610)

        It will be quite interesting to see the first Jury House film when Candice sees Judd walk thru the door. Or, maybe because it was a double eviction night, they are only an hour or so apart from entering the JH? Either way, I’m sure Candice will be enjoying the gloat. I would be.

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        Yes I get the feeling that Candice will be looking at Judd with a look of. You see know?

    • Comments (610)

      I noticed when Candice left that Aaryn was as far away from the door as possible, kinda like she was trying to blend in with the wall. I don’t think there was a hug either. I just wish Candice would have told everyone point blank to get Amanda out now or just give her the check!

      • Comments (68)

        After the blow up with GM, i think Aaryn wanted to keep her distance. I also think Aaryn was still trying to process the fact that Candice is going to be in the jury house! lol…I think that was their main reason of getting her out when they did, so Candice wouldn’t be there. Guess Juile rained on their little parade about that one! When they(AAryn and GM) get there Candice should be waiting for them and greet them by saying, “WELCOME TO CANDYLAND!”. I know, i shouldn’t be like that, but they deserve it and so much more! (-:

      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        I watched BBAD last night and I saw where Andy and Elissa were talking about her eating disorder. For one quick minute. I felt sorry for her, then I remembered all the nasty things and comments she said and I just can’t feel sorry for her bloody arse! I feel sorry for Julie that she has to play pleasant with the 3 twits on live tv. Now that sucks! I think that Candice has the upper hand. Welcome to my house [email protected]! Let me show you around!

  23. Comments (166)

    Has anyone read the blog that GM put out when she was HOH..the one that she cried about saying she couldn’t spell words & she felt Soo stupid..if so please tell me where to find it!!

  24. Comments (118)

    HOH: Helen I’ve picked you because…
    Helen: Hey no problem I love you!! You’re great! Great game by the way too!
    Julie: Helen, by a vote of….
    Helen: Ok! No problem! I LOVE you guys soooo much it hurts!!! I’ll see you
    all soon!! Good luck everyone!!

  25. Comments (118)

    GM’s HOH blog priceless

    • Comments (1162)

      It is that and more ……..
      Poor Nick ……she is going to be a problem for him after the show.
      She mentions how while in the BB House she is …..”working hard for us.”

    • Comments (875)

      GM would be an Excellent Contestant for “The Bad Girls Club,” fighting, racially remarks, and classless girls all flock to that reality show.

  26. Comments (407)

    I can’t believe I am so hung up on this show this year. I have even dreamed about these idiots, it was really a nightmare. But, here’s my thought…I believe they are enticing people with promises of new switches in the game, the reset button Julie “found” in an office, telling Candice the summer isn’t over yet, changing the jury house to 9, not telling who the MVP was, etc etc. CBS is getting so many complaints and people are telling them they no longer watch the show, so they are coming up with all sorts of ideas to try to keep people intrigued and tuned in to see what happens next. Sorry to say it has worked on me otherwise I would have turned it off with all the “stuff” going on. It still sickens me that they have let people get hurt by a few players actions and words.

    • Comments (768)

      As I’ve always said, they produce the show by the seat of their pants. You would think that after 13 years they would have had the winning formula down by now.

  27. Comments (1162)

    Last night and again this afternoon, Amanda, McCrae and Andy all believe that if Elissa
    is in the Finale, she would lose. None of them plan on evicting Elissa…..she is at the bottom of their list.

    IMO, they couldn’t be more wrong.

    If America has the chance to Vote for the BB 15 Winner and Elissa’s name is there …….she wins.
    If only the BB HGs vote for the Winner and Elissa’s name is there…….she wins. Aaryn, Candice, Judd,
    Helen, Jessie and GinaMarie would vote for Elissa.

  28. Comments (768)

    Hey Steve Beans, would you please consider putting up a voting poll to get an idea of the age demographics of your followers? You know, something like: under 20, 20 to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 59, 60+. I think it would interesting to see how it breaks down… especially for those of us who have watched since the first show in 2000. As we get older, the houseguests seem to be getting younger?

  29. Comments (407)

    I just read on another BB blog that Amanda was making her rounds telling people how to LET her win the veto. She said she thinks it’ll be a card/counting kind of comp and she’s instructing everyone to fold until she is knocked out and hopefully Jessie is knocked out by then. Now we may see if Amanda is given any type of inside information, otherwise, why would she think it is a card game. If it is, then we know for sure it is rigged for her.

    • Comments (1162)

      Earlier in the season, she asked others to drop out of at least 2 different comps, so I’m sure
      she is at it again.


      • BB Superfan without the BS
        Comments (56)

        I would hate to find out this show is setup in any way. I look forward to it every year. Loved it when we had 2 seasons in one year. I would hate to have to prepare myself and my DVR to ignore BB. I still love this show even with the bastards in the house this season!

      • Comments (60)

        You should see if u can get BB Canada whem it returns for 2nd season it is set to run in the winter so as not to interfere with U.S. Season………..something to get u thru until U.S. summer season comes back.

        It has alot of things U.S. version doesnt such as Marsha The Moose who waits until a HG is on their own and gives them a task to complete……if they complete task then whole house gets a reward and it really helps.break up the inbetween comp time and keeps.people from lyin in their beds doin nothing while we watch them do it!!

        The rewards that they get for the whole house also bring everyone together and allows for bonding that otherwise might not happen. Conversely it also causes conflict where it might otherwise.not exist because someone says something stupid and an argument or sore.feelings transpire…….

        .the tasks are a good thing all round and are usually pretty hilarious to see HG try to complete. I wish U.S. Version would do them.

        So….u can have BB twice a year u just have to check out the Canadian Version it was alot funnier and had way less nastiness then what we are watching this summer! Obviously I luv both!

      • Comments (166)

        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let Meanmanda win ANYTHING..that way when she gets out of the BB house without a job, a fiancé ( let’s face it he’s going to haul ass back to Minnesota as fast as he can) ,I mean if she’s this obnoxious & she’s yet to win HOH , just imagine the attitude she’ll have..let her realize that she screwed up her life by being so racist & mean hearted to everyone, not soo funny when your back in the real world!!

    • Comments (453)

      Pretty darn sad that even she knows she can’t win anything so she has to badger others to hand it over to her sorry a$$. I am hoping Jessie holds firm and wins and Mcfraid talks Andy into putting up loser Amanda in Jessie’s place.

  30. Comments (71)

    Omg y’all, stupid GinaMarie was saying “boo, b o” and Aaryn said “b o is Bo.” GM actually said, “how do you spell boo?” She is unbelievably stupid!
    (I’d still rather GM win than that skank bitch Amanda!)

  31. Comments (118)

    GM, love her or hate her but she’s entertaining, she needs help with her mental issues and I hope BB production helps her if she wants it, will Nick show up for the finale? I wouldn’t if I was him!

  32. Comments (651)

    Ok ok I’m just being hopeful here you know ok but Andy is from Chicago which is the home of political dirty tricks and on another site I read that:

    “Andy says that he really doesn’t want to put Gina up. McCrae agrees and says that she will stay loyal. Andy says that he almost wants to call all of us together and ask one of us to go up so that Gina is good with us.”

    Didn’t Amanda volunteer to go up earlier? Could this be Andy’s big move to trick Amanda into volunteering to go up and then backdoor her?

    Now That’s Entertainment!!

  33. Comments (875)

    I really, really “loved” last years winner of BB 14, Ian. This kid was a true fan of the game, and Ian’s skill, strategy, and knowledge of the game was impeccable. Ian grew up worshiping Mike Boogie, but when the time came, he evicted him, because it was good for his, game. As I remember it Ian even cried when they voted Boogie out.

    It is baffling that this cast of HG guest can’t seem to grasp the idea that you “have” to make a Big Move in this game! Instead this cast is playing Big Brother as a voting block group, & unit!?!?

  34. BB Superfan without the BS
    Comments (56)

    Why is one of the only websites that does not have a CONTACT US Button? Makes me wonder?

  35. Comments (41)

    Amanda is such a self-absorbed witch it’s just impossible to watch her for more then 10 seconds only I have to see what ridiculous comment will come out of her mouth next. Every thing she accuses the other women in the house of is her EXACTLY! We thought it was Aaryn that spewed the most hate (and she spills more than enough) but it’s Amanda that keeps the hate going round and round constantly looking for new targets. She is so insecure it’s sad to see in a woman of her age and supposed accomplishments.

  36. Comments (198)

    I am still hoping the POV will get to make the re-nom

  37. Comments (198)

    At least that would shake up the house. At least a little bit.

  38. Comments (166)

    I just went to the CBS website & read GM HOH blog, then I read the comments from people & someone said “hey stop all the bashing of her about the nick thing, that he has publicly come out & said that he DID genuinely have feelings for her & still plans to take her out on a date when this is over!!!” WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Comments (768)

    5:32 P.M. on Jokers – Amanda says she had a dream that her mom told her that she is not being portrayed well and that she’s embarrassing her family.

    Gee, do ya think???

  40. Comments (4)

    The big move was last week, where ARyn should have put up Amanda And Helen when she won the second eviction…get one out, then let the chips fallwhere they may. She may have earned some CRED getting rid of either Amanda or Helen. But, alas, it has been BB15 SUMMER of the STUPID!

  41. Comments (143)

    So people saying BB15 isn’t fixed in favour for amanda

    A former employee of CBS, Hailey Jones, says Big Brother is rigged.

    “She goes on to say that Amanda Zuckerman, a current houseguest on season 15 of the reality show, knows producer Allison Grodner and goes on to claim that Zuckerman was been “pre-chosen by Allison Grodner & CBS to win the $500,000 prize.”

    On Facebook, Hailey writes the following: “I, until recently, was involved in the selection process for the BB 2013 houseguests. It has already been predetermined that Amanda will win and in the near future you will see how upcoming twists will work in her favor.” She goes on to add, “I have some evidence that will back this up that I will be posting the day before the finale airs.””

    Mind you this was written way back in July on facebook and can be verified through gossiping pens dot com. so how could Hailey look into a crystal ball and predict that (ie mvp disappearing after amanda goes up twice?)

    Now CBS and Allison Grodner have deep pockets, if these people were lying, they’d be sued, why aren’t they being sued if they are lying and anyone with a basic google search can see it? Well unless of course its true.

    Amanda has made numerous death threats in the house yet she is allowed to continue like nothing. She’s talked about raping and killing and torturing and slitting the throat of other female house guest but nothing. Hmm… what if Jeremy, nickor judd or Howard talked about raping and killing other female house guest. My take is they’d be expelled for threatening behaviour.

  42. Comments (60)

    Ok I am watching tonights show ( sun ) and am strangely reminded of past season as Dan went from room to room telling HG.who to vote for and even pulling someone off the couch to speak away from camera WHILE Julie is waiting.

    …since when did Aaron carry so much weight in the house that she can order people to come and speak to her in HN room enmasse?

    Even weirder is when they haul GM in to tell her to vote Judd and you hear her say ” if thats what you alls want me to do ” but if u watch her mouth it is still moving after she is done in the.long shot….much like when Helen tells Aaron to backdoor Judd right after winning veto you cannot see her face or her saying it it could have been added in any time….and when has BB ever dedicated so much show to backtracking to show the bones of how a backdoor happened?? We already know what has happened but NOW they are gonna go back and explain it bit by bit….since when?

    GM mouth still moving obviously saying something entirely different when she is supposedly saying without any emotion ” if thats what you alls is doin ” stinks to high heaven not to mention that would be the one time she shows zero emotion?

    And like Judd is not wondering why everyone is being demanded to attend Aarons demand meeting?

    They may have in my opinion altered things for whatever reason…I thought it was bloody odd that they were all crying for him ( then why do it? ) but now we are having statements possibly added or altered while Aaron drags the whole.cast around the house when half of them cant stand her! Does not float especially GM moment of her lips still moving saying something else after she has spoke in the.long shot.

    Why would they feel they needed to reveal ( if thats what it is ) or even possibly recreate a scenario to suit their.means ( they refilmed veto comp when Spencer had sunglasses on) …….I still say something else caused be….every one of them didnt want to do it and are crying on last show so what we film a little extra to show they did want to to make it look better?

    Thats alot of show to dedicate to when there is yet another HOH comp etc to do yet. I feel horrible for Judd as they also decided to include him pleading for his life….it makes zero sense this is all based on a suspicion of him being the MVP …what did it matter as Julie had just announced there would be mo further mvps….they are dedicating alot of time to backtrack and in a sense qualify an action that makes even less sense now that they are..

    ….note how calm and unemotional they all are during those exchanges in HN room that Aaron has demanded they come to!! Zero tears yet almost no one could get thru their votes without crying…..thats a bloody fast mass mood change to what happens on couch or in the aftermath some of them cry for days yet have no feelings during the exchanges in HN room we are just seeing tonight.

    To me something is not right here and they seem to be trying overly hard to justify whatever occurred after an episode that sent Judd on his way….maybe there was public outcry to it?

    Just my two cents but the whole thing looked shady as heck….they just have.never tried to explain something away so hard and I cannot imagine if the real reason was them thinking he was MVP ( or it had a little to do with him being so nasty with Jess then why all the cryin ) how stupid these people will feel when they find out it was America that was MVP.

    Just bloody odd especially GM lips still moving thing and no one being upset at all to everyone crying thru their votes….just one persons perspective is all : )

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