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Big Brother 16 – The Bomb Squad Is Done, Again.


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Sorry about the late recap this morning, had a messy trash bag incident I had to clean up this morning.

Enough about that, time to dive right into it because a lot happened last night (of course after I went to bed). It started with Derrick working his magic on Caleb in the beehive room at 10pm (flashback here). Up until that moment, it was going to be a relatively close vote this week on Zach/Paola with Zach currently holding the edge to stay. Derrick didn’t seem to comfortable with that, so he had a long talk with Caleb about basically getting Paola out and letting Zach run wild on Devin and then the floaters (or girls basically since Zach isn’t a huge fan of the girls in the house).

After a little convincing, Caleb was actually on board to keep Zach and that was the straw that broke the alliances back. When you factor in the invite to Hayden the other day, the bomb squad is(was) at a huge 9(!!) person alliance. At 12:40am, Caleb told Frankie to let Devin know that Zach is still on board and the entire bomb squad was going to head to jury all holding hands and singing kumbaya. The floaters were going to get picked off and everyone was going to be super happy landing in jury for the extra $10k or so in stipend.

Well, it didn’t work out quite that way. Frankie went right upstairs and told Devin who basically sat there stunned for a bit.


Devin didn’t quite buy the story about everyone making jury (nor should he), so he bailed out of the bomb squad. Devin’s goal now is just to win competitions and pick off the alliance one by one (if it’s even still together?). My personal opinion, it’s smart for Devin to bail, but dumb for him to let them know. He should have kept silent until he had to power to strike again, but he decided to go rogue days before an HoH competition he’s ineligible to play. Bad move. You’ll be seeing your daughter sooner rather than later.

After the conversation, Devin went to a few people in the house (Donny, Jocasta and Brittany) to inform them of the bomb squad which didn’t appear to have much of an impact on Donny or Jocasta, but Brittany was a bit hurt considering she is pretty close with many of the members. It is unclear how these chips will fall, but the floaters really need to group up quick or they’re going to be gone really soon. Devin gave them a heads up on the situation, now the ball is in their court to try and win $500k

In other news, it appears Hayden and Nicole are getting pretty close…


I think they make a pretty cute couple. What do you guys think?

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  1. Comments (19)

    Hayden and Nicole definitely make a cute couple, and it isn’t the entire “Complete opposite” deal either. Hopefully it doesn’t paint too early a target (As, it will become an excuse later) as I do like them.

    I really do Hope Zach stays in the house because they definitely need him to keep on the explosive pressure on Devin, and best yet if he were to win HoH and keep it.

  2. Comments (1)

    Paula deserves to leave since she plays so badly, but Zach has been so unfairly vocal about the girls in the house that I wouldn’t blame them for getting rid of him. Now, for the sake of the game, Zach is the one who will attack Devin, and that should also please the girls. Both Zach and Devin can be loose cannons so this should be interesting.

  3. Comments (1)

    I totally agree with you, Ruse!

  4. Comments (68)

    I want Zach to stay; he will add more entertainment throughout the summer.

    Also, i noticed that this year a lot of people came in with the idea of a show-mance but none actually materialized. In the past you would see couples forming in the first few days. I think this is because maybe the people aren’t that compatible or because people have now realized that there has never been a show-mance that lasted to the end.

    However, show-mances to tend to get more camera time and in turn become more famous.

    • Comments (1)

      Brendan and Rachel showmance survived. Rachel ended up winning her second season.
      Jordan and Jeff showmance survived. Jordan won

      • Comments (135)

        The exceptions to the rule, Kelly. More often than not, showmances don’t make it to the end.

  5. Comments (843)

    Everyone says they don’t trust Frankie, but they all run to him and spill everything they see or hear. I see BIG $$$ in his future. The makings of another Andy.

    • Comments (46)

      I was thinking the same thing. They keep saying they don’t trust him but yet they all not only confide in him but have him running messages back and forth to people. The childish “tell Brtt. I like like her” “ask Amber if she would go out with me on the outside” I believe most people grow out of that before middle school.

      I am waiting for Devin to leave Britt an note that asks “do you like me circle yes or no” I think I did that once in like thrid grade. 🙂

  6. Comments (1)

    I really think powpow should leave. What is she even bringing to the table? Nothing. She isn’t smart, and she isn’t athletic. At least Zach has both of those and even though obnoxious, is kind of entertaining. I’m all for some drama.

  7. Comments (220)

    The fact that Pao is not athletic does not bother me. My issue with her is she seems so defeated. This game is mainly about mental toughness.

    • Comments (343)

      That’s why the smart move is to keep her get rid of a potential wildcard in Zach. Really, can ANYONE really trust that dude? He ain’t all there. Pao is a weak pushover that anyone can “use” for a while. Zach? He’d stab you in the back and use that manic personality to drum up support for himself. Do you se Pao doing that??!!

  8. Comments (220)

    I like that Britt tried to play any card she had to stay. I like that Zach and Cody are campaigning. They are playing the game.

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