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Big Brother 15 – Trying To Recap A Wild Night


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Waking up today, I felt a little like the Seinfeld episode where George tells a joke, throws his arms up in the air and walks away on top.  After the live feeds last night, I don’t see how anything could possibly top it, but with this cast, I wouldn’t rule anything out.  If you don’t have the feeds, I highly recommend getting them, doing some flashbacks on the times I tell you, and enjoying the show.   It really was the most fun I’ve had blogging Big Brother in years….

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As you probably witnessed last night on the CBS show, Nick was the second person evicted from the Big Brother house, and the second blindside of the season to the Mean Girls crew.  Last week, Aaryn lost her lover boy, and this week it was GinaMarie’s turn. You may have also noticed Howard and Spencer splitting their votes, this apparently was done on purpose so they could try to frame someone for the vote.  Both said they voted for Nick to stay, but Howard clearly didn’t.  Once the feeds went live, Spencer was telling Helen how he and Howard always vote together and he is 1,000% sure it was Jessie who flipped (it wasn’t).   I felt a little disappointed thinking the only drama of the house was going to be Jessie being blamed, but I was wrong… way wrong…

Jessie dealt with a little backlash from the Mean Girls, but it was over as quickly as it started.  Jessie walked away, and the girls were left to comfort a sobbing GinaMarie… as she sat there and wiped her nose with Nick’s shorts (I am not making this up).  Well, if you turn on the feeds to 10:09pm, the opening round of fireworks begins with Jessie trying to claim the bed she’s been in since day 1.  Apparently, now that they can’t share the HoH bed, the Mean Girls decided to simply take over some beds in the room Jessie, Candice and crew were sleeping in.

This stance by Jessie resulted in a screaming match between her and Kaitlin, and when Judd walked in to try and intervene, he was met with a “Judd, get the f**k out of here right now”, which he naturally ignored (side note, last night’s Judd was unlike any Judd I’ve seen this season). After a little more back and forth between Jessie and Kaitlin, Judd was finally able to pull his ally out of the room to avoid any more drama.

After some very catty-like behavior for the next 15 minutes, the dial was cranked to 11 when Aaryn randomly flipped Candice’s mattress over in a fit of rage (above image).  You can see the bed flip at 10:39pm, which will go unnoticed by Candice until after the HoH reveal (which is at 10:41pm if interested). The Mean Girls were up there around 5 minutes before heading back to the chair room to claim their spots, but Jessie wasn’t going to give it up easy.  At 10:48pm, Jessie claims her bed, but is harassed by both Kaitlin and Aaryn for the next few minutes.  Kaitlin even laid down over Jessie to further toss some fuel on a pretty big fire…


At 10:53pm we reach a boiling point in the house as Candice reveals her mattress flipped over and gives the girls a little threat. She said something along the lines of “If I see my mattress flipped over one more time, I’m going to.. ” which set off Aaryn and GinaMarie to freak out and get in Candice’s face.   A few racial slurs were thrown around, like GinaMarie saying something like “Is your blackness coming out now?” before Howard stepped between them, picked Candice up and carried her out of the room as she was screaming.


Howard and Candice spent time in the havenot room praying, talking, and trying to calm down. Well, it was mostly Howard calming Candice down while trying to keep his composure, but once she was called to the DR, he couldn’t hold it in any longer and started breaking down himself.  This was a real touching moment to see the true pain caused by hateful words, and how someone feels when they can’t do anything about it.  Sure, they can retaliate, but they are trying to act like mature adults and also continue on with a competition that would change their lives if they won.  That being said, keeping himself in control required a lot of effort, and you can just see the pain in his face over the hatred by those girls..


This is when the feeds become must watch because Amanda gets wind of it all, and comes in the room to lay a smack down. If you have the feeds, turn to 11:09pm and watch the verbal beating of the season, and maybe the series.  As the Mean Girls were bashing Jessie – yet again – Amanda enters to unload some dirty laundry all over the room, and I mean it figuratively.  She opens up about Aaryn coming off as completely racist, the bitchy behavior between the three girls between the bullying and constant chatter behind each others backs. Aaryn is still in complete denial over it all and thinks this all stems from her one comment about the fish segregation, but Amanda revealed the DR has basically been asking each house member how they felt about her racist remarks this season.

Like any normal person, Aaryn reflected on this and decided to change her ways.  I’m only kidding, we’re talking about Aaryn here, not a normal human.  Denial, denial, denial became the theme of the night as she just tried to reflect everything on everyone else.  Amanda is making her look bad, Amanda is twisting her words, Amanda is stirring the pot, etc, etc.  When she comes home and watches the tape, I have a feeling she’ll just blame editing for making her look bad, because she’ll claim the stuff she said were only jokes.  I’d put money on that happening.

The house quieted down a little after this, half-hearted apologizes were tossed out, and GinaMarie went back to looking like a really creepy clinger as she wept all night over a guy she’s known for under 3 weeks.  Amanda saw through Spencer and Howard’s plan and let Helen know that Jessie was on their side, and they only split the vote to cause tension and paranoia.  This is important because earlier in the night, Jessie’s name came up as a possible nominee when Helen thought Spencer/Howard were being honest.

In all of this, Jeremy continued to play the game, acted mature, and climbed up a few notches in my book.  I know he’s still a douchebag, but last night proved he’s smart, knows when to fight, knows when to shut up, and knows his threats were empty and the house knocked his ego down quite a bit. The nominations are today, and I am hoping the target is either Kaitlin or Aaryn before Jeremy.  I understand Jeremy is a bigger overall threat, but I think it’s time one (or both) of those real mean girls are sent packing.

I will create a post after nominations to let you know who is up.  It will unlikely be Jeremy regardless of plan because they don’t want him to play in veto, so a backdoor attempt is the only option right now.  My guess is we will see Kaitlin and Aaryn on the block by the end of the day.

Wild, wild night and I didn’t even remotely do it justice with this recap.  You need to check it out and watch the entire night.  It will go down in Big Brother history as one of the best nights on the feeds.

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  1. Comments (51)

    Amanda was Awesome! Aaryn still an Ass. Jeremy slowly retreating between his tails. kaitlin scrambling for an alliance outside team ignorance.

    • Comments (51)

      up until this point Howard was lying to Helen. That he didn’t vote for Elissa and wasn’t part of the Moving Company. Finally he cracks and keeps on apologizing to Helen for lying knowing theres no point in lying and covering his tracks since Helen already knows and MC and Spencer might already out him. Kaitlin And Aaryn have been nominate. Spencer / Howard and Jeremy are 3 targets up for thirds slot and to be back door.

  2. Comments (1)

    everyone should vote howard MVP, truly a stand up guy

    • Comments (15)

      Are you kidding? Do you know that he voted to evict to Elissa and kept lying to helen and Elissa that he voted to evict Nick. Then already plotting to backdoor Helen later. Then pray for forgiveness and go to Helen and Elissa to tell lies. I know in a couple of days he will be exposed. Lie if you may for the game but do not turn around and asked for forgiveness from God then turn around and lie. Lie but stop this showing America that you are asking for forgiveness and sorry then still continue to do the same. He is fake.

      • Comments (35)

        Howard’s also in a great position right now.

      • Comments (1162)

        I don’t think so ………
        Helen and the others are aware of Howard’s and Spencer’s lies. They’re
        going to pretend they’re not,meanwhile devising a plan to kick both, Howard and
        Spencer, out of the BB House. Hopefully Helen, can pull it off and surprise
        these guys.

      • Comments (1276)

        actually spencer went into the HOH and told Helen the deal, only because they know they are busted, but still the cat is out of that bag

      • Comments (1162)

        Helen gave Howard the opportunity to come clean with
        her and he didn’t.
        Actually she gave him several openings but he continued to
        lie to her.

      • Comments (768)

        I have a feeling he will eventually.

  3. Comments (3)

    I agree that the mean girls need to go however if they don’t evict Jeremy this week he has a good chance of winning HOH next. I think this is the week to be rid of Jeremy and get Aaryn next.

    • Comments (44)

      As long as they keep winning MVP, its a matter of when Jeremy and the others get evicted. HOH just buys time, I’m actually starting to hate this MVP thing– Who’s ever gonna target Andy or Judd i see them in the jury easily.

  4. Comments (137)

    Thanks for all the information Beans that was awesome. I am not surprised by some of the actions in the house. It seems that Team Ignorance has forgotten that this is a game and people lie in it. They make fake alliances and promises all the time. That is why we watch Big Brother. She likes to promote herself as this honest and loyal person, but boy we all know the real person down deep. I am appalled at the comments that were made last night on BBAD, had to leave to go to work right as it was getting good with Amanda bitch slapping all of them. And she did such a fine job, I am liking Amanda more and more. She calls it like she sees it, and doesnt hold back. I am glad she was smart enough to figure out that Spencer and Howard split their votes, I feel bad for Jessie who does seem sweet, but completely oblivious to what is going on around her. I think they said it right when they told her just try to make it to jury and collect the money. Cant wait to go home and finish watching the rest of BBAD and see how much more Amanda tears into them.

  5. Comments (169)

    That was all so difficult to watch last night. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They’re just utterly terrible. I’m so thankful that evil side didn’t get their way last night, and that Helen is HoH. Was hoping Elissa would win it, but if it couldn’t be her, then Helen was the next best thing. I’m willing to bet the bed flipping and those comments WILL be on Sundays show…

    • Comments (1276)

      It was so hard to watch Keith. My blood was boiling, but seeing how hard Howard was trying to keep cool and hold it in was heart breaking. How people don’t get how hurtful the racist, homophobic and bigitted comments are is beyond me. But I guess I’m glad I don’t get it, what kind of a person could understand the mindset it takes to be someone like Aaryn, Kaitlin or GM?
      And Steve it was Kaitlin I heard saying “she’s letting her black out”, GM might have said it too, but Kaitlin did. And this whole time I thought she was mostly guilty for not standing up to them, but she’s just as bad as they are.

    • Comments (140)

      I also found it difficult to watch. Normally when I view BB I’m angry at the villain or cheering on the good guys, but I cannot ever remember a time when I’ve legitimately felt so strongly for another players emotions. It was absolutely heartbreaking watching Candice and Howard deal with the aftermath of those unbelievably racist women. While the fighting was taking place my boyfriend and I sat with dropped jaws, we couldn’t believe the things being said, but after Howard carried Candice away, I almost cried. Listening to Howard try to keep her calm, the things he was saying… I think what struck me the most was when he said “if they *pointing to production* haven’t stopped it, then that means this is what they want to see.” and at that I thought to myself, Omg… he’s right. Contestants get told “stop that” for humming, or general annoying habits, but not once did we hear “stop that” when the Racial comments were spewing. It was sad.

      • Comments (1276)

        It got me again last night when Andy got so upset about hearing that the slurs had been made against his homosexuality. I hate seeing anyone so hurt, and it being because of who they are, is just horrible to see.
        The only good thing I can see coming from any of this is maybe, just maybe there are a few people watching at home, that say idiotic things wihtout thinking about how hurtful their words can be. Maybe, some will take the words like “fag” and “blackness” and many, many more out of their statements, and realize that while words might not break bones, they sure can break someones heart and spirit.

  6. Comments (195)

    OH MY GOODNESS…thank you so much CBS for letting Canada get the live feeds. I just got them yesterday and got all my money’s worth last night. I am still laughing at some of the things that came out of Aaryns mouth. The best one was when she said that she has been nothing but nice and has not said any derogatory comments to anyone and they will see how immature they are when they get out and see how they are portrayed to America. Then it gets better,,, this one I laughed so hard I think I peed a little lol. She goes on to say that the only time and it was a joke that she said something was about the fish being segregated and she said but that is science. Science? Really Asryn? I really need to find that again on the feeds,,,,I think it was around 2am est. Is she for real!! And the worst part is she believes she is this wonderful person. And then her and Jeremy are talking and she is crying because she is so nice and America will see that and Jeremy agrees and says not only will she have all her friends when she gets out of the house but probably more. The Amanda and Aaryn talk was just as good. Loved how she told Aaryn the she is playing the victim card again. What a night!
    Now the Howard and Candice thing was scary. I was so praying that Howard would keep his cool. It made me so sad to see how hurt and upset he is with everything going on. Glad he was able to keep it together but it must be so hard for him and I think if he keeps hearing these things again he may just explode and who could blame him.
    Then last but not least GM. How ridiculous to see this grown women balling her eyes out after knowing someone for 3wks. And it also irks me how all of them are saying I just want to go home. Well as they say….be careful what you wish for. lol Haven’t been on feeds today and hope to check in but my goodness I am not sure anything can top last night. But as Steve says in this house you just never know. Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. Comments (768)

    My favourite line from Amanda’s smackdown last night….

    Aaryn: So you’re a liar!

    Amanda: What game are you playing because we’re playing Big Brother where that’s gonna happen.

    That’s right up there with Boogie’s line from last year… ‘Hello, this is Big Brother… you can bounce cheques’!

    • Comments (1276)

      That was pretty awesome. I love Amanda! I hate everyone thinking she is a Biotch, she’s not, she’s just direct, blunt and brutally honest, excpet for the game lies, but like they said, it is BB!

  8. Comments (3)

    This is from George Gries’s (Aaryn’s father) facebook page:

    To summarize his point: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  9. Anti-Ignorance Fan
    Comments (16)

    Amanda rose in my estimation last night. I was hooping and hollering the whole time she was laying the smack down on them!

    • Comments (768)

      I was thoroughly impressed with her. She wasn’t vindictive or insulting or anything, she just laid it all out plain and simple… yet Aaryn still didn’t get it. She never will!

  10. Comments (169)

    I love how Jeremy, and now kaitlyn, are up in the HoH throwing Aaryn under the bus… LOVE it.. Like little rats scurrying around…

  11. Comments (6)

    Aaryn Gries father’s Facebook post from 2012 really says a lot about himself:
    “If you are a catholic. You were raised as one. If you are a protestant, you were raised as one. If you are a Dem, you were raised as one. If you are a Republican, you were raised as one. I give up trying to change someones religion or politics. It is a waste of time and breath. YOU ARE WHAT YOUR PARENTS MADE YOU.”

    • Comments (1276)

      Gross,he’s as disgusting of a human as she is.

    • Comments (4)

      Iam catholic and a democrat but was not raised by racism and hatred.Aaryn parents sound as clueless,unfeeling ppl.What goes around -comes around.All of them have proven to us Beauty is only surface but Ugly is skin deep.Beware all Moms & Dads keep your sons away from this weiner

  12. Comments (111)

    Aaryn and GinaMarie should be kissing Helen’s ass and making her rice now.

  13. Comments (3)

    What’s up with the pic on her (Aryan’s) Dad’s Facebook??

  14. Comments (96)

    Go home, Aaryn. I’m looking forward to Julie Chen’s interview with her. I’m hoping Aaryn gets the smack down.

  15. Comments (53)

    First i can’t beleave jeremy told on the MC and maccrae is amanda’s mindless poppet he a girl with a boyfriend (who doesn’t act like it at all) turn onwins mvp his allies when they still had the numbers lost alot of respect for him and for people voting for elissa did you see how she talked to nick last week just because she was mvp power getting to her head and do you really want to pay and vote for her to win the game she is really the last person who Needs it her family already got a half of mill from big brother lets be real if she wins mvp again then the season is corrupt in her favor they mite as well put a vet in the house aaryn side needs to go but i hope spens, howard, helen get to the final and maybe andy and candice for final five everyone else are mindless follower execpt amandas who to smart for for own good

    • Comments (274)

      Not trying to be rude but you really can’t just type without punctuation or at least correct form.I couldn’t read your post.

    • Bob Loblaw92646
      Comments (1)

      What the hell did you say?

      • Comments (53)

        *CORRECTED* sorry wrote it on my phone and its not rude its true* First i can’t beleave jeremy told on the MC, and maccrae is just amanda’s mindless poppet now, he made* a girl with a boyfriend at home wacthing (who doesn’t act like it at all just saying*) turn on his allies when they still had the numbers*, lost alot of respect for him, and for people voting for elissa, did you see how she talked to nick last week just because she was mvp, power getting to her head, and do you really want to pay and vote for her to win the game she is really the last person who NEEDS* it, her family already got a half of mill from big brother, lets be real if she wins mvp again then this season is corrupt in her favor, they mite as well put a vet in the house its a really unfair advantage*, aaryn side needs to go, but i hope spens, howard, helen get to the final and maybe andy and candice for final five, everyone else are mindless follower execpt amanda who to smart for own good, side-note* why is helen mad at howard and spencer for keeping secrets its playing the game, isn’t she trying to work with aaryn? how is that a smart move but what howard and spencer did slimy

    • Comments (53)

      *CORRECTED* sorry wrote it on my phone and its not rude its true* First i can’t beleave jeremy told on the MC, and maccrae is just amanda’s mindless poppet now, he made* a girl with a boyfriend at home wacthing (who doesn’t act like it at all just saying*) turn on his allies when they still had the numbers*, lost alot of respect for him, and for people voting for elissa, did you see how she talked to nick last week just because she was mvp, power getting to her head, and do you really want to pay and vote for her to win the game she is really the last person who NEEDS* it, her family already got a half of mill from big brother, lets be real if she wins mvp again then this season is corrupt in her favor, they mite as well put a vet in the house its a really unfair advantage*, aaryn side needs to go, but i hope spens, howard, helen get to the final and maybe andy and candice for final five, everyone else are mindless follower execpt amanda who to smart for own good, side-note* why is helen mad at howard and spencer for keeping secrets its playing the game, isn’t she trying to work with aaryn? how is that a smart move but what howard and spencer did slimy

  16. Comments (2)

    Aarynbrotherhood needs to go home. I think I spelled it right

  17. Comments (53)

    aaryn and kaitlin are quote on quote and howard spencer and jeremy or the back doors

  18. Comments (3)

    Amanda’s comment to Aryan when accused of lying: “What game are you playing because this is Big Brother and that’s bound to happen…” Best line EVER of the WHOLE season right now. I hope and pray that CBS will air this stuff on Sunday because let’s be honest, it’s only fair that everyone sees these sickening idiots for who they are.

  19. Comments (74)

    Bravo o the recap! Your blog is awesome. I left a comment last night how Howard was breaking my heart. This year in the BB house is different for me because it touched base on things I’m even ignorant on. I’m Southern and live in a very populated black majority city. When I mention this to people on the net they automatically think its full crime and chaos! It’s actually not. It’s wholesome and people help each other. I’m white and I can’t begin to understand how Howard feels because I don’t witness a lot of racism even tho I live where it literally all began. Howard moved me with his pain and anger. Something reality tv really doesnt do without gimmicks or scripts. Anyways Aaryn needs to leave!! But you’re right she will not change and she has a family to support her ugly character. It’s a scary thought to know people exist like that …… Republicans? J/k

  20. Comments (6)

    I am so glad that Amanda is in the house, without her who knows what would be happening. Its just too bad that more people aren’t sticking up for what is right.

    When I watched the feeds and saw Aaryn flipping the bed and saying she wouldn’t sleep in it because of the crabs, I almost fell off my chair, the audacity of her!

    For people to treat Howard and Candice that way, I feel for them completely. It made me cry when I watched that. I know what it feels like for people to say such horrible things to your face and how you have to be the bigger person and walk away. I commend Howard and Candice for doing that. For shame Aaryn for saying those things and also to the others in the room who did NOTHING!

  21. Comments (4)

    I am not an expert but I am thinking they should sue for CBS for allowing harrassment in the work place because they are getting paid. Just because they signed contracts I would imagine it did not stipulate that they would be bullied to this point. I have protections at work. And listen ANYONE who hires some of these folks should replay these images because if anyone brings up allegations of descrimination they have tons of video to prove this is their normal behavior. The look on Howards face was a powerful and deep expression of pain disgust control and saddness and the fact that CBS has co-signed their behavior…and yes they have co-signed it at this point because it does not appear they are telling them they will cease or they will be held liable for any damages in civil court. Some of the bullied and ridiculed in there may have a case in civil court against CBS. I am presuming Aaryns family agrees because they have not come out against her. Praise Howard for his self-control what a good example of a human he is way better than A/gM/J/K who represent the worst amongst us—hopefully they have a spiritual awakening when they leave the house.

  22. Comments (1162)


    I’m in awe of Helen’s management skills on her first day as HOH.

    • Comments (51)

      The Mom-Squad are on top, from being bottom last week. Jerkemy and Kaitlin are scrambling to throw Aaryn under the bus. Even so far as apologizing to Helen and asking her to help them talk/apologize to Elissa, knowing Elissa big chance on retaining MVP and Helen biggest allies.

  23. Comments (25)

    To address some of the remarks I have read here: when you act like all Southerners or Republicans are racists or some other negative thing, you are doing the same thing the racists are doing: stereotyping based on a classification. Although racism is worse, it is still all labeling. Not to mention that K and GM are not from the South and they have displayed racism as well. It is just a quick label.

  24. Comments (25)

    Last night when Jeremy as a grown man insisted on lying down on a bed with a woman that he was negative toward instead of with the women he always lies around with who welcome it, when he persisted on staying there when she was visibly uncomfortable with him lying next to her and told him she was………….

    • Interested Party
      Comments (36)

      I totally agree with you. It was abuse at it’s best. Not that what had gone on with all the other ridiculous cattiness isn’t equally as bad, but everyone’s brushing past that point. She was in her bed (silly move, I think, it was just bound to make things worse) and she explained to him expicitly and calmly that he was making her uncomfortable and he stays there??? And tries to claim that he’s got every right to be there?? I’m sorry but that’s a very threatening behavior and beyond NOT okay.

    • Comments (1276)

      If it had been done in a way that was something to make her feel uncomfortable then I would see your point. Dont get me wrong, I still can’t stand Jerkemy, but it’s no worse then Jessie following around Nick before he got the boot, for lord knows how long. He clearly fealt uncomfortable, but no-one looked at it as some kind of harrasment because it was a girl doing it to a guy.
      For one, Jerkemy wasn’t mean, or degrading to her, he just wasn’t going to move. She was really mad at Kaitlin for doing it earlier to annoy her, so she turned it on Jerkemy when he laid down. He was actually just wanting to talk to GM. I think Jessie over-reacted.

      • Comments (36)

        I see your point. And you are right, she was already mad, but there was just something that felt wrong about it to me. For one thing there,s a lot of him and he was NOT giving off any kind of friendly vibe at all. It seemed to be the same sort of intimidation that Kaitlin had tried on just a few moments earlier. Taken out of context, ie: the fight etc., then I would agree totally.

  25. Comments (12)

    First it was stated on the Blog that Howard voted Nick out – he did not do that. It was Spencer who voted to evict Nick. And I was laughing and clapping the whole time!!! And then Mc and Jess followed suit – so sweet!!!

    For Aaryn flipping the mattress she should get a warning from production! That was done in anger, it was in a way violence, and a form of abuse towards Candice. The houseguests who are saying racial comments should also get a warning. Yes they are playing Big Brother and that is lying, praying, promising, swearing on anything that people think they care about; but it is not for racial slurs that offends the whole country. It’s called “polite company”

    It is a wonder that fans have not boycotted the show. I am afraid that it will affect the future of the show!

  26. Comments (1)

    Thanks for all the updates! Last night was crazy in the BB House. I can’t wait to see if and how they show it on Sunday. I wanted to clarify, though; Howard did vote for Nick to stay. Your post says that Howard and Spencer split the vote, but both claimed to have voted to keep Nick. It was Spencer who lied about that. Howard voted to evict Elissa.

  27. Comments (16)

    Tonight, everyone is spilling their guts and coming clean … should be interesting to see where everyone lands after these last couple of days/nights. Aaryn needs to be taken out of the game!! ratings or not, this isnt a way to get them. Racial comments, bullying, violence and now denying it all. She’s disgusting!!! BB needs to be careful what it’s promoting. Game or no game, this just isnt right.

  28. Comments (53)

    i really can’t stand amanda she is dead set on getting howard out this week because she knows she can easily get in jeremy and aaryn’s heads when they are the biggest threat to everyone and the worst 2 people in the house and she doesn’t even care about elissa helen andy candice jess or judd she’s just using them all while trying to make side deals with the next side of the house she’s most likely gonna turn on helen elissa and candice once spencers out and ether make a deal with jeremy or get him booted so her poppet could be the strongest guy her over all plan because elissa helen and candice dont stand a chance with howard or spencer nor aaryn kaitie and gm without jeremy i hope the house finds her out and boots her next week and it so shameful how mccrae is just her little lap dog poppet i wouldn’t be surprised if she was just using him too she does have a boyfriend at home watching if howard goes up and doesn’t win veto he going home because she and her poppet alone with andy and her brain washed flunkies (jess and judd) and lets not forget about jeremy and gm who will vote that way to so even if elissa andd helen want aaryn gone she’ll stab them in the back if they let her get out howard and spencer then not shortly after we will hear congrats to amanda on winning big brother 15 (plus she is the least prettiest girl in the house a(MAN)duh is a fitting name sorry for the cheap shot but just saying)

  29. Comments (1)

    Teamunderdog is soooo on it!!! Strategically, Amanda is THE biggest threat in the house. And to see Andy and especially Helen crying and falling apart over Spencer & Howard’s lies in this game is absolutely ridiculous!!!! I would have said “he without lies in this game, cast the first stone…or just raise your hand.” And BTW, has Helen come clean about her profession and how SHE intended to lie/hide??

    P.S. I can’t even form a coherent sentence to adequately convey how utterly disgusting and completely out of hand these racist, sexist and bigoted conversations have been this season. However real the words and actions of people like Aaryn and GM are, CBS is clearly allowing this. And ultimately giving platform to what is hurtful in the house but dangerous outside of it.

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