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Big Brother 15 – The Jury Truce


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It’s been a busy day for me, had to get the morning recap up from that wild night, and my blogging buddy (my kitty) needed some food, so decided to run some errands.  Why am I telling you this?  Because you’re probably wondering how the house is going after reading my morning post, and I don’t blame you.  I was thinking the same thing bouncing from store to store.  By the way, Brady (my kitty) thanks you guys.  I used the donation money on his food!  (If you want to buy him more food, or me a coffee, here is my shameless donate link)  🙂

Ok, you don’t care about my life story, don’t worry you’re not missing much anyway.  On to the house…

This morning at around 10:15am, Helen and Andy re-tell the situation yet again, and really I can’t think of a way Elissa has a chance to save herself barring involvement from production (pandora’s box, etc). She completely destroyed any trust her alliance had with her, and this is the alliance that got all pissy about the guys playing the game and forming a secret alliance. What Elissa did to them was just a flat out dumb alliance move, and I personally wouldn’t be able to trust her down the road.  She’s turn into a vote for our side until our opponents are weakened, then she’d be gone – like Aaryn.

Amanda and Candice decided to play nice today, which I suppose is good for them, but we love our drama!!  They tried to clear up the air, and while it didn’t really work too well (I don’t think Candice likes Amanda very much), they were able to agree on a truce until jury.  One thing we’re not used with pure newbies are the people who look forward to making jury just so they can have the guaranteed extra $5,000 and 5 weeks vacation in a nice private resort.  Being evicted 10th is a big difference than being evicted 9th for those who aren’t sitting on money (Boogie, Evil Dick, Jeff/Jordan, Dan, and likely Rachel/Brendon).

Barring any unexpected HoH wins, twists or a string of good luck by certain people, this is who I expect to be in the jury….

(wildcard slot, but possibly Spencer)

Like I said, anything can happen.  It can be an endurance competition tomorrow, Elissa could win and put up Amanda & McCrae, and Judd could go up via MVP.  Even if they win PoV, Jessie replaces and there goes my list.

Currently the house is on lockdown, which I thought may have been an endurance competition tomorrow (which would be excellent), but Amanda just said they’re going to be allowed back outside later tonight.  She also mentioned practicing something, so the HoH competition will likely be one of those carnival style games… maybe endurance next week, oh well.

I will be doing another post tonight, but I just wanted to check in and update you guys on the house today.

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  1. Comments (1)

    Elissa going to some how make jury. And i think howard will be gone before jury.

  2. Comments (195)

    Steve maybe I am confused but you have everyone in the jury. Are 9 people in it or 7 and you think 2 of those will be in the final two? Not sure how it works this year and I am probably asking a dumb question lol.

  3. Comments (53)

    amanda can’t ever be trusted she told andy and mccrae she is not keeping the truth.
    I really hope howard, spencer, or candice wins hoh this week to see how the mighty kisses ass, a power shift is needed !

    • Comments (10)

      I thought Lying was part of the game? Everyone is lying at some point, why criticize Amanda? How can you win BB without lying?

      • Comments (1076)

        Amanda just needs to reign in the nyc aggressiveness. she is not selling real estate to like people in boca. even Helen is a little taken aback by her A+ character type….in her mind she is always right and doesn’t understand y everyone can’t see it her way..I am also a nyc to palm beach county person so I am used to and can enjoy her. btw, the two best moments of the BB show tonight were when howard said “I’ve got a card under my sleeve” (my new favorite mixed metaphor), and when mcrae thought 5 thou could buy 2500 pizzas…..this is y Amanda needs to reign it in…most of the other HG can’t keep up with her….

      • Comments (1162)

        You’re correct.
        I think inside the BB House, everyone uses a Grading System to judge how bad a lie is, and
        as long as it doesn’t harm them personally, it is an “Okay” lie.
        : D

      • Comments (78)

        Your right newbie!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      Today while making “amends” to Candice, Amanda swore to her that she
      has NEVER SAID HOWIE’S NAME OR CANDICE’S NAME when dissing HGs and discussing
      getting rid of players.

  4. Comments (12)

    OMG! I hope Howard, Candace, or Elissa win HoH!!! I wanna see Amanda, Aaaryn, and Spencer out of the house!!!

    • Comments (51)

      i hope one them (Howard, Candice, Elissa) wins too, another power shift will scare Amanda & McCrae. the’ll be pitted against each other and one them will likely go if (most likely Amanda)regardless of the 3rd Nominee.

    • Comments (2)

      If Elissa wins HOH look out ! But it would make for a very interesting week. Psycho Sally on the loose .

  5. Comments (9)

    It could also be trivia this week where clues placed around the house are used. That means no one dumb wins HOH this week!

  6. Comments (1076)

    Howard just said “I have a plan under my sleeve”. LMAO. One house member is dumber than the other. Spencer thinks Howard is an idiot, which suits him just fine.

  7. Comments (9)

    After watching the show I realized why Elissa was acting so cray cray… she knows without the MVP she is just add disposable as the “Mean Girls”. Now we see the true Elissa; and not a fake one. She knows her days are numbered!

    • Comments (1276)

      That’s just what I was thinking. She knew last week, when she talked to Helen about if Helen was really close with her or if Helen was using her like everyone else for the MVP vote. But now, that it’s not hers to use, she’s realizing that the people she thought she was close with, might not have just seen it as a benefit, but that they simply have no use for her without it.
      I think the pressure cooker of the BB house, along with the loss of the MVP and not trusting anyone has just gotten to her. The whole thing with Amanda and the one piece seemed so odd. I can totally see why it upset Amanda, but as bad as it came across, I really don’t think Elissa meant it the way it came across. I think she just meant that to her a 1 piece isn’t sexy, so Amanda should have gone for a bikini.
      Then with the whole misunderstanding over the laughing with McCrae and Andy, things just aren’t going well. She can still fix it, but she’ll have to work at it. And winning HOH might be the ONLY way she is safe.

      • Comments (9)

        Yeah she was completely confident thinking she would be the MVP; so she treaded lightly for America. Now she seems more real to me now that she may have realized that the MVP is out of the Window. The real her may not be someone America or the house likes. However, I do think the bathing suit issue was taken out of context. BUT it may show that Elissa is very judgemental and inconsiderate.

      • Comments (1076)

        no, just passive-aggressive. and I am sure that elissa does not miss a beauty pageant so I can’t believe she is so surprised by a one piece bathing suit…she lives in vegas for goodness sake…that was ridiculous but typical of passive-aggressive behavior. she is the “me, what did I say?” type. feigning surprise that any words coming out of her sweet pouty lipped mouth could ever hurt anyone…she is not girlfriend material, where Amanda definitely is because Amanda knows what “reel it in” means…..

      • Comments (38)

        Yes, Elissa is not girlfriend material, she’s wife material, that’s why she’s married. Yes, Amanda is girlfriend material, and only girlfriend material, which is why she cheated on her boyfriend on national tv…

      • Comments (1076)

        Who is this mysterious boyfriend of Amanda? He wasn’t watching the show with her family when we saw them on tv? Her CBS biography lists her as single and doesn’t mention a boyfriend. I have googled, yahooed and binged Amanda and I can’t find mention of any boyfriend. Could someone please advise me where I can get this info, because if it’s true she is a pig….

      • Comments (158)

        The ONLY reference I’ve ever seen/heard to this mysterious boyfriend is from her INSIDE the house. I think it’s just a tale she told people inside the house….to what end I’m not entirely sure. Maybe to make McCrae feel special that she gave up a boyfriend for him?

      • Comments (1162)

        Elissa would have been better off not commenting about Amanda’s
        swimsuit, however she did call it correctly ( A Stripper’s Suit.)
        Amanda’s suit wasn’t a simple basic black suit …….the FRINGE brought
        it to a Vegas Show Girl Level.

      • Comments (1076)

        I thought the fringe just brought it to bad taste level. I thought hippies and cowboys and people from the southwest loved fringes

      • Comments (1162)

        Did you notice Amanda’s fringed swimsuit came accessorized with a whip?????
        : D

      • Comments (1276)

        The suit Amanda was wearing, if I’m not mistaken is a L-Space suit, that costs around $100. It is actually one that was in Sports Illustrated a few years ago. Personally I think she looks better in a 2 piece, but I didn’t see anything wrong with the suit. I would never wear it because I got over the whole fringe look in the late 80’s early 90’s, but it is a pretty popular style.
        I still think, in the case of the suit, Elissa just didn’t realize how she sounded, and how it made her feel. IMO of course.

      • Comments (1162)

        The L-Space “Stardust” One Piece, Fringed, Suit is low cut in
        the front and has short fringe,. Nicely done.
        Amanda’s suit’s fringe appeared to be 10+ inches long and
        wasn’t a v-neck suit.

      • Comments (151)

        Who cares what she was wearing! She was trying to make Mcrae feel special on his bday. It was an uncalled for comment by Elisa. She shoulda kept her mouth shut and let them have fun.

      • Comments (1162)

        Amanda makes McCrae “feel special” every single day……..

  8. Comments (1076)

    one more thing…if amanda or mccrae win HOH next week and don’t go after howard then all the remaining HG have the right to pelt them with slop…..they have been trying in the worst way to get judd to do their dirty work and if they don’t do it themselves when they get the opportunity then they need to be punished…..

  9. Comments (1)

    This bxtch Amanda has got to GO!
    She even injured McCrae’s cojones with her bullshxpt!


  10. Comments (2)

    Not sure if its been said but was Andy obese like 300lbs and lost it because he has the flabby excess skin near his man boobs. I’m so confused who is align with who lol. Despite the subliminal dislike for Elissa on this blog I still like her. I’ve also noticed Mccrae went from that goofy dorky but loveable guy to mimicking Amandas sarcastic downer personality. She cried over Elissa calling her a stripper which she did look like one, yet it’s ok for her to mock everyone. She seems insecure and negative. Helen is the oldest but looks the youngest lol. I really can’t see who will win this game. Usually it’s kind of easy. It’s easy watching when you don’t have a favorite. I like Elissa because you never know what will come out of her mouth lol.

    • Comments (51)

      amanda was aiming to be a dominatrix stripper for mccrae birthday present and i guess she nailed it cause elissa commented on her -stripper rhino (i’m not sure the exact words).

      Amanda cried when they were teasing her to have cream on her thigh/other parts of her body and McCrae will lick it off which Elissa said it is absolutely DISGUSTING. -true, its sort of disgusting when all of HG present. And Elissa should be more discreet!

      ELissa’s brain to mouth Filter is broken again, therefor the (stepford wife) is MALFUNCTIONING.

    • Comments (1276)

      I think Andy did mention that he has lost a lot of weight. And good for him, he’s very slim and in pretty good shape now. It just sucks that sometime such a massive change can have a negative effect. I have no idea how he lost the weight or how long it took, but it is a hard thing to do.

  11. Comments (195)

    Even though I have the live feeds and saw everything transpire during McCrae’s birthday and how Amanda going on about how awful Elissa was it was always in the back of my mind how she wanted to slit her throat. I definitely don’t agree with what Elissa said and thought it was in bad bad taste and disrespectful but no where near someone threatening someone’s life like she did. How convenient of her to forget the things she has said about Elissa As I said did not like at all what Elissa said and lost respect for her but come on Amanda you have dished out a lot worse. As far as I am concerned threatening to slit someone’s throat should of been dealt with right away and Amanda should of been exiting out the door along with the whole ignorance team. Kidding or not it was malicious intent.

  12. Comments (74)

    Howard using A Bugs Life cartoon to create an alliance LOL ~ants against the grasshoppers~

    • Comments (453)

      The ants and grasshoppers reference goes back to the old story that the ant stored up food for the winter and was prepared, grasshopper played and come winter was starving and went to ant for food, etc.

    • Comments (158)

      Peggi is right. The story that became A Bugs Life is an old tale going back generations. I remember my parents telling it to me 30 years ago.

  13. Comments (74)

    Was Andy obese? I noticed his excess flabby skin near his moobs. Maybe that’s why never takes his shirt off which was mentioned before on this blog but assumed was because he has very pale skin. I like weight loss stories!

  14. Comments (453)

    Wow, Judd outs Helen and Andy to Kaitlin and there is no big blow up like there was last night when Elissa outed people. The justification for Judd was, he just woke up. This group is *&$%*@

  15. Comments (4)

    Ok so… Is it just me or is Arryn really pissing everyone else off? Im so tired of watching her ass looking at herself in the mirror. Its almost as bad as Danielle from BB14. She is driving me CRAZY! Im sick of her acting like her shit doesn’t stink. Sorry bitch but your ass smells just as bad as everyone elses! Poor Kaitlyn deserves to be in that house way more than Arryn at this point. Why does she continue to set pretty in the house and everyone else that’s on the block has to fight another week? I don’t understand this season. Im beginning to think this has got to be the worse season of BB. I am very disappointed!

    • Comments (1)

      I literally LOL with the “sorry bitch but your ass smells just as bad as everyone elses!” comment!! I also agree that Kaitlin deserves to be there, she at least wins shit! This season is definitely a crazy one… thx for the laugh! 🙂

  16. Comments (77)

    I would rather see Kaitlin stay in the house rather Aaryn. At least Kaitlin is a competitor. I would rather go up against another competitor than a liar (Aaryn). Aaryn has no play other than lying. It is very boring to watch her.

    As for what Elissa said about Amanda’s birthday attire, she called it like it was. Really, the black bathing suit was fine but when she added a black bathing suit with the fringes, a whip and knee high boots. That took the sexy to another level called dominatrix. Have you noticed she tells McCrae what to say, when to say, how to act, etc. Thinking about it I guess she dressed the part.

  17. Comments (27)

    I think Amanda is the type of person who says things the way she sees them however when they are said to her she cannot take them…and to her they are rude and mean!! I am sorry but if you believe you can give them you should be able to take it also when it comes your way!!! just saying when you are honest you do not hurt people, unless you are being mean spirited.

  18. Comments (624)

    Amanda needs to throttle it back with her bossy attitude and quit hogging the HOH bed when you’re NOT the HOH! If you want to suck up to the HOH, use the furniture in the room.

  19. Comments (25)

    Gotta say I don’t agree with your jury selection. My prediction is the final 9 will be: Aaryn, Amanda, Helen, Howard, Elissa, Jessie, Judd, Candice, Andy. I have a feeling Jessie, Amanda, and Howard are final 3. Amanda winning final hoh and taking out Howard.

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