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Big Brother 15 – Elissa Threatens To Go Home


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Elissa has gone rogue – yet again – and it’s hurting Helen’s game.  That basically summarized the night after the HoH competition, which actually started right before it.  Flashback to 7:11p to hear Aaryn re-tell it to GM in detail, but I guess Elissa refused to sit next to them during the competition.  Elissa said some nasty things to them and snubbed them entirely.  Kind of a stupid thing to do right before an HoH competition, especially considering one of them eventually won it, but that’s what happens when you let people in who just want to ‘experience’ the show, rather than win.

Helen, working on damage control, kept trying to talk some sense into Elissa, but it was falling on deaf ears.  Flashback to 11:49p to hear Elissa tell Helen she’s not going to the Jury house.  If she gets evicted, she’s going home.  Helen replies with “So if I make it to the finals, you’re not going to be there to vote for me?”, and the look on Elissa’s face was either “Oh wow, I have to think about someone other than myself?” or “I have to take a real big crap”.  Honestly it’s hard reading her facial expressions, so I took my best guess there.

That’s your 3x MVP right there, folks. A person who wants to bail on her friends as soon as she’s booted from the house.  Who cares that she signed up to complete the game?  Who cares that her vote may be the difference between $500k and $50k?  When you live in Elissa’s world, it’s all about Elissa or it doesn’t matter.  I know Rachel fans have supported her and may be upset by this, but Elissa is a terrible player and doesn’t deserve any more ‘America’s Votes’, especially for the favorite at the end of the season.  Give that to Judd, give it to Jessie, Howard, Candice, give it to a charity.. I don’t care, just don’t vote for Elissa at the end.

Moving on, this is something I wanted to originally talk about, but the Elissa thing got in the way.  Helen may have old sayings, but she forgot a key one – ‘strike while the iron is hot’.  She had a perfect opportunity to get Amanda out just last week when America kept dropping hints by putting her up as the MVP nom.  Jessie tried to work the vote, a few people were up for it, but Helen chickened out and Amanda remained in the game.  Jessie is now gone, Aaryn is HoH and the nominations today will likely be Helen and Elissa.  Helen thinks she’s a pawn, but even if she is, she’ll likely lose Elissa which is yet another ally in the game.

Big Brother is like nature.  If a lion notices a wounded gazelle all by himself, 10 times out of 10 times, that lion is going to have a full stomach that night.  If the lion says ‘Well, I’ll just wait a little until he gets better’, the lion is probably going to starve. Amanda was a wounded gazelle, Helen was the ‘nice’ lion, and now she’s going to be starving all the way to the jury house.  Her only chance is if she wins the competition to get back into the game this Thursday, but numbers will still be against her.

Helen, Elissa and Andy will be in the jury house (assuming Elissa goes), wondering where their game went wrong.  I’ll give them hints – it happened during week 6 when you voted out Candice instead of Amanda.  It happened again when you wasted an HoH to get Jessie out (though Andy is to blame for that one).

Nominations are today, I’ll update when they happen, and hopefully this will make for an interesting week.

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  1. Comments (487)

    Stevebeans, you are probably right about the nominations. Helen should have listen to her then ally Candice when she told her they should not vote out Howard, but go after Amanda. Helen was so intent on revenge on Howard for lying to her (OMG) that she lost sight of the game. That is when she truly lost control and lost the $500K. Now she will have to live with her karma. Let’s see how she feels begging for votes to stay in the house. Damn being thrown under this bus is gonna hurt realllll bad.

    • Comments (1446)

      So, so true. Helen lost her game when she made the deal w/Aaryn to get rid of Kaitlyn, cuz Aaryn’s not with her anymore.
      Helen could have made a great alliance w/Howard, Candace and Jessie but she stuck w/Andy and McCranda. And Elissa did absolutely nothing for her game. Helen thought she was running “her people” but they either didn’t care or weren’t really with her.

  2. Comments (1446)

    Yup…Helen has been carrying her(to her own detriment) as far as she could, and now when the going gets tough, Elissa gives up.
    Not at all surprising. I have never seen what her fans see in her BB play. Always thought she was a vapid, spoiled, self absorbed woman.
    The other night she sat around talking about all of the CBS shows she was going to be on after BB…Survivor, Amazing Race, and her own CBS show called “Elissa’s Fit Club” Just what does she think she has done on BB to deserve anything?? Self entitled, too.

    • Comments (487)

      She won’t last a week on Survivor. I love Amazing Race, I was not happy when they put Rachel and Brendon on the show. But unless there’s is a crying competition she and Rachel won’t win that either.

    • Comments (1162)

      Elissa isn’t alone in her daydreaming.
      They, all, have grandiose ideas about how BB15 is going to propel them
      into the spotlight and it will, but not for the reasons they are anticipating.

      Elissa will be evicted and will be in the Jury House. I’m sure that unless
      there is a serious family problem back home or a serious concern to
      any HG inside of the House, the HGs contracts are solid for them to
      complete the game.

      My America’s Favorite vote will go to Candice or Jessie.

      Elissa doesn’t deserve it, but then again none of the House Racists,
      Bigots and Haters deserve any of the BB $$$$$$ too.

      BB15 SUCKS!!!!

  3. Comments (58)

    I agree Julia…. Helen’s past the point of running things now. Remember when she bragged in the DR about using the fake tears and how great it worked?? Well last night on BBAD when she was talking to Elissa like Stevebeans was explaining, she went up to the HOH blubbering into a tissue.. “I can’t help her anymore, I’m not throwing her under the bus, I don’t want her to leave”. They kept flashing over to Aaryn and the look on her face was classic. The only one that tried to console her was GM and that lasted about a second . No one cared at that point and Helen was seeing it. She’s lost her position in the house for sure.

    • Comments (140)

      Helen, through her tears and snotty nose blows, kept saying things like “she is like, the only vote I have, so if she doesn’t stay, then all this was for nothing, I have no other votes” – which was an obvious ploy at making herself seem like a desirable final two partner. If the house guests think Helen wouldn’t receive any votes, then perhaps they would take her to the end. However, despite how stupid and lackluster this seasons cast is, I still don’t think people are dumb enough to buy into that.

  4. Comments (80)

    I got so frustrated reading the live feed tweets last night after the HOH comp. Helen is so irritating. Elissa just needs to shut up because realistically the target is Helen. If Elissa doesn’t be quiet, she’s going to seal her fate.

    • Comments (487)

      This is not the week for tantrums. Elissa and Helen need to play for self. Elissa best bet to save her ‘game’ is to get that POV and take herself off the block. I want Helen or Amanda to see how if feels to get a 5 to 0 vote to evict.

      And I am soooo tired of those phoney tears, hugs, words of support after the eviction. Never liked them. The only person who was honest last night was Amanda.

      • Comments (58)

        RIGHT!!! Its a game!!!… Never on a BB do I see every thursday that HG’s go in and say ” Sadly I vote to evict”.. and then stand around the pics on the wall and CRY!!! seriously. And so many on this cast is awaken every morning at 8 am to take their meds.

      • Comments (80)

        I was instantly irritated when reading about Helen “crying” over Elissa. If I was in the house, my reaction would be to ask her why the hell she is getting so emotional over something so pointless.

        And I’m totally over Amanda crying over not winning anything. I think she just needs to accept the fact that she’s terrible at competitions and get over it.

      • Comments (682)

        I really expected Helen to go into the HOH room angry. Instead she chose the pity me route. Did she really think they were going to feel bad for her because she will lose a vote if Elissa leaves the jury house? Yeah, she threw Andy’s name in there to try and cover up. To little too late. Bad idea Helen.

      • Comments (140)

        My apologies for being redundant as I just wrote about this in a reply to someone else’s comment, but the angle Helen was shooting for was poor-pitiful-me, Elissa was my only vote in this game. To make herself appear as a desirable final two partner since if you went up against her, she wouldn’t get any votes. She’s assuming everyone is as dumb as we suggest they are, but I don’t think even they fell for that.

      • Comments (407)

        My sentiments exactly Court.

    • Comments (1162)

      Ellisa’s meltdown was not pretty and was unwarranted, but instead of keeping it on the
      down low, Helen stupidly ran up to tell everyone in the HOH room.

      • Comments (610)

        Argghh! It’s the season of the tattletales! Why does everyone run & tell everyone else what’s going on?! Stop passing information back & forth, no wonder there’s no game this season!

        And MM, “stupidly” is the appropriate word for Helen’s game play ever since Candice got voted out.

    • Comments (453)

      Helen realizes this which is why she was throwing Elissa under the bus in the HOH last night, and in typical Helen fashion say that isn’t her intention but……

      • Comments (1162)

        True, but Helen hasn’t a clue that she was “throwing Elissa Under The Bus,” to
        her BB enemies.
        The woman who could have won the game continues to lose it in every way

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda’s comments above ring true.
        So did Helen share her Elissa news for pity not knowing she was
        appealing to her BB enemies OR was she attempting deception
        regarding the zero number of votes she might have from the Jury?

  5. Comments (166)

    Come on Elissa pull it together…I still like her over the other players…does she have the best game play(NO), but don’t forget her first 3 weeks or so how brutal it was for her with Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin etc..she finally pulled through that so if she’s hitting a bump in the road so what, most players do…in a house 24/7 with people(Aaryn, GM) that you can’t stand to be around.. She might not outwit them or outplay them, but if she can just outlast them!! I’M STILL TEAM ELISSA!!!!

    • Comments (135)

      Elissa had an advantage that no one else had, walking into the house, due to a genetic crap-shoot. AKA, NOTHING that she did. And, due to this, she was chosen 3x for MVP. She has no game and is the lowest common denominator in BB game-play — the dreaded floater.

  6. Comments (231)

    Elissa has to play a game that can not be won , at this point, by anyone but mcC or Amanda—– possibly Aaryan. Maybe some divine intervention may happen. Short memories abound, even w/you Beans, of how she spent her first 3 weeks in the BB house. The people that Elissa is surrounded by there are sub-human, to put it mildly. She had a BAD day! OOPS, I forgot everything is Elissa’ s fault. It might rain today —— it’s E’s fault!
    Also, Helen dug her own grave with her rose-colored glasses and her callousness by crying, about Elissa leaving, was only because Helen knows she doesn’t have enough jury votes. I know FAKE crying when I see it bc she kept looking up to see the effect it was having on her audience. Loved how u described Helen’s demise.

  7. Comments (2)

    Elissa is not cut out for Big Brother at all. I found Rachel to be annoying, but she played hard; Elissa just doesn’t get it.

    • Comments (610)

      Yes, I agree. And if Elissa wanted to walk out, she should have done it a few weeks ago, not now. Suck it up Elissa and finish the game. (if you can’t finish BB, you would never make it on Survivor!!!)

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        To be fair, I’m pretty sure I have heard most of this years’ house guests say ‘if this happens I am going to self evict’ – some sarcastic but not all.
        In the moment where Aaryn wins her 4th hoh, the player Elissa despises most, the player she could have voted out a month ago but everyone assured her that Aaryn will be next, after not seeing her young family for a month and a half – I think most people would experience some sadness and ponder giving up.
        I just think we are being too tough on her.

      • Comments (487)

        She has Helen to thank for that non-move.

  8. Comments (4)

    Since there is so much talk about some HG’s taking Adderall, I looked up some info:

    Adderall is a prescription drug in the amphetamine class used for treating Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It works mainly on the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Adderall is a stimulant; however, when it is taken in prescribed doses for people with ADD and ADHD, it helps them maintain their attention for a longer duration, allowing them to study or work more effectively, without experiencing the medication’s “speed-like” effects.

    When combining alcohol with Adderall, people find that the depressive effects of alcohol are lessened. For this reason, some people take Adderall before or while they are drinking, so that they may party longer, allowing them to drink more and to delay the “sleepy, drunk-like” feeling. Basically, Adderall allows people who are drinking to party much longer into the night and decrease the likelihood of sleeping or passing out.

    It’s important to note that using stimulants like Adderall to prolong drinking may result in a person consuming unhealthy, potentially dangerous, amounts of alcohol. If Adderall is in your system and blocking the depressant effects of alcohol, it’s much easier to miss your body’s warning signs that you’ve had enough to drink; possibly to the point of developing alcohol poisoning. To offer a simple answer to your complex question — it’s not advised to mix alcohol and Adderall without a proper prescription and a conversation with your health care provider.

    • Comments (651)

      You need to add what it does to a person who is not ADD/ADHD–it’s just speed people! These HG’s don’t need it for anything except a buzz and BB has let them get away it. And look at the result–A Hot Mess!!

      Sorry but as the mother of a child with ADD who grew into adult who with a lot of work, self-adjusted and is now a A+ student in college WITHOUT brain altering drugs I just get so mad when people gobble this stuff like candy because doctors prescribe it like candy!!

  9. Comments (453)

    Think I will go to the casino and hopefully win a few thousand dollars and when I do, say to a stranger standing next to me, here you take my winnings. This is what the HOH comp consisted of last night, trying to throw it to the meanest bitch in the house was only tossing away 500K!

  10. Comments (1)

    Elissa wants to go home because she’s a mother and she misses her child, who has already begun school this week. She talks about it a lot on the feeds and I think it’s perfectly right for her to go back home with her son and be there for him rather than sit in the jury with a bunch of idiots and famewhores.

    Elissa also didn’t want to sit next to GM and Aaryn because she’s the only person left in the house who knows how racist and bigoted these two are. She doesn’t want to be associated with them on national tv and have her reputation damaged. She knows how badly Rachel and some other players were treated after the show and so far, she has tried to avoid that.

    • Comments (407)

      I see you read Rachel’s twitter. That’s no excuse at all, sorry. Her sister has been on the show twice, she knew what she was signing up for.

      Many parents are on BB but don’t leave for that reason. It sucks missing your kid, but that’s the gamble they took for a shot at $500k. If Elissa didn’t need the money, she shouldn’t have signed up for the show. There are countless other people who need the money and were willing to stay through jury.

    • Comments (58)

      I understand that because I’m a mother myself but she wanted to go and play BB and thats a consequence of playing, your away from your family with no contact for 3 months.. And I also tell you as a military member and wife.. 3 months is nothing.. Buck up Elissa!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      I disagree with you.
      Elissa knew the terms for being on BB.
      Honor the Contract. Period.

    • Comments (1446)

      Seriously?? Then what in the hell did she sign up for?? Her contract states that she MUST sit in the jury – she signed the contract!
      Oh, but it’s OK self absorbed, narcissistic, Elissa. You just go on home because you lost the game Wah wah wah…

      BTW – she’s not the first person with kids to play thegame.

    • Comments (682)

      Elissa knew she was going to miss the kids first day of school when she agreed to be on Big Brother.

      Her reputation is going to be damaged from sitting next to these two idiots for a few minutes? Come on, you have to come up with a better “excuse” than that. Her comment was childish.

  11. Comments (34)

    There is absolutely no one left in this house that deserves that $500k. I am really hoping that Judd will re-enter the house and light everyone up like a firecraker…starting with Helen and Amanda or Amanda and McCrae on the block right beside each other.

    I cant even begin to imagine the fallout CBS will have if Aaryn, Spencer, GM or Amanda win this thing. Thier best bet is to get in front of that possibility NOW!

  12. Comments (487)

    Fantasy Time again Folks: Imagine Charley Rose interviewing the BB15 winner this year? Aaryn can you tell the folks at home how making racist and bigotted comments to Candice and Howard helped your game play? Amanda you had a fake romance with McCrae, and on the live feeds made jokes about autism, gays, and told a lie about a male house guest; tell me why someone ready to spend $5million on a home in Florida should select you as their realtor? Helen, why should your family and friends trust anything you say if the only time it is the truth is when you say it to them?

  13. Comments (25)

    Are you all not looking at the big picture for Aaryn? Her game is over. It does not matter how many things she wins. Everyone in that jury house hates her. She has ALL of their blood on her hands. Especially Judd. She needs to REALLY think about this. Putting up Helen and Elissa is the dumbest move to make. MC/Amanda will get rid of her just as soon as El/Hel are gone. She is proving herself to be too good at the game. This show is being handed to MC/Amanda. Aaryn has the power to be queen bee in this game. MC needs to go first. Amanda is shitty at everything. I guarantee this week is Pandora’s Box. Something big is about to happen. The funny thing is MC would take Amanda to the f2 but I think she would take someone else.

  14. Comments (166)

    It was soo obvious last night during the HOH competition that NO ONE would put Meanmanda & McGross up against each other..they are soo freakin scared, if you can’t do it now you certainly aren’t going to from this point on!! Really & how funny when McGross tried to throw the comp so Meanmanda would win it, but then Aaryn beat her instead!! LOL

  15. Comments (126)

    The huge joke is on Helen caught point blank lying on national T.V., to Jessie and toss her aside like yesterdays’ trash, because she has been deceived into believing that she is part of the final 4 plan 🙂 and a grander plan of final 3:) 🙂 with McCrae-Pizzaboy and Andy the Rat Fink.

    She is being set up to be the biggest fool in BB history, unless she smells the coffee soon.

    Aaryn is also being played by Amanda. Think what you want Amanda is one of the shrewdest non-winning player of all time. I don’t like Helen but I don’t like Amanda a lot less. So the show has ‘jump the shark’ after America had a say, now it’s a spiral down to wait till next season.

  16. Comments (624)

    Elissa was treated like crap from most of the HG since day one. Especially the mean girls, calling her fembot or whatever and talking her down behind her back….why would she even want to sit next to bitches like that? Between her and Jessie, I think America’s Fave will be Jessie. But I still like Elissa. A bit of an airhead, yeah….BUT…she never went around just maliciously trashing people for no reason like GM, Amanduh and Aryan.

  17. Comments (40)

    I agree with comments I read about Helen, and her mistakes, false tears and so on. The house is a mess, I think these house guests are an embarrassment to the Big Brother game. If I was in the BB house I would feel the exact same way Elissa does. I think she has just had her fill of so much junk, and just was at a breaking point. She was expecting to have a physical challenge last night for HOH and said she just didn’t want to sit by anyone, she was wanting to be alone and then production told her to sit by Aaryn and GM. She said she saw Amanda telling Aaryn that she didn’t want to sit by them (Aaryn and GM) Amanda twisted things there because she could “stir the pot” as Elissa says, and since she isn’t winning HOH’s or anything else, she has to do things like this to control the game. If I was Elissa, I would go home to my family if I was voted out too. I would want to be with my child, and wouldn’t care about any of those people anymore. They haven’t cared about her and have said so. And how many times have we heard all of them say, I like her/him, but don’t want them to win the game. That is a selfish act and attitude in and of itself. I would have great respect for Elissa is she did that and finally put her foot down and said enough is enough. I know there are alot of things and votes that have gone on in the house this summer and she had to keep from saying anything. I know she has hated it. Aaryn and GM were going on because Elissa was basically having a bad nite, but it’s Ok for them to have bad days, nights, cramps, no hair dye, no Nick or David, etc and everyone should understand that and allow them to be human, but NOT Elissa. She can’t miss her husband, son, family, want a letter from home, etc. Sickening in my book.

    • Comments (487)

      And what does it say about Helen if she would use Elissa meltdown against her? Doesn’t she miss her husband and children? Karma Baby Karma.

    • Comments (224)

      Why wait to get voted out? Why doesn’t she just go home now then, if she hates it so much and misses her kid? If she doesn’t care about her contract to just go home instead of jury, then there should be nothing stopping her from doing it now.

    • Comments (407)

      RC, my thoughts on Helen and Elissa are this… I doubt if Elissa knew what kind of people were going to be in the BB house this year. I’m sure she didn’t expect all the racism and hatred that has gone on, and I do not remember her ever saying anything about the other hg’s or agreeing and laughing with them when racist or mean things have been said and done. That being said, I think she is just fed up with it. I know I would be. Surely none of us would want to be locked up for months with all of these nasty people. Contract or no contract, I think the contestants chosen this year have not been the typical Big Brother houseguests and I too would be ready to leave. Never before has the show had to deal with what they have this year and I believe all of this has simply caught up with Elissa. As far as Helen, I think Elissa messed up by listening and voting the way Helen and the house wanted her to. Helen is a two-faced, hypocritical poor excuse of a person. I will be glad to see her voted out (hopefully it will be a unanimous vote) and she will not be the one to come back in the house.

      • Comments (166)

        Way to go JoJo..I couldn’t have said it better myself..although I would still rather Helen over Meanmanda, GM or Aaryn to win!

      • Comments (1446)

        I saw Elissa plenty of times sitting w/McCranda while she went off on one of her ignorant tirades…and laughed and never said a word. I have wondered for weeks why Elissa thought the trash talk was OK for Amanda, but not for Aaryn or GM.
        And I bet that if her butt weren’t on the block she wouldn’t be “fed up with it.” She’s only that way because she’s like a two old old who, if they can’t win, they take their marbles and go home.

    • Comments (135)

      Kid or no kid, you put up with shit for the chance of 1/2 mil. You go into it, knowing you put up with shit, even if it’s different shit than it’s ever been. Period. You signed a damn contract! Waa, waa, waa.

  18. Comments (2)

    These so called human beings are a disgrace to society. None of them have any morale’s, what kind of up bring did they have? Big Brother production has stooped really low this season. In my opinion, no-one deserves the prize monies and therefore, should be split and awarded to a charity organization’s. I have stopped watching BB and once in a while I will check out the BB live feed on the website. SHAME, SHAME BB for a horrible season.

  19. Comments (12)

    Thank you for this blog! I hope America doesn’t give her $25k after she said she would quit!

  20. Comments (12)

    I can’t wait until this all blows up in Aaryn’s face

  21. Comments (302)

    Can’t believe I’m about to say anything in support of Elissa because she’s been invisible to me all season and I can’t quite understand some BB fans obsession with her. But, unlike Helen or Andy who quickly attached her wagon to Aaryn, Elissa seems to be the only person in the house that is bothered by the racist & homophobic crap that comes out of the mouths of Aaryn & GM .. and anyone for that matter. Those two continue to bash Candice even though she’s out of the house. No one in that house ever says a word about it but Ellisa.

  22. Comments (8)

    I want helen out and judd in! PLEASE

  23. Comments (83)

    Rachel is at home screaming at the tv, saying come on sister, suck it up and fight, don’t let those mean racist bitches win, they need to get Amandas ass out of there, then Helen, then things would start getting better, Judd or Jessie need to come back in and clean house.

  24. Comments (158)

    You can’t read Elissa’s expressions because with as much plastic surgery as she’s had, she has none anymore. There was always something off about her, which I finally saw after about the fifth week. Facial muscles that SHOULD move, don’t….especially when she smiles. More the pity because she probably looked just fine WITHOUT plastic surgery.

  25. Comments (1)

    Watching this group of “players” is horrid. I haven’t watched from the first season but its been quite a while now and I don’t understand how any of these guys can call themselves fans of the game. There are always a few whose moves absolutely befuddle me, but this entire cast of whiney prima donna’s is a more than a few cards short of a full deck.

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