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Big Brother 15 – Trying To Recap A Wild Night

July 12, 2013 | 63 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


Waking up today, I felt a little like the Seinfeld episode where George tells a joke, throws his arms up in the air and walks away on top.  After the live feeds last night, I don’t see how anything could possibly top it, but with this cast, I wouldn’t rule anything out.  If you don’t have the feeds, I highly recommend getting them, doing some flashbacks on the times I tell you, and enjoying the show.   It really was the most fun I’ve had blogging Big Brother in years….

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As you probably witnessed last night on the CBS show, Nick was the second person evicted from the Big Brother house, and the second blindside of the season to the Mean Girls crew.  Last week, Aaryn lost her lover boy, and this week it was GinaMarie’s turn. You may have also noticed Howard and Spencer splitting their votes, this apparently was done on purpose so they could try to frame someone for the vote.  Both said they voted for Nick to stay, but Howard clearly didn’t.  Once the feeds went live, Spencer was telling Helen how he and Howard always vote together and he is 1,000% sure it was Jessie who flipped (it wasn’t).   I felt a little disappointed thinking the only drama of the house was going to be Jessie being blamed, but I was wrong… way wrong…

Jessie dealt with a little backlash from the Mean Girls, but it was over as quickly as it started.  Jessie walked away, and the girls were left to comfort a sobbing GinaMarie… as she sat there and wiped her nose with Nick’s shorts (I am not making this up).  Well, if you turn on the feeds to 10:09pm, the opening round of fireworks begins with Jessie trying to claim the bed she’s been in since day 1.  Apparently, now that they can’t share the HoH bed, the Mean Girls decided to simply take over some beds in the room Jessie, Candice and crew were sleeping in.

This stance by Jessie resulted in a screaming match between her and Kaitlin, and when Judd walked in to try and intervene, he was met with a “Judd, get the f**k out of here right now”, which he naturally ignored (side note, last night’s Judd was unlike any Judd I’ve seen this season). After a little more back and forth between Jessie and Kaitlin, Judd was finally able to pull his ally out of the room to avoid any more drama.

After some very catty-like behavior for the next 15 minutes, the dial was cranked to 11 when Aaryn randomly flipped Candice’s mattress over in a fit of rage (above image).  You can see the bed flip at 10:39pm, which will go unnoticed by Candice until after the HoH reveal (which is at 10:41pm if interested). The Mean Girls were up there around 5 minutes before heading back to the chair room to claim their spots, but Jessie wasn’t going to give it up easy.  At 10:48pm, Jessie claims her bed, but is harassed by both Kaitlin and Aaryn for the next few minutes.  Kaitlin even laid down over Jessie to further toss some fuel on a pretty big fire…


At 10:53pm we reach a boiling point in the house as Candice reveals her mattress flipped over and gives the girls a little threat. She said something along the lines of “If I see my mattress flipped over one more time, I’m going to.. ” which set off Aaryn and GinaMarie to freak out and get in Candice’s face.   A few racial slurs were thrown around, like GinaMarie saying something like “Is your blackness coming out now?” before Howard stepped between them, picked Candice up and carried her out of the room as she was screaming.


Howard and Candice spent time in the havenot room praying, talking, and trying to calm down. Well, it was mostly Howard calming Candice down while trying to keep his composure, but once she was called to the DR, he couldn’t hold it in any longer and started breaking down himself.  This was a real touching moment to see the true pain caused by hateful words, and how someone feels when they can’t do anything about it.  Sure, they can retaliate, but they are trying to act like mature adults and also continue on with a competition that would change their lives if they won.  That being said, keeping himself in control required a lot of effort, and you can just see the pain in his face over the hatred by those girls..


This is when the feeds become must watch because Amanda gets wind of it all, and comes in the room to lay a smack down. If you have the feeds, turn to 11:09pm and watch the verbal beating of the season, and maybe the series.  As the Mean Girls were bashing Jessie – yet again – Amanda enters to unload some dirty laundry all over the room, and I mean it figuratively.  She opens up about Aaryn coming off as completely racist, the bitchy behavior between the three girls between the bullying and constant chatter behind each others backs. Aaryn is still in complete denial over it all and thinks this all stems from her one comment about the fish segregation, but Amanda revealed the DR has basically been asking each house member how they felt about her racist remarks this season.

Like any normal person, Aaryn reflected on this and decided to change her ways.  I’m only kidding, we’re talking about Aaryn here, not a normal human.  Denial, denial, denial became the theme of the night as she just tried to reflect everything on everyone else.  Amanda is making her look bad, Amanda is twisting her words, Amanda is stirring the pot, etc, etc.  When she comes home and watches the tape, I have a feeling she’ll just blame editing for making her look bad, because she’ll claim the stuff she said were only jokes.  I’d put money on that happening.

The house quieted down a little after this, half-hearted apologizes were tossed out, and GinaMarie went back to looking like a really creepy clinger as she wept all night over a guy she’s known for under 3 weeks.  Amanda saw through Spencer and Howard’s plan and let Helen know that Jessie was on their side, and they only split the vote to cause tension and paranoia.  This is important because earlier in the night, Jessie’s name came up as a possible nominee when Helen thought Spencer/Howard were being honest.

In all of this, Jeremy continued to play the game, acted mature, and climbed up a few notches in my book.  I know he’s still a douchebag, but last night proved he’s smart, knows when to fight, knows when to shut up, and knows his threats were empty and the house knocked his ego down quite a bit. The nominations are today, and I am hoping the target is either Kaitlin or Aaryn before Jeremy.  I understand Jeremy is a bigger overall threat, but I think it’s time one (or both) of those real mean girls are sent packing.

I will create a post after nominations to let you know who is up.  It will unlikely be Jeremy regardless of plan because they don’t want him to play in veto, so a backdoor attempt is the only option right now.  My guess is we will see Kaitlin and Aaryn on the block by the end of the day.

Wild, wild night and I didn’t even remotely do it justice with this recap.  You need to check it out and watch the entire night.  It will go down in Big Brother history as one of the best nights on the feeds.

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