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Big Brother 16 – Caleb’s World Crashes Around Him


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Well, that didn’t go as expected….

On Sunday night, Caleb was pretty much over the moon with the plan hatched up by the house to nominate Amber after Hayden used the power of veto on Victoria.  Caleb thought this was the perfect opportunity for Amber to realize just what a knight in shining armor Caleb has been to her this whole game.  His plan was to basically tell her he’s been the one protecting her, and he’s going to do it once again this week by not letting her become evicted from the house.

It’s the classic romantic move. Like when you’re standing at the edge of a cliff and you push your girlfriend over the side and then help her back up before she plummets to her death. The girl will always remember what a hero you were that day for saving her life!  Oh wait, she’ll actually remember what a psycho you are, but I think someone forgot to tell Caleb that part of the story.

When the feeds returned from the veto meeting, Amber was working on getting votes, finding out what happened and trying to piece together the last 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Caleb sat up in the HoH room letting her scramble for her Big Brother life and refused to go talk to her until she spoke with him first. Finally, after about an hour or so, the two finally got together in the beehive room and that’s when Caleb fell apart.  His plan failed, Amber didn’t appear grateful by his gesture of putting her on the block and Caleb fell back into the Amber trap. Until Frankie showed up…

After kicking Amber out of the room (2:55pm), Frankie immediately lays into Caleb about falling back into the Amber trap. He reminds her that Amber only went on the date with him because she felt bad for saying no. Amber doesn’t like him as much as he loves her, she wants to form an alliance to get  the guys out, he is ruining his game for her, etc. Caleb, still in denial, called Nicole into the room and drilled her for answers. “What did Amber say to her outside”, “What did Amber say to her after the date”. Nicole answered as honestly as she could (that Amber indeed wants to join with the girls, and also felt bad for Caleb during the date). Caleb let Nicole go and sat there stunned for a long, long time.

He went outside and sat next to Derrick (pictured above) and put his head down while the DR kept calling him to go in.  After Frankie finally encouraged to enter the DR, the retells began to pretty much the entire house. Everyone quickly learned what happened and what the plan is for Thursday – vote out Amber.

The rest of the night, the core group of people (the detonators) were trying to decide if they should keep Caleb in the dark and pretend Amber is safe, or let him know in advance. As of right now, they’re going to keep him and her in the dark, but I doubt that will last very long in this house.

Before I forget, one thing that is going to grow extremely annoying this week is the tragedy Amber is letting everyone know about while not telling them what it is.  Amber is vaguebooking the house (see: below) with her story that she refuses to tell while constantly talking about said story.  She won’t go into detail about it because she doesn’t want to gain sympathy (and who knows, it could be a really sad story), but by mentioning you have a sad story and not telling the story is kind of a fail strategy. Many people will think she does have a sad story, but it’s not sad enough to actually gain sympathy, so she’ll pretend it’s worse than it is.

At this point, Amber may as well tell people what her story is so I can stop being curious!  Yes, I am just being selfish, I want to know what it is.

(vaguebooking is a term used on facebook when people post status updates on how hurt they are, or how bad they were screwed over, but refuse to go into details.)

I’m sure the house will have plenty of interesting events over the next few days, so stay tuned for updates! Finally the house is alive, and let’s hope it stays that way longer than a day.

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  1. Comments (162)

    Caleb did not think this through at all. He doesnt even realize that he is not even in the alliance anymore. Frankie and Derrick are getting everything they want. I cant wait to see them all start turning on each other now that will be fun to watch.

  2. Comments (332)

    Everyone has a story to keep them in the house and all the ones in there want on the jury for a paycheck. But gameplay is what keeps you in. Amber and Caleb are a duo. Caleb has said that much over and over. Nicole and Victoria are smartly playing by flirting with Hayden, Cody and Zach. Amber said she is playing alone and will threaten the alliance if they put her up. She caused her own drama regardless of any sad sob story she has wanting to get to jury.

  3. Comments (332)

    My guess is this is going to get down to the three America’s team and one best friend and those are the six remaining. Then it will be up to HOH moves and Veto wins to keep yourself in that house. I am seeing Zach in the final two with any one of America’s team. They all know no one is giving him the money.

  4. Comments (5)

    From the get go I’ve always thought someone in the house needed to sit down with Caleb and just rip the emotional band aid off. Show empathy but straight to the point that Amber is not into him and she’s keeping him in her back pocket. What’s really drove me nuts is how much irrational fear people have had because of the size or whatever it is of some of the guys. No one is in danger in a controlled environment. I also would like to add that the females in the house are not women. They are immature little girls. You would think having Cody’s attention was the real prize in the house instead of half a million dollars. No wonder they are getting picked off one at a time.

    • Comments (138)

      Be careful Howler! People in here get upset when you question the irrational fear of the big guys in the house.

      • Comments (224)

        I can’t even think of any competition since the first HoH that Caleb won that had physical strength be an advantage. They usually don’t have very many of those. They do have several endurance comps throughout the season, but sometimes, being a huge muscled guy can be a disadvantage in an endurance competition and being a tiny, light-weight person can be an advantage in those scenarios. Seems like the majority of competitions require mental strength and/or luck. I never understood why anyone, both houseguests and in the blogosphere, saw Caleb as a huge competition threat. Same thing last year with Howard.

  5. Comments (528)

    Well, at least with Amber out of the house we won’t have to watch this sick dance macabre between she and Caleb anymore. Shame a one-sided obsession ended up screwing up the game of the person who wanted nothing to do with it but so it goes.

    I wonder what happens to a creepy stalker when the object of his desire is removed from the equation?

    • Comments (332)

      He picks another fancy, my guess Nicole or Victoria. But with Caleb sometimes he appears gay so it might be Frankie. Now Nicole chose Hayden to take her along with him. So Victoria might be up to adding Caleb to her list of Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Zach. She has been working the house lately.

      • Comments (692)

        Omg!!! You think Caleb could be gay?? REALLLLLY??? some of the Most homophobic guys that I know have turned out to actually be very curious and scared to explore the fact that they want to be with a guy.

    • Comments (198)

      Would it be funny if Amber went to jury house and then Caleb self evicted. I would laugh mt a** off.

  6. Comments (332)

    From Day One, Cody has been the friendly one and mostly stays out among the others and learns about each one. Even the other night he endured Victoria telling about her hair. So no Cody bashing. Caleb can only think of himself. He dug his grave not Amber.

    • Comments (46)

      If he would just stop being a spineless jelly fish for Frankie and Derrick. He could have easily had all of the girls wrapped around his fingers and been working to get rid of the strong players. He could have been king of the castle. He could have (even may have) gotten a little something something from Britt, Christine (she would drop her panties for him in a second if he asked her)as well as Victoria (wig master) and Amber.
      Instead he lays in bed with Zach (Frankie will have him turned by the end of the year if he hasn’t “experimented” already) and Frankie and lets Derrick and Frankie dictate every move made. It is frustrating to watch

  7. Comments (46)

    It is so painfull to watch Caleb! It is hard to believe that a person could be that clueless. This dude lives in a dream world where every girl worships the ground he walks on. I believe it was on BBAD where he was shooting pool talking to one of the frat boys about how when he gets home all the girls at the bar will be all over him. something about it being a small town and they will all know who he is and that he is the “beast mode cowboy” (I gag everytime I hear someone say beast mode)

    He thinks he is god’s gift to women and they should all be falling at his feet begging for his affections. Dude has some issues to work through when he gets out of the house and sees A) how hated he was B) how he never had a shot with any of the women on the show and C)he has been duped by them and his own frat boys. This guy could go off the deep end.

    Based on his comments he has no respect for women in general. My advice to any of the women in his town………….. run in the other direction if you see this train wreck heading your way! 🙂

  8. Comments (332)

    The best game would have been for Caleb and Amber to be sitting side by side, holding hands in the chairs and telling each other, I will go out for you (oh I forgot that was Brendon and Rachael)

    • Comments (46)

      Amber is way out of his league! He is a redneck (not that there is anything wrong with being a redneck mind you) roid head (now there is something wrong with being a roid user!) who is borderline stalker and it appears to me thinks every woman should be home barefoot and pregnant only living to serve her “king”

      She does not appear to me to be that type of woman (as no woman should) Being a model (who has already posed showing off her ta-tas!) I am sure she has many guy friends and could never have a boyfriend the is jealous and possessive as this nut job.

  9. Comments (1799)

    So how long do the Detenators keep Caleb hanging around like the dead fish on a hook he is

  10. Comments (64)

    The 2 nominees on the block (Amber or Jocasta) need to campaign hard in order to rally 1) Donny, 2) Hayden 3) Victoria, 4) Christine, and 5) Nicole to start their own team/alliance for her survival. This is the week to do that. Otherwise the outsiders will have missed their window to really fight against the people controlling the house: Detanators.

    If these people do not do something, they will let the people who are controlling the house –> Derrick, Frankie, Cody, and Zach pick them all off.

    Unfortunately, Christine is too deluded by the boys who gas her head up and now she’s thinking she’s so smart for being the one accepted girl. She is Brittany.2 (remember the Brigade?).

    Caleb…its just a matter of time before they backdoor his clueless behind.

    I want more people to step up. It is boring me.

    • Comments (46)

      This week will be the test. If one of the outsiders win HOH (hopefully it is just a single HOH now) The two HOH format did not play out as CBS hoped I would guess. If they win and actually put up a couple of strong players that are running things (the detonators) they may have a shot. If once again they let Derrick and Frankie lead them around you might as well give the money to Derrick now. I still can’t believe how much they all say they trust Derrick. It is so plain to see he is running the show. Hayden and Donny are running out of time to make something happen! Hayden needs to realize since he was added to the BS he is obviously at the bottom of the pile. This whole “just make it to jury” crap is for the birds!

      I liked the seasons where there were two separate groups and each would fight for HOH and pick off one from the other group. All of this 12-0 11-0 10-0 vote with the house crap. We need the outsiders to make a move. Even if you like the frat pack it would be nice to see some actual game play and stratigic moves being played.

      • Comments (64)

        YES! I love this game. But these passed few seasons, NO ONE wants to play it! They all just show up, mouse around, and let a small minority run the show. Devin and Joey should have stayed. Maybe even Brittany. But Devin and Joey may have rallied a few to team up and create a divided house.

  11. Comments (1799)

    The only question now is will it be unanimous or not Does Caleb in a last ditch effort give a vote to Amber

  12. Comments (64)

    Why is Nicole so flustered with regards to Amber? Amber has no power right now. I don’t understand Nicole. She knows this game but acts like she has no idea what she’s doing.

    • Comments (46)

      I believe because Frankie lied about Amber “blowing up the alliance” to her and at first got her to tell Caleb that it was in fact true she feels like she was being put in the middle. She said she felt better when she found out all of the guys were aware of it.

      If that right there don’t wake her up! If she is a “superfan” she should be able to see hey if they were all in on it and kept it from me I must be on the outside looking in! She needs to carefully make Christine the rat understand the boys are going to dump her what 5th or 6th. If she wants to get to the finals she needs to make a move sooner rather then later. I would work on Jacosta, Donny, victoria and Hayden first and get at lleast 4 people together and see if they can get rid of the frat pack.

  13. Comments (64)

    Cody, Frankie and Derrick are playing a good game. They’re making all the decisions. Yet, Zach and Amber are getting the blame and appear to be the threats by the majority of the players.

    Donny and Jocasta have an idea that something shady is going on with the boys, yet they’re so complacent and have done no gameplay to expose them to the others in the house.


  14. Comments (64)

    Christine would be in the best position to be a double agent…play both sides of the houses. She could be a detonator and simultaneously build a team with the others (Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria). The others do not talk enough game to discover what is going on.

    • Comments (46)

      That was my thought as well. They just need to be careful since she is such a little rat! Another one who claims to be a super fan but can’t see she can have both sides of the house. What does she do, instead of forming a group with the self proclaimed outsiders to hedge her bets so she is covered no matter which group gets the final control she runs to Frankie, Cody and Derrick right away and rats out people for having the NERVE to form an alliance!

      At least Derrick has basically formed an alliance with everyone on some level. There are very few alliances that Derrick is not running or at least a part of. Christine could have had that as well. Instead of being a rat just played her card close to her vest and see how things play out. She is relly not very bright if she can’t figure out that the guys are only using her as a number and a rat and that she is only going to make it to 5th or 6th place

  15. Comments (162)

    I never see Christine or Nicole talking to Jocasta..R they scared of her or what? If Donny, Jocasta, Hayden, Amber and Cody would get together the game might turn around and start picking off Derrick and Frankie. Heck at first I didn’t like Zach but he is the only one with the balls to do anything to stir the pot.

  16. Comments (875)

    Caleb is delusional, but on Thursday when he, & Amber are blindsided, he will take on a new roll…As Amber’s avenger!!! Hopefully a new alliance will form to get out all of the major players who set Amber up…

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