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Big Brother 16 – Fans Stir Up The BB House


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Around the time his much-talked-about sister performed across town at the VMA awards, Frankie’s game may have crashed around him without even realizing it.  Around 6:35pm (I have no clue when Ariana performed, nor do I care), many houseguests were sitting outside relaxing when they heard more yelling from fans outside.  You can hear it on the feeds, it sounds like someone speaking through a megaphone, but I didn’t quite pick up what was said.  Cody did, however.  When the feeds returned, Cody was visibly distraught walking around his HoH room with Caleb nearby. After processing it for a few moments, they confirmed what they heard…

Frankie is the saboteur

Uh oh.  The pair acted like they brushed it off with Caleb saying “It was probably a Donny fan trying to stir the pot”, but Cody wasn’t as dismissive about it.  Throughout the night, he had this rare look we haven’t seen much of all season – the wheels turning in his head.  There was some squealing and grinding, but they were spinning and Cody began having second thoughts about his path this season.

This also didn’t bode well for Christine who has been rumored to be working privately with Frankie, a rumor especially pushed by Donny.  Derrick and Cody had a lot to talk about and both agreed she has to go sooner rather than later.  In fact, Cody is even considering keeping Nicole around longer than expected for the vote. I will say, it will be refreshing to see Nicole last longer in the BB house than Christine, so I am hoping that indeed happens.

At one point, Cody even thought about using the veto and putting someone like Frankie up, but Derrick squashed that idea of course and Cody will continue to do whatever Derrick wants.

At the end of the day (thanks Caleb), Donny is still going to go to jury Thursday night and Derrick is still cruising to victory. The only thing fan interference appears to do is just possibly change the order of eviction before the final 2.

It’s veto meeting today, I will be putting up a new thread soon, but don’t expect much to happen. I don’t think the veto will actually be used.

PS – Not mentioning the talent show/play thing they put on was not a mistake. I’m boycotting that stupid event.

Update – From the comment section (juaelz):

From jokers: Apparently a person on the megaphone was @BBTooms, and per @BBTooms, here’s exactly what was said: “”Frankie is the Saboteur. The Saboteur is Frankie. He’s lying to everyone and can’t be trusted. Christine is hated by America. Derrick, stop being the fun police, you’re not on duty.”

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  1. Comments (69)

    I switched channels when the play came on – did not want to watch Frankie in drag – by the way – if you signed up for CBS to post as I did in the past – got an email today – with your thoughts on the best TV series of the summer – you can bet I released on them with my comments – that apparently someone at CBS reviews. Wished everyone did the same – maybe production would change their tactics if there is a next season for them.

  2. Comments (644)

    Hopefully they’ll use what the fan said “Frankie is the saboteur” to get him out soon.
    I read this on Joker’s and it’s disgusting: “Nicole says that Frankie spits all the time and she’s seen him spit into food he was prepping. Cody & Christine are completely grossed out.”

    • Comments (174)

      If Frankie is spitting in the food he is prepping CBS should be kicking him out. With all the things he said he has had, that is total gross. If CBS knows he is doing this and they must have a idea if Nicole said it they hear all the houseguest say. Can CBS be open to a lawsuit from a HG for allowing this to happen.

      • Comments (722)

        Is there nothing Mango wont do? Does he have any redeemable qualities?

        Building houses in Africa? Did he mean building schools? Like Oprah or Madonna?

        I doubt they want his help…

  3. Comments (19)

    Wait a minute… Cody… he was actually THINKING? What? Oh lord, someone get me a coffee, armageddon is upon us! LOL

    • Comments (487)

      I was very early this morning and Cody is not as dumb as he looks. But if he goes through with getting Donny out this week and not BD Christine, he is a bigger fool that I thought. He told Caleb and Derrick is does not trust Christine’s relationship with Frankie, said Christine is playing both sides of the house (ya think) and believes that Christine has enough influence to flip Nicole if she or Nicole won HOH. So why not BD her now because if he waits he may not get the chance again.

  4. Comments (21)

    This is really an awful season. I mean, there is no one worth rooting for.

    All of these people seem to have a disconnect with real life. It is almost as if they are spoiled little brats that take this as an opportunity to get famous rather than win and change their lives.

    Derrick, Donny and Nicole seem to be the ones who can actually change their lives with the money but sadly Nicole and Donny are leaving the house soon.

    Derrick can use the cash too but i really can’t stand the guy. Hasn’t been on the block, never really had a HOH and he called Frankie a liar for not being honest about his life while he didn’t tell anyone he is a cop.

    He also seems to have an easy path because i believe this is probably the dumbest cast we have seen in a long long time. Either that or all the smart ones were gone early (which maybe for the exception of Britany and Joey could be false).

    • Comments (412)

      Derrick has won 3 HOHs. He backdoored Devin. I can’t stand the guy either. He squashes any plan these houseguests come up with that could possibly bring some entertainment.

      • Comments (21)

        Well, he didn’t really backdoor Devin. The whole house, including Devin, knew about that plan.

        As for his 3 HOH, he won, but never remained HOH for the entire week. I don’t think being a HOH during the dual HOH twist should count as much as a normal HOH. If he had won BofB then i would give it to him.

        I’m not saying he’s a bad player, heck he is probably the best in the game since the beginning. My issues is that he never puts himself in harm’s way or put nay blood on his hands, all the while manipulating the other weak players. I know that is how your are supposed to play the game, but to me, a winner should get credit for taking risks.

      • Comments (412)

        He remained HOH the week he got Devin out. That was about the time everyone else in the house became his minions.

    • Comments (137)


      I have said this time and time again. I really do think CBS needs to stop trying to get a cast that looks good. and get a cast that actually wants to play the game. I remember Chicken George, he was not the best looking guy in the house, and feel CBS needs to go back to a cast that is older and willing to play the game. Stop trying to get people who look good on camera, or who want to further their careers. LETS PLAY BALL!!

      • Comments (722)

        Id rather have 10 Steve Buscemis fighting it out than 10 Paris Hiltons.
        Looks do not matter. The winner of this season will NOT be a looker.
        They got rid of the lookers.. men and women. Zach I thought was quite handsome. Best looking woman was Joey. She had a body on her! And a great face.

  5. Comments (487)

    From jokers: Apparently a person on the megaphone was @BBTooms, and per @BBTooms, here’s exactly what was said: “”Frankie is the Saboteur. The Saboteur is Frankie. He’s lying to everyone and can’t be trusted. Christine is hated by America. Derrick, stop being the fun police, you’re not on duty.”

  6. Comments (12)

    I totally fast forwarded the stupid play. How dumb was that. Didn’t even want to watch it. It was just Frankie’s way of getting more attention on himself because of who he is.

  7. Comments (12)

    I agree the wrong people are being voted out. There not thinking straight. But soon they will have to start voting each other out. At first I thought I liked Derrick in the beginning but since he made the remarks about Donny and that Derrick would rather hang out with cows and seeing how he’s got everyone fooled I’m losing interest. I am a big Donny fan all the way.

  8. Comments (469)

    I am in the process of watching last nights BBAD – we see Cody-Christine and Frankie (in full drag)in the HOHR laying in bed together – Cody says Donny told him that he really liked him as a tear runs down his(Donny’s) cheek – Christine says – god he is so wierd – Frankie pipes in as he works the remote snooping on the house – yeah so wierd – and then rolls to his side and put his arm around Cody and Cody begins to stroke the arm – now if anyone would like the definition of ironic just pull up this scene – a gutless-clueless pretty boy – a married woman vyung for the effections of the pretty boy – and an overtly over the top gay boy in full drag getting petted by the pretty boy – and they are pigeon holing Donny as a wierdo for expressing a real emotion.

  9. Comments (2)

    That play was the stupidest thing on tv. Couldn’t even watch. I fast forwarded thru most of it. Frankie is disgusting, always trying to get the limelight, and I no longer have respect for Derrick since he’s been talking so badly about Donny and Nicole, calling them liars when he lies all the time. He and all the rest are just a bunch of hypocrits. Sometimes I don’t even want to watch any more.

    • Comments (50)

      I am definitely at a point this week where I know I’ll still watch the show but I’m hardly interested any more.. It’s too predictable and I’m sad that Donny or Nicole didn’t win HOH. Plus, I just can’t stand Frankie any more. He’s too much… He’s SO soooo fake and I hated the way he treated Zach last week. Not nice.

      • Comments (95)

        You’re doing more than me. I didn’t watch last night. My mother and husband couldn’t believe it. I can find out all I need to know on here from now on without actually having to see these people in action.

      • Comments (21)

        Yep, I too am finished with watching it. Don’t mind one bit getting updated through Steve!
        Frankie-as you put it so eloquently “just go kill yourself” #stupid

  10. Comments (38)

    I hope DR plants in Cody’s mind paranoia about Frankie and he uses the veto to put him up….

  11. Comments (1799)

    Can’t hate Derrick for playing his game and playing these mindless wannabes All of Derrick conversation have been for a reason . He starts a conversation then lets the HG run with it He saw Donny as the biggest threat left As Donny was not a person to be led around . That’s why he had to go Derrick now needs to move his team int eating each other .First he has set that part of the group is splitting off What happened to Frankie and Christine talking about how things were so much better now in the house Every one agreeing on who to get out All the bomb squad are together making decision as a group Well that has ended quickly Derrick is planting the seed that Frankie Christine are breaking off Caleb and Cody are naturally eating it all up Derrick is drawing the lines Warning the other HG that Frankie and Christine are evil and can’t be trusted because Wait for it ,,, they are working to evict Cody or Caleb Isn’t that the idea of the game and aren’t they planing to do the same to them
    Once more this stupid statement I don’t want to get blood on my hands . you Derrick are the one who sent the majority into the hurry house It was YOUR plan You have run this as a mafia don Have your underlings do the killing Claim innocents

    • Comments (487)

      And Derrick’s plan is working. But unfortunately for him Donny was the first to plant the seed for Cody when he asked him before the nominations if he was playing for first or fifth. Then last night the dummy actually said he would consider himself a winner if he is in the F3 because he would have lasted as long in the house as the winner. I thought purpose of this struggle was to win $500K, not come in 3rd. Huh????

  12. Comments (487)

    Off Topic: Watched the finale of Rising Star last night and the last 1/2 hour of the VMAs. Best TV for me in a long time. I liked that I was able to vote for the performer of my choice and see the immediate impact of my decision for the Rising Star. The winner was a young blues/rocker from NY who reminded me of Joe Crocker. As for the VMAs, The Queen, Mrs. Carter, Bey, showed all those wanna bees how to perfom. She did more than 20 minutes on stage. No wardrobes changes taking up time just a great light show, singing and dancing. I didn’t stay up to watch BBAD and the Frankie Show; I didn’t want to have any nightmares.

    • Comments (722)

      I have nightmares from Beyonces bad acting.

      I forgot Naked and Afraid was on.. the only reason I gave MTV my attention

      • Comments (487)

        Willie — I didn’t even mention her acting. LOL However, her acting is about as good as JLo’s and better than Mariah’s.

      • Comments (722)

        Yes it was a great performance. Shes very seasoned and should do a Vegas show.

        Sorry all I thought about was her exchange with her husband. I cant take the forced happiness. She wanted Blue up there but not him. Just finish that stupid tour and leave him and get you a rich old white man.. an Onassis type.. a real businessman who wont cheat with every young blonde that he sees…

        Sorry. I sometimes post on a gossip site.. getting my pages confused!!

      • Comments (644)

        I like JLo better 🙂

  13. Comments (722)

    This is your chance to set in motion big moves.
    Or do nothing and take 5th place. Choice is yours.

  14. Comments (2)

    hope they vote Nicole out and keep Donny, I hope Donny win hoh and veto. put Christine and caleb up, and its a double eviction. (sorry Nicole really do like you but like Donny better)

  15. Comments (2)

    hope next time Donny wins again and put cody and Frankie up

  16. Comments (5)

    They should give America a veto so we can use it to save our favorite houseguest and stir the pot in the house

  17. Comments (2)

    Quit watching my favorite show until they are finished bullying Donny, ie, evicting him. Liked Derrick at first, now can’t stand him…tho he is playing the game perfectly and frankie the fool, don’t get me started…a family member is gay and lives life with class, frankie is so attention starved turn off tv when he comes on…wish he would stop pulling the skin on his face, one of these times its going to come off in his hand….he is an aging fool frantically taking his last shot at “fame” schools in Africa my ass…try eye surgery for Donnie or even new extensions for floater Victoria before someone like frankie spends money on anyone but himself….this season is the BULLY year!

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