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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction And Possible Reset

This is the “world war III” Candice was talking about. Her against her bed

I’m late for my prediction thread!  I’ll have to speed this up if I want to get a live eviction thread going, so it’s going to be abbreviated (I say that now, but I love to ramble)…

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If you watched CBS last night, Candice promised there would be fireworks in the house and world war III before she went out.  The above picture pretty much summed up her version of going to war.  Perhaps she was campaigning to the house in her sleep?   I don’t mean to pick on her but I’m just disappointed when I see people go without a fight.  Candice’s best efforts came when she approached Helen and asked her to do the campaigning this week.

For that reason, this prediction should be a simple one….

Aaryn – Candice
Andy – Candice
Elissa – Candice
Helen – Candice
Judd – Candice
McCrae – Candice
Jessie – Candice

It should be the second unanimous vote of the season, despite the fact that Elissa and Helen have been friendly with Candice.   One could vote the other way just to stir the pot, maybe Jessie vote for Amanda, but I doubt it.

It will be a double eviction night, but this is just a wild guess for the second evicted person:


He didn’t make any friends today by basically telling Jessie he was annoyed with her and isn’t going to be working together.  They had a pretty big argument in the bathroom at 1:24pm (use the flashback feature here). So not only does half the house think he’s a huge schemer, but now they think he’s a jerk the way he spoke with Jessie.


Judd goes off saying how Jessie makes him miserable, she’s the worst person in the house, etc.   Helen tried to calm down the situation, but she only blew it up by keeping them talking.

Anyway, I’m trying to rush so you have time to read this before my next thread.

‘Reset Twist’ 

Julie hinted that there will be another twist in the house and tweeted a photo of the reset button used last season when the coaches came in the game.  My best guess is at some point they’re going to have the houseguests go in the DR and vote whether or not they want to reset the game without the MVP.  If they do, Candice stays and they start fresh, and if they don’t, Candice goes and it’s back to craziness.

The only reason I think they’ll throw the Candice part in is because asking them if they want to get rid of the MVP twist without any drawback (like kicking someone out of the house you wanted), everyone would easily vote yes.

Anyway, here is a quick poll for who you think is going home..

I will be starting a live eviction thread shortly (2 hours or so), but had to get my predictions out

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  1. Comments (528)

    Omg, I’m starting to think they’re pumping something into the water the way these people are systematically losing their minds. Wtf is wrong with them? Even the ones that seem decent suddenly turn around and become total dickheads. What next? Helen is going to start sucker-punching Andy?

    Maybe CBS is using this “reset” deal because they really don’t like where the votes are headed (because the houseguests are asses) and, after trying and failing to cheat and keep Howard around, now their only other black houseguest is on her way out. Doesn’t look too good. Especially after Amanda’s recent and lovely little rant about Candice’s “greasy, nappy hair” (such class).

    Their idiotic excuse about how this is “reality TV” so they’re catching authentic conversation is BS anyway. That house is a completely controlled environment – these people can’t even SING without getting hell from BB but they can drop n-bombs and other racist remarks and “that’s just reality.” Eff you, CBS. Do something about this crap!

    • Comments (158)

      Is greasy/nappy hair really a racial thing?? I’ve never heard of that.

    • Comments (7)

      how did they try to cheat to keep howard? what did i miss?

      • Comments (528)

        A couple weeks before his actual eviction – according to the houseguests – the producers were telling them in the DR to keep him in the house as they were considering putting him up. They didn’t that week. Ultimately it didn’t matter in the end.

        They’ve been known to meddle this way frequently.

      • Comments (5)

        Didn’t Amanda say something to Candice that “Shaniqua” (how ever you spell it) is coming out? I thought that was very rude and racist to say.. Shes getting just so bad or worse then Aaryn!!

      • Comments (651)

        Yes she did and then smiled at the camera and said “I guess that makes me racist”

      • Comments (15)

        I can’t believe how ignorant some of them are!!! Amanda was way out of line calling Candice “Shaniqua.” At least Candice had enough class not to reply with antisemitism remarks towards Amanda. I really have to wonder what some of their lives are going to be like post-BB.

      • Comments (651)

        It seems Amanda’s family has been paying the price for her actions. Even their neighbors (high income, gated community, Palm Beach) are giving them grief. And I’m sure much more awaits her.
        Aaryn’s parents have hired a PR firm and are probably REALLY happy for Amanda’s behavior to take some of the heat off.
        GM is an unemployable psycho who won’t be able to afford to see a shrink when Nick goes into hiding.
        And Spencer’s father (the judge) and brother (the cop) are going to have to deal with the cops investigating him for kiddie porn.

      • Comments (150)

        Amanda’s West Boca neighborhood of transplanted Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island Jews was part of the Obama landslide in Palm Beach and Broward counties that gave him the state of Florida. Her neighbors, who continually vote democratic against their own financial interests, must want to strangle her to death. She is an embarrassment.

      • Comments (143)

        jews vote for democrats because democrats give jews kick backs, it is IN their interest. Jews are not known for doing things against their interest, trust me, i know my own kind 😉

      • Comments (528)

        You know, being Jewish isn’t a free pass to insult and reinforce stereotypes of the Jewish people. I’m sure many a Jew would be insulted by that last post.

    • Comments (768)

      Now you know what the B.S. in C.B.S. stands for.

    • Comments (6)

      YEssssss Sadie……you hit it right on the head. I believe that if the producers were really concerned with the offensive content being spewed in that house, they could do something about it, but they are probably CHOOSING not to. I can hear it now…they probably sit in their little meetings talking about how the ratings are through the roof because of what’s going on and do nothing about it. And they are correct to some degree, because we are all sitting here commenting on it. What’s unfair about Candice leaving is she never really had a chance in that house because all they ever saw was the color of her skin, and if that was the fuel for them evicting her from the house, that is not fair because those same people will be rewarded for their bad acts when they recieve their big payday from BB.

      • Comments (15)

        I think they’re airing it to show what they’re really like. I know a lot of fans got mad when CBS edited out a lot of the negative stuff Janelle said and did in BB All Stars. By broadcasting the truth, these people are going to have to face the consequences when they leave the safe confines of the BB/jury house. In the meantime they just keep making themselves look worse.

    • Comments (150)

      Xanax? Adderral? Cabin Fever?…sure, nothing wrong with putting depression and anxiety prone people in a psychological experiment. Move along folks, nothing to see here..LMAO….Who ever defended putting unhealthy mental and emotional cripples in the house, I salute your medical acumen!!!

    • Comments (150)

      Where ever this show is broadcast outside of the USA it is stated that this show is a psychological experiment. They don’t use the term in the USA because CBS has decided people would be turned off by the educational implication. (How much does that say about what CBS thinks of the intelligence of the American audience)? What you see is what you get. People who need medication to function should not under any circumstances be included. The reason that they are fed there medication daily by BB is because they cannot be trusted in this stress inducing environment not to overdose. CBS and the HG’s physicians who did not advise against this should be ashamed of themselves. They traded health and sanity for entertainment and should be held accountable. Judd and Amanda are showing typical symptoms under these circumstances. They can’t think straight.

    • Comments (1)

      I saw a feed where Katlin used the n-word. I’m glad that she’s off BB.
      CBS should have kicked off the rest of the mean and hateful girls. Why would you taint the BB show. I’ve watched my last season of BB. The only reason I’ll still watching is I can’t wait to see when GM, Aaryn and Amanda get the boot. You let some good players go and kept thoses low life girls. Shame on you Julie Chen and CBS.

  2. Comments (651)

    They could put one of the Reset terms is a penalty for a racial slur or comment. Something like if you say a racist joke you don’t get a vote or you don’t get to comp for HoH or POV. Or all three! Now that would shake things up.

  3. Comments (10)

    Maybe, the reset button gives the MVP back to the house guests. I really don’t want the MVP to go away. It makes Amanda go crazy, and that’s a good thing.

  4. Comments (302)

    I’m with you Sadie. I think Amanda and Aaryn must be wearing red kryptonite necklaces because it seems that any prolonged interaction with them turns you into an instant A-hole. It’s amazing how I have to keep switching who I want to win this game. Judd was never a favorite but it wouldn’t bother me if he won. Now I can’t wait to see him get the boot, not just for the way he treated Jessie, just for being so stupid. So many in this house claim they’ve been Big Brother fans yet obviously none of the strategy slipped into those pea sized brains of theirs.
    As far as CBS goes … they suck .. but they’re laughing all the way to the bank as Big Brother ratings have been on a steady rise. I must admit, as much as I hate this group, I’ve never been this passionate about Big Brother. I’m just starving for stronger game play … FROM ANYONE!!!

  5. Comments (5)

    I don’t blame Candice at all for not campaigning. In a way, I think her going to GM or Aaryn or Amanda is sort of putting a price on her morals and there are just some things that money can’t buy. I think the longer she is in the house with these imbeciles, the more of an effect it will have on her sanity. There’s only so much one person can take. I feel so bad that she can’t go home, but she has to go to the jury and spend the rest of her summer with people who despise her (for no apparent reason). Poor Candice!

    • Comments (407)

      Dee, you know what I love about Candice going to the jury house…some of these houseguests are going to realize she sure won’t give them her vote!! There will definitely be some butt kissing in the jury house.

      • Comments (17)

        Why would there be but kissing in the jury house?? If they’re in the jury house, they’ve been evicted and can’t win. Your logic doesn’t make sense nor the thumbs up.

  6. Comments (2)

    Please keep posting — I just found out that CBS will be airing the Broncos pre-season game instead of BB. They’ll air BB at 1am… ugh. I’m actually thinking that Spencer may go home in the 2nd eviction tonight… he’s not on everyone’s “save for later” list.

  7. Comments (9)

    Helen/Elisa and MCCrae/Amanda are behaving in a manner that support each other’s interests in the game. The wild card is Andy, who I think is more loyal to McCrae/Amanda than he is to Helen/Elisa, but this could change if Amanda keeps acting out. Aaryn, GM, Judd, Jessie, and Spenser are expendable at the strategic discretion of the the 5 above.

  8. McCrae_Files_For_Divorce
    Comments (2)

    Likeability Rank
    1. Howard
    2. McCrae
    3. Elissa
    4. Nick
    5. Candice
    6. Jessie
    7. Judd
    8. Andy
    9. Helen

  9. Comments (9)

    I think Amanda hates Candice, because Candice looks better and have more class than she do.

  10. just another fan
    Comments (48)

    never considered that with this reset Candice could stay – that is exciting. She has Jessie and Elissa on her side and if one of those 3 becomes hoh, I think the direction of this game could change.

  11. Comments (83)

    These are the dumbest ppl ever, they just had Jessie on the block and talked really bad to her, now your gonna vote out Judd for being mean to her, WOW, stupid pp, Amanda will probaly win this game cauae u all so stupid, and I love how Aaryn became everyones favorite person.

  12. Comments (2)

    These “retards”? You realize what you just said right? Called someone a derogatory name, a name that describes a condition that isn’t controllable, because they use racial slurs… Race being another thing that isn’t controllable. I love this blog but damn the comments are so ignorant.
    I’d never stick up for anything being said in that house but I’ve said deragatory things in my life and I’m 100% certain you have as well.

    (Steve’s note) I deleted the comment this was in reply to

  13. Comments (22)


  14. Comments (143)

    Chima was EVICTED for throwing her microphone down when microphones break all the time. You can be evicted for making a threat like happened in one season. People can be evicted for alot of shit. I think they should have been banned from comps or made have nots for all the shit they said and did. Come on child porn jokes, n-bombs, shaniqua, rape jokes. Normal human beings do not talk like this. Its not like this is being said by angry drunk people in the middle of a shouting match, this is said with a serious face or sitting back as jokes. It is clear Allison Grodner is a hatemonger, and she is looking for hate, casted a hateful cast, and got what she worked for. At a certain point one has to look at who is casting all these sickos.

    This is the worst cast ever, I hope they never cast anyone under 28 again as all the young players are the biggest whimps.

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