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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Thread

bb15-andy-scaredIf you are a keen observer, you will notice the word ‘live’ missing from the title and that’s because it’s not.  Don’t worry, Big Brother is not trying to pull a fast one over on anyone, it’s pretty common knowledge that the eviction is not live tonight.  It happened last night, so the results are already in, we’re just waiting to find them out.


There have been rumors someone in the audience saw Judd leave, Andy win HoH and Amanda streak through the crowd wearing nothing but band-aids (I kid on the last one), but that’s not too surprising which is why I haven’t mentioned it.  It’s kind of like that fake facebook post about Amanda being rigged to win.   It’s pretty easy to make fake posts when you state realistic scenarios.

I can create a fake facebook status about how I traveled from time and tell you the Miami Heat won the 2014 championship.  Based on that team, there is probably a 50/50 shot I’d be right and people will think I’m a time traveler.  If I say the Celtics will win the 2014 championship, and they actually do, well then I may be on to something.  See what I mean about how spreading rumors are easy when you play the odds?

Don’t get me wrong, this person could be right, but Judd going home was already a given, and the HoH competition was likely a mental type of challenge.  Andy is easily the smartest person in the house right now, so it won’t be at all shocking to find out he wins.    Anyway, I’m rambling, the show is just about on, time for the updates….



5:00pm – The show is about to begin!

5:05pm – After some flashbacks, Julie brings us from the nominations to the PoV competition highlights.

5:10pm – The highlights are taking a commercial break. We’ll see the PoV competition when the show comes back.

5:15pm – PoV competition highlights with former winner, Ian from BB14.

– Judd drops out of the competition to just try and help Andy win.  Spencer is upset because Judd quit and only helped Andy.

5:20pm – McCrae wins the PoV

5:25pm – Back from another break, time for more highlights from the week.

5:30pm – Veto meeting, McCrae uses it on himself and Spencer puts Judd up

5:35pm – Eviction time!  I wonder if Judd will go crazy…..


McCrae – Judd
Andy – Judd

Judd is evicted 2-0

5:45pm – Judd tells Julie that he wants GinaMarie to win it all.  On the way out he said he was going to vote for Spencer or Andy, but apparently that was reverse psychology so they’ll be targets.

5:50pm – It’s the ‘before or after’ competition.  Yup, Andy easily has this competition, but we’ll see….

All 3 get 5 points, tiebreaker….

Andy wins the HoH


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  1. Avatar

    I hope Andy doesn’t win HOH

  2. Avatar

    What’s happening?

    • Avatar

      IDK! Will somebody….anybody take the container of Xanax from Judd! WTH? He KILLED his 2nd chance!

      • Avatar

        Hey! Everyone we can vote now! I voted for Elissa! Even if you are someone who doesn’t like her, we all would love to see them disgusting peoples reaction to hrr winni.g! LOL

      • Avatar

        Yeah i know! I totally messed up the words `HER & WINNING’.

      • Avatar

        Haha that’s the one of the reasons I wanna vote for her, just to upset the others who keep begging us not too

      • Avatar

        I agree, I would love to see their faces to. The problem is though, they are going to think we voted for her because of her sister, not because they are just to vile to vote for.

      • N2Wishun

        Doesn’t matter why they think she won the $25,000, we just need to make sure she wins it to teach them a lesson. I’m sure her winning would leave a bad taste in their dirty little mouths. I can live with that. Remember, you can vote online up to 10x under the same email. I’ll create multiple emails if I have to!

      • Avatar

        I think you can also vote by text so that would be another 10 votes.

      • Avatar

        Yes I voted for Elissa too. The houseguests deserve some

        punishment for this season ruining of Big Brother.

        And we deserve some entertainment. Andy saie he would cry

        and kill himself, and Spencer said he would pull his pant

        down and shit on stage. Julie better call them on this.

        Don’t they know we hear & see everything.Vile, racist,

        women bashing etc etc.

      • Avatar

        @ Rose, then since what you said is true, then Candace should be the fan favorite as she took the brunt of the meanest vilest stuff! That would be true payback. Just saying!

      • Avatar



      • Avatar

        Elissa got my 10 votes.

      • Avatar

        Considering I am everyone on the posts who disagrees with the sunshine brigade I should get thousands of votes….LOL..

      • Avatar

        Please dont use that word, it doesn’t say much for your character!

      • Avatar

        Think before you use that word.please and thank you.

      • Avatar

        Elissa’s already gotten two of my votes. We can vote ten times. She deserves this vote if for no other reason than to see the look on Andy’s face, Amanda’s face, etc. It will be priceless. Especially since Andy, Amanda & Aaryn think they have been God’s gift to America. NOT!

      • Avatar

        Sherry you are right! We deserve some entertainment! If Julie will call them out on their crap and all of us vote for Elissa, we might just get a little entertainment from this show this season.

      • Avatar

        nqb1234 Judd still thinks the exterminators had his back! How stupid! They just used him for a vote! GO McCRAE!

      • Avatar

        I never thought I would say this but out of the 4 vile

        people left McCrea I could live with winning. Too bad

        Amanda will spend most of the money.

      • Avatar

        Sad, but true! He would have won against all of them in the F2! And that’s reality!

      • N2Wishun

        Hate to say it Nancy, but since Andy nominated DiSpencer and McScummy, McScummy will probably going home Thurs 🙁

      • Avatar

        I won’t be voting for her because she is one of the few people who does NOT need the money! My vote is for McCrae. Even if he was with Demanda, he has been a nice guy all season.

      • Avatar

        Traci, there’s a good possibility Elissa would use the money not on herself but for someone in need. It’s also possible that McCrae will distance himself away from Amanda. At least I hope so.

      • Avatar

        He even used the c word, and he has disgusting habits, on top of being lazy. The vote has nothing to do with NEEDS, it’s for your favorite player only.

    • Avatar

      It’s official. Judd was sent to jury house, Andy won HOH tonight (Wednesday, 9/11). Ugh!!! Come on McCrae, pull this out of the crapper by winning the new POV. I’d like to see GM and McCrae in the final two. Lesser of 4 evils.

  3. Avatar

    What’s going on!!!!????? Do you think they’ll show the jury house tonight?!!! That’s where all the juicy stuff is, lol

  4. Avatar

    good bye Judd

    • Avatar

      Loved watching “C**t Caller Rat Andy crying over Judd’s eviction.
      Boo-hoo ……..

      Does the Snitching Rat think Judd isn’t going to be talking to the others in the Jury House?
      Does he think his lying and cheap friendship moves aren’t known by others?

      • Avatar

        That’s exactly why Andy shed the “fake” tears in the outgoing message to Judd. I’m not sure Judd had seen through Andy. What is it with these people that they don’t see through his absolute hypocrisy. What kind of message is Andy sending to his students. I hope the college where he teaches will think twice before having him return.

      • Avatar

        Or the students he teaches are huge bb fans and stone him to death…….kidding.. I think..

      • Avatar

        You’re correct about Judd leaving clueless, however
        he will take a crash course, EXTERMINATING SNITCH RATS 101,
        while in the jury House.
        All of the “Professors” are there.
        : )

      • N2Wishun

        Best post of the day Middie ^5 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Judds speech did not help him at all, if anything he made enemies doing it! Very stupid move Judd.

  6. Avatar

    None of the remaining four deserve to win…sad.

  7. Avatar

    I guess, I would rather have GM or McRae win versus Andy or Spencer..

    • Avatar

      Andy and Spencer are going to win and buy a bed and breakfast together on the Russian River and live happily ever after together sharing the love that dare not speak its name.

  8. Avatar

    ugh, i’m sick to my stomach.

  9. Avatar

    ALL IS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avatar

    I seriously can’t stand Andy, I wanna throw up because he won! McCrae has a lot of work to do to stay in the house!

    • N2Wishun

      Actually he doesn’t have to work at all. With him and DiSpencer being on the block and GutterMouth being the only vote, she’ll keep DiSpencer because he’s in her alliance and she’s loyal, even if she is trash.

  11. Avatar

    SO disappointed! I wanted GM to go home. Hopefully Andy will put her up and she will leave before the final 3. Either way, all of the remaining HGs are douche bags so I won’t be happy with the winner. I hope Howard gets Americans favorite, he deserves it after all the crap that Aaryn and GM said.

  12. Avatar

    McCrae needs to win POV and then HOH and send Andy packing

  13. Avatar

    Julie said we would see Judds welcome at the jury house, that will be the only thing worth seeing tomorrow night

  14. Avatar

    What…no pandora’s box???

  15. Avatar

    For the next hoh competition, Andy will get to play right ? He doesn’t have to sit out even though he won this hoh?

  16. Avatar

    I’m so made at myself! I totally missed the episode – I came in at 5:56pm PST with Julie saying goodbye. Cannot wait to see the actual episode, but the results are…interesting. I guess that’s what happens when you go more than 24 hours without the live feeds. 🙁

  17. Avatar

    I want to know what Judd really put in McCrea bible

  18. Avatar

    Ugh…just when you think this cant get any worse, Andy win HOH.

  19. Avatar

    I normally keep my thoughts to myself but this season SUCKS!! I have watched and LOVED “Big Brother” since the very first time it aired, and without ever missing any episodes. However, this cast/season I am seriously sick to my stormach and ready to start looking for a new favorite show for next season. Its sad and shocking to me… but literally every show I am either bored, disgusted or falling asleep with this horrible cast of BB15! Total waste of my time!!

    CBS: You should really take more time in the future screenings of your potential houseguests or the show sadly may not survive

    • Avatar

      If you need a different show to watch you should try Breaking Bad. It is also about people lying for money, same initials, better actors and less production 🙂 and most of all Walter White doesn’t need to ask the DR for alcohol or drugs. He can make his own.

    • Avatar

      No scanning can be good enough for human integrity. As Julie Chen said, BB had expected Aaryn came out as the next “American sweetheart”, and then BOOOM!!! Seriously, who could have forseen that! I do find it encouraging for more viewers starting to realize even when you want to win, integrity matters and there is still a line that need to be drawn!

    • Avatar

      This season has deffinently made bb history. As the worst season/cast to ever play bb. Although I do give credit to a few of the evicted houseguests and jury members, not everyone in the cast were terrible humans just the majority.

  20. Avatar

    Here’s some info about Julie Chen from her The Talk reveal a secret about yourself episode:

  21. Avatar

    It seemed like GM or McCrae was going to win and then BOOM! Andy comes in at the last question and makes it a three way tie and wins. I wanted to throw my remote at the TV. His biggest ally is Spencer, so I hope somehow he leaves.

  22. Avatar

    So sad that Andy won HOH. Wonder who he will put up along side McCrea. I am thinking Spencer. McCrea needs to win the POV and then the final HOH.
    It makes me sick to think of Andy or Spencer even having a chance at the final two. Not that I like GM any better. She is just the better of the 3 evils.
    I do hope Elissa wins the MVP because it will upset Andy so much. I was watching BB after dark and Andy said that he thinks Elissa would not win because now America got to know everyone in the house and they would pick one of them. Was a total ASS he is. Well they do say Karma is a bitch and one day he and the others who were so horrid will get what is coming to them.
    Well we can’t control what happens in the house so what will be…will be.

    • Avatar

      Kathy i just hope we see some of that Karma at the end of the show. I want to see at least a mini tiger come out of Julie Chen. And the hatred from Amanda,Aaryn,GM,Andy,Spencer when Elissa wins Americas vote. But it half up to us if we get any entertainment out of this Sorry season.

    • Avatar

      All this will come back to bite Andy in the butt. I would not want him teaching my kids/grandkids. Such hypocrisy and potty mouth. I hope the college where he teaches will think twice before renewing his contract. Somehow he thinks he is America’s “sweetheart” – NOT! All the more reason for Elissa to win the title AFP to see the look on Andy’s face. Priceless!

    • Avatar

      I doubt he will put up spencer. I say mccrae and gm. Spencer and Andy have been up eachothers asses, like why was spencer SO against putting up Andy as a replacement. I think that Andy thinks his best shot at winning is going against spencer and spencer thinks his best shot at winning is going up against Andy.

  23. Avatar

    How predictable!! Andy wins HOH, GM and mccrae up on the block….
    Blah…this season sucks , there’s no point in watching anymore.
    That Rat Andy needS TO GO !! And that creepy perv Spencer right after him.
    Out of all the 4. Mccrae does deserve to win, maybe then he will ditch the bitch and find someone
    Who isn’t a cow. After all I’m sure cow face …I mean duhmanda ….I mean
    Amanada will spend all his money for him.it would be hilarious if mccrae was just using her to help his game bwhahahhaha!!!!!!!

  24. Avatar
    Hayden on survivor

    Im voting for someone that needs the money not someone that doesn’t I’m voting five for mccrae and five for Jessie

  25. Avatar

    I voted for Jessie, Judd, Mcrae, and Elissa.

    I’d love for any of them to walk away with some money. Especially Mcrae, he could use it because he has a very bad job 😛

    • Avatar

      Not to be rude but use your thinking cap!! If you give mccrae money Amanda the gold digger is going to take it and spend it on herself. Do you really want to give Amanda the bratty bully money?

  26. Avatar

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  27. Avatar

    That sinking feeling in your stomach when you watch Andy win HOH.. Then realizing he doesn’t sit out next HOH just to top it off.

  28. Avatar

    I hope CBS shows a clip of Andy and how much he has been bashing elissa. He has literally been obsessive about it. I want them to show it so he and the rest of America can see how disgusting he looks.

  29. Avatar

    So there goes Andy crying in his goodbye messade to Judd to try and secure a Jury vote if he should make it to the final 2. Andy has played every last person in this house. BRAVO!

    • Avatar

      And it’s easier to play into all those fake tears because he’s gay. (Not hating on him being gay) it’s just freaking pathetic. I wish America had a most hated player award.

      • Avatar

        It seems like nobody can control a laugh at Andy’s fake tears! The audience and Judd’s laughs tells all, “What???!”

  30. Avatar

    I know that Judd left a message in McCrea’s bible I will bet that he told about him,
    GM, Spencer and Andy that they were working to to get rid of him and told
    about Andy voting off Amanda I read somewhere at the last POV there was a fight and don’t know if its true or not. I will guess we will find out tomorrow night if its true or not and if its true it could be McCrea and Andy
    got into it about his betrayal hoping that Andy hits McCrea Andy is thrown
    out of the house wishful thinking that’s one way to get him out.

  31. Avatar

    Anyone know exactly what happened to GM’s leg?

  32. Avatar

    How is it that Spencer and Andy have been able to hide their anal sex and blow jobs from ALL of the live feeds? Is is true what FOX NEWS is reporting that Andy’s tears taste like butterscotch? Did you know that Spencer’s HOH BLOG is titled B.B. Battleship….since it’s filed with semen

  33. Avatar

    so the Spoilers were spot on Right… even the 3 way tie-breaker was right…wow…

  34. Avatar

    It looks like Elissa will win AFP. I think all the Hgs should be told why she won. They are all going to give credit to the Brenchel Army.

  35. Avatar

    Has BB ever had a dumber player than Judd? Reverse Psychology? Does he know what that is? OMG! Idiot!

  36. Avatar

    Judd’s biggest mistake in the game was trusting Andy the 1st time, & the last time. Then there is the case of Andy’s fake tears, ugh what a poser!

  37. Avatar

    Judd has my favorite vote. I loved his character honesty.

  38. Avatar

    That HOH Game was right up Andy’s Alley…hmmmmm….

  39. Avatar

    I would LOVE to see Ratboys face when hes out and reads all the comments on the internet. He THINKS America LOVES him… The expression on his face would be priceless.

  40. Avatar

    I think Andy nominated Mcrae and Spencer for eviction,spenceR? shocking!!

  41. Avatar

    please don’t let rat boy win. gina or mcrae are the least despicable in a house fullof tiny minded biggoted pieces od crap.

  42. Avatar

    At the start of BB Andy was said at he would win BB. I really hope this does not happen. People say he looks like a deer in head lights when he gets upset.I think none of the 3 or 4 deserve the money none have did anything all summer for it,

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