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Big Brother 15 – All New Cast This Year?


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Big Brother Network is reporting they have a source confirming Big Brother 15 will feature an all-new cast!  I typically don’t just re-post rumors from other blogs simply because they could be wrong, but I know Matt from BBN and trust his source is accurate.

It’s fairly sad this is news, but between Survivor and Big Brother, CBS reality shows seem more like reunion shows the past few years. I’m not going to lie, I like the occasional All-Star season, as most do.  I think I can speak for a large majority when I say we’re sick of seeing the same people year after year though.  How are we supposed to find the next Evil Dick or Russell Hantz if they’re the ones returning? Especially considering the most entertaining returnees are typically booted after a week. The relative twist is used up as well.. Willie and Brandon Hantz pretty much killed that.  (disclaimer: I liked Willie Hantz on the show and hate how stupid he was to get kicked out)

I am very excited to see an all new cast, and excited Big Brother is starting earlier than normal this year! I love blogging this show, and immensely enjoy tweeting with  you guys during the live shows! Let’s hope it will be another great season!

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    Did BB let the cat out of the bag by listing who was the first HOH and first evicted??

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    I have purchased the feeds for several years now. They were getting bad the year before last and were totally awful last year. They went to fish way too often and had a lot of technical problems in between going to fish. Late night and early morning they lived in fish land. I complained, along with many others, but of course nothing changed. Live stream staff referred me to CBS and you could not get to anyone there hardly. I called as many phone numbers as I could find at CBS and was referred back to live stream staff.

    You have protected yourselves with disclaimers but we as customers got screwed pretty much last year. You going to fix that?

    Have you done anything to fix the problem.

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    BB Update….it was confirmed that June 10th will be “Media Day”…that will be a exciting day cause we will finally see the new BB house…rumors are they saw many trucks around the studio lot, hopfully re-building the BB house…☺…

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    *** BB Update… BB has moved BBAD from SHO2 to a clean cable channel called “TVGN”…its the old TV Guide Network that CBS has bought…so now being that its a clean channel…No Nudity.. No Curse words.. No Hot Sex in the HOH room… No More Nothing….

    it will pre-taped and edited to show on the clean channel…and only for 2 Hrs a nite…the channel is Free so u can save money by not having to subscribe to SHO2…but u will be losing out in the content u will get…and who knows how the Live Feeds will be like on CBS now…

    IDK, is this the END of BB???

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    TVGN tweeted back to me in response to BBAD being edited, and they said it would not be. That time of night, on a cable channel, does not have stringent content rules like networks. Also, it will not be pre-recorded for Eastcoasters. I’m still not happy about the change, but it may not be as bad as people think. Just FYI…

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