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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

Amanda almost got a last minute blindside
Amanda almost got a last minute blindside

This week was probably the perfect opportunity to get one of, if not THE strongest players in the game out, but it appears that won’t happen.  I am not referring to Howard when I write this, because let’s be real, he’s a decent player but has been mediocre in competitions and his social game is nearly as bad as it gets.  The strongest player in the house by far has been Amanda as she had a huge influence in all but one HoH week.  The week she had no control, she wasn’t even remotely a target but still ended up nullifying the HoH’s nominees by getting the MVP nominee out of the house.

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Let’s face it, right now, Amanda is Dan Gheesling of last year.  At least in the second half of last year when he stopped playing dead that is.  Dan completely dominated the social part of the second half, but faced a jury mostly consisting of bitter floaters who really had no clue how Big Brother is played. Don’t get me wrong, Ian played a solid game and didn’t burn bridges, but Ian wasn’t in the finals without Dan.  I still consider Dan the real winner of BB14 (Sorry Ian), and as of right now, Amanda is cruising to the title of BB15 winner.

The only flaw I see is that Dan played his game late, while Amanda has been playing since day 1. There will still be 11 people in the house after tonight and the target on Amanda’s back is growing by the day.  By this time last season, Dan looked like a wounded animal just waiting for his time to go home (Kind of like Aaryn?).  Anyway, here are my predictions tonight… I have a disclaimer, this was a super busy RL week so I don’t have a full grasp on every vote, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be right on who goes home.

Andy – Howard
Elissa – Howard
GinaMarie – Howard
Helen – Howard
Jessie – Howard
Judd – Howard
McCrae – Howard
Spencer – Amanda

Howard should be going home by a vote of 7-1-0, and shortly following that, there is a very good chance it’s endurance night!   This means I will hopefully be up all night watching a crazy endurance competition where houseguests are busting their asses to win HoH.   You can watch it as well by signing up to the live feeds and getting a free trial!

Who do you think will be going home tonight?

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  1. Comments (453)

    I have high hopes McCrae will have the missing Amanda mopes!!!

    • Comments (1446)

      Sorry. not gonna happen – too many idiots in the house. Someone made a spot on comment in another thread along the lines of, in the real world, if McCrae delivered a pizza to Amanda’s condo in Boca Raton, she wouldn’t even tip him and probably slam the door in his face. So true.
      And I don’t agree with the comparison to Dan. Dan never had to stoop to personal, threatening comments to, and about, others players. He was a mastermind without all the nasty that Amanda possesses. And the people playing with Dan were smarter. Where they found all of these backwoods lemmings for this season, God only knows…

      • Comments (178)

        Does any (rational) person actually believe that Amanda will continue to have a relationship with McCrae outside of the Big Brother house? It won’t happen. The only reason she hooked up with him was because he was the first HOH. But once out of the house, Amanda will dump McCrae faster than it takes to order a “pepperoni pizza with extra cheese”.

      • Comments (35)

        I think they balance each other out well. As they say, opposites attract.

        Even though she seems to like men who have a lot in the money department, she could be interested in him for having a lot in a more personal department… She just comes off that way to me.

      • Comments (49)

        Really… you really think that? I mean what is that old saying……You can tell they really LOVE you when, they feel comfortible enough to fart in the Bathtub with you….lol

      • Comments (357)

        That was me Jannie. She wouldn’t give McCrae the time of day and as he delivered his pizza to his house. She would be on the phone with a high luxury home client, grab the pizza and slam the door. No tip involved!

  2. Comments (17)

    Unfortunately I agree with you Steve beans…I just really wish something would have woken up the house and that they’d vote Amanda out ….

  3. Comments (22)

    See how stupid they all are. A chance to get Amanda out and they are going to mess it up. Howard is not liked and can be gotten off next week easily. These people do not know how to play the game….dunces!!

  4. Comments (28)

    I don’t get how these people don’t see the need to get Amanda out. SAD. I think Spencer might jump ship and vote for Howard too, if he knows the rest of the house will vote that way. He knows he needs to find new alliances.

  5. Comments (2)

    Amanda definitely has a form of The Mist, just in a different way. She controls the house by acting condescending and threatening players, whereas Dan did it much better… so well, in fact, that I still can’t figure it out. His social game was AMAZING. Amanda’s running the house but I don’t think her game is as good as Dan’s. Anyway, Howard’s going home and I agree with your votes. No one is flipping on this but Spencer will vote for Amanda out of spite. Looking forward to more spats between Spencer and Amanda in the near future.

  6. Comments (12)

    This BB season is getting SOOOO boring!!! can someone please get Amanda or McPizza out of the house!!! Helen makes this season so boring, she tells everyone who is leaving before the eviction (it is not a surprise). Get her out too!

  7. Comments (2)

    I will say if Amanda does cruz to victory it is certain McCray will then, if not sooner, see Amanda’s true stripes. It could be sooner should the need arise in game play. I just wish Cray would see that. Hey, if I’m wrong good for the both of them.

  8. Comments (1)

    I do mot understand why they want Howard out so bad. Amanda has these people bamboozled. I liked her at first but she is by far the meanest person in the house. But I will give credit where credit is due. She is playing the game. No one else in the house makes a move without her approval.

    I think Spencer will actually throw his vote at Candice. It is what they expect. All he needs to play it safe, especially if it is an endurance comp.

  9. Comments (143)

    I really don’t now, the last I saw was Aaryn, Jessie and GM plotting to vote out candice or Amanda, it was unclear from the context. Then they said they can’t go out their like hyeneas and to wait until the last day. So I really don’t know. It all depends who wins hoh and who they put up, if amanda and mcgay stay after next week they will win.

  10. Comments (45)

    We all know howards going home, but the real question is if candice win HOH will she put up Mcrae and amanda or Spencer and Aaryn. I also dont think this weeks a double elimination, becauses theres an endurance competition.

  11. Comments (17)

    Perfectly said Steve…I detest Amanda but right now she is running the house and winning the game. I think that it only because everyone else is weak! Without the MVP nomination from America she would be cozy under a blanket with McCrae watching all her minions scramble around the house and bring the news back to her. This is pathetic! I am hoping that Spencer or Candice win the HOH just to change the feel in the house a little. However, if it is an endurance competition, something tells me we are in for another boring week where Candice and Spencer are the nominees and Amanda or Aaryn are the MVP vote (if it is America as MVP).

  12. Comments (45)

    If spencer wins HOH he should put up Amanda and mcrae. I knowhe hate candice but that needs to wait another week also if there nominated america wil prolly nominate aaryn

  13. Comments (13)

    Hopefully Candace wins HOH puts Amanda and McCrea up and we can vote for Helen to be MVP nom. Let them all realize their time has come and they need to go

  14. Comments (126)

    Agreed, but this season’s Wildcard is (America) and I sense that Amanda will be a weekly target by us, as her continual arrogant heart and motor-mouth of blatant lies and fracture facts which are fully expose to the BB viewers/voters who can appreciate smart crafty game play but most do not tolerate her dirty sleaze ball spectacle not to mention her cheesy bore-mance with Pizza Boy Tag-a-long that I guess CBS thinks is a rating booster. NOT!

    This season remaining HG are but sheep who feared and took out the strong player early, but are too timid or dumb to challenge Amanda’s aggressive vocal two-faced tactics.

    Let’s give them more confidence and continue to put up Amanda 10X.

  15. Comments (1162)


    *The ONLY fun will be the HOH Competition.
    Come on Candice – WIN!!!

    • Comments (178)

      I’m nervous about the HOH competition tonight. If it is an endurance competition, McCrae has been “resting” up all these weeks. Unfortunately, he tends to be good at endurance competitions. It would suck if McCrae (or anyone from his immediate group) won HOH.

      • Comments (158)

        Not to mention, McCrae is a Have this week and has been for awhile. The others who would do well in an endurance competition have been have-nots alot lately. Poor nutrition, cold showers and lack of good sleep can really sap your endurance.

  16. Comments (68)

    Yeah, I think Howard will leave tonight, when we all probably agree that Amanda should be. I can’t stand her! I think Candace should self evict and her and Howard walk out together! But AAryn and a lot of them would lover that! So Candace should stay and win HOH this time and go as far as she can. But rumor has it, It’s endurance so I dont know. At least Aaryn can’t be HOH this week. She needs to be a have not this week! Helen need to go and sit down somewhere too! She is annoying. For anyone who watches BBAD can agree, she thinks she knows everything and thinks she can fix everything. I use to like her but she is turned into the rest of them. She thinks she is in control but Amanda and McCrae are! Her days are numbered!

  17. Comments (178)

    If someone (other than Judd) from Amanda’s team (and they all seem to be supportive of Amanda, with the exception of Candice and Spencer) happens to win the next HOH, we can bet we’ll see Spencer and Candice up for eviction. Amanda sees to it that anyone who dares to challenge her (or poses a threat to her game) will always be eliminated. It doesn’t seem to matter who the actual HOH is. Hopefully, America follows thru and votes to put Amanda up again as the MVP nominee. Not that it will do any good. The entire house (with the exception of Spencer and Candice) is intimidated by Amanda. It’s like the bullies in school. The kids know them for what they are; but they’re afraid to challenge them. If it even looks as though Amanda, McCrae and Andy “might” make it to the final four, I intend to stop watching Big Brother way before then. Lousy season. No one really to root for. It’s a sad commentary when you WANT to see a floater, i.e., Elissa or Jessie, win Big Brother. In my opinion, those two are the lesser of all evil in that house.

  18. Comments (35)

    I’d personally like Andy to win just because I want to see what his HOH would be like, lol.

    • Comments (178)

      I started out liking Andy; but he turned into a real toad. He’s been coasting along by keeping a relatively low profile and hanging on to the stronger players by passing on information.

      • Comments (15)

        I don’t like anyone that runs back and forth between groups reporting what they hear from their other “secret”alliances. But I like them even less when they are floaters and they do this. I agree that Andy is a toad and I don’t like him anymore. Helen does this too but she does it because she thinks she is being honourable and staying true to her “circle of trust” (it’s not an alliance mind you, it’s just a circle of trust, LOL) when in fact the other members of her circle are too smart to return the favour. Poor Helen, I don’t like her anymore either.

        McCrae reminds me of the story “The Emporer’s New Clothes”. He is such a pipsqueak yet he thinks he is so powerful. Watching him run under a rock if Amanda gets evicted would make for good TV.

        I am expecting the unexpected tonight and cheering that Amanda gets the boot. Either way, I am going to root for either Candice or Howard, whoever remains. I hope they do not disappoint like the others have.

      • Comments (71)

        sounds like good game play to me. Go Andy!

        Anita : August 1, 2013 at 4:44 pm : I started out liking Andy; but he turned into a real toad. He’s been coasting along by keeping a relatively low profile and hanging on to the stronger players by passing on information.

      • Comments (48)

        I don’t have a problem with Andy going from group to group to hear what is going on but a smart BB player would not go back to either group and report. Think of how strong he could be if he knew all the information from all the groups and kept it to himself.

    • Comments (651)

      If Andy wins HoH then you know what it would be like. Demanda and McPizza with their butts in the HoH bed, eating all the food, using the HoH bathroom and telling Andy what to do. And the sad part is he’ll be thrilled with the whole thing.
      I really don’t want to see that.

  19. Comments (2)

    Hey guys! I missed a couple of episodes so I’m a little lost on the sudden hatred of Amanda who I thought was a favorite? My friend mentioned how when Judd was HOH she kept bullying him, and then read here that she’s threatening people and blahblah? Anyone care to shed some light so I make sure I’m not rooting for the wrong person lol.

  20. Comments (15)

    I agree Steve. Amanda is the Dan of BB15 in the sense that she is playing the smartest game of all the HG’s. she is getting her way while not having to get blood on her hands. And my theory is the only Eason she snuggled up to McCrea is to neuter any boy alliance. I will give odds she dumps him just as soon as she leaves the house. As long as she keeps him close she can keep dibs on what the boys are doing and reduce their numbers by one at the same time.

    Have to add that I don’t mind rooting for the villain who plays a sneaky, underhanded, manipulative game and is not afraid to shake the house up as long as they don’t cross certain lines. I can’t root for Amanda because she has crossed the line.

    Here’s hoping you are right about h starting her game too soon causing others to get fed up with her in time o give her the boot eventually b

  21. Comments (4)

    I totally disagree that Amanda is the Dan of BB15, She is no comparison, she is just lucky she has a house full of scared puppies in the house who can not make any decisions for themselves, she is not saving herself like other players of past she has been very mean in the house all week it is the other players who do not want to make a move out of fear that she is going to stay in the house. I loved Big Brother because of the Chess game, no chess game moves this year just a bunch of people that have no idea how to play the game or make smart moves.
    This is a sad season, I hope next year will be better.

    • Comments (4)

      You make some valid points but we don’t know how good a game she would have played given different house guests. With this group and the dynamic that has developed, she appears to be playing her game such that she will cruise to victory unless the others wake up out of their “need to vote with the house” Amanda induced coma. She certainly is mean and Dan was not, but they are both able to get others to do their dirty work.

      Anyways, here’s hoping or a better season next time. Unless of course Amanda goes tonight, then there might still be hope for this season. (I know the live feeds make this unlikely but I can still hope for the unexpected).

    • Comments (286)

      I agree with Steve in that Amanda is out thinking the rest of the house,like Dan did.I find it funny when people talk game(HELEN)thinking I have a great idea and go into detail about it only to run and tell Amanda who just shoots it down.”Nah that will never work” and walk away….ok.
      Last night on BBAD Helen was talking with Jess about how strong Amanda is in game and has a strong presence about her and basically giving all the reasons of WHY you should vote her

  22. Comments (118)

    The names McPIzza and Demanda are hilarious. Demanda needs to go this week but probably won’t. Next MVP probably Demanda hopefully.

    • Comments (158)

      Really? Can we stop the childish name-calling?? It just makes you look petty when you have to resort to that. There are perfectly good reasons to discuss why we don’t like each one without resorting to playground name-calling.

  23. Comments (25)

    Some people are disliked because they are so annoying because of talking so much with opinions (Helen), some are disliked because they go off into tirades or crying jags (Jessie and E), some are disliked because they play chameleon and just repeat what others say (Andy) some are disliked partially because they are able to control the votes (Amanda) some are disliked because they try to stay under the radar most of the time (Andy and Jude)………I know I haven’t done the entire crew yet, but just want to express that everyone can irritate us. I can relate more to disliking any of these people because of their racism and mean-spirited behavior, not for game strategies (lies) or personal demeanor. Any one you spend time with is going to get on your nerves at some point.

  24. Comments (4)

    Ok, eviction prediction. Once the votes for Howard appeared to be a. Lock, Amanda starting commenting on how shady Judd is, followed by the rest of the house saying, you guessed it, how shaddy Judd is.

    So if Amanda keeps control of her minions – tonight Howard, next Spencer, followed by Judd then Andy. Then she will find a way to get the others to evict Pizza boy. Bam. Boys gone.

  25. Comments (9)

    i have to say it’s an insult to Dan to compare Amanda to him. yes he back stabbed everyone but in my eyes played a clean game, where amanda has made horrible remarks. I love how cbs airs aaryn’s racial comments but only shows amanda telling her shes racist but not airing her comments.

  26. Comments (4)

    I just saw a promo commercial for tonight’s episode of BB. They are askiing “Is there a new mean girl in the house? Elissa shows her true colours”.

    It will be interesting to see how production portrays things tonight. Pretty sure they will continue to make Amanda appear vey likable.

    • Comments (178)

      Perhaps they’ll show Elissa saying that she would rather keep Candice and Howard in the house. Considering how Big Brother is portraying Amanda in such a favorable light, that would be cause for some viewers (who don’t read the spoiler blogs) to think that Elissa was just being a “mean girl”. We’ll see….

  27. Comments (357)

    Dan was a JERK and I jumped up and down when young Ian won. But Amanda is no Dan. She is vicious with her actions and words. And I personally think she takes this game more personally than anyone. She is just better at hiding it!

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