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Big Brother 15 – Giving Elissa MVP May Have Kicked Her Out


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This week has been a complicated one inside the Big Brother 15 house.  With all the hatred and anger toward Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer, Elissa easily won her second MVP in a row, but that may cost her a spot in the game. Aaryn may finally get her way, but what I wonder is who she’ll obsess over once Elissa is gone from the house.


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Last week, McCrae and Amanda had a pretty solid plan to keep Elissa around as not only a human shield, but someone who is likely to win MVP weekly which allows them to control a nomination.  It is an extremely solid plan, and it worked pretty well when David was blindsided and surfed his way back home, while Elissa remained in the house for another week.

Over the course of the week, alliances have shifted, some have faded, and some have strengthened.  Team Ignorance (Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin) are closer than ever, all sharing the same HoH bed at night.  GinaMarie has remained on their side, like a loyal pawn that she is, while Jessie has tried to squeeze her way in as well.   Meanwhile, Moving Company has been fading with Jeremy showing more loyalty to the girls, McCrae to Amanda, and Nick to his bed (trying to avoid GinaMarie).

This ultimately leaves Team Ignorance getting stronger, while the rest of the house breaking into sub-alliances of 2-3 people who can’t seem to work together.  That adds up to bad news for Elissa because Aaryn wants her out, has 3 guaranteed votes, and quite a few people who are starting to become worried about the weekly MVP award going her way.  For some laughs, Aaryn actually believes when Elissa is gone, her or Jeremy have a chance to win it.  She may be more delusional than Danielle from last season.

As I reported, Jeremy won PoV, which means he’s going to pull himself off the block, and Elissa will have to choose another person to replace him.  As it stands, that person will either be Nick or Kaitlin, which may not make much of a difference.  The only real person pulling for Elissa at this moment is Helen, so unless something drastic happens over the next few days, Elissa may be the 2nd one voted out of the Big Brother house.

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  1. Comments (768)

    I’m not even sure that Helen is pulling for Elissa at this point Beans. See the conversation on last night’s BBAD with Spencer. She thinks Elissa is playing ‘a messy game’. I do too. It sounded more like she was resolving in her mind that she has to cut her loose or it will hurt her game to stick with her.

  2. Comments (316)

    I hope the houseguests change their minds and keep Elissa around for a while. So much drama surrounding her all because of her sister. She doesn’t have to win Big Brother but at least give the girl a chance.

  3. Comments (48)

    If the houseguests think about it, they should keep Elissa. The mere fact that she will get the MVP each week keeps Aaryn and company at bay. When she is gone that group will just go after their next unliked houseguest (which appears to be all the houseguests outside of their three).
    I still think that Aaryn’s problem is that Elissa is taking the attention away from her and she has a problem with this.

    • Comments (1)

      I agree in part. I think that keeping Elissa might be in their best interests, but I don’t think Aaryn really has any power at all. Honestly, I think that the person who will probably be hurt the most by Elissa going is Aaryn. She’s a huge target! Amanda is the only bigger target, but if the MVP goes the way it should, you know Nick will put her up – and keep his mouth shut about it – to keep the MC loyal and together. No one really likes Aaryn, and aside from Kaitlyn, no one really has her back. Jeremy is only with them because he’s getting something out of it, and his relationship with Aaryn has allowed him to be in de facto control. If the MC gets HOH next week, I guarantee that Jeremy will become way less chummy with Aaryn and Kaitlin.
      Really? The only person who really benefits from getting rid of Elissa this week is Jeremy – because it means he’s in control. Unfortunately, the rest of them (with the possible exception of Nick, who benefits by keeping Jeremy loyal to thw MC) are too stupid to see it.

  4. Comments (231)

    I don’t know what to say. Everyone is afraid of the jerk and backing down. If they would align themselves with Elissa and the MVP power—– who knows. Helen is out of her league playing the game and is terrible at reading people. McC never explained to Elissa why he put her on the block therefore he lost trust. Now, he he appears to have stopped gaming. Yikes!?!?!?

    • Comments (316)

      McCrae’s gaming is to do nothing at this moment. He is in a good place right now and doesn’t really need to say much. He can win comps when he needs to…

    • Comments (2)

      McC never stopped gaming because he never HAD a game to begin with. He just makes stupid faces, apologizes to people, and appears to be hiding a big secret because of his “eccentric” look.

      Lets not overlook the fact that when he was HOH and people came up to talk to him he would immediately jump under the covers and start chewing on them. By “them” I mean the covers. Yeah. Good social game asshat.

      He’s still better than aaryn & co though.

      • Comments (231)

        Thought your way too when he put Elissa up and didn’t tell her why…… You have a good point also.

  5. Comments (7)

    IF the girls were SMART…HAHA!…they would all ban TOGETHER, & wipe the guys out! This is what is going to happen to them! What is wrong with FEMALES when it comes to sticking together? They are all so jealous of one another, especially Aaryn of Elissa!! Who knows..maybe when Elissa gets out SHE may be offered Aaryn’s OLD job!! Also, someone should inform MR. CHIEF that you do NOT get RINGWORM just from CATS!!! It is a very catchy disease, & ANYONE who has it can spread it, & that includes EVERYONE! If his MOTHER has ringworm he could catch it from HER! He is not as smart as he THINKS he is! He IS an asshole though! I can’t WAIT to see him walk out the door!! It won’t be soon enough! How anyone can be attracted to a pig like him is a mystery to me. Wonder if they will all be so anxious to SLEEP with him NOW!?

  6. Comments (528)

    Man, if they were smart they would realize aligning with someone who’s constantly getting the MVP will only strengthen the power they have on the game. They can influence who she puts on the block. Of course, “smart” doesn’t exactly describe this seasons house guests, does it. What a bunch of imbeciles.

  7. Comments (126)

    Elissa made a big mistake revealing that she was MVP the first time and now the second time, she could of control the game in stealth, but secrets are hard to keep for those who just can’t keep them, now she has become the target. Her early demise from the house is solely hers.

  8. Comments (11)

    I don’t understand the obsession with Elissa, outside the fact that she’s Rachel Reily’s sister, there are few other similarities. Her social game leaves much to be desired, outside of Helen, and maybe Andy, she isolates herself by staying in the, “have not” room or cleaning around the kitchen. Stratigecly she’s afraid to make a move without other the hg advise, thus showing her cards to those willing to expose her or use it to their advantage. You really want her to stay in the game, America, quit putting the target on her back by voting her MVP. What does she have going for herself as a player in the house when that’s gone……FLOATER !

  9. Comments (14)

    I hope Elissa stays because she is the yoga calm queen and the others in the house are the mean girls/boys and she keeps everyone on edge. I think McCrae will lose his standing of power in the game because of his controlling girlfriend.

  10. Comments (1)

    I think Elissa should have put Gina up on the block. Her reason should have been that she and Aaryn are racist and if anybody doesnt vote for Gina theyre equally as guilty. America as her witness, seeing that racism and bullying is not condoned or tolerable anywhere, should be punished either by global or reproccusions after the show. Would get her another week and get Aaryn and Jeremy shook. She needs to stand up for america as they do for her!!!!!

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