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Big Brother 15 – Paranoia, Puking, With A Sprinkle Of Scandal


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Even though she won HoH, I’m sure you’d rather see a picture of her crying

Last night’s episode of Big Brother 15 was certainly an eventful one with a very happy studio crowd that gave the house a taste of what’s happening on the outside.  During the evictions, people were cheering and booing certain votes, and it was heard inside the house.  It was mentioned the cheers that happened when Dave’s name was voted, and they speculated it’s because of Rachel/Elissa.  Little do they realize, it had little to do with Elissa and more to do with how much Aaryn’s alliance is hated outside the house, but they’ll figure that out when they leave.



A lot of you are probably waking up a little hungover from early 4th of July celebrations and want to puke knowing that Aaryn/Jeremy won the competition and he let her have the HoH.  Don’t worry, Kaitlin beat you to it…  (flashback to 10:52pm if you enjoy misery)

We felt the same way, Kaitlin
We felt the same way, Kaitlin

Now the debate that’s been going around the Big Brother world since the HoH competition last night.  The spoonswap scandal.  Apparently during the competition, things were looking pretty shady between Jeremy and Aaryn during the exchange at the hedge.  Houseguests were supposed to pour that BBQ sauce stuff into their partners spoon, but Aaryn and Jeremy were making some pretty quick exchanges at times.   You can view the exchanges at 6:49pm – cam 4 using the flashback feature.

I don’t know what to think about it.  They were certainly fast exchanges, and it’s possible they were just swapping spoons instead of sauce, but there is no concrete evidence to that.  There is a screenshot floating around from the side view that doesn’t really show anything either.  With all the cameras in that back yard, I’d have a hard time believing they could do that type of exchange and not be noticed.   I honestly doubt production would simply let them cheat, especially with the heat on Aaryn right now.

Sadly, the main cameras seemed to be in love with Amanda, Andy and Judd throughout the competition, so we’ll really never know for sure if they cheated.  Using the NFL’s version of instant replay, where you need solid proof to overturn a call, there just isn’t one with these angles.   I’m sure other cameras were focused on Jeremy, and if they did cheat, we’ll know today if Aaryn is stripped of her HoH.  I wouldn’t hold your breath on this, however.

How long can Elissa stay in the house?
How long can Elissa stay in the house?

Regarding the rest of the house, there was a lot of paranoia happening when the numbers simply did not add up for Aaryn and crew.  They expected Elissa to be voted out with ease, but with only 5 votes going their way, suspicions and accusations ran rampant.

Right away, Aaryn ‘punished’ Candice (despite being one of the 5) and gave her havenot for the week, in addition to Helen, Elissa and Andy.  Probably not the smartest move on her part, but I don’t think she realizes how bad she is coming across right now. Perhaps if she knew, she wouldn’t have selected the black girl, asian girl, and gay guy in addition to her arch enemy.

Speaking of Aaryn’s ignorance, she was fired from another modeling job, so I think Big Brother would do the world a huge favor by dedicating a camera crew to her as she leaves the BB house.   We can watch her face and reaction when she finds out the country hates her and she no longer has any modeling contracts.   I’d watch that.

Wrapping up this post, it’s the 4th of July, I will certainly try to get another thread going with more of the drama inside the house.  It will be a bit tough, but I’ll do my best.  I encourage you to sign up to the live feeds, especially considering you get the first 48 hours free, because I don’t think the fireworks are anywhere near over.

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  1. Comments (231)

    I had the have nots wrong and it’s worse than what I commented on. I hope the game can start now and slowly the beasts are picked off.

  2. Comments (1)

    The good news is that even if the videos don’t clearly show the cheating, both Aaryn and Jeremy openly admitted on the live feeds that they cheated on the comp. Jeremy said they were switching cups and Aaryn said she was hiding sauce in her hand.

  3. Comments (1)

    Regarding the “spoon swap” If you go to flashback 8:52pm on camera 2 on 7/3 you can hear them talk about the spoon swap ordeal.

  4. Comments (3)

    I hope Aarny get out of the big brother house we never heard the things like that…. well I don’t like her and Jeremy and there cheated on the hoh no way cmon now not happy….

  5. Comments (191)

    People say Aaryn is beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside, which is true. I did not know her before she came on this show and I am certain she won’t be coming to my house for a cookout when she leaves. So for as long as she remains in the house I will enjoy her good looks and how stupid she is. After all they cast good looking and stupid people because that is what WE want to see.

  6. Comments (140)

    …Does anyone else think it’s disgusting she chose to puke into a pot? Wtf is wrong with people, grab a garbage can and not something you use to cook your food. Gross.

  7. Comments (3)

    If that cheating bitch isn’t stripped of her HOH title for cheating, then I’m DONE with watching BB 15…..period!!!!

  8. Comments (2)

    (A/J)They were 100% changing cups, I saw it and thought it was a smart way to do the challenge, I didn’t realize the rules did allow for it. So if they are not called out something wrong with production.

    • Comments (12)

      I saw the cup switch too and thought BB would have said something when it was going on – I think they only did this about 3 times when the comp first started, but still it was cheating! They should have been disqualified while the comp was going on. At this point the only thing BB can do is either give the win to the next couple who was closest to winning or make them replay the comp…doubt if either will be done though! Shame!

  9. Comments (1)

    I’m really surprised and disappointed that Allison Grodner would allow Aaryn to keep the HOH if they she and Jeremy in deed admitted to cheating even if it was a “provate conversation. After watching all seasons of BB, I have to say I was really anticipating the “new cast” but have been gravely disappointed with the comments coming from certain members. I can’t remember one previous cast member thinking and commenting as much about what America thinks and how we are voting as Aaryn, and I thought Rachel and Danielle were self abosrbed! Although I think it would be most awesome if BB did have cameras around when Aaryn and GM find out they have been terminated. Maybe Evil Dick, or Dr. Will should interview them instead of Jeff when they get voted out.

    • Comments (3)

      I’ve watched BB all 15 years and I’m absolutely shocked after hearing the Asian & Gay racist comments out of Aaryn’s bitchy mouth that she is still on BB. I thought for sure there would be drama on the Live show last nite with her being escorted out. Instead I find the extreme opposite that she is the HOH!!! Confused to say the least. I have never watched BB for the so called “beauty” of people. I watch it for the pure strategy & intelligence of certain players. However, I will say when someone like Jeff Schroeder comes along on BB 11 & 13 who has the trifecta of brains, brawn, & good looks it def makes the show more enjoyable! Unfortunately for BB they don’t hit this trifecta often at all. Out of a supposed 40,000 people that tried out for the show I wonder how they ended up with this current cast. I have never seen so many cast members checking themselves out in the mirror, it’s flat out annoying. I would hope that the BB casting crew gets it right in the future or I won’t be tuning in any longer. No one is a real stand out for me this season as of yet. Yawn…

    • Comments (3)

      I would pay to see that!! 😉

  10. Comments (1)

    I missed the racial comments that were made. Who made them and what was said??

  11. Comments (1)

    I am extremely disappointed and angry that Big Brother feels it’s OK to keep Aaryn and Jeremy on the show with all of their abusive language and Hate on the show. The way Jeremy is treating the women on the show is abusive! If a friend of mine was dating him, I’d all tell her to GET OUT! Why does Big Brother let him stay and make them all subject themselves to this behavior??? Why? Its really horrible!

  12. Comments (1)

    Well from what I understand from TMZ GM and Aaryn were the two that made the racial comments. GM said something about wellfare being “Ni**** insurance”. Wow even that was uncomfortable to write right now. I have yet to find out what Aaryn said, But both have lost their jobs. I would absolutely love to be a fly on the wall when they both find out that they lost their jobs.

  13. Comments (1)

    i love this blog post of yours… Aaryn Ginamarie Kaitlin and Jeremy are truly disgusting pigs. They are like redneck trailer trash. Wish CBS would be decent enough to just expel Aaryn

  14. Comments (1)

    This article reeks of lies. NFL replay could see the exchange and I even took my video capture software and zoomed in and caught the exchanges. Starting at 6:48 p.m. PST cam 4 you can see Aaryn carrying the BBQ cup in her right hand and her left hand under the cup. She gets to the hedge and Jeremy returns you see them move close together and you watch the exchange. During the exchange you can clearly see the cup leave Aaryn right hand and you see her clearly turn with her left hand now holding the cup from Jeremy. You also see Jeremy approach the hedge with the cup in his right hand but when he turns to head back he now has a cup in his left hand. There is no way while standing at the hedges you are going to move the cup from one hand to the other while pouring the BBQ sauce from one cup to another. Now if you watch the other contestants you will see they are always using the same hand with the same cup in their hand the whole time. I captured 3 good exchanges of where Jeremy and Aaryn clearly have the cups in opposite hands then when they approached the hedges.

  15. Comments (30)

    It would be interesting if Julie simply made an announcement to ALL of them…..that at least 2 ‘houseguests’ have lost their jobs on the outside, because of their behavior. But DON’T identify them. Everyone would start ‘freaking’.

  16. Comments (7)

    Hope to see the HOH lose her crown, and then put as a have not and then voted out … anyone in todays world that still goes around with those ignorant words in their mouth should be not allowed to be glorified ,.Big Brother Canada stripped a HOH of his title for cheating hope it happens in the USA

  17. Comments (24)

    GM (the racist biotch) reminds me of an ugly Cheri Oteri from SNL.

  18. Comments (24)

    BB knew what they had when they cast rachel (the skank train wreck) just like they knew what they had when they cast those disgusting racist bigots!!!

  19. Comments (6)

    Having watched the cup exchange closely it is obvious they weren’t doing it per instruction. It will be up to BB to decide if they call this one by the books. If they don’t a lot of viewers are gonna’ be pissed. By the way they won’t stop the comp. part way through to tell someone to stop cheating. I have always just seen them nail them in the next episode. That way they get to look like dummies in front of all the viewers and players…we’ll see.

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