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Big Brother 15 – Fireworks Inside And Out


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We left our houseguests for a 4th of July party at 8pm, and when the feeds came back an hour later, there were tears, anger, drama, and plenty of gossip.  Apparently during the party, Jessie started to snap and went off on Elissa and McCrae about random things, then she was in the bathroom talking to Judd about how she’s sick of the game, sick of playing with idiots, and so forth…

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On the first episode of Big Brother 15, Jessie said she expected a bunch of girls jealous about how pretty she is, and how they’re all going to hate her.  She was partially right on that.  Most of the girls in the house are sick of her, but it’s not because of her looks, it’s because she has been jumping from alliance to alliance, and flirting with anything that has a penis.  I’m going to guess that Jessie out of the house is the type of girl who craves the attention and flirts a ton, gaining many enemies in the process.  She just blames it on jealousy and moves on with her life instead of realizing she may be the one at fault.

I don’t know what’s more surprising about the feeds post-party.  The fact that there was a huge blowup that we missed, or that Judd is actually getting some airtime and trying to play the game.  He’s doing a terrible job at it, but hey at least he’s trying! Jessie is essentially saying the same stuff Kaitlin was talking about to Aaryn (this puts a huge target on her back, she’s probably going up, etc) while Judd is denying it.  Oh, Judd…  so innocent, so delusional.


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  1. Comments (169)

    OMG, read what Jeremy and Aaryn just said….

    10:09 PM Jeremy: “I bet you Elissa’s faggot ass is going to follow them.”
    Kaitlin: “Don’t say that.”
    Aaryn: “Queers.” NT

    /gets on soapbox

    Will it ever stop with these ppl? For cryin out loud, this is almost unbelievable. Believe me, I’m one of the first ppl that will tell you we’ve gotten too politically correct in this country, but this situation is terrible and NEEDS to be addressed. I’m leaving the tv off during BB this week, and perhaps the rest of the season. I say to all here that are disgusted by this behavior, that the only way we get CBS’ attention is by putting pressure on the sponsors who advertise during BB. Corporations like CBS only speak through money, so we should send them a message where it hurts. I’m about tired of is… I AM tired of this. By no means am I politically liberal, in actuality, I am an independent that leans ever so slightly right, but this garbage is getting disturbing. I feel for any woman who ends up marrying Jeremy, for she will likely be in store for some physical and emotional abuse. It really looks bad when you have Aaryn putting Helen, Adam, and Candice as have nots, when the brunt of the terrible comments have been made by her, towards them. I love BB, but I can’t support a program that won’t at least acknowledge these issues. Even The Amazing Race addressed the backlash and outcry over the Vietnam Memorial issue and issued an apology. I guess since BB can actually massage and mold the HGs to whatever they want the TV viewers to see thanks to editing, that they think they can be away without saying anything except for that insulting and generic statement put out on press release.

    The past three episodes have each seen a new series low achieved with each airing, and I hate to say it but I hope it continues. If CBS thinks having Aaryn as HoH and having all these fights and comments will make the ratings higher, they should be receiving a clear message that we, the fans, will not tolerate any of this.

    /off my soapbox

    • Comments (528)

      You are absolutely right. Paula Deen just got publicly crucified for something she said years ago but this goes on and on without being addressed? CBS needs to take responsibility for the people they allowed on this show. Frankly I think the casting director should resign and CBS should make a public statement and have these house guests removed ASAP.

      How do we put more pressure on them? The media does seem to be paying attention to these issues but CBS still isn’t saying or doing anything a all!!

      • Comments (22)

        Sadie, I agree with you 150%. Paula Deen has lost everything for something she said years ago; I do not agree with racism or homophobia of any kind. But she said what she said in private, not on national television. The Casting Director should not resign…he should be FIRED!!! And, the only public statement I want to hear is that the whole cast has been pulled and the show is starting over with new houseguests. It would be very easy to go back to some of the people who auditioned, but were passed over and have them come on now. I also agree with anohter person who said let’s boycott the sponsors.

      • Comments (768)

        Getting rid of the entire cast and starting over again wouldn’t be fair to people like Howard, Helen, Candice, Nick, McCrae, and any of the others who haven’t spouted offensive comments.

      • Comments (1276)

        I agree with you Rob. There is no reason to boot the ones that haven’t done anything. The only ones that should be at risk of being kicked out are Jerk, Spencer, Aaryn, GM and really Kaitlin (but unless I’m going brain dead I don’t remember anything she said, she’s just guilty by not calling them out on their crap). If anyone else has said anything, then sure add them to the list.

      • Comments (169)

        Completely agree, Christina. People like Helen, Elissa, Howard, Judd, Candice, Andy deserve to be there… The ones you named do not. I hate advocating for any kind of boycott, it may be the only way to get the attention of CBS, if we write to the sponsors, maybe they can put pressure on CBS since the companies actually buying ad time during BB episodes are the customer of CBS. Nothing we write to CBS will likely matter, since they get no money from us… The key is to check out and take note of the commercials during the show, note the companies advertising (ie McDonald’s, AT&T, etc) and maybe we could write them. I know that’s a whole lot of work but its likely the only way us, as the fans, can get through to the network.

      • Comments (1276)

        I had a long rant going, but deleted and will shorten it to this… the sponcers have heard what has been reported, and if they haven’t shame of them. I just don’t think the companies care enough to pull their adds.
        I could be wrong, I just don’t have much faith in corporations. I’ll give it a try, but I just don’t know…

      • Comments (31)

        In Keith’s post it does say that Kaitlin told them not to say that, but more can an should be said.

    • Comments (4)

      I lean waaaaay to the right and I will say that these comments are inappropriate! I normally hate the PC police (for the Deen witch hunt, yet Alec Baldwin’s nasty mouth/tweets get off Scott-free multiple times) but this is different. They’re going to learn the hard way when they are out of this house. I do think CBS should show some of this on the show so all of the viewers can see it.

  2. Comments (169)

    Meant Andy, not Adam, obviously…. again, my vindictive iPad hates me and autocorrects anytime possible 😉

  3. Comments (169)

    The parade of bigoted remarks continue… Spencer just called Andy a girl. Un freaking believable. That’s all I will say.

  4. Comments (18)

    Aaryn, Jeremy and Ginamarie are driving me crazy.

  5. Comments (231)

    I want to see what mcC and nick have up their sleeves. Elissa’s should get the MVP vote and the mc seems to be still working. Helen is getting stronger and gaming more. Aaryn, Jerkemy, pukey and gm can’t see past their hatred of Elissa to play the game.
    I saw the remarks and I’m still going to watch bc they are sitting ducks! The beasts are being set up so perfectly —- it’s scary.

  6. Comments (2)

    No way Keith, having villains in the house is great. Besides the show isn’t showing you that. You are choosing to peek inside the house to see the unaired stuff.

    • Comments (1)

      Patrick…i totally agree with you….

    • Comments (169)

      Villains are fine, the house would be boring without them.. these people are different, plus BB edits Aaryn to look sweet and innocent, not a villain. All I say is give a glimpse of how these people are actually acting, not gloss over it.

      • Comments (1276)

        plus, villains are often considered villains because they are strong players, or are edited to look that way. I’ve never seen a show edit someone to look nice, when they are a racist loser.

        Everyone should go to scroll to the bottom for Broadcast Feedback and let them know how you feel.

  7. Comments (1)

    The biggest issue I have is that bb isn’t showing the comments that are beig made. At least give the ppl watching an accurate picture of who they really are. There were more comments last night too…Spencer: “I just date a girl until she f***s me and then I move on” (his gf must be proud) and then Aaryn talks about Helen and says “no happy endings for you”, “Love you long time”. GinaMarie says that Helen will do her nails. They both laugh. They say we are just telling it like it is. Either air the truth or kick them out.

  8. Comments (77)

    I find Jeremy’s treatment of the females troubling. I think he does this thinking it helps him to appear an equal to the other guys in the house. I totally think if one of the guys stood up to him or got in his face, he would turn it around as a joke (wouldn’t have the guts to go toe-to-toe with another male). I also think his prowess with females is probably far and few between. He has to toot his own horn talking about his sexual prowess with the females. That tells me he has little luck with the females. This is just my opinion.

  9. Comments (3)

    I’m a live feeder and, at first, wanted CBS to show the offending HGs for who they were. But now I’m feeling like CBS is actually striking a good balance. They aren’t showing their trashy comments on Prime Time. There are far more viewers watching Prime Time than the live feed. So, to put this stuff on the edited show actually gives the people more exposure — which is exactly why those particular players entered the game. In fact, on the Live Show there was no attention paid to the offenders in terms of being asked questions on the couch.

    At the same time, not censoring the Live Feeds has caused discussion. The reasons the comments upset me in the beginning was because I was shocked that such bigotry still exists on such a low level. It was a wakeup call to me, as a person. How many times do I just let a bigotted comment go past me because I think, “Well, that person is in the minority so it doesn’t matter.” or “That’s just one person. I don’t know anyone else who talks that way.” Perhaps I need to start addressing it when people I know are saying these things. How many people out there don’t even realize that this is still a big problem because we’ve whitewashed the media?

    As far as CBS addressing this issue, they did release a statement: What more should they do? Show this stuff on prime time? I don’t agree. Kick the offenders out of the house? Highly doubtful any of them will win the big prize, so won’t it be awesome when good triumphs over evil? Censor the live feeds? Well, the live feeds are now on a five minute delay because of the comments. At the same time, the moment they start engaging in censorship, they then put their own right to free speech as a media entity in jeopardy.

    Years ago, I objected to selling the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in the book store I worked in. My manager put it to me this way, “Protecting the speech that you find offensive is the only way you will be able to retain the right to say that it is offensive.”

    Trust me, I am sympathetic to the groups that are hurt and offended by the comments these guests have made. I wondered one night why we bothered to burn our bras so young women like Kaitlyn, Aaryn, and GM can call each other the c-word or continuously refer to each others’ t******. The only way they are going to learn is by the rude awakening they will have when they are welcomed back home to the deluge of social media that has condemned what they have said.

    In the end, I believe this will be addressed with each player on an individual basis — when they are evicted from the house. How can Julie Chen not ask Aaryn or GM if they think their was anything wrong with the comments they made about Asians? Out of any journalist on CBS, Julie probably has the most liberty considering who she’s married to.

    • Comments (231)

      Yes, all that work we did in the 60′ s and 70’s is so abused by the young women today that it is sad. There are no words to describe the fight for the protections that we fought to establish for women. They have no respect for the history of it. Not to mention, civil rights, racism, equal pay, etc ……………………

    • Comments (528)

      I disagree. The message that needs to be sent here is that we, as a society, do not tolerate the kind of disrespectful and hateful language they are using towards other human beings. By not airing what they are saying, they are giving the MAJORITY or BB viewers a false sense of who these people are (and by the way, the twist is we’re supposed to be giving our own votes based on how we see these people) and therefore actively hiding the clear and present racism, sexism and homophobia being portrayed…as far as I’m concerned, that = supporting that behaviour.

      Hundreds of thousands of people applied to be on this show. Keeping these bigoted dicks in the house is a slap in the face to everyone in the house and watching the show, not to mention rejected potential contestants. The people who had made these terrible comments do not DESERVE even the possibility of winning anything. They don’t belong on television. They should be publicly ousted from the house and shown the consequences of being a douchebag.

  10. Peggy Whitfield
    Comments (453)

    BB should call them out when they make a racist or homophobic comment, same as they do when they are talking about their DR sessions. Then everyone in the house will know who is saying what and to whom.

  11. Comments (768)

    Near the end of last season Danielle was bullying Ian something fierce and threatening him with physical harm. They called her into the DR and gave her what for and told her to stop. I don’t know why they can’t/haven’t done the same thing this year with those making the offensive comments, unless it’s because they hope that the controversy will generate higher ratings.

  12. Comments (4)

    I’m done with this season…

  13. Comments (274)

    I just want to point this out and before all of you get your panties in a wad take a deep breath. Julie herself makes fun of chinesse people all the time, almost every time I watch the talk she’s making fun of her own parents mocking the way they speak. How is it okay for someone to do it and not for another? It is what it is. Shouldn’t be allowed if its not allowed, if it’s okay for one should be for all. Just saying the facts are facts. I wouldn’t do it myself or allow my kids to nor would I ever be associated with anyone with the ignorance, but I need to know why does it fly only when the person of that race says it? It also makes zero sense when someone calls a name in music than flips out if another race says it. I could get as easily offended if someone in my race or sex said words not pc. It can’t be okay for one not another. Either shut up everyone or shut up and accept it.

    • Comments (4)

      If you are Irish and make a joke about the Irish, it can be assumed that the joke is not intended to be offensive. The perception is not the same if you are not Irish.

    • Comments (528)

      I find it really hard to fathom how one isn’t able to see the difference between making a self-deprecating joke, the same way one tells hillbilly or blonde jokes, and a hateful comment directed at someone of another race. It’s a cop-out of an argument trying to compare apples to oranges.

      • Comments (169)

        Agreed. As I’ve said, I’m a good ole southern boy from a town of 20,000 in south central Arkansas, I have the deep southern draw to go with it, and I make jokes about the rednecks down here, I even joke to my “redneck” friends about how redneck they actually are! That’s not meant to be offensive. I feel there’s a difference, some may agree, some may not. To each their own… I respect everybody’s opinion, even if it differs than mine. I enjoy that debates and the civil discourse here. I just am so embarrassed/outraged at how Jeremy treats and talks about women, I guess it’s just me and because I was raised to be a gentleman and respect women, put them on a pedestal… but his behavior really gets under my skin, and I know it shouldn’t….

        /sarc/ his mother must be soooo proud. /sarc/

        In all seriousness, though, I can’t see that she would be proud of that behavior. Anyway, just my nightly two cents, some may agree, some may not… In the end, it’s just an opinion of a 24 year old “good ole boy” from a small town in South Arkansas.

      • Comments (1276)

        And I always love your opinions Keith, you really do not seem 24, and have a much better grasp on life then IMO most do at 30.
        That being said, there is a huge difference between my calling myself a name, and someone else saying it. If I say I need to loose weight, that is my personal opinion of myself. If someone else says it, well it 1, not their business and 2 beyond disrespectful. I just can’t believe that this is even a question… Of course it’s not ok, it’s not the same, and never will be.

      • Comments (169)

        Yes, most definitely a huge difference. I don’t get the argument some raise, saying “if so and so says it, it’s ok, but if this group says it, it’s terrible” the difference in those particular situations is that, more likely than not, group A says their “offensive” remarks jokingly about themselves or with friends, like in the example above. I feel that’s alright… But the malicious way the bigot alliance goes about spewing their remarks are clearly not fitting in the example I just mentioned. They are saying those things because they actually do not like the people they’re slurring. I simply don’t get why they (CBS) doesn’t put out a disclaimer at the beginning of the next episode (should have been Tuesday’s ep), saying that some of the HGs have participated in controversial statements, that are offensive to some viewers, but the network in no way shares these views blah blah. It’s all fine and good they release a PR statement online, but why not follow Amazing Race’s lead, and have Julie (just as Phil on TAR did) voice the statement at the beginning of the episode. Just something, ANYTHING. And for cryin out loud, start putting their foot down and calling out these HGs over the loudspeaker or call them to DR and hand out punishments! Insanity,I say!

        And thanks for the comment about me, Christina! I enjoy your opinions and perspective, as well 🙂 I was glad to see you we’re still around for this season on… though I can’t say I’ll be posting throughout the entire season if things don’t change soon.

      • Comments (1276)

        You better, you and Sadie, and of course Stevebeans are part of why I love this sight!!!

  14. Comments (1)

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