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Big Brother 16 – Draw Your Skittle From A Hat


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So this is what Big Brother 16 has become, drawing skittles out of a hat to see who will be nominated this week. Seriously. At midnight, shortly after the HoH reveal, the entire house (minus Donny and Victoria) were up in the HoH room trying to decide who was to go on the block this week.  Everyone wants Donny gone, but nobody has the guts to get nominated with him and throw the BotB.  I guess that will happen when they see someone (Christine) screw over a friend (Nicole) despite a ‘handshake agreement’ last Thursday night.  If you’re new, they both won HoH, and agreed to not backdoor each other. Nicole went to jury last night.

(I have an idea, try playing the game and stop throwing competitions. Maybe you won’t lose to Derrick this season)

Christine drew the short skittle and ended up being matched with Donny. Caleb and Cody should be the other nominees. Derrick also convinced people he should remain HoH this week, so he’ll be the one to nominate Donny and Christine.  Typically I’d be excited about the potential for drama over this, but it’s not going to happen.  Donny is likely going to be upset both of his “allies” won HoH yet he is going to be one of the four nominated, but he’s not going to do or say anything about it.  (Almost) everyone can agree Donny is a great guy, but he’s simply not cut out for this game. He’s going to head to jury and vote for the person who screwed him over the least.  On the bright side, he should win America’s Favorite (get that campaign going. Don’t let Frankie win because of his sister).

Julie also revealed Team America missions last night, and they were just as dumb as they’ve been all season long.  They either have to hide a piece of clothing from each houseguest and create a neighborhood watch or keep another person up for 24 hours (too bad they booted Brittany, she would have been easy for this). The first one is kind of funny and would make for good TV, but I’d rather it happen when America isn’t relying on Team America to stir the pot or save Donny.  Before they found out what their mission is, they promised to complete it, but I am not even sure if people really care any more.  Whenever they’re given missions that could impact their game, they pass… so I have a feeling we’re passing on showing interest in this twist.

Luckily this dual HoH role is ending this week because it’s starting to get real weird.  Half the house will be nominated today and by Monday there will only be three people available as replacement nominees should someone win PoV.  Hopefully next week will get more interesting, but Donny really has to win PoV this week for this to happen.  Should Donny leave on Thursday, either he, Nicole or Hayden will re-enter the house that night, but they’ll just be pegged off as soon as possible (Oh, I suppose I should include Jocasta, but does anyone think she has a chance of winning a competition?).

If Donny somehow saves himself, he could potentially pick up an ally this Thursday and at least have a slightly better chance at advancing further in the game.  We’ll know more about the veto tomorrow after it is played… who knows, maybe Donny can pull out a Botb win and shake up the house.

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  1. Comments (80)

    I will be not so happy if Big Brother lets Jocasta win.

    • Comments (644)

      If Jocasta wins the game it wouldn’t be fair but I would be laughing.
      It would be nice that whoever gets the veto takes out Christine and then Derrick puts up Frankie and he goes home. But I know it is not going to happen. And then next week they back door Derrick. Just a thought.

      • Comments (644)

        Ha ha ha, imagine Jocasta and Victoria as the last two people standing!!!
        That would be so funny. Jocasta would really have to thank God, because it would be a miracle. And Victoria would have to thank Derrick.

  2. Comments (332)

    LAMO this game is getting sucky instead of “expect the unexpected” But you can not predict what a bunch of people will do. I think they need adversity like no lights, no power, no water, no heat or something to shake this bunch up into survival mode. They are fat – plump – and Happy!

  3. Comments (332)

    I have decided to work and just read, it was not worth my time to watch any longer.

  4. Comments (332)

    It would be a twist to play your in and your out, your up and your down and people are in the house or outside (and gone) and up in the HOH or down in the diary room (and gone)

  5. Comments (57)

    The Dual Head of Household was a good concept but they screwed it up by letting two nominees off the hook. If they had kept all four up there, alliances would have splintered much more quickly. Donny or Jocasta getting back in would be a waste. If we want any Detonators in the jury house, it’s got to be Hayden or Nicole. No complaints about Derek’s game. He ran that house from pretty early on. A ton of complaints about the way the women played. No initiative or proactive action whatsoever. Donny > Frankie for America’s favorite.

  6. Comments (143)

    ” Donny is likely going to be upset both of his “allies” won HoH yet he is going to be one of the four nominated, but he’s not going to do or say anything about it. (Almost) everyone can agree Donny is a great guy, but he’s simply not cut out for this game.”

    BB is a numbers game, when the whole house wants you up, getting angry or throwing a fit isn’t going to help. All he can try to do is talk to christine shortly before the BOtB and convince her to try because sometimes Pawns DO GO HOME. Then try to win the veto.

  7. Comments (143)

    The game is about to get real boring, they are going to need to bring back in devin, hayden nicole and amber and make the rest of the season double elminations for it to be salvaged.

  8. Comments (644)

    What happens with the second HOH bedroom? Can other people sleep there if they want? Or can it just be used only the night when there are the two HOHs?

    • Comments (38)

      It will likely be turned into Pandora’s Box…. I hope!!!

    • Comments (38)

      I still hope they do dual HOH for one more week and returning jury member will be second HOH…

    • Comments (91)

      I don’t think I’ve even seen the 2nd HOH bedroom. Only the one with the nest and the bathroom. What is it like? and why don’t they show people in there?

      • Comments (644)

        Ding Dong, I see the 2nd bedroom everytime the two HOHs go to see the letters, pictures, and the baskets. In one room they put the pictures and letters, and in the other the baskets. The room has like a regular queen bed. I’d really like to know if they let anyone sleep there if they want or if the room is only used for one night only. I wonder what was there last season when there was only one HOH. Maybe the room didn’t exist and it’s new or maybe they used it for storage.

      • Comments (91)

        thanks, Lilly. But now I remember. Earlier in the season, they would show the 2 HOH in separate rooms picking the nominees for eviction.
        They sure don’t ever spend any time in there. Hopefully it will be used as Pandora’s box soon!

  9. Comments (91)

    It’s official. I don’t want Derrick to win this game.
    He is great at manipulating the rest of the house, he’s a master at it really. The ultimate puppet master of the BB houseguests, he’s so good you can’t even see the strings. They’ve all been duped. The last 2 people I want to see at the end is ventriloquist Derrick and his wooden dummy Victoria.
    BB has made it too easy for him. BB needs to pull the rug out from under his game.

    • Comments (152)

      I agree. These stupid people don’t even realize he has made EVERY single decision in the house. I would be surprised if some of the HG even go to the bathroom without asking him first….”Master Derrick, may I relieve myself”. UGH too much power for one person and for none of them to see what is going on. And the one’s who do KINDA see, they are too scared or too nice to rock the boat! UGH UGH UGH

    • Comments (682)

      This is why Derrick SHOULD win.

      • Comments (224)

        Yes. Even though Donny is my “favorite” based on personality, I do like to see great game play rewarded and really hope Derrick wins because he’s played the best game.

  10. Comments (10)

    I have Cody in a pool to be the winner but I want Derrick to win. He has played the best game of all of them. Not even sure anyone else is playing, most just going along. I would love to see him and Dan in the house together. Totally disagree with DingDong, BB hasn’t done anything to make it easy for him. They did try to save Brittany and helped Frankie last week but I have seen no indication they have done anything for Derrick except but puppets in with him.

    • Comments (91)

      Pat, I mostly agree with your post, and I DO like Derrick. It’s just frustrating how blind the other players are. They NEVER question who he is. He’s quiet, trustworthy, good-humored, someone who’ll listen. So was Andy. 😛
      This isn’t the first BB rodeo. It’s dumb that house guests inevitably target the wrong person! It’s NOT the floaters and it’s NOT the most muscular guy, it’s NOT the ones playing hard,fighting and kicking up a fray. It’s that guy nodding his head and eating cereal and making you feel like a you’re a genius when you talk to him. It’s the guy you invite to every party cause he’s the smartest one and he thinks your ideas are brilliant.
      and NO it’s not the Donny of the house either. It might be, but not this time.

  11. Comments (182)

    Hayden may have a chance to overturn the current juggernaut, but whoever walks back through that door, will be shark food, and will probably be gobble up quickly unless BB Production protects him/her initially, for rating purposes of course.

  12. Comments (1288)

    The skittle draw was a very wise move on the part of Derrick and Frankie for two reasons. First it minimizes any blowback from the nominations within their alliance. Secondly it shows who is buying in to the alliance (Caleb/Christine) and who is overly nervous and the obvious weak link (mostly Zach and a little Cody). I do not like that Christine is paired with Donny, I wanted her to be a possible backdoor target. Now that only happens if her and Donny lose BotB and then Donny wins veto.

    I know Derrick says Victoria is the backup plan but I bet he will encourage a different direction if she is threatened. He will not flat out protect her but will encourage others to come up with a better idea. Most all have suggested backdooring one alliance member or another. Derrick will just sell them on the bigger, better deal.

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