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Big Brother 16 – Do Crazy People Realize It When They Act Crazy?


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This is a question that I’ve been wondering for some time now. When GinaMarie freaks out about some guy she knew for a month who didn’t show any interest in her. When Caleb thinks he and Amber are going to get married the second they leave the house, or now when Victoria acts like an obsessed teenage girl over a married man.

Last night around 2:30am, you can pop in and listen to one of the more uncomfortable conversations people have had since Caleb’s soon-to-be wife was evicted. Victoria gets Derrick in the bathroom and confronts him on hanging out with Christine more lately and tells him she’s jealous about it. She also admitted to hanging around with Cody more to try and make him jealous.  What the hell am I watching?

At what point do people realize they’re already in over their head with the crazy scale, so they may as well go all-in and hope for the best?  I think we’re watching Victoria reach that point and it’s downright creepy.  I’m sure she’s a nice girl, and I’m sure living with the same people for 2 months straight with no outside communication can mess with your head, but when exactly do you just decide to go full 14 years old on everyone?

In other overnight house news, the talk of the house was still Donny being the main target. I understand Donny will win if he’s in the final 2, there is no doubt about that. I understand he gets a little beast mode in him when his BB life is on the line. However, it’s mind boggling to see the entire house with pitch forks yelling Donny’s name while Derrick is controlling them all like puppets.  I think Derrick has played a hell of a game and deserves to win should he make it to the final 2, but just wow, it’s shocking how blind the rest of the house is.

And finally to wrap up the overnight report, Zach has appeared to have accepted his fate.  Although he basically accepted it days ago, but the house worried he was going to have a Zach-like meltdown and destroy stuff. Instead, he merely prepared for what he’ll be wearing when he’s evicted and is fully prepared to be called tonight.

It’s going to be a fun night in the BB house with the returning player hopefully stirring up some trouble.. unless Derrick quickly puts out the fire and that person is eliminated the first opportunity they get (they will likely get a week immunity).  The way this season has gone, I am expected the latter but hoping the former.

Who do you want to see re-enter the house tonight?  Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole or Zach?

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  1. Comments (644)

    I would like for Zach to reenter the house. Before I would have liked for Nicole to reenter but she said in an interview she would take Derrick to the final so I don’t want her to come back. I hope whoever comes back forms an alliance with Donny and some of the others to get Derrick out (that’s if the others wake up from Derrick’s spell).

    • Comments (1446)

      I thought I wanted Zach back in too, but he seems too defeated and tired of playing. Don’t trust that he would flip the house – he may just be lulled back into the arms of Frankie. The “Zach attack” seems to be tired of playing the game.
      Nicole needs to get back in – she knows what’s going on and can win comps.

    • Comments (22)

      I would like Zach to reenter the house he is playing a game they are going to let him get back and Derrick turns around and tells Zach that Frankie & Christine wanted him out and masterminded the plan on getting him out. So he says Donny and Victoria say yes. So Frankie and Christine are out then there’s Cody, Caleb, Derrick, Donny, Victoria, and Zach then they get rid of Donny (because they dont want Donny to make the f2) and Victoria ( because shes Crazy ) then they get rid of Zach( they used him hes not going to the f2) then there is Cody and Caleb and Derrick then they have a f2 with Cody & Derrick. Derrick wins

  2. Comments (69)

    Well maybe if Victoria scares Derrick enough with her jealousy – he might want to dispose of her as a potential liability if he did not give her attention taking away from his game plan – this was my response to Jannie
    about Zach last night

    Jannie – I too was getting upset somewhat that Zach showed defeat and was getting along with the others – but I have a prediction – well maybe a wishful thought – here it goes – later in the night Zach was called to the DR – he came back all chipper – here it comes now – production told him that just before the eviction – he would be pulled off the block -and someone else would be put up because of the rule violation – and then further on with my story – Hayden comes back into the game – Frankie when told he had to put up someone else – screwed up and instead of Victoria – he accidentally thought of Derrick – so Derrick against Cody – Christine, Donny and Zach vote to get rid of Derrick – and Victoria and Caleb against Cody – Derrick leaves – Hayden comes back and teams up with Zach and Donny and up goes Frankie and Caleb – Caleb leaves – then Hayden leaves – then Cody leaves – only left Frankie, Christine, Zach and Victoria – by some luck of the draw Victoria accidentally wins HOH – it just drops into her lap – nothing she did of course – and puts up Christine and Zach – Zach wins POV – and Frankie goes up and is voted out – so the final three Zach, Christine and Victoria – thats my story and I am sticking to it.

    • Comments (2)

      I love this….

    • Comments (1446)

      Zach, Christine and Victoria?? Scares me that Christine would win it all. I think Zach is voted out tonight – he won’t get a renom rule reprieve. No way Christine and Victoria deserve to go to the end – I would rather see Derrick and Nicole at the end.
      But we can all have a little wishful thinking, right?? 🙂

    • Comments (20)

      what rule violation?

      • Comments (1276)

        You aren’t supposed to tell a houseguest until the Veto Ceremony that you are going to put them up. The “rule”, as far as I know has only been enforced once, and I think it was season 12?????
        Frankie let Zach know he was going up, and further more, Caleb actually told him he was going up and going home. I am actually pulling for Zach at this point, for BB to step in and keep him in the game, but Frankie will just put up Victoria, who will then go home (but I’d be willing to be that Donny and Zach would both vote for her to stay, maybe even Derrick).

    • Comments (12)

      Aw Rocco you’re a little nuts aren’t ya? This isn’t BB fan fiction. With your line of thinking maybe Kathy griffin will move in and be a new roommate oh and maybe Derrick will self evict. At least pretend to a modicum of reality in your nonsensical “ideas” of what will happen. Geez.

    • Comments (50)

      I would love to see Zach pulled off at the last minute! Doubt it will happen though. 🙁

    • Comments (843)

      You left Donny out—just like the HG.

    • Comments (487)

      Rocco — in your scenario what happens to Donny? I think the F3 with your scenario would be Zach, Christine and Donny. Victoria is going next week.

      • Comments (487)

        I should have adde. If Donny gets HOH this week and he nominates Derrick and Frankie, and Derrick goes. The F3 willl be Zach, Christine and Donny.

      • Comments (69)

        you are right juaelz – I meant to get rid of Christine along the way – and have Zach Donny and Victoria – Victoria only because she would be the easiest to win against.

      • Comments (4)

        If I was a juror and it was obvious Victoria was up with someone in the Final 2 just because it would be an easy win over her, it might turn my stomach, but I might have to vote for Victoria just because the other one took the easy way out. I remember probably in BB2, there was someone who kicked her best friend in the house to the curb and took Will to Final 2. She took Will over a much much nicer and more well liked person I assume because she thought everyone hated Will so much it was an easy win. She was wrong.

      • Comments (224)

        The difference there though was that even though Dr Will was hated, he still played an amazing game. They voted for him because he was the best player, not because they didn’t like her choice to take him to the finals.

      • Comments (722)

        Dr Will was a BB genius!
        Its unfair to try to compare him to any of the yahoos from.. idk.. the past 10 seasons..

        Also, that was a different game.. most players were born in the 1960s or 70s, not the 90s. These new players of this young generation .. well, they suck.

        Oh gosh. Ive officially become “that guy”.. my constant complaining about the younger generation.. ugh.

  3. Comments (1446)

    Victoria is a nut job who has no business being in the house. Zingbot said it best.
    I hope Derrick’s wife has the restraining order ready to go after the finale.
    She screamed over Ariana and has said (more than once) that she is a HUGE Kardashian fan…doesn’t that say it all??
    Emotional maturity of a 12-yr old girl.

  4. Comments (191)

    Christine and Victoria both act like 14 year old school girls flirting with the cute guys. Come to think of it Frankie also acts like a 14 year old.

    • Comments (1446)

      And I kinda think that Derrick got scared of how he was being perceived with Victoria after the Cody/Christine zings. I’m sure he did back off a bit.
      But Victoria – ala Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, will not be denied!

      • Comments (843)

        Hoping Victoria keeps up the pressure on Derrick so he wants her out before Donny.

      • Comments (1446)

        Yes! Victoria could have dragged to the end w/o lifting a finger, but her neediness could force Derrick to cut her loose…fingers crossed!

      • Comments (191)

        Derrick can beat anyone so if Victoria keeps stalking him he can get rid of her

  5. Comments (1446)

    With the exception of Donny and Derrick, everyone left in the house is either narcissistic, nuts, or both.
    Can’t decide whether Derrick is a really great player and manipulator or if he was just given a bunch of easily manipulated idiots to work with this summer. Frankie seems smart, but then his ego gets the best of him.
    Christine and Victoria are embarrassments to the female gender.
    And will that damn Cody PLEASE quit making that gross snorting sound into his mic?? It’s constant and disgusting – nervous tic, maybe??

    • Comments (50)

      I was thinking the same thing recently. Is Derrick that good, or did he just luck out with the group of people in the house this year being easily swayed and manipulated. Nobody questions him!! (Probably a bit of both…)

      • Comments (722)

        Bit of both. Cast of dummies and Derricks ability to play them.
        He definitely lucked out.

    • Comments (2)

      Derrick has an unfair advantage. He’s an undercover police officer. Policemen are trained in manipulation. He ranks right there with Tony from Survivor.

  6. Comments (1446)

    I still think that Derrick is the ONLY person who could beat Donny in the final two. Remember…the jury would be stocked with bomb squad/detonator guys. Almost everyone has said lately that they practically want to hand Derrick the check…even after he sent them packing.
    But Donny would most definitely beat all of the rest.

    • Comments (158)

      Agreed, just in pure likeability Derrick wins out over virtually everyone. The fact that apparently he’s getting an (undeserved IMO) reputation as a master manipulator just helps him in front of a jury.

      Derrick on the other hand runs the house and everyone sees it, they just (falsely) think they themselves are exceptions to that rule. As a result they all respect this game and would vote for him.

      So yeah, both Derrick and Donny beats everyone else. Against each other…I suspect you’re right and Derrick wins. HOWEVER, I’m just wondering if after they get back to the jury house and start comparing notes do they all get bitter when they realize they in fact were NOT exceptions to the “everyone is Derrick’s puppet” rule??

  7. Comments (59)

    Out of the 4 choices, I would like to see Hayden back in the game. I do fear though that Derrick would feed him a line of doing a F2 deal and he would take it and just get picked off again in a few weeks. Has a returning house guest ever gone far? Sorry, I’ve only watch a few years of the show, like the early seasons and only started watching again last I missed about 10 seasons lol. I had a life during that time….

  8. Comments (28)

    I disagree with the author of this website on the point that Derrick should win and has played a great game! Derrick hasn’t done anything that’s outstanding! He has skated through the whole game on a pond on “dumb” people! Everyone has played such a horrible game that it makes Derrick look like he’s played a “great” game! Also, how in the world did Victoria ever get into the game in the first place? Or Jacosta? I would like to see Nicole re-enter but I know if she does she will head straight for Christine “Freddy Krueger” had try to develop an alliance with her again!

    • Comments (38)

      I disagree with you Lisa. A big part of BB is social game and the way he is manipulating everyone is one the greatest I’ve seen since Dan. I understand if one or two people, then maybe your point is valid, but the ENTIRE house from day 1. He may not be likable, but you have to give him credit for a “great” game!

      • Comments (28)

        Like I said earlier, Derrick hasn’t done anything outstanding! He’s playing against a house full of “idiots”!

      • Comments (224)

        He has determined almost every eviction this season, even though the HoH doing the nominating didn’t realize it.

    • Comments (487)

      Derrick wins, if Donny does not get HOH this week and gets Derrick out next week. Derrick wants Donny out ASAP because Donny told the blabbermouths, Cody and Christine, that Derrick was running the house. Last night Derrick was so mad at Donny he wanted to confront but got talked out of it.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think if Donny were to win HOH, he would target Christine and Derrick. And save like a Frankie as a backdoor option. He’ll want Christine out for being out for him for so long almost as much as he wants Derrick out.

  9. Comments (66)

    I once read that production for reality shows looks for people who likely have borderline personality disorder. I’ve since started working in the mental health field, and have worked with many people who are borderline. I can tell you this: No they do not realize they’re acting crazy. They don’t realize they’re selfs centered. They do not comprehend that not everyone adores them. They truly believe the world revolves around them and will ignore any evidence to the contrary. For me, the best example of this is Caleb. No matter how many times Amber denied his affection, he just couldn’t believe a woman wouldn’t love him. He’s certain he’s in control if the house. Borderline people are really ego maniacs that are incredibly difficult to work with.

    • Comments (1)

      being a person who lives with BPD I must say People with BPD aren’t all “hard to work with ” … And usually have very low self-esteem and don’t take rejection good so I am pretty sure beat mode doesn’t have it , he is how ever obsessive .

    • Comments (722)

      In your opinion, does Caleb need medicated or therapy? Or is he too far gone?
      How would you assess Frankie? Christine? Psychopaths? Sociopaths?

  10. Comments (1799)

    That’s the problem with Nichole she kept trusting the wrong people

  11. Comments (57)

    If Derrick wins it is well deserved. Other than the evicted guests, no one has Derrick in their sights which is mind boggling. Funny how he got Christine to evict Nicole and Frankie to evict Zach yet Cody is there still sitting pretty. And people talk about Victoria, Cody hasn’t done much either besides ride Derricks coattails.

  12. Comments (2)

    I thought I wanted Nicole back, until Zach was put up and seems to likely be leaving. With that said, Zach knows they planned to backdoor him, as Donny filled him in. If Zach reentered, he would team with Donny and they would be on a mission to avenge themselves. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to beat Derrick. Best case scenario, final three: Derrick, Donny, and Zach.

  13. Comments (162)

    Cody and Christine makes a person want to gag…And then to hear that last night she made him a heart out of aluminum foil. Her husband just might dump her before she even gets out cause even with all her flirting with Cody she is not going to win. And why the heck do they have to pick on Donny? Is it because they are scared of him. Still no need to be talk so bad about someone. It is just a game.

    • Comments (722)

      It turns mear the nasty talk. Especially about Donny. Hes got a good heart.
      I dont want to talk nasty about Christine and Frankie, but they deserve it. Sorry but they do. Theyre bullies. I guess its that generation. Put Donny up against some grown folks instead of ignant children … now thats a fair competition!!

      • Comments (722)

        “It turns me off to hear the nasty talk”..

        Daggone phone!

      • Comments (53)

        I totally agree.
        Derrick getting loud and saying “hes gonna smack the bag ot m&Ms out of. Donnys hand…”
        pure bully
        its ok to strategize and game talk…….except for Donny?
        Bullies and punks.
        Donny is worth more than the lot of them
        TEAM DONNY!!!!!!!!!
        PLEASE WIN HOH!!!!!!

      • Comments (722)

        Now that I see/hear Derricks true colors.. I bet the criminals and “perps” hate him, and not cause theyre criminals.. he probably bullies confessions out of them. I bet he got beat up a lot working undercover because hes not that good at keeping his cool.
        Upon further observation, Derricks not that smart. Did he communicate a threat? Thats a punishable crime.. his whole game is about to blow up when my dudes Donny and Zach get in power!!!

      • Comments (692)

        I want Derrick to get his ass kicked to the jury house!!! I would love to see him implode his own game. Maybe just maybe these idiots in the house will WAKE UP!!! Oh, I forgot who I’m talking about…these folks, except Donny, really are like sheep being lead to slaughter with their mild mannered shepherd Derrick.

      • Comments (722)

        Comeuppance (sp?) would be Derrick getting dropped at final 3.

    • Comments (266)

      Cody is the worse when it comes to talking so bad about Donny. Cody probably lacks a respectable male figure in his own life given the way he speaks about Donny. Outright rude and immature.
      I would be so embarrassed if Cody was my son. His need for touching women and talking so terrible about decent people is pretty sad actually.

      • Comments (722)

        I mentioned yesterday (to much dismay.. its ok.. First Amendment guys.. i mean no harm) about Codys dad kissing “inappropriately”.
        Cody was probably coddled growing up and his behavior was probably placated. Even when he screwed up. You can tell he has no real world experience around adults and other “cultures”..

  14. Comments (38)

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Zach, but I hope that he is not the one coming back from jury… He will let them walk all over him, again… I hope Hayden come back and teams up with Donny… I hope they dominate to F2… My realistic prediction for F2 is Derrick/Frankie…

  15. Comments (469)

    There is a lot of talk here about Am. fav. player and that Frankie could win because of his sister and all her “tween” fans – it was mentioned by 1 or two that CBS is trying to draw in the “tween” demographic to boost ratings – and we know they will do anything to increase revenue – Well please give this some serious thought folks — can you imagine young girls watching the digusting – vile – sexually depraved antics of the resident piece of human waste — and I can’t imagine his sister would endanger her career by encouraging her young fans to watch or vote – if the parents got wind of it her career would be flushed down the same toilet that her brother calls home.

    • Comments (722)

      Yeah. Sorry but no 12 y.o. girl wants to hear about Frankies ” looseness” or use of pantiliners. Her fanbase is not his fanbase.
      I personally, as an adult, dont want to hear about that stuff.. from anyone… its just not good conversation.

    • Comments (379)

      She’s not worried what any parents think. My god have you heard any of the lyrics to her music? It is of a nature to make a sailor blush.

    • Comments (266)

      People like us are probably making it a bigger deal than it is. They have not even opened up voting for Americas Favorite, and until I see Ariana campaign to get votes for her brother, I’m not going to nag about it.

  16. Comments (5)

    Just think if Donny won HOH this week.
    I could see a back door move for derrick.
    It might fail, but I am sure he will be tempted to play that hand.
    Overall Donny is becoming a favorite for me. He is an underdog, and continues to survive even when the odds are stacked against him. In the bob he was going against three people, not two and still managed to win.
    Donny wasn’t my favorite from the beginning, but each week I like him more than the previous.
    I think he’s got what it takes to avoid defeat.
    This post is all about Donny, which is interesting because in the beginning I was rooting for most of the detonators to make it to the end.

    My fan favorite is Zach for all his crap he has pulled. I hope he wins fan favorite. I hope donny wins the 500k. He may not be a great manipulator, but he is smart, a beast in competitions, and plays his cards wisely when it comes to engaging the house.

    Christine I don’t see how continuously being to touchy with Cody is a strategy, if you are married. It’s just sickening and I feel bad your husband has to see that crap.

    Cody is a joke, I genuinely was rooting for him in the beginning. This whole season he has been hiding in Derricks shadow, and sticking his hands on every girl like a boyfriend would and then call it harmless. If your a fan of Cody I don’t think it is for his game play thats for sure.

    Victoria who is she again, oh yeah the person cbs has to recognize now because they are running out of cast members.

    Derrick is practically the invisible man when it comes to game play.

  17. Comments (644)

    The greatest thing would be if they voted Cody out instead of Zach. That way we don’t have to see Christine touching him and her husband will feel better. Also that’s better for Donny. But I know it won’t happen. Just a dream….

  18. Comments (2)

    BB Producers. I hope you are reading these comments. To stick with your theme of 2 HOH’s, in tonight’s HOH competition, it would be great for the jury member that wins tonight to be an automatic HOH along with the houseguest and have one more BOB. That would make for some great TV!!

  19. Comments (1)

    Definitely would want Zach to come back and pull the rug out from Derrick!

  20. Comments (1799)

    This is how Derrick has stayed in the game He had everyone thinking Donny was this big threat Than whith Donny on the block starts a rumor about one of his allies to get the house to back stab someone else So now Donny has tried to explain to Zach like he tried with Nichole What he saw happening around him With Nichole it fell on deft ears as she believed Christine more and it cost her No matter which house guest comes back Derrick will work to Backdoor Donny

  21. Comments (162)

    Derrick has the best game he is having everyone do his dirty work. But in my opinion he does not deserve to win the money. I wouldn’t mind if he came in second. Im sure he is doing it for his family but that doesn’t give him the right to talk about Donny and the others the way he does. Donny, Zach and Nicole are still my favorites to win tho.

  22. Comments (2)

    I hope either Hayden or Zach get to come back in and be an automatic HOH. It would be so great if Donny wins HOH and either Hayden or Zach is an HOH. Then they could put up Frankie/Christine and Derrick/Cody. That would be worth watching.

  23. BB16 Watcher 2014
    Comments (6)

    I like how Christine uses sign language to communicate with someone outside the house. I thought they were not allowed to have ANY communication with the outside world? Has anyone else noticed that? Watch her hands.

    • Comments (158)

      I thought she was communicating with her husband, but Tim did an AMA on Reddit last night and he noticed it as well but has said he doesn’t know sign language so he has no idea what she’s saying.

      The only communication he knows she does is when she kisses her ring during voting. It’s a sign to him that she’s thinking of him.

    • Comments (53)

      i noted it in the clip that’s on youtube (where Christine is said yo be masturbating underthe blankets)
      That near the end of the clip her right hand emerges and signs something over and over
      I wonder if anyone here knows sign language and can tell us what shes saying……..

  24. Comments (5)

    I have never liked Donny that much. I thought his “Gomer Pyle” act was just that, an act. I still think that, but I have to admit that Donny is the only player who sees through Derrick. For that reason alone, he deserves to win the 500K.
    I also think Derrick has played a really good game. Granted, he has been competing against total idiots, but he is very good at anticipating problems with his strategy and dealing with them effectively. Of course, his police background helps. I’m thinking specifically when he confronted everyone and pretty much forced Zach to admit to the group that he lied when he said Nicole told Victoria about the alliance, when it was really Zach.
    I hope Zach wins America’s fav. I hope Frankie, Victoria, Cody and Christine go home with nothing. Derrick or Donny should be #1 and #2, in either order.
    So that’s my .02.

  25. Comments (75)

    Who’s idea was it to back door zach? I thought it was Derrick but after watching the show last night it looks like it was Frankie.

  26. Comments (143)

    better bring back 2 players, maybe zach and hayden or hayden and nicole

  27. Comments (401)

    Have I lost my mind (entirely possible) or did Steve Beans delete whatever comments he made last night referenced in this post?

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