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Big Brother 15 – The Game Is Back On!


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The Big Brother house basically took a week off after the blowup, and once Jeremy was officially nominated with no chance of being removed from the block.  It was accepted he was going home, and his efforts to campaign fell on dear ears all around the house.  He was the common enemy, and there was no stopping his exit from the house last Thursday night.

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Things appear to be shaking up this week, despite a general consensus in the house that they want Aaryn out this Thursday.  The issue is, once Aaryn is out, the game will resume with everyone back to being targets, and a few people are already aware of that.  Howard and Spencer have been pushing real hard to find a new alliance, going from McCrae and Amanda talking bad about everyone, then to Judd talking bad about McCrae and Amanda. Of course it’s pretty stupid to talk crap behind so many different backs because you never really know who is friends with who, but nobody ever accused Spencer of being too smart.

One thing that is becoming a bit more clear – Amanda is emerging as a very obvious threat in the game, and people are noticing it.  By doing her morning cuddle session, then afternoon cuddle session, and of course the nightly hammock cuddle session, both she and McCrae should wear signs saying ‘vote me out’.  It’s sad because they’re probably the two best players in the house, but their showmance is going to kill their game, almost guaranteed.   As numbers continue to dwindle, more and more light will be exposed on them, and they’ll quickly become a target and probably booted some double eviction week.

While I’m on the subject of playing the game, it appears Elissa has finally joined the house now that she hasn’t been handed a large power every week.  Last night, she was racing around the house in a panic wondering who won the MVP, mostly because she knows without that, she would have been gone two weeks ago.  When nobody emerged as the MVP, Elissa figured out that it was likely America’s vote this week, which means her stock just plummeted quite a bit.   The house was more than willing to keep Nick over Elissa two weeks ago, but once Amanda and Helen started pushing to keep their ‘weapon’ in the house, she stayed.  No more power = no more use for Elissa.

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of Elissa this week than you have since the feeds went live.  She’s smart enough to realize she’s now powerless with about half the house not really liking her at this point.   It’s too bad, she’s really not as annoying as her sister, but was never given a very fair shake since the beginning.  That said, Jodi wasn’t given any chance last year, and the newbies were essentially lambs to the veterans slaughter in BB13 (had Dick not bailed on the game, I have no doubt the final 4 would have been all veterans).

The PoV is being held today, it’s a big day for Aaryn because if she loses, she’ll likely be talking to Julie on Thursday.  For the fans, that could be a good thing because I think we’re all anxiously awaiting that conversation.  I’m also curious to hear what she thinks about the country basically hating her, though my guess is she’ll spin it to blame Big Brother’s editing.

I’m heading to a birthday party this afternoon because that’s what weekends basically consist of, but I will be back as soon as I can to report the veto and 3rd nominee.

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  1. Comments (51)

    OMG that gets me excited! the thought of Aaryn possibly being evicted and will be talking to Julie.

    i hope there’s a video montage of her racist and derogatory remarks shown to her. Followed by Julie asking her: How do you feel from being America’s Sweetheart to one most hated person in America?


  2. Comments (453)

    One stare down from Julie Chen and Aaryn will be wishing they made “America’s Sweetheart Depends”.

  3. Comments (231)

    You are right Beans. Elissa’s stock fell as soon as the MVP wasn’t was nary to be found. Even Judd talked about not needing her without the MVP. I still want America’s first choice to be the third nom and I suspect that it is Aaryn. Then, Judd gets to pick another nom. As for the new alliance, Judd seemed underwhelmed and ready for bed.

    • Comments (231)

      86 *was

    • Comments (51)

      i thought the 2nd highest mvp votes will replace the original highest mvp if they are already nominated by the HOH?

      what if an HOH nominate Elissa? then that HOH got nominated the following week by the MVP-America. they’ll be paranoid that the Elissa’s supporters are gonna be gunning for them if they nominate her.

      Possibilities. possibilities.

  4. Comments (195)

    Was just watching some live feeds…what the heck is going on with Elissa???? She was talking with Judd and not making any sense….sounded like she was high on something. She was acting very very strange. Saying that she is a mole and she is not really Rachel’s sister and he should back door her. It was all so bizarre.

    • Comments (195)

      Did something happen that maybe I missed and someone said something about her to make her start acting this way?

      • Comments (51)

        she’s deliberately lying because no one believes her when she;s telling the truth.

    • Comments (768)

      I think it’s the stress of coming to the realization she isn’t getting the MVP this week and knows that her value to other players has now diminished.

    • Comments (71)

      I haven’t been able to understand what Elissa is talking about the entire game. Nice girl though.

    • Comments (11)

      Elissa is showing just how big of an idiot she really is. I don’t know who mumbles worse her or Judd. He said it best if she not MVP what good is she. HG evict her dumb ass PLEASE….after all she did ask for it. “I’m not really playing the game”.

  5. Comments (30)

    Someone else suggested this idea: Julie should greet Aaryn with a big bowl of steaming rice. I thought it might be fun to get Aaryn to start talking about her job….Julie could say , “You’re probably looking forward to at least returning to …..Oh WAIT!!!!” Or hand her a bowl of rice, and give her the ‘pink slip’ to use as a napkin. The audience could pelt her with rice… if she’s the ‘Bridezilla’ emerging from the church. How ’bout an entirely black & Chinese audience? Not a single white face in sight.

  6. Comments (25)

    Elissa may not have high stock but why bother getting rid of her at this point? There are some real threats in the game and if they are stupid enough to get rid of her this week then they don’t deserve to win. Amanda,Spencer,Howard, and even Kaitlin are huge threats. Not to mention Andy needs to go. He is a coat tail rider. That is a vote that they don’t want running around. I seriously think Amanda is the MVP nom followed by Spencer. Cbs wants to stir the pot. That will stir it!

  7. Comments (68)

    Aaryn needs to go!!! Her whole little “nice girl” game is sooooo fake and she even admits that. Her face tells exactly how she is thinking and really feeling even though she tries to front like she is trying. She is evil inside and out and it shows, she can’t fake it much longer!! We all know if she gets any control/power in the house, it’s back to the old, evil, jealous, mean Aaryn without all the fakeness. Get Aaryn out and then they can really start playing the game. Aaryn feeds off of negativity and if a person doesn’t feel the way she feels she gets mad! That girl needs anger management and a good butt whippin by each and everyone she has offended in the house including Julie!!! She is in for a rude awakening when she leaves that BB house! I wish Candace was standing around somewhere when Aaryn finds out she has lost her job and have Candace ask her “WHAT YOU GONE DO GIRL!”, just like she(Aaryn) did her when she flipped her bed and Candace confronted her about it!!

    • Comments (22)

      i laughed literally out loud watching after dark last night. aaryn said it was really, really hard for her to be so nice to everybody, and she wanted some credit for her effort.

  8. Comments (111)

    So people are hating Amanda because “she is controlling everyone”. That sounds like the other houseguests’ problem. They’re letting her do it. I think Amanda is doing wonderful. She is jut playing the game and the other Houseguests are making it easy 🙂

  9. Comments (13)

    Helen Elissa Andy need to go bye bye

  10. Comments (96)

    Elissa is 3rd nominee…..

  11. Comments (96)

    How did Elissa get 3 rd nominee over GM ?

  12. Comments (8)

    I think America thought they were voting for MVP again instead of a nom lol

    • Comments (13)

      I voted for Elissa hoping should would be the 3 rd nominee

      • Comments (8)

        Yeah but seeing as how shes gotten MVP every week, I don’t think theres enough people out there that want to see her go home.. Unless the votes were Aa by a BIG MARGIN then K then Ell.. I don’t know but after her winning MVP 3 weeks in a row I just know she wasn’t first (or second) pick to go up. I personally couldn’t care less out of the 3 who goes 🙂

      • Comments (216)

        My $’s on people not paying attention, thinking they were voting her MVP.

      • Comments (195)

        Exactly Faust, Julie made a point in saying new twist to MVP…obviously by the votes people did not understand. This is very very bad. I know there are a lot of other players people think should be voted off but these 3 pathetic girls do not deserve to have one more dime paid to them. Please we don’t want anymore camera time or money going to those 3 imbeciles….get them out the door. Keeping fingers crossed that Elissa wins veto!!!

      • Comments (682)

        Insert Rachel fan jokes here.

      • Comments (195)

        I am not a Rachel fan nor do I care whether or not Elissa wins BB. I just do not think that GM, Kaitlin or especially Aaryn deserve to have anymore time in that house after showing America the kind of shallow, ignorant and disgusting people they are. IMO can’t wrap my head around how it is right for them to be paid for spewing racial comments along with all their other many many derogatory comments.
        Unfortunately because the game has gone on and these comments are not in the forefront anymore we tend to forget how awful these girls are. Perfect example was when Jeremy left the house to applause…and laughing with him. Granted he was being nice the last few days in the house but of course he would be he was trying to save himself. In his interview with Jeff he was still going on and on about how great he is. He is just a selfish egotistical bully!

      • Comments (71)

        I think that BB fans understood the instructions correctly! My feeling is – and don’t tar and feather me – but my feeling is that Elissa got the MVP vote because of her pre game fan base created by her sister and other BB players. I think it’s an insult to say that people are too dumb to understand instructions. I think the votes to vote Elissa as 3rd nominee are just that and that America isn’t that dumb! She had rigged votes for MVP and those votes can’t help her as being voted out. — Elissa is very very nice and refined but I don’t get her game. I swear – I understand Judd more than I do her. She seems “blank” (to me) most times and some of the things she says don’t make sense – at least I understand Judd even when I don’t understand what he’s saying. I hear with Elissa is saying but I don’t understand her. Again, she seems like a really sweet person but I just don’t think she’s BB material. America is smart enough to follow instructions!

      • Comments (195)

        Really? So what your saying is you think America voted for Elissa before they would vote to get Aaryn out because of course being Rachel’s sister is far worse then being a racist b##ch. Now if you meant Elissa would of been America’s second vote…because Aaryn is on the block then ok but I have a little more faith in America that they would want Aaryn out first.

      • Comments (71)

        sambella: my thinking is that Judd put her up and she’s out – that’s why I voted Elissa as my America vote – and I think I heard that Judd did put up aaryn? I think what aaryn did is really awful and I hope she learns her lesson after she gets out of the house – In no way am I saying that this player or that player is better or not better than another (that would be what aaryn has done). I just feel that Elissa had an unfair advantage – and that’s my opinion – please don’t say that I’m saying that aaryn is better than Elissa because that’s what aaryn has done.

      • Comments (1276)

        People on this blog alone, have said that they were, to use your words “too dumb”, in my words not paying attention, and voted Elissa, thinking it was to get her the MVP. So, yeah, I think that there is a great chance that plenty of people did the same thing.

      • Comments (71)

        OK. sounds like a good excuse. America was not paying attention and voted for Elissa thinking they were voting for MVP. America isn’t dumb – America doesn’t pay attention. Got it Christina. Thanks for clearing that up for me. America does not pay attention. That splains it.

      • Comments (1276)

        Was that supposed to be a burn? I’m just saying what has already been said on here, and wasn’t at all rude about it. But if you want to get worked up and tacky over it go right ahead.

      • Comments (71)

        I understood the instructions and I voted for Elissa wanting to vote her out – because I feel she had an unfair advantage by having her sister’s fan base pre-game that voted her as MVP. Now, her fan base can’t control the America vote for her — and please, stop saying that America is too dumb to understand the instructions. Go Amanda!

      • Comments (195)

        Nobody said America was dumb…just may not have heard the instructions properly or might not been paying attention thinking it was just the same thing.

      • Comments (71)

        Oh, OK. I took it to mean that America can’t understand instructions. My bad.

      • Comments (195)


      • Comments (13)

        I understood them correctly and voted for Elissa to be nominee

      • Comments (216)

        Clearly some people voted for Elissa because they want her out. But she didn’t “win” because of your 10 votes. She “won” because lots and lots and lots of people voted for her. There’s no way to know WHY that many people voted for her. But I’ve watched enough polling to bet on the vast majority of those people not reading the directions. It’s otherwise hard to come up with any reason why the masses of people who wanted her to win three weeks in a row suddenly decided they wanted her out. She did NOTHING in the past week that would have alienated her.

        For crying out loud, George W. Bush won the White House because elderly voters in South Florida accidentally voted for Pat Buchannan rather than Gore. And that was an election for leader of the free world.

      • Comments (195)

        Very well put Faust!

      • Comments (1276)

        Very True Faust! Well said. The idea that anyone would go we have to get Elissa out (after voting 3 weeks in a row for her to be MVP is nuts. Would America really prefer that the likes of Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin and/or Spencer should stay?
        If people voted wrong because the didn’t pay attention, which is what I think, that is one thing. If people would honestly prefer to get rid of Elissa because she’s RR’s sister, over getting out a bunch of racists, well, to me, that is Dumb. IMHO

    • Comments (71)

      Ah, are you saying that America is dumb? I understood the instructions and I was half listening.

      • Comments (195)

        Ok maybe you are right and they want her out and that is their choice but after seeing all the outrage about Aaryn’s behaviour every single day and not so much Elissa I thought they would want her gone this week and worry about Elissa next. IMO

      • Comments (768)

        I’m not so sure that America voted for Elissa to be the third nominee so they could vote her out. They may have done it to put even more of a target on Aaryn and Kaitlen??

      • Comments (22)

        yes, and for the intrigue and spectacle.

      • Comments (71)

        Sorry. I’ve been corrected. America isn’t dumb. America isn’t paying attention.

  13. Comments (111)

    This is going to sound evil and ridiculous….but I think I want Aaryn to stay another 2 weeks. She does bring drama and soon little alliances will probably collapse and she might coast through. I would much rather see Kaitlin go before Aaryn.

  14. Comments (38)

    I think America voted Elissa so she couldn’t be backdoored. I think we’ve all been paying attention, and we know how the game works. 6 votes Elissa and 4 votes Aaryn. Give Elissa the opportunity to take herself off of the block so she doesn’t end up like Jeremy!

    • Comments (1276)

      That’s an interesting thought. I wish I had put all of my votes to GM, but I wanted Aaryn out so bad I wasn’t going to waist one on anyone else. I just think people are giving GM a pass, she’s just as bad as Aaryn and even used the term “N” insurance, she makes me sick. I want her GONE! I think it’s bull that the media seems focused mostly on Aaryn, and GM is getting off pretty easliy, IMO.
      But people wanting Elissa to have a chance to get Veto sounds much better to me, then anyone actually wanting her out over the racists.

      • Comments (38)

        Oh yes, I agree. GM, Spencer, and Amanda have said some pretty offensive things, Andy is also guilty. However, as annoying as GM is, I think they should keep her for votes and get out the more culpable folks, starting with Aaryn then Spencer. Keep paying attention and if the house wants to target someone we like, then that’s who we should put up. The folks we want out should come in second so that person gets backdoored and the person we like has a chance to take themselves off the block.

    • Comments (13)

      I voted Elissa because she needs to go

  15. Comments (48)

    I want to see Aaryn go this week. I don’t like Kaitlin either but I do think she is a competitor and I would like to see her compete on her own without all the baggage (Jeremy, Aaryn, GM) to hold her down. However, I want her and GM gone after Aaryn.
    I haven’t seen any gameplay this year except out of Jeremy and Amanda. All the others seem to sit around and wait for someone to have an idea and then they just jump on board with it.

  16. Comments (83)

    America has been voted Elissa mvp 3 wks in a row, why would they put her up, they need to put up GinaMarie, one of them 3 girls need to go this week

  17. Comments (2)

    Thnx for the update , but at this point the house if they could get the votes would probably be smartest if they put up Helen ,
    She has been running the game , and the crocodile tears got old 2 weeks ago

  18. Comments (3)

    Ellisa may have had an unfair advantage with the MVP vote, but she never stood a chance because she was Rachel’s sister.

    I quite like her and except for her drunk comments (mean girl she was), she has actually been quite nice.

    I think she should be seen for herself and not someone else’s sister.

    Also, I would keep Aaryn until the last because no one in the Jury house would vote for her to win. Kaitlan is a pretty strong competitor, I would look at voting her out.

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