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Big Brother 15 – Paranoia, Puking, With A Sprinkle Of Scandal

July 4, 2013 | 25 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Even though she won HoH, I’m sure you’d rather see a picture of her crying

Last night’s episode of Big Brother 15 was certainly an eventful one with a very happy studio crowd that gave the house a taste of what’s happening on the outside.  During the evictions, people were cheering and booing certain votes, and it was heard inside the house.  It was mentioned the cheers that happened when Dave’s name was voted, and they speculated it’s because of Rachel/Elissa.  Little do they realize, it had little to do with Elissa and more to do with how much Aaryn’s alliance is hated outside the house, but they’ll figure that out when they leave.



A lot of you are probably waking up a little hungover from early 4th of July celebrations and want to puke knowing that Aaryn/Jeremy won the competition and he let her have the HoH.  Don’t worry, Kaitlin beat you to it…  (flashback to 10:52pm if you enjoy misery)

We felt the same way, Kaitlin

We felt the same way, Kaitlin

Now the debate that’s been going around the Big Brother world since the HoH competition last night.  The spoonswap scandal.  Apparently during the competition, things were looking pretty shady between Jeremy and Aaryn during the exchange at the hedge.  Houseguests were supposed to pour that BBQ sauce stuff into their partners spoon, but Aaryn and Jeremy were making some pretty quick exchanges at times.   You can view the exchanges at 6:49pm – cam 4 using the flashback feature.

I don’t know what to think about it.  They were certainly fast exchanges, and it’s possible they were just swapping spoons instead of sauce, but there is no concrete evidence to that.  There is a screenshot floating around from the side view that doesn’t really show anything either.  With all the cameras in that back yard, I’d have a hard time believing they could do that type of exchange and not be noticed.   I honestly doubt production would simply let them cheat, especially with the heat on Aaryn right now.

Sadly, the main cameras seemed to be in love with Amanda, Andy and Judd throughout the competition, so we’ll really never know for sure if they cheated.  Using the NFL’s version of instant replay, where you need solid proof to overturn a call, there just isn’t one with these angles.   I’m sure other cameras were focused on Jeremy, and if they did cheat, we’ll know today if Aaryn is stripped of her HoH.  I wouldn’t hold your breath on this, however.

How long can Elissa stay in the house?

How long can Elissa stay in the house?

Regarding the rest of the house, there was a lot of paranoia happening when the numbers simply did not add up for Aaryn and crew.  They expected Elissa to be voted out with ease, but with only 5 votes going their way, suspicions and accusations ran rampant.

Right away, Aaryn ‘punished’ Candice (despite being one of the 5) and gave her havenot for the week, in addition to Helen, Elissa and Andy.  Probably not the smartest move on her part, but I don’t think she realizes how bad she is coming across right now. Perhaps if she knew, she wouldn’t have selected the black girl, asian girl, and gay guy in addition to her arch enemy.

Speaking of Aaryn’s ignorance, she was fired from another modeling job, so I think Big Brother would do the world a huge favor by dedicating a camera crew to her as she leaves the BB house.   We can watch her face and reaction when she finds out the country hates her and she no longer has any modeling contracts.   I’d watch that.

Wrapping up this post, it’s the 4th of July, I will certainly try to get another thread going with more of the drama inside the house.  It will be a bit tough, but I’ll do my best.  I encourage you to sign up to the live feeds, especially considering you get the first 48 hours free, because I don’t think the fireworks are anywhere near over.

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