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Big Brother 15 – The Game Is Back On!

July 20, 2013 | 64 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


The Big Brother house basically took a week off after the blowup, and once Jeremy was officially nominated with no chance of being removed from the block.  It was accepted he was going home, and his efforts to campaign fell on dear ears all around the house.  He was the common enemy, and there was no stopping his exit from the house last Thursday night.

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Things appear to be shaking up this week, despite a general consensus in the house that they want Aaryn out this Thursday.  The issue is, once Aaryn is out, the game will resume with everyone back to being targets, and a few people are already aware of that.  Howard and Spencer have been pushing real hard to find a new alliance, going from McCrae and Amanda talking bad about everyone, then to Judd talking bad about McCrae and Amanda. Of course it’s pretty stupid to talk crap behind so many different backs because you never really know who is friends with who, but nobody ever accused Spencer of being too smart.

One thing that is becoming a bit more clear – Amanda is emerging as a very obvious threat in the game, and people are noticing it.  By doing her morning cuddle session, then afternoon cuddle session, and of course the nightly hammock cuddle session, both she and McCrae should wear signs saying ‘vote me out’.  It’s sad because they’re probably the two best players in the house, but their showmance is going to kill their game, almost guaranteed.   As numbers continue to dwindle, more and more light will be exposed on them, and they’ll quickly become a target and probably booted some double eviction week.

While I’m on the subject of playing the game, it appears Elissa has finally joined the house now that she hasn’t been handed a large power every week.  Last night, she was racing around the house in a panic wondering who won the MVP, mostly because she knows without that, she would have been gone two weeks ago.  When nobody emerged as the MVP, Elissa figured out that it was likely America’s vote this week, which means her stock just plummeted quite a bit.   The house was more than willing to keep Nick over Elissa two weeks ago, but once Amanda and Helen started pushing to keep their ‘weapon’ in the house, she stayed.  No more power = no more use for Elissa.

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of Elissa this week than you have since the feeds went live.  She’s smart enough to realize she’s now powerless with about half the house not really liking her at this point.   It’s too bad, she’s really not as annoying as her sister, but was never given a very fair shake since the beginning.  That said, Jodi wasn’t given any chance last year, and the newbies were essentially lambs to the veterans slaughter in BB13 (had Dick not bailed on the game, I have no doubt the final 4 would have been all veterans).

The PoV is being held today, it’s a big day for Aaryn because if she loses, she’ll likely be talking to Julie on Thursday.  For the fans, that could be a good thing because I think we’re all anxiously awaiting that conversation.  I’m also curious to hear what she thinks about the country basically hating her, though my guess is she’ll spin it to blame Big Brother’s editing.

I’m heading to a birthday party this afternoon because that’s what weekends basically consist of, but I will be back as soon as I can to report the veto and 3rd nominee.

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