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Big Brother 15 – What Is Helen’s End Game?

bb15-helen-juddFirst off, thank you a ton for the donations I received earlier today.  That boosted my spirits quite a bit after the stupid car thing 🙂  You guys are great.

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Also, tonight the girls are throwing the party for Amanda, and there is going to be some booze flowing mixed with a lot of tension in the air.  It could be an interesting night,  you may want to crank up the feeds.

This post may cover that unless I pass out while typing, but for now I want to bring something up that has puzzled me all year long.  Why do certain players insist on putting off strong players until later in the game?  Helen has been notorious for this, and she’s been going around the house tonight complaining to anyone who will listen because Jessie wants to make a move on Amanda this week.

Jessie tried, and failed miserable (but at least tried) to hatch this little plan where she basically did the ‘mom said to ask you’, ‘dad said to ask you’ routine kids pull on Helen and Judd.  She basically told each other that the other was down for voting out Amanda if they said yes.   Both spoke with each other about that and realized what Jessie is up to and agreed they’re still voting Candice out.  You know, the huge threat who sleeps all day.

Helen’s plan is to keep getting out these people and then ‘deal with Amanda later’, but when is later going to happen?  I am writing not because I want to see Amanda go, but because moves like this puzzle the crap out of me.  Aaryn, GM and Helen all chat with each other and praise Amanda’s social game while in the same breath bash Jessie for trying to get her out.  Wait, what?  Did I hear that right?  Amanda has a great social game, so your plan is to keep her in until the last possible moment and then if and when you do finally get her out, have her go taint the jury against you?

I’m going to try and look at the big picture for Helen here…..

This week, vote out Candice and target Jessie next week.  This will leave…

Helen + Elissa
McCrae + Amanda
GinaMarie + Aaryn
Then Judd, Spencer and Andy who will ultimately have the power to go to any sub-alliance and make a strong final 5 run.

Then when you look a little deeper at things, Amanda is pretty close with Aaryn these days, and McCrae is close with Judd.  GinaMarie will pretty much do whatever Aaryn does, while Andy has shown loyalty to McCrae, Amanda and Helen.  Even if you remove Spencer, which will probably happen after Jessie, Amanda and McCrae are sitting in a pretty good position for this ‘end battle’ Helen keeps planning.

This is kind of like Braveheart (spoiler alert!!), William Wallace (Helen) is going to head into the final battle thinking she’s in a much better position than what she actually is.  She will be expecting a fair, even fight to the finish, but next thing she knows, her ‘army’ isn’t backing her up and she’s left kneeling in a guillotine.  What would be fitting is if she exits the house yelling FREEEEDOMMM!!!

Ok, time to turn on the feeds and see if anything interesting is happening.  If I suddenly stop posting, it’s because I’m staring at the back of my eyelids on the couch next to my cat.


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  1. Comments (1)

    Actually, things didn’t end that well for Wallace. He wasn’t guillotined; he had his organs (including the male one) cut off or out while he bled to death.
    Helen may suffer a comparable fate in this game.

    • Comments (405)

      Seriously? Ouch. Yea I was going by the movie, wasn’t aware of that.

      • Comments (302)

        Great movie to reference stevebeans. I wish just one of these Houseguest would take a page from the famous William Wallace speech going to battle:
        “I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny! Fight and you may die. Run and you will live …. at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and vote Amanda out of this game.”
        I’m hoping Candice goes all William Wallace on what is surely her final few days in the Big Brother house. You know Helen won’t … she’ll wait until it’s too late. What amazes me is why anyone would want both Amanda & McCrae in the jury house – if you get blamed for their ouster that’s 2 votes against and the ever vindictive Amanda spilling her guts on everything you ever said and poisoning the pool.

      • Comments (651)

        Steve first they hang him but not to kill him–just torture. Then they Draw and Quarter him. They sent parts of his body to the far corners of the kingdom as a warning to others.

      • Comments (405)

        Well then, they certainly left that out of the movie haha.

        I need to learn my history a little better, thanks guys 🙂

      • Comments (158)

        They never explicitly show it but it’s pretty well implied that’s what they’re doing in the movie as well. After they’ve hung him and stretching him they cut him down and lay him on that table. They pull back a cloth that shows lots of cutting instruments. Then they close up on his face and he suddenly goes all bug-eyed….that’s him being disemboweled.

  2. Comments (35)

    Perhaps Helen just wants to relive her twenties as a popular girl and thinks Jessie and Candice are unpopular downers.

    • Comments (216)

      Bingo. She’s more interested in being part of a clique than an alliance with any shot. She’s hell bent on keeping Amanda and getting out Candice because — argule bargle fuferog.

    • Comments (158)

      Actually I think this is Helen’s professional background working against her rather than for her. Politics is all about forming coalitions, which is what she’s doing. She’s constantly trying to form coalitions.

      Except this isn’t politics….and you need to eventually start killing your own coalition as you go. Unlike politics, if you keep increasing your coalition as you near your end game, you’re dead.

      Her strategy is great for early game (and it served her well), but she needs to transition…and that transition should either have been now or last week.

      • Comments (160)

        Good observation.

      • Comments (216)

        Respectfully, I think this shows she’s in political fundraising or political PR, not politics. Politics is about results. You build coalitions OF PEOPLE WITH POWER to get things done. But that entails a certain amount of shrewness–deterimining what you have to offer to get people to do what it is you want them to do (like getting members of Congress to support things) in order to get what you want passed (or killed, as the case may be). That skill translates quite well into the BB house, because it’s the same kind of horse trading, but in a simplified universe. So she should be thinking about who NEEDS her the most and thus is unlikely to abandon her, and what can give to get people to support her more than others.

        She’s clearly not someone who knows how to build coalitions of lawmakers. She has no skills counting finite votes is a small, defined group. She doesn’t even realize that this is a game of vote counting. She’s working on her ground game as if she’s going to surprise everyone by turning out the vote–you know, finding 4 new houseguests under the cussions and getting them to the polls when they get to about 7 in the house.

      • Comments (216)

        *cushions* ugh

      • Comments (158)

        Yeah, I don’t think they’ve ever claimed she was a politician herself. She’s a political consultant, one of the people that gets hired on by campaigns to get the candidate elected.

        Watching her decision making process, temperament and personality I suspect she’s rather good at what she does. Unfortunately that just doesn’t translate well to a mid/end BB game.

  3. Comments (3)

    I thought Helen had her head in the game, but I feel like she is Amanda’s puppet

  4. Comments (2)

    It says William Wallace (Heather)… who is Heather? lol

  5. Comments (357)

    Helen, the political consultant has horrible game strategy. Starting to believe that she can’t campaign herself out of a paper bag. What a shame she turned out to be so dumb. Jessie may be one to watch out for…she is learning how the game should be played. Hope she stays to make a big move!

    • Comments (216)

      Agree with one amendment–she doesn’t know what game she’s playing.

      • Comments (140)

        But Faust, she says she is a super fan! And she makes so many “this is classic big brother, guys!” comments, how can it be that she doesn’t know what game she’s playing?? lol

        If she were a true super fan… she’d know they’re on the cusp of a double eviction. I’m so shocked to hear everyone say “oh it’s definitely not this week, next week maybe”


    • Comments (150)

      If Helen is a political consultant then I am a brain surgeon. What kind of political consultant is unfamiliar with the latest technology of social media. She doesn’t know what a hashtag is. Who did she last work for, Bill Clinton?

  6. Comments (875)

    Hell-on’s end game is to make sure that Amanda, & McCrae get paid that half a Million Dollars! Hell-on doesn’t understand that you get rid of your competition while U have the chance! Dang, she acts like there are still 16 HG in the House

    I sure hope when Candice walks out the door on Thursday that she doesn’t even give Hell-on a “HUG AT ALL.” The only ones deserving of a hug from Candice are Jessie, & Elissa, and in that order too. 🙂

    • Comments (357)

      I agree! But I don’t really think that Candice knows how much Helen was involved in her eviction.

      • Comments (875)

        Ohhhh, but don’t fool yourself my friend…Candice is well aware of Helen’s part in Howards eviction, as well as her departure from the game too. Candice was just on Jokers talking to Jessie, and telling her that Helen was a “Snake In the Grass.” Remember it was Candice who told Helen about the All Boy Alliance. Candy isn’t dumb, she just doesn’t play the BB game that well.

        Helen tells you, “you are my friend,” while smiling, & stabbing you in your back. Helen is Ratchet individual in this game.

      • Comments (357)

        Now that you say that? You may be right! I just wish that Candice played her cards differently!

      • Comments (875)

        nqb1234…I totally agree with you.

      • Comments (651)

        Candice has taken crap from day one. She has been the target of such hate and vile. Can you imagine being locked in the house with those people berating day and night. Once Helen threw her under the bus she had no chance.

      • Comments (150)

        Candice and Howard both basically gave up the moment they were on the block. They are both terrible players. Jessie said that the night she slept next to Howard he was feeling her up all night. Aaryn then replied that he kept looking at her (Aaryn) and licking his “big lips”. Aaryn might be a racist, but it seems that holier then thou Howard was quite the lecher. Maybe when he whispered in Amanda’s ear he was being sexual. I mean, why would he want to “hang” with her after the show except for sex? She treated him like crap all the time he was there. I don’t think Howard is the angel you have all painted him to be.

      • Comments (357)

        WOW! I’m speechless!

      • Comments (140)

        All I know is once again we’ll hear Helen say “you’ll see I played a heavy hand in getting you out this week” in the goodbye message. Because that’s all Helen knows how to say.

    • Comments (1)

      I swear I remember Helen saying something like “…after all we’ve done to keep Amanda in the house…” Or something along those lines. She just admitted to being Amanda’s army that insures that she wins the money…dumbasss.

  7. Comments (126)

    Helen is outsmarting herself, or she may be thinking this whole experiment is graded on a curve and her brain is the apex of these simple thinking HG’s.

    This is not a classroom Helen, it takes street smarts as well or in this case its the better cunning conniver who has the edge in this house, that is your shortsightedness an academic blind spot to this reality show.

    Only luck now will give you a chance, not game-play because you lack it, beside I stop rooting for you long ago.

  8. Comments (1)

    I dunno guys… I am not sure she is smart enough for this – but maybe she is trying to get a few floaters out first, and try and make it to, ohhh, let’s say final 6 or so before she takes out the kingpins. Let me explain – everyone wants to sit by a floater in the end because they can beat them, but no one wants to sit by ‘the strongest’ player. If Helen can make it to final 5 or 6, then all she has to do is convince everyone that they can’t win against Amanda, or McCrae, or Andy (Who everyone likes)…

    I know I am not expressing myself well, but if this is a planned strategy (take off some bottom feeders but keep yourself in the majority of the house, thus upsetting the least amount of people while still ‘controlling’ things, then flip and get Elissa and one or two others to back you while you take out the power couple…

    Well – I think if it is a planned strategy, it is a good one. But, to be honest, it doesn’t look that thought out. So who knows…

  9. Comments (10)

    It’s incredible that the house is going after Candice, Jessie, then Spenser; they are not the strongest players in the house and can be evicted at a later time. If the MVP does disappear, then McCranda are probably heading to the final 2; they have the numbers. Even more insane, two strong players that are going under the radar are Aaryn and Ginamarie. They are super jerks but they play a solid social game and already have 3 HOH’s together. What if they make the final two? And everyone thought the apocalypse was coming last year, get ready big brother…

    • Comments (150)

      The house is going after Candice, Jessie and Spencer because they can’t stand being around them anymore. They all share the same trait of being bad company. Hey guys, it’s an emotional game and these three people are annoying.

  10. Comments (302)

    As much as I dislike Amanda … her game play is much stronger than Helen(no doubt having McCrae in her corner as a “voice of reason” helps a lot). Amanda has made numerous social game errors that should make her an easy target but she manages to dump on the weakest players while currying favor with stronger ones and pivotal votes like Aaryn & Gina Marie. She presses the right buttons while Helen spends all her time bitching and moaning about Jessie wanting to flip the house and bounce Amanda too early. Helen thinks her alliance will stick to the script and can’t imagine anyone turning on her early … confident big moves can wait until the end. Helen is going to wait herself right out of this game.

  11. Comments (357)

    BINGO….I got it! This season is not about how strong your game play is. It’s about how Popular you are. WOW….took too long for me to figure that out! Every single HG in that house (other than Elissa and Aaryn) was unpopular in High School. Why you ask? High School all over again:

    1) McCrae went from the dude who ate his lunch under a tree with his fellow wallflower friends to McDaddy when big boob Demanda paid attention to him.

    2)Andy, gossip.com, is giddy with joy that the queens love his daily reports. I can only imagine how many friend secrets he made public in High School.

    3)Amanda FINALLY has the attention she wanted as being the class clown. She must have been lacking attention at home while her family built a DYNASTY in real estate (her words on her website, not mine).

    4) Spencer is the wannabee athlete who failed at every sport and never had a girlfriend, so he spends his time bashing women whenever he thinks the camara is not on him.

    5) GM is the pretty, not so blond girl who used her brash mouth to get through school. She was probably teased for being a bit slow early on, but used her mouth to get by. Instead of trying harder to hone in on her disabilities and make changes.

    6)Judd is just Judd. The stoner from the Breakfast Club (no disrespect to Judd Nelson, I love him).

    7)Jessie is the outsider (freshman) trying to claw her way in with the populars (Seniors), who may have finally began to realize that SHE does have a voice AND a brain of her own.

    8) Helen is the straight A student who wants to fit in with the populars that she will kiss anybodies A$$ to just fit in.

    9)Candice is the mixed up girl, who is trying to find her way but keeps pissing people off in the process. So instead of trying, she just checks out.

    10) Elissa is the natural beauty in the school who is used to attention and gets a bit mad when she is not the center of attention at all times (wait…am I confusing her with Aaryn?)

    11) Aaryn is the shoe-in for Prom Queen who hates anybody who is prettier than her (Candice and Elissa). She is not afraid to pull punches to get what she wants.

    Am I wrong?

    • Comments (357)

      I can’t stand it when people dislike my post without having the balls to tell me why. When i don’t agree with a post, I ALWAYS give a reason why. If you are going to dislike my post. show me the common decency by explaining why you disagree. Don’t be a PC gangster….stand up!

      • Comments (1276)

        Instead a Breakfast Club, we have a Thumbs Down Club. It was a strong three, but now it seems to be closer to 6 or 8. It always makes me laugh for the same reasons you mentioned. No argument, just for the sake of hitting thumbs down.

      • Comments (357)

        It’s childish Christina! Everyone has a right their opinion, I get that. Just be Man or Woman enough to stand by that opinion. As I said before…PC Gangsters!

      • Comments (1162)

        This happens on all BB blogs. Truly annoying.
        Perhaps there is a “Traveling Thumbs Down Gang” ………………

      • Comments (407)

        I noticed yesterday when a certain person started posting comments praising Amanda and what a great game player she is that the “thumbs down” increased a lot, especially if you disagreed with her. I think she (at least she’s using a girls name) would go through your comments and start giving you the thumbs down on everything you posted. Wonder how many she will give me on this one!!

      • Comments (357)

        Your in for it now jojo for exposing her! LOL Pure foolishness!

      • Comments (150)

        Your psychology is scatter shot and some of your assumptions are ridiculous. I am sure Amanda was not neglected as a child, as a matter of fact I think her parents might have been too attentive and full of praise. Let’s just say, Freud you are not. OK, feel better now…I could breakdown each incorrect insight you state but I don’t feel the need to embarrass you any further. Have a nice day.

      • Comments (357)

        First off….I NEVER professed myself to be a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or mental health counselor. So BACK down! My ASSUMPTIONS are just that, MY assumptions! Where did I say that Amanda was neglected? Look up the definition of Neglect and get back to me. Do you want to borrow my dictionary? I SAID that she was lacking some attention….BIG difference from neglect.
        Furthermore…the fact that you get on this website and bash people who you disagree with you only proves the point that that DR. Freud was right. You ARE the Superego to the Ego. Glad that your conscious is clear now. Can you sleep now?
        I’m off today so I don’t have shit else to do but see what your brilliant insight is on my theory. You couldn’t embarrass me on a good day. Better yet, you couldn’t embarrass me when I’m asleep. So I challenge you to to bring it because I got you. Trust that! In closing, your ignorant, debbie downer, taking shit personal ASS can have a GREAT day too! DONE!

        Sorry Stevebeans, I’m tired of this fool and his nasty posts!

      • Comments (1)

        Yo nqb1234 – Boo Hoo Hoo. Don’t be such a wuss. You write these “War & Peace” post that aren’t that funny and we’re suppose to give you a rundown on why we give you a thumbs down. Grow up and take it like a Man/Woman.

      • Comments (357)

        Oh I’m sorry. and your name is? Another PC Gangster? Catch a clue and move on!!

    • Comments (8)

      I have to disagree on #11, Aaryn’s personality and views on race are terribly out of wack, but she is by far the most physically beautiful contestants on this or any other season of BB. It’s that beauty that’s allowed her to get away through life with such viewpoints…until now. She will be in for a very rude awakening.

      Helen was playing a good game but she’s getting lazy and foolish by thinking she’s outsmarting everyone. It’s going to come back to bite her.

      Why did GM not use her nominations to avenge those who sent Nick packing? I don’t understand how that was not the ONLY thing on her mind when she had the chance? It doesn’t make sense to me

      Candice was on to something big when she wondered why Helen was willing to make a deal with Aaryn when they weren’t friends but she won’t extend the same offer to a supposed friend? One small conversation about it…then nothing? Candice needed to push harder on that

      Amanda walking around in her underwear? TMI……TMI……..TMI……..TMI………..I wish I never saw that. You can’t “unsee” something like that

      • Comments (35)

        slow down there Kenny, I personally do NOT think *aryan is that “physically beautiful”.

        Her body certainly isn’t, especially compared to elissa or candice’s; and no one I know (friends and boyfriend) thought so even before her mouth began spewing those vile statements.

        then again, I am from Los Angeles

        take from that what you will.

      • Comments (357)

        I have to agree with Justified. Aaryn is pretty, but not beautiful. in my eyes a beautiful person can walk around without an ounce of makeup and still make you do a double take. That is what i see in Candice and Elissa. Straight as an arrow, but I can appreciate real beauty when i see it and Aaryn is not the one. You are however so right about Helen…She is the Defendant who wants to represent herself…Big Dummy! GM was too excited that she finally excelled at something, that she was just happy for the attention she was gettting…Loose cannon! Candice checked out after her only friend in the house (Howie) left. Amanda is a HAM (Hot Ass Mess)!

      • Comments (1276)

        Or Cassie from 2 years ago, she was a natural beauty.

      • Comments (8)

        If you could somehow combine Candice’s face with Elissa’s body then you’d have something. Candice has a bit too much jiggling going on for someone so young. Elissa’s body shows the beautiful benefits of yoga, however, it looks like she went with her sister to the lip injection clinic a few too many times. Aaron is thin, petite, and not overly made up with LA plastics. it’s just too bad there’s an empty shell of a soul inside.

        But hey, we all have different tastes! On one final note, Helen shocked me last night walking in on GM to discuss strategy while she was rockin’ a small blue bikini. Way too go Helen! She looked really fit and quite a surprise! I stand impressed!

    • Comments (18)

      I think you are spot on NCB! I LOVE your analysis here. That all the folks get to live this alternate personality that they have craved all their lives. McCrae, the cool kid. Spence, the “athlete”, Helen is FINALLY part of the popular girls, Amanda being the class clown leader of the group and saying to jump while everyone says HOW HIGH? And Andy, that one I’ll have to disagree with. I think this is just his personality in everyday life and it’s just magnified. He LOVES gossip, has always been a part of it and absolultey loves telling everyone’s business to everyone, gameplay or not.Hard to watch him sometimes… Candice just doesn’t fit in this group, nor does Jesse because they aren’t there to experience an alternate life experience but to try to win money, unfortunlately, they aren’t dealing with a full deck of cards from anyone in this house. And GM is as ignorant as you can get. This is truly the chance to get Amanda out of this house and all of them are squatting it away. Mark my words, Amanda will win this game or get to the final 2 because for all these people, in their alternate worlds, truly believe Amanda has got everyone’s back but there will come a time that everyone must be voted out and why Helen or Elissa or Aaryn think it wont be them anytime soon, is beyond me. Play the game for the love of God. I am so proud of Jessie for at least trying…she’s like the tin man, wishing for a brain and she found it so she’s a winner in my book!

      • Comments (357)

        Yeah, i feel the same way about Andy. That’s why I said I wonder how many friend secrets he revealed in High School. If anyone (other than Candice and Elissa) is portraying their true selves? It would be Andy…he is a SH!T Starter fer shure! Candice is the outcast and Jessie is about to be the next one picked off if She, Spencer or Judd doesn’t win HOH. They are probably about the only ones in the house who can’t be bought by Amanda and crew. I would lie to request CBS to just end this and go to the finale….the looks on the evicted HGs face after seeing all these episodes will be epic! Afterthought…Helen is not in harms way of losing her job, but her poor performance on this show will definitely hinder her career as a Political Consultant. Hope she keeps this job off her resume!

      • Comments (150)

        Andy has no trouble keeping his alliance (Goof Troup) members secrets. He just gathers information and shares it with his buddies. This shows he might have been very good at keeping friends secrets in high school. So there junior psychologists. In over 50 days he has never repeated to others anything he, Judd, Amanda or McCrae has discussed. And, with all his social butterfly activity he is the most well liked player in the house. He is never even mentioned by the others when they are considering who to put on the block. That is why I hate when people in the game are referred to as floaters. Andy and Elissa just might “float” their asses to the final two. It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you do get there. The greatest player of all time, Dr. Will, threw every competition and let the other players do his dirty work.

    • Comments (166)

      LMAO!!!! YES YOU NAILED IT with one exception, please don’t confuse Elissa with Aaryn…Elissa is a sweetie!!!!!

    • Comments (274)

      This was mint! You’ve hit the nail on the head!

      I believe the thumbs down “crew” is a group of high schoolers themselves. The truth kills them so they panic and become vindictive in the only way they can. No confrontation but disliking instead. Cowards.

      • Comments (357)

        Thumbs down crew in effect as usual and always. PC gangsters! SMH….Cowards! Nothing to contribute, but a dislike sign….pathetic!!!

      • Comments (150)

        I gave you a thumbs down and I contribute. Now you are being paranoid and obsessing over who gives you a thumbs down. How fragile is your self-esteem that you put any stock into any of this nonsense? Why don’t you all blog with your real names if you too are not cowards? Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face. So long sunshine.

      • Comments (357)

        You are as stupid as your name is! Thanks for coming out of the closet of PC Gangsters and showing your true colors. Appreciate that! Funny that when I came back on the website. I totally agreed with one of your post. You actually made sense and i could appreciate that. Then as I scroll down, I see that your back to the nasty insecure former PC Gangster. What a shame! You have insight on this season that would make me reply and like your post to no end. But your ignorance supersedes any of that and sadly, I will forever DISLIKE your post, just on GP. Yep….if there is a dislike on your post….it’s probably ME! Stop taking things so personal and enjoy this website for what it is…ENTERTAINMENT! Most people on here just want to vent, share, and be a part of this experience . YOU, however is taking it to a personal level(are you related to AARYN OR AMANDA?). As far as people putting their real names up? Your a freaking idiot if you think that will EVER happen. Who wants to be associated with the stalker Cnoodleman? Get a life and get a clue….You Big Dummy! Sorry guys, but I’m over his shit. He responded to every single post that I did on this threat with nothing but hate and negativity. I speak my mind, but keep it simple! This nut job is the long lost twin to Aaryn and/or amanda!

      • Comments (4)

        Hey ((((cnooleman))I agree with you, when you say tha’t Howard wasn’t a good player :-/ he didn’t even try to fight are anything and he didn’t gain anybody’s trust by lying to Helen about the stupid moving compagnie.But i don’t agree with you, when you said Candice didn’t fight?? what the hell do you want her to do exactly she can’t turn herself white man, i mean damn do you watch the same show than me ?? Candice was fucked the moment she came inside the Big brother house with Aaryn & Gina Mary.YOU TALK ABOUT PEOPLE PLAYING A BAD GAME BUT YOU NO NOTHING ABOUT PLAYING BIG BROTHER IN TERMS OF LIVING IN A HOUSE WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE YOU JUST SIT IN FRONT OF YOUR TV & JUGE AND YOU NO NOTHING ABOUT RACISME BECAUSE YOUR NOT BLACK SO PLEASE DON’T DONT TALK CHIET ABOUT CANDICE & HOWARD.

    • Comments (302)

      Boo Hoo Hoo! You write these “War & Peace” post and expect us to give you a line by line rundown on why we don’t like it. Hey most of the time you’re not that funny. Grow up nqb1234 and take it like a Man/Woman.

    • Comments (14)

      nqb1234 – your breakdown was not wrong and I agree. Hope some epic battles occur once the loungers are out. Go Jesse and keep fighting.

  12. Comments (682)

    8/7 1:58am to 2:01am Camera 1 GM has a fit about Helen and Elissa sleeping in her bed downstairs. She calls Andy and Candice names. We all heard her using the “c” word when referring to Candice before but what she calls Andy completely shocked me.

    • Comments (1162)

      GM is BS crazy about Nick and is a hateful person.

      How dare anyone sleep with Nick’s “ghost?”
      I’ll bet she hasn’t washed the bed linens she shared with Nick. Ugh!!!!
      CBS may have to pay a special bonus to Nick to get him to show up on Finale Night, plus
      offer him a year’s worth of personal security from GM.

      • Comments (357)

        Will it be even possible for GM to find another job after this? Will it possible for her to live in Staten Island after this? What a dumbass! Doesn’t she even realize that there is life outside of the BB house? Smh

    • Comments (150)

      What did she call Andy? And, are you really shocked?

  13. Comments (1162)

    “What is Helen’s End Game?”

    Sounds like that could be a quote from Helen’s husband.

  14. Comments (1162)

    Helen talked with McCrae.
    She said that during the Bachelorette Party, Amanda announced McCrae
    was going to move to Florida after BB 15. She asked him if it’s true?
    McCrae said, “Yes.”
    *McCrae should join Nick in the Witness Protection Program.

    • Comments (407)

      I believe McCrae is probably just saying that while he is still in the house because if he said no he isn’t moving to Florida it would get back to Amanda. When he gets out and sees the reaction people are having about Amanda’s actions, he may change his mind. And then again, since he is part of her poor behavior, maybe he will move with her. At any rate, he’s ruined his reputation just by being associated with her…maybe he thinks the “benefits” he’s getting are worth it!

      • Comments (135)

        I want to see their reaction (especially Amanda’s) when they find out that AMERICA’s been the MVP after Elissa’s weeks. As long as we are the MVP, my votes will be for Amanda.

      • Comments (357)

        Amanda thinks that she is too good for McCrae. IF he moves to FL, e will be the outcast within her circle of friends and family. I can see Amanda bashing him to her friends that she is her pet…pet project! Can’t feel sorry for his sorry A$$!

    • Comments (651)

      While McCrea says that now we have to wait to see what happens when he gets out in the real world. Surprise Surprise Surprise. Being a Pizza Delivery Boy in Minnesota can be tough in the winters…lived there 14 years…and FL may seem like a great thing since he’ll have a free place to stay, etc. However, he may change his mind when he sees that he may need to cut his hair and change his looks so that no one recognizes him. Can you imagine the reaction if Amanda and McCrea go out in public in South Florida?

    • Comments (150)

      Amanda is just what McCrae needs to motivate his pizza delivering ass. And, I don’t know if you have ever been here but southern Florida is as close to paradise as a person could come to in this lifetime. I hope you realize that Amanda lives in one of the most beautiful places in the USA. That is, until she is run out of town….

  15. Comments (166)

    I watched BBAD & I was really upset for Candice…Thank heavens she has Elissa in this game…It was soooo freakin annoying to see Amanda’s stupid A$$ bachelorette party!!! Really HG…its like they have lost their freakin minds…why on earth do you think your on this show for $500,000 dollars..at this point if Amanda or McCrae or possibly Aaryn DON’T go home tomorrow you’ve probably just handed one of those undeserving people the check!!! They have been soo hateful & degrading to Candice that she can’t even have fun & enjoy her(sadly) last days in the house, much less go to the party that EVERY single HG was at last nite but her!!! At least Elissa was truly being a good friend to her while she was talking to Candice b4 she went up to the party..If it is Candice out hope to see 2 bitches(Amanda & Aaryn) leave right behind her!!!!!!

    • Comments (357)

      Not going to give Elissa kudos. If she were a true “friend” to Candice? She would have talked some sense into the HGs about Candice, especially her BFF Helen. Who by the way smiles in Candices face and hugs her while pushing the dagger further into her back. Not liking Elissa for being a flip flopper at this point of the game! IJS

    • Comments (150)

      He delivers pizza in the freezing cold most of the year. You bet your ass he is latching onto his only chance to move to paradise.

  16. Comments (166)

    Let me add one more thing bcuz some people have been saying they are tired of hearing about poor lil Candice..You know whenever Amanda, Aaryn, are spewing their very obvious hate & other HG are sitting there & they dont say anything your just as guilty to stand by & watch it..Wouldn’t the world be a whole lot better if people actually showed courage & strength & character to take up for someone!!! For example when Aaryn flipped Candice’s mattress she kept looking around at Jeremy, Kaitlin, GM and was feeding off of them, once she saw they where laughing it just motivated her even more!! It would have been totally different if the ones watching her spoke up & would have said “Hey,yes it’s a game but thats enough, thats not funny” etc!!! That’s another reason why they WILL continue to say all the horrible things they are saying, bcuz they can, bcuz no one shuts them up!!

    • Comments (1162)


    • Comments (682)

      In real life yes. But in this game nobody wants to rock the boat and put themselves at risk of being nominated/voted out. Money means more to them.

      • Comments (1162)

        I disagree with you – (However, I didn’t give you a Thumbs Down!!)

        IMO, Annette’s quote, “Hey, yes it’s a game but that’s enough, that’s not funny….!!!”
        would be an appropriate comment and wouldn’t hurt a person’s game and might
        even win them the respect of most of the HGS.
        Silence isn’t always golden.
        Even if speaking out cost an HG the Big Win, they would likely win America’s Vote
        and $25,000.

        The “real life” you mentioned is what the HGs will be facing very soon and
        then they will find out just how much being bigots and/or cowards on BB15 has
        cost them in their personal lives.

      • Comments (682)

        I agree with you too.

        I didn’t say I agree with the HG behavior by not responding. It’s my perception on why none of them quiet the noise. I bet they will use the excuse that they did not want to get on (insert ignorant HG name here) bad side and end up being put on the block.

      • Comments (357)

        There is not that much money in the world that should make people forget or lose their morals and values. let’s see in the future how successful the winner will be after thus game is over!

    • Comments (651)

      If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    • Comments (651)

      There were a couple of times McCrea told Demanda her statement was racist and she just got worse to prove she could say whatever she wanted.

      • Comments (160)

        Yea like the Puerto Rican showers comment.

      • Comments (357)

        That statement was shocking to me. No minority group is immune to Amandas hate. and they want to keep her in the house why?

    • Comments (150)

      Easier said then done. This is a competition and they are playing a game for money that can change their lives. Do you spend you like defending truth justice and the American way superman?

  17. Comments (624)

    It’s time to break up the pairs and set the tone that this strategy won’t get you to the final 3. Get Amanda out while there’s the chance.

    • Comments (407)

      I agree Big Papi. It looks like our thumbs down addict is at it again. I think this is a very immature person just trying to tick people off. Anyway, my reply to your comment is….Amanda needs to get out to go job hunting! I just read on JokersUpdates.com that Amanda’s real estate license status has been changed to “inactive” and she is no longer listed as an employee of Prudential Florida.

  18. Comments (35)

    I’m just spit ballin here but maybe production filled this season with so many horrible people so on a later season they could be part the “villains” side of the house and on the other side are the “heroes”

    • Comments (651)

      There are game play villains and then there are vile people. BB needs to learn the difference.

      • Comments (407)

        Hey Jackie…I think you hit the nail on the head! Now we know why we kept nominating Amanda as the MVP…it stands for the MOST VILE PLAYER!!

  19. Comments (5)

    i wish the house would vote off amanda,but i think helen is worried that if she tried to vote amanda out and it dont work then she would tottally be next she wants to get the numbers down to ppl she can trust to vote with her to get amanda out,but she shuld be bold and do it this week,take a chance,its boreing watching the house pick off the floaters each week.

  20. Comments (274)

    Gina said she wants to stay awake the whole night her last hoh night just so nobody downstairs talks game. She claims she doesn’t need energy for the Thursday competition. Now I’m not familiar with the game so, can she be part of the veto comp due to the double eviction? Lets say Jessie wins hoh, puts GM up, GM plays for veto but fumbles due to exhaustion and goes home. I want Amanda gone first but I just don’t see this happening so this is a plausible outcome, right?

    Nobody knows how Amanda truly is. Everyone who doesn’t have live feeds love her! Even a friend who watches AD thinks Amanda is just great. I truly hope CBS will expose her & soon. They may be concerned if they do how their production looks by allowing all of these yahoos on the show. Still, I feel like it was their plan all along. Ratings rarings ratings.

    • Comments (135)

      Well, I don’t have the live feeds, and I certainly don’t love Amanda. Never have this whole season. I see through her bullying and her BS.

    • Comments (140)

      Jill you’re absolutely right that GM is not thinking things through, HOWEVER, they don’t know there’s a double eviction so in GM’s mind, since she can’t play for HoH she sees no reason to be rested because ordinarily they wouldn’t play Veto until (I think) Saturday.

      The fact that this is a double eviction changes all that though, obviously. It’s just unknown to the house guests, which makes is so so good 🙂

  21. Comments (1)

    Who said one can’t just disagree with out commenting. Did I miss a rule somewhere?

  22. Comments (135)

    Good social game = Bullying? Since when did that happen?! (Maybe I’m naive in Big Brother land, but I’ve watched for many seasons, now.) I liked Helen in the beginning of the season, but not now. She’s WAITING to get Amanda out? That HAS to be the stupidest move I’ve seen this season. I, too, think she’ll have a rude awakening whenever she finally tries to do this. Kudos to Jessie for at least trying.

  23. Comments (166)

    BB never ceases to amaze us..maybe tomorrows double eviction will turn up the fire & get this thing moving..how many times when it looks like things will be one way it will swing another, with that being said lets just hope Amanda is gone 1st & hopefully her side kick (Aaryn) as well..You know how people are saying poor Nick is probably in the Witness Protection Program, I have a feeling once Aaryn & Amanda realize their 15 minutes of fame might be a lifetime of pain & shame, they might be begging to join him!!!

  24. Comments (4)

    I so agree with mello one about Candice being fully aware of Helen’s end game. In fact she has confronted her about it on more than one occasion. Helen just continues to deny it.I was watching BB After Dark and due to a Freudean slip I’m sure…Helen says to Candice “WHEN you leave this week could you leave us a piece of your jewelry to remember you by?” Elissa immediately corrects Helen by saying “your not leaving….Helen said the same thing to me” then Helen says “I mean IF you leave….” To me..Helen became a turncoat when she was willing to work with Aaryn but not willing to work with her own ally in an effort to get Howard out. Candice knows Helen will have a “heavy hand” in her eviction this week. As already stated she just doesn’t care anymore. She checked out a long time ago.

  25. Comments (339)

    Agreed……Helen isn’t as smart as she thinks. So, she’s worried about Candace instead of Amanda?! WTF I say Amanda or McCrae will now win this. Helen, if she does get out Amanda, will have Amanda’s horrible ranting big mouth against her in the jury house.

  26. Comments (143)

    For a number she sure is dumb. She claims she is a stats analyst or political statiscal analyst, but she seems slow. I can only guess her plan is to hope that McCrae Amanda attack another pair like Aaryna and GM and they blow each other out. Or maybe Judd and Andy attack Amanda and McCrae. I can only imagine she is keeping people with big targets like amanda hoping that they will annihilate each other and she and (spencer) will cruise to victory getting her $500k. Right now my money is on Judd. followed by Elissa then Andy and Spencer for game winner.

  27. Comments (10)

    i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again, amanda NEEDS TO GO. yes she has a good social game going for her, but i’m not so sure anymore. she thinks she’s safe with the people she has aligned herself with but she keeps running her mouth and that doesn’t look good. i don’t like when people bully in the house & that’s all she’s been doing ever since her side of the house has been in power. she sits back and lets everyone else do her work, which is a good game plan but it’s her personality i don’t like. people are being hypocrites in this house & i’m not liking that. they claim they don’t like liars or people who stab others in the back, but haven’t they all been guilty of that? amanda pretends nice with elissa, but only used her for her MVP power. helen pretends nice with candice, but wants everyone in the house to evict her. my hope for a final group are judd, elissa, jessie, and maybe aaryn. i’m just not caring for this group of people in the house.

  28. Comments (7)

    not sure if the men noticed yet but there out numbered by the women its just a matter of time

  29. Comments (2)

    Holy crap……. someone at CBS loves racists….

  30. Comments (2)

    Amanda needs to go ….. even before Aaryn

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