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Big Brother 16 – New Alliance Formed; Live Blogging


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If you’re going to be trying out for Big Brother 17, let me give you a little tip.  You don’t need to be in 15 different alliances.  You also don’t really need to name your alliance or have silly hand signals, although I am sure production probably pushes names so they can give Julie talking points, or use hashtags for it. With that said, in the middle of the night (3:45am), yet another alliance was formed. 5 members of the now diffused ‘Bomb Squad’ came together to form ‘The Detonators’ (a more fitting name considering how often their alliances were blown up).

The new alliance is the Bomb Squad minus Devin, Amber and Caleb, so that makes it Christine, Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Cody.  No mention of Donny, Team America, Hayden, or any other subplots.  Awesome.

What I want to know is, why are the same 5-8 people the ones forming all the alliances? There were 16 people in the house, and except for Joey’s failed all-girls alliance, the ‘Double D’, and whatever Hayden/Nicole/Christine is (or was), most of the alliances featured a majority of the 8 bomb squad members.  Heck, even 50% of the Double D alliance had a bomb squad member. Are Britt, Victoria, and Jocasta even playing the game? Do they realize they’re even in the Big Brother house?  I think it’s time for me to do an odds of winning post for the remaining members, so I’ll try to get that up sometime today.

Before I begin the daily feeds, I have only one plug. My friend from Australia has a charity going. It’s for cancer research for the Cancer Council in Queensland. I know many would prefer to donate to a charity closer to home, and when I find a good one, I’ll plug it. Hover, if you want to help stop cancer around the world, feel free to donate to his.

Ok, here are the updates!

  • 9:25am – Feeds down for the morning wake-up call
  • 10:30am – Donny and Jocasta sitting outside chatting about random stuff. Hayden sitting nearby spacing out.  Maybe they’re trying to figure out their date of eviction considering they rarely talk game.
  • 10:35am – Devin joins them outside, Hayden leaves to go back to sleep. Going to be one of those days.
  • 12:20pm – Slow afternoon.  Victoria and Donny roaming around. They expect indoor lockdown to begin at some point soon.
  • Big News!  Brittany found red cups in the pantry, so she’s been going around saying how much she loves Big Brother.

Random note. I hate cable companies. I am trying to deal with comcast vs directtv, anyone have any experience with directtv?   Ok, back to feed watching


  • 1:39pm – Britt and Amber outside tanning and talking a little game. By talking game, I mean talking about what they’d want in their HoH basket if they won. Weeee.  Let’s hope they start talking about something real

Check back for more updates!

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  1. Comments (103)

    So who is the target next week for this new alliance? Assuming they get power. Caleb and Amber?

  2. Comments (332)

    Why was Victoria sleeping in the HH bed? Odd? Glad to finally see Jocasta up and among the houseguests. Guess she figured she better start playing.
    I am afraid Donny is building a friendship alliance that might end up stronger than the current new 5 one. Usually someone who builds personal alliances is a strong player, much like Jordan.

    • Comments (383)

      I was wondering that too…why was she in the bed with Derrick? The guy is married, that just isn’t appropriate. But I guess in the BB house, things are different?

  3. Comments (332)

    Mostly I have heard they want Brittany and Donny out.

    • Comments (274)

      It is so difficult to know because Derrick’s playing so many people. He claimed to the live feeds he IS loyal to TA, so we’re going to have to wait and see if he meant it. I am getting the feeling he really wants America’s love so he comes out winning something. Too bad he doesn’t know how much Donny has stolen our hearts! Even my teenage son and his friends like the guy! Lol

      • Comments (274)

        I left out that it all depends on who is telling that too. Mostly Caleb, Christine, and Frankie are mentioning Donny leaving add some others in there but those others have also promised Donny protection. It’s just impossible to tell who’s who and on what alliance right now. I highly doubt Derrick will let Donny go.
        I have also noticed that there has been a ton of talk against Amber and Caleb. Especially Caleb. He is so blinded by infatuation that he forgets where he’s at. He’s annoying people over his psycho antics. He whispered something to Frankie after seeing Amber and Cody in the hammock and they all came back inside. Frankie was obviously annoyed. Even Caleb picked up on it and muttered “I’m so over it”. Yeah buddy-no your not. I swear he will lift his leg and start peeling all over Amber, her stuff, the stuff she’s stealing from the others, and wherever she walks, just to keep Cody away. Too bad he doesn’t turn glittery when the sun’s out.

      • Comments (18)

        LOL !!! i dont even think Amber would be interested if he did shine like diamonds!!!

      • Comments (469)

        You mentioned Amber taking other guests belongings – I have seen others mention this also. I am totally in the dark about this but it is very interesting – could you give some detail and examples.

      • Comments (274)

        Christine and Victoria told Nicole Amber is driving them crazy or insane saying she is so fake, she took things out of one of theirs makeup bag. Nicole said she’s super fake.
        They say she uses their stuff and wears their clothes all the time.
        Victoria went off swearing about how Amber doesn’t respect other’s stuff.

        I remember hearing the girls complaining that she has taken swimsuits and skirts forsure besides this time they were talking about Amber using stuff. I can’t remember word for word though.

      • Comments (469)

        Thank you Jill

      • Comments (383)

        I’ve seen this before… pretty boys are so used to having girls chasing them, they can’t handle it when a girl isn’t interested. I had a pro athlete hit on me in LA — he came over and sat by me, said hello, and put his hand on my thigh. I went off on him with “why are you touching me??? get your hand off me!!!” and the look on his face was just priceless. Apparently he’d never been shot down before. Caleb is pretty, he’s used to girls falling all over him, can’t even FATHOM that Amber would not be interested.

      • Comments (692)

        Yeah, what is the deal with the talk of amber stealing other people’s stuff. could you give us more details about this please? what has she been stealing?

  4. Comments (332)

    Donny has been cooking this week which is helping his game as he builds friendships. But they say Brittany is just LAZY and sleeps and never mingles, cleans, cooks, or showers to changes clothes.

  5. Comments (13)

    I really Love Zach and Derrick so I am happy they are working together I hope it lasts fingers cross but you can’t help but love Donny

    • Comments (843)

      Can’t stand Zach or Hog Face Derrick.

    • Comments (274)

      Can’t agree with you on Zach. He is obnoxious and I feel is going to be a mini Devin once Devin leaves…he has no filter and a short fuse which will be a huge target. Derrick’s game is actually going well, for now, but he may have stirred the pot a wee too soon. I am waiting for word to get out how he is in every single alliance there is and then some.

  6. Comments (13)

    I really Hope Donny gets it together and starts playing this game I think he takes things to personal and that’s not going to help him in the long run this game is about lying and building friends at the right time who can help you when you need it

    • Comments (469)

      Angel – I see Donny building friendships – of course Jocasta – Nicole- Hayden-Brittany-Christine-and I believe he is winning Amber over – plus on tonights POV show he showed he is not afraid to buck the “power” guys like Derrick in the store room. I think he is playing much smarter than people are giving him credit for – he is just doing it slow and steady in true country boy fashion. Donny’s biggest asset is his humility – sincerety – honesty and true compassion for others – plus while he would love to win the money it is not a world changer to him if he doesn’t – that in itself is a powerful tool.
      I am also a fan of Nicole and Christine – but Christine better share news of her new alliance with Nicole or that friendship will melt like ice in a microwave.

  7. Comments (68)

    It surprises me that half of the house just sits by and not do any gameplay.

    I mean i understand if they are waiting to form an alliance, to get invited to an alliance or just lay low until to avoid any targets, but it seems as if they are clueless about the other alliances.

    Like Frankie and Derrick not only have this new alliance, but if Caleb, Amber or Hayden wins next HOH they can go back to the old bomb squad or if Donny wins they can go back to the team America. I mean, they sort of covering their entire basis here. From the looks of it, it seems that those two will go far.

    Also, i hate showmance, they seem to be just a ploy to make BB more interesting, but i have to admit that the lack of showmance this year has created a void. There is usually a power couple, and although they never win, they do seem to go far.

    • Comments (1799)

      Showmances just add a bit of tension for the show Some people in the house get jealous of them Donny just keeps people guessing Other people in the house just can’t get a read on him This can be bad as they don’t know how to try to control him Donny is not as dumb as people think Look how he keeps winning the POV comp

  8. Comments (843)

    Zack and Derrick are ‘grooming’ Victoria by showering her with attention so they can control who she puts up if she wins HOH. She has no clue how disliked she is and truly believes they all love her. Caleb does nothing but sit around with a sullen look on his face. Frankie’s antics are getting really old really fast and now Hayden is trying to be another Frankie. They need to go back to competition for Have Nots. Too much down time. Still want Donny to win, but that’s not going to happen.

    • Comments (13)

      Honestly I forgot Victoria was even in the house lol

      • Comments (1799)

        It all depends on how the producers edit the show When conversation happen are not always clear Who is spending how much time with who That whole Cody Amber back rub with Calab watching How soon did Cody and Calab have there “Talk”So now Cody whenever he gets a chance is undermining Calab Going back to the showmance thing even if it’s just oneway Nothing to do with game play Calab wants Cody out because he sees him as a romantic rival as dumb as it is Welcome back to Jr.High

    • Comments (135)

      Mouse, so they can control Victoria if she wins HOH?! Really?! What has she won so far — nothing. Do you REALLY see this happening — that she even has a competitive bone in her body?!

      • Comments (274)

        If nothing else she’s a true floater. If they keep her for the end, she won’t win because of this.

      • Comments (38)

        Victoria has no point being in the house.
        I don’t see why they don’t put her up?
        Everytime they are naming potential noms, she is never in the convo… Why???? Someone please shed some light on this for me… Am I missing something? I get annoyed everytime I see or hear her….

      • Comments (274)

        By keeping the low threats in, you’re increasing your chances of winning against them. The dangerous players are the ones who can compete physically, mentally, most importantly, socially. She is none of these,so by keeping her around longer and eliminating the stronger threats, those keeping her safe stand a better chance of winning. Plus she is easily swayed and they feel they can manipulate her if she were to win anything again.

      • Comments (38)

        What happened to the plan to get the floaters out first… She is the ULTIMATE floater!

      • Comments (15)

        I think they forget that Victoria is even there. I know I do. She is under everyones radar.

      • Comments (21)

        Well not that i think she as any game but she did win BOTB…against paola

      • Comments (843)

        I said IF she wins HOH. She has won a BotB, which is more than the majority of the house has done. She is lapping up the attention from Zach and Derrick and will do whatever they tell her to.

    • Comments (198)

      For some reason i am beginning to think Victoria is playing a good game. I don’t think she is as dumb as makes herself look. It is just a gut feeling and as always I could be wrong.

      • Comments (412)

        I think even if Victoria makes it all the way to the end, she won’t win. It’ll be like GM all over again. IMO

      • Comments (13)

        Plus honestly I think the house guest would be like are you sure you were in the house because I don’t remember you lol

      • Comments (38)

        Ya I remember you… you were the floating device in the house…

  9. Comments (274)

    I am really starting to dislike Christine. She is always good at “hey look at me” antics via sex. She did again last night – early morning? “Whhhy yesss, yes I am crazy in bed” ugh enough already!
    I just get irritated with women like her…when all else fails keep selling how awesome you are and everyone knows it, oh did I mention how great and crazy I am in bed crap. Does she not remember her husband and all her family is watching? If I were him I’d be pissed honestly. She has done this numerous times. Not to mention the time she basically said she’s too good for him. “People at church ALWAYS are asking how did he land a girl like me?”

  10. Comments (274)

    I feel that Christine isn’t very self confident and that stuff drives me crazy especially when the people who’s self-esteem is zilch go on and on about how wonderful they are. Victoria is great at it too.

    • Comments (1799)

      Just think Christine is straddling the fence to much Keeps running between groups

    • Comments (2)

      They’re overcompensating out loud what they lack. Unfortunately MANY people suffer this, and yes, it’s uberobnoxious. I noticed this with Victoria from the first episode and sort of with Christine, but then again I don’t have the life feeds, so I’m sure it’s only magnified on a day-to-day/24-hours-a-day basis. The worst is when they start putting other women down because of their own insecurities, like when they criticize Brittany and Amber—but it’s not because they’re pretty, right? Green is not a good color on women.

  11. Comments (120)

    You forgot in one of your update posts that Christine and Nicole made a deal for them both to vote to evict Calen on Thursday in order to blame it on Jocasta and Donny/Brittany, so they would automatically end up becoming the next targets.

    • Comments (1799)

      This could back fire and end up with Devin staying they do that 2 votes Britnney does it out of pity for him talking her off the block 3 votes Donny and Jocasta because they do not trust Derick & Calab now your up to 5 votes than Cole does it because he fears Calab coming after him that makes 6 and now Devin stays Flotters stay meatheads butt heads for another week

  12. Comments (162)

    I’ll say it again they need to watch Christine she is dangerous. Victoria going to be driving Derrick’s coat tails. Zach is going to turn against Frankie soon

    • Comments (274)

      I’ve noticed this too with Zach & Cody. I have to wonder if he is getting weirded out by Frankie being so honest now about wanting to have sex? Zach said it’s never going to happen…only after he mentioned IF he ever questioned his sexuality.

      • Comments (1799)

        Why did Frankie go tell Derick about the vote last week to send Paola home That sent him off and did nothing to help anyone

      • Comments (13)

        I have noticed that to with Frankie and Zach and when I watch I am like wow these 2 guys are really close I wonder what is going to happen but I hope Frankie never gets my Zach lol

      • Comments (692)

        I hope that Big Brother will have a first this season and that Frankie will get sack! Something should happen to liven up the season because it’s not happening so far!

  13. Comments (162)

    Last should of been riding Derrick’s coat tails.

  14. Comments (412)

    I hope Devin gets evicted this week, and someone that’s not in any alliances (like Brittany, Jocasta, EVEN the annoying Victoria)win HOH so we can watch different game play. BB16 is feeling too predictable.

  15. Comments (191)

    I believe Donny is playing, sort of. He is trying to get people to like him which can help him down the road.

    • Comments (1288)

      Donny is definitely playing, he just isn’t a loud player. The reason he shared Nicole’s info with Jocasta was because he has been hoping to unite the non-BS members as an opposing alliance. As Nicole was not in BS he thought she would be interested in that.

      He did make the mistakes of not fully exploring that first with Nicole and then another mistake by telling Jocasta when Amber (a known BS member) was there to hear.

      • Comments (1799)

        Still feel he was lashing out at Niccole She DID say this is between us and he knew it would put her in a bad light

      • Comments (21)

        Well he was telling his friend that the person that would be on the BOTB competition with her was going to throw it. I think it was a good move and we all never that nothing stays ‘secret’ in that house. He should’ve just picked a better spot to tell her about it

  16. Comments (182)

    I think maybe the ‘house-guest’ are playing double and even triple agents, I think eventually they will confuse themselves on who not what to say to.

  17. Comments (2)

    Steve: I don’t have experience with Direct TV, or Comcast, but do with Charter (the worst) and Time Warner (equally bad). My suggestion when it comes to sucky cable companies? Go with AT&T Uverse (if available). So much better! Pricey, yes, but what cable company isn’t? Of the three I’ve used in the past, AT&T is really that much better in terms of general service and customer service…besides, Direct TV will probably eventually become part of AT&T in time.

  18. Comments (162)

    Once again Christine has left Nicole out of an alliance. She can’t be trusted. I hope Christine/ Nicole votes to keep Devin and so does Donny and Jocasta does too so it back fires on them. It he could get a couple more the the house would be screwed and Caleb would go which might be good the way he stalking Amber

    • Comments (274)

      Yeah I don’t understand this girl.

      Just happened; vengeance is mine says Caleb, “Amber needs to go, I won’t put her up, the other hoh will”…wow this character is quite nasty. I can’t imagine how he even manages to keep customers with that arrogance. I hate to say it but I hope the houses flips and keeps Devin over Caleb. I fear this kid will kick out massive power and refuse to lose. I cannot see another chance for the house to remove Caleb.

      • Comments (162)

        I agree. I think would be best to keep Devin he did come out strong but Derrick is doing the same thing but he is just not as big as Devin so it doesn’t look so bad when he is doing it. Caleb might be the time bomb in hiding. He sure just sits there and stares into space a lot.

      • Comments (1799)

        Take out Devin now that you have a chance Calab time will come Don’t forget Donny beat him twice in POV comp so he can be beaten

      • Comments (832)

        I agree. I think overall Caleb is a bigger threat than Devin. Devin got too carried away with having too much power & not knowing how to properly handle all that power. If Devin would keep his ego in check better I think he could be better than Caleb. Caleb scares me more than Devin.

      • Comments (692)

        as much as I dislike devin and I did like Caleb at the beginning, I’m hoping to help keeps Devin and Caleb gets a big surprise and gets to talk to Julie this week. I would love to see the look on his face as he walks out the door.

      • Comments (692)

        that was supposed to say I hope the house keeps Devin. using voice text doesn’t always work. Lol

  19. Comments (24)

    I had Comcast and then Directv which was much better. Now have DISH which is better by far. If you can get DISH you’ll be happy; Much more storage, many more features, cool way to find stuff, etc. All four of me and my neighbors got DISH within a few months of each other without comparing notes and we are all happy.

  20. Comments (83)

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Caleb, Amber, Donny,
    Brittany, Victoria and Nicole form an alliance and keep
    Devin in the house? That would be crazy. I feel really bad
    For Donny. What doesn’t he have that can benefit him from
    Being in an alliance? I mean surely I would if thought him
    Over Christine if he’s just as smart as her and seems more
    Physically stronger? And the three members
    Of team America would be in the same alliance.
    Doesn’t make sense.

  21. Comments (343)

    So, Zach is in the heart of an alliance — again. And just WHY was it more important for the 15 houseguests to keep Zach over lazy, dumb, useless Pao?! Ive been saying it — DUMB MOVE! Zach will come back to haunt you. Vote out the strong — not the weak! Same goes for Devin this week. I mean, the whole house CHEERED when he lost POV! That means he has no power and is hated! Duh — keep him around!!!!! STUPID PEOPLE

    • Comments (1288)

      Tru dat, nominate the weak and backdoor the strong should be this season’s route to victory.

      • Comments (13)

        Honestly I would get out the weak first then just compete against the strong plus floaters are dangerous its better to get them out the game early

      • Comments (1288)

        As you wish. When the zombie apocalypse comes around let’s say you surround yourself with a group of people who are faster or just as fast as you and I’ll surround myself with a group who run only as fast or even slower than me and we can see who gets further.

  22. Comments (1288)

    It was very telling when Donny pointed out that Derrick was telling him about the backdoor Devin plan for the first time only after he was picked in the POV. Being TA merits better treatment. He is willing to talk with people but he is not exposing his game without the other person offering like information. Lots of people say they like and want to work with Donny but theydo not follow through. Hopefully Donny will soon realize he needs to be more pro-active.

    • Comments (469)

      I think you witnessed the begining of Donny taking off the gloves tonight – as nice as he is you can only push a nice guy so far till he has had enough – I believe Donny has reached that point and you may see what a “Good old boy” is capable of when you push him in a corner and be disrespectful to him. —-If you play back his encounter with Derrick in store room – pay special attention to his body language- his eyes-his mouth-his shoulder rolls-his leaning in- folks he was PISSED and then he looks Derrick in the eye and says “I thought we had a thing” refering to TA – then refuses to share any of his plans to him. The detonators better watch out – Donny may be the plunger – they may have awakened a sleeping giant.

      • Comments (274)

        John Ruth I agree! Sorry for some reason I can’t thumbs up right now-oh well.

        Donny is smart & won’t allow them to walk all over him. He is just a genuine guy and I really hope that Derrick decides to work with him.

    • Comments (274)

      Exactly! I’m glad that he’s not naive. He catches this stuff and then thinks on it. He realizes Derrick is the ring leader as he said.
      I do think he does need to up his social game.

    • Comments (15)

      Agreed! And wasn’t Derrick mister team America? He even made his symbol for the cameras and promised he wouldn’t let America down. He has let Donny down and in turn America too!

  23. Comments (3)

    My husband and I have DirecTV and we LOVE them. They are hands down the best provider we have ever used.

  24. Comments (1)

    You are on the East Coast, right? And BB on the West Coast, so are the times listed Pacific Standard?

  25. Comments (1)

    I love this cast so far but I have never seen such an emotional group of guys before. I think every one of them have had their crying spells except for Derrick and not positive about Hayden. They are way more emotional than the girls. And the first week when Caleb was talking to Devin about missing his friends that he would cuddle with back at home. Devin pipes up and tells him he had no problem cuddling with him just to have that closeness that they were both missing. And then there is Zach that apparently goes both ways. He has that love/hate relationship going on with Frankie. They definitely are entertaining. WOWSA!!!

  26. Comments (15)

    After watching tonight’s show and some live feeds, I’m rooting for the underdogs! I so so hope they can start talking smart game and band together. I guess by underdogs I mean floaters, but it’s BB16, they should know by now they will be picked off!

  27. Comments (110)

    I am really happy Donny saved Jacosta. I thought it was a very nice thing to do and who could argue with his reason? But please could she not cry so darn loudly into her mic? It sounded like strangling an wailing animal. Then there is the issue of Caleb and Devin. While I don’t like Devin and am fine with it if he goes, I would like to see the house make up their own minds. I also hate having people agree to be nominated and then throw a comp. That’s just bad gameplay and they deserve to go home when they do that and have no one to blame if it happens.

  28. Comments (68)

    If there were 2 houseguests that i did not care for before yesterday show it was Victoria and Jacosta. Those two were huge floaters and didn’t do much and i just didn’t care for them at all.

    But now, i really hate them.

    Victoria because she is just so forgettable, she doesn’t do anything and when she was listing the comparisons between Zach and Amada she was like oh yea you’re both Jewish. I felt like she said it to create a bond with Zac because she is Jewish too, it just sounds weird and horrible.

    Jacosta on the other hand is annoying. Her crying yesterday was loud and ugly, both when she was in bed and when she was in the diary room. It was horrible to listen to. Worst was at the end she was like oh i gave so much and now i am finally receiving. I mean, as a minister, could you be more humble and stop complaining that you go a lot for the community and get nothing in return except being removed from the block from a game?…geez

    • Comments (138)

      This reminds me of how in Survivor there are only 1 or 2 people each season playing the game–looking for idols and making power moves. But I also think what happened with Joey in the beginning set the tone for some of the other players. They don’t try to form alliances because they don’t want to be targeted. Interestingly enough, if Devin hadn’t brought Christine and Amber into the fold, Joey’s all-girl alliance might’ve had a chance and she might not have gotten ratted out.

    • Comments (274)

      Well I’m going on a limb here and going to say that Jocasta may have been emotionally and mentally spent and she just let it all out when she was promised the veto. Just because she’s a minister certainly doesn’t mean she’s not HUMAN. I GUARANTEE you that the majority of people can’t endure what ministers have to. Being locked up in the house, not knowing who you can trust, I can’t imagine what she was feeling at the moment she realized she was truly safe.

    • Comments (24)

      I read somewhere that she was told she would go on the block as a pawn and she cried so they felt sorry for her and took her off. Didn’t understand that Devin (or Caleb) were targets and that she had no worries. Just cried her way off. Now I see how. Pretty overdramatic acting in my view!

  29. Comments (274)

    Stevebeans-I can’t vote anymore….are there any others having this issue?

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