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Big Brother 16 – Friday Night Mourning


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I’m not going to lie, these blog posts are getting tougher and tougher to write. Blogging about Big Brother is always super exciting when I get to recap the events of some brilliant plot to get someone out, or insane bed flipping drama. This season, however, has been different. Not only has the game been extremely stale with predictable evictions, predictable bob results and veto challenges that didn’t even remotely have the momentum changing feel to them. On top of that, we have had now two very emotional moments where players lost their grandfather.

Frankie lost his grandfather a few days ago, and had a very difficult time dealing with it. The houseguests rallied around him, and Derrick threw the HoH competition so Frankie could see photos of his grandfather (had Derrick won, he also would have avoided being a havenot for the week). Last night, the feeds cut again and returned to Derrick sitting alone dealing with the news he was just given.

His grandfather also passed away.

This is without a doubt the strangest week I have ever covered while writing for the show. It put many things into perspective for the players just exactly what they’re missing and what they’re playing for. Why they signed up to spend the summer away from friends and family, cut off from (almost all) news. It certainly wasn’t so they can lay around getting the best suntan they’ve ever had. It wasn’t so they can hone their skills at billiards. It was to compete against other people who made the same sacrifices in order for the chance at winning $500,000.

With that said, the power of veto competition will be held today. There is still plenty of talk of backdooring either Amber or Caleb depending on the outcome of the challenge. If that happens, the excitement level of the house could finally increase, but that won’t happen until the PoV meeting on Monday.   I am heading out to enjoy the afternoon. When I return, and when veto competition results are in, I will give you all an update.  Have a good afternoon!  And make sure to give your family members an extra hug today.

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  1. Comments (332)

    I want Victoria gone so someone better not let her have it.

  2. Comments (332)

    Caleb is worthless, he needs to leave. But I like Amber and I think the guys do too so she is likely to stay. So far Frankie is drama free so I look for nominations to stay the same and one of these to go.

    • Comments (1288)

      They still need to instigate an argument at the POV meeting to complete the TA mission. A plan for that cannot be made until they know who has the POV and what the will likely do or can be convinced to do with it.

    • Comments (644)

      If someone is taken off the block, they are backdooring Amber, those are Frankie’s and Zach’s plan, and there’s a huge chance the POV will be used since Christine, Donny, Hayden, Frankie, Victoria and Jocasta are going to be playing in the POV competition.

  3. Comments (159)

    This is off topic but in reference to a comment last night about how Frankie and Derrick are hiding their identities… Production woke the house guests up with a song about sabatoge yesterday. I think it would be interesting for production to pick more songs like that to get people thinking/squirming. Play one of Ariana’s songs or something by the Police. Just a thought to stir something up.

  4. Comments (1799)

    Very true Amberchelly It would be interesting to se Frankie’s reaction if the played his sisters song on a loop I’m sure people would get tired of it and start making comments Foe Derrick secret agent man ( a bit before many of your times ) any Police song Yes ramp up the paranoia Not sure if that’s possible as people need to think ( hi Jocasta , Nichole , Hyden ) for this to be effective

  5. Comments (332)

    Its pretty clear who is running the house, its been a guys festival in the HOH room. They clearly have taken over the upstairs. The downstairs folks are content to hamster it out there.

  6. Comments (1288)

    Derrick apparently talks in his sleep, I wonder if that could come back to bite him? Victoria sued her community over a crack in the sidewalk that tripped her while rollerblading. I wonder if she will be unhappy with the way she is being portrayed?

    • Comments (274)

      Did you see Christine talk about it? It was kinda funny because she thinks a ghost came in when he was talking in his sleep! Derrick told her he was dreaming of his grandfather. She apparently heard some noise at the same time & now believes that his grandpa came to visit.

  7. Comments (92)

    Victoria is the smartest player in the BB house. Go my Jewish Princess!

    • Comments (1288)

      Quite the genius when she insisted Amsterdam was in Germany – it’s part of her heritage dontchaknow?

    • Comments (92)

      Current vegas odds on victoria winning – 33 to 1. I’m going to make a fortune. I love this years BB. If you are smart like me you can make more money then the HG’s. Go Miami Girl!

    • Comments (332)

      You are kidding right…she is like way over the top DULL! She thinks batting her eyelashes will win the game for her..not a chance that girl is getting any money.

      • Comments (843)

        Socially inept, clingy, whiny, and ignorant. She is only being used as a pawn but thinks they all love her. Pathetic.

      • Comments (92)

        Victotria will be next HOH and will put up Derrick and Frankie. She knows they are lying. Not only is she the most beautiful woman in the BB house, she is well educated, successful, she has a strong family background. She will make me plenty of money.

      • Comments (42)

        OMG!!!!are you serious?

      • Comments (1288)

        I am willing to bet the answer to that is a no. I think here we have a fun-hearted troll. Those you can feed a little in return for the good chuckle they provide.

  8. Comments (274)

    Man Frankie you are just annoying.
    He keeps trying sooo hard to get some sort of attention. He just brought up about Berber being a bad role model and how Disney actresses have to be a good one. He keeps saying things about show business, then went on for what seemed 30minutes into a camera.
    So obvious he wants someone to know about his stupid sister, he of course had to bring up who is lying about their back stories. Frankie says he believes Derrick but not Donny.


  9. Comments (38)

    Production should implement what BB Canada did where Canada voted and it broke up the alliance running the house. Let US vote… who would you put up? I would put Frankie and Cody to stir things up….

  10. Comments (198)

    I am sooo sick of Jocasta she needs to f***ing leave ASAP. Caleb or Amber is not as bad. If Jocasta can’t handle in the BB house how the he** can she be a minister or motivational speaker. NOT

  11. Comments (332)

    OK just found a feed of Jocasta speaking in tongues and found out she is a Baptist Preacher. She is not of our church doctrine that says use of tongues in front of non believers is inappropriate. And always there should be a believer interpret or it is out of order. And if it is her personal prayer language, it should be silent or in her own prayer time again not in front of non believers who don’t know or understand.

    • Comments (182)

      Yup, I am suspecting that CBS picked a ‘Christian’ in name only with nice girl Jocasta, which confuses the masses on what real Christianity is. Not sure, just suspicious, but some of her doctrine has been off

      • Comments (832)

        No kidding, Raysay, that some of her doctrine has been off. Did you see BBAD the other night when Cody asked her if Catholics weren’t Christians. I don’t think she answered directly, because she doesn’t know, she kind of hedged answering. She isn’t a good representation of Christians. I’m not Catholic but I do know Catholics are Christians!

      • Comments (182)

        I missed that conversation.

        Most of all my family is 90% Catholic, I do not have a problem with the congregation, but do with the Vatican and their un-biblical religiosity that they impose on their laity

    • Comments (274)

      Yep that’s what I said before. I believed that someone was supposed to interpret it. I liked her but now she’s starting to make me feel uneasy. She was just crying about Brittany possibly stealing some story? About her taking her kids money from their piggy banks.
      Either way I can’t remember who brought this up earlier, but she is giving us Christians a bad rap by her behavior. Not that God can’t make all things possible, because He most certainly can, but because it feels she is using Him? Almost borderline mocking Him in my eyes. I hope I am miss judging it but I can’t understand some of her actions.

      • Comments (182)

        Not surprising that ‘All Seeing Eye’ CBS, would choose a ecumenical ‘christian’.

        Tongues is a gift rarely needed and it is human language that the Apostle used to evangelize the world of different languages, not jabbery gook nonsense that is going around the so-called churches today.

        When Jocasta started rattling off her gobbly in the kitchen, she was no longer one of my fav.

      • Comments (469)

        RAYSAY – I would like to give the Biblical background of the beggining of “tongues” – on the day of Pentacost the disciples were gathered in an upper room and the Holy Spirit descended upon them in the form of Tongues of Fire (not to confused with the verbal tongues) – they at that moment were filled with the Spirit (the very essence of Christ) and were commissioned to go out and spread the Gospel to the world. Peter – filled with the Spirit and the new commission went to a “balcony” facing the “town square” and addressed the crowd (remember this was Pentacost an important Jewish holy day so people from many different countries and languages had come to partake and celebrate). When Peter spoke the people were astonished that although Peter spoke Aramaic they all heard him in their own “tongue”. A miracle of God so Peter was able to address the multitude with no confusion or language barrier.

      • Comments (274)

        Yes, thanks john ruth & before anyone says that you are off topic I’d just like to say you are helping everyone understand why what Jocasta was doing is wrong. Her behavior is why this has been explained.

      • Comments (182)


      • Comments (383)

        thank you for sharing that. I had no idea where it came from. Appreciate the education! 🙂

      • Comments (469)

        You are more than welcome Jenny.

  12. Comments (274)

    I have to say to the pics ↑↑↑ from Facebook that there are alot of beautiful families/pics. Super cute kiddos!!

    I would have to giggle if Ariana’s official FB page showed up there.

  13. Comments (1288)

    Donny, Christine and Hayden are the Veto players! That is a great draw as both Caleb and Amber are sitting on the sideline.

    Now they are hoping for Donny to win the Veto so Frankie will not even have the choice of putting up Donny as a replacement when someone comes off the block. So Donny pulls Jocasta down and Amber or Caleb will have to go up as a placeholder while the house evicts the undeserving Victoria – NOT. The men don’t know but the little girls understand.

  14. Comments (1288)

    Wow, Brittany really went mercenary at the end. Apparently the story she told Caleb about it getting so tough that she took money from her kid’s piggy banks was actually a story Jocasta had told about herself to Brittany.

  15. Comments (274)

    I’m starting to wonder if Caleb staying would be a good thing. If he figured out he isn’t included in this new alliance & gets mad about them backdooring Amber (even though he himself said she needed to go etc-) he should work with Donny & start pulling on the others thoughts by planting doubts, paranoia, and fear over what the main alliance. I feel it may be the only way the stupid alliance would be pulled apart. Caleb needs to wake up & actually get into the game. It makes sense for the 2 (Donny&Caleb) to unite. Donny has the brains, where Caleb has the braun. Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, & Jo would be #’s needed for votes.
    I am getting bored with the same ring leading parade and want a new show to begin. Even if an unfavorable person gets to stay.

    • Comments (1288)

      Caleb is on a downswing about Amber right now and if Frankie holds an “intervention” that lays out the reality of the situation they may get Caleb on board for sending Amber out.

      • Comments (274)

        Ah crud, well he’s really loyal though…ooop guess not! He isn’t getting it, the only one who seems to see the writing on the wall is Donny here.

        At least if they accomplish the task he will have an additional 15 grand to bring home.
        Who did they say they were using as their targets? Zach &?

      • Comments (1288)

        That will have to wait for the outcome of the POV. Frankie and Derrick have talked to Zach in general about doing something at the meeting but that may not be necessary if they can work something between Caleb and Amber.

      • Comments (34)

        Caleb can say he doesn’t like Amber a million times, his feelings are still the same. He gets so angry with her because his feelings are hurt by the smallest snubs. You don’t get that hurt unless you’re in love.

    • Comments (1288)

      Sorry incomplete thought … and this may provide another target for the Veto Meeting argument mission.

  16. Comments (412)

    Christine is still the worst!!!

  17. Comments (83)

    OK, the person who is making comments about Victoria being amazing is probably her MOTHER! Her money can’t even buy her a personality. She is creepy. I’m sorry.

    Christine doesn’t do anything in that house. All she does is laugh like a schoolgirl. She really has no game. She just follows everyone else.

    I kinda really like Nicole because she’s just cute and ditzy.

    Jocosta is a nice person but she just sits there. I’m surprise most of the house guests don’t get annoyed or uncomfortable about her talking about religion, etc. At least she has that going for her. But she just has these hysterical cries and it freaks me out.

    I personally think Amber is the most mature in the house aside from Brittany, however, I think for game wise, being around Cody is just hooking up with your best friends (Caleb) good friend..KNOWING your best friend likes you. Just trashy and whorish. Yeah, it’s a free world and you can do what you want but still…be smart and Caleb will take you further than Cody who is the most fakest guy on the planet. Can’t stand that guy and the way he bats his eyelashes.

    Ok, I can understand why the guys are getting irritated with Caleb and that is because of Amber. Now, Caleb clearly (with some doubt) still believes he and Amber are in the alliance. SO, wouldn’t it be better to get out Amber and not Caleb? From what I’ve seen, Caleb has been pretty loyal to the guys and isn’t causing much drama as Amber has caused since eviction night and telling people in the alliance that she doesn’t want to talk to them. I’m happy that Caleb is not backing her up 100% and is telling the guys she’s just being stupid. Guess she doesn’t really have Caleb 100% now does she? Caleb will take the guys further along the game than Amber would. It just doesn’t make sense if they backdoor him.

  18. Comments (469)

    It is hilarious how these game geniouses still believe Donny is a Harvard professor – A CIA operative – or an ex Navy seal. This groundskeeping country bumpkin has successfully pulled the wool over these mental midgets eyes. I can think of no other house guest who deserves to win and really could use the money more than Donny Thompson. He will share this with his family and church – these people don’t now and may never understand that they have had the PRIVILEGE of spending a summer in this house with a reaaly genuinely good Christian man – I feel blessed to be able to watch him – you go Donny you beautiful REDNECK.

    • Comments (274)

      100% agree!

    • Comments (1288)

      I definitely agree with your sentiment but I fear Donny may have waited too long. He should have pulled Hayden/Nicole in close as two of the non-alliance HGs but he has allowed the Detonators to adopt Hayden and Nicole.

      Donny is aware that Caleb and Amber are cannon-fodder for the main alliance. They would have been the targets if any rival alliance ever appeared. He knows inevitably alliances at some point have to slim themselves down.

      Maybe if Caleb does turn on Amber he will say something to make Nicole and Christine rethink their chances against the guy’s alliance.

      • Comments (274)

        Again, great insight.

        I’m bummed that Donny isn’t aligned with someone who would really help his game. From what Frankie and Zach were saying he is the last one on their list to boot right before they begin the pecking order within their own alliance. So at least he has a while and hoping someone will make a big change quickly to make it more interesting.

        When did this whole vote with the house begin anyways? Was it last season? I really can’t remember other than last years doing it.

        I am waiting for Zach to completely snap. There’s something about this kid. He did say he smoked pot every day and had to quit cold when he came in.Frankie said he is definitely going through withdrawals, but how long would that mess with Zach’s body? Psychologically I could see for a long time depending on how long he smoked for. If that’s true then he is a ticking time bomb emotionally. He has to be experiencing some level of discomfort physiologically as well, which adds to his already fragile mental state of mind.

        He is ripe for a blow up. He’s easily irritated and annoyed by others. He acts like he has never dealt with his feelings before.

      • Comments (832)

        Last night on BBAD Derrick & Hayden were talking about how this season’s cast is pretty boring. They were saying how they hated it last season when the house voted the same etc. I can’t figure out why they don’t shake things up if they know they’re boring!

      • Comments (469)

        Jill – Zach’s ability to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal depend on his psyche – each individual is different – pot doesn’t have withdrawal effects of the more traditional potent addictive drugs such as meth – cocaine – heroine etc. – don’t need to bore you with medical cause and effects – pot is a cathartic drug that gives a short period of euphoria or feeling of well being – so the gravity of the “withdrawal” effects is directly proportionate to the persons perception of his need for the drug to adequately cope with the environment he finds himself in.

      • Comments (383)

        I knew a guy years ago who smoked pot all day every day (he would smoke in the bathroom at work) because it kept him calm. I think he had ADD or something like it. Maybe Zach was self-medicating the same type of problem.

    • Comments (16)

      He didn’t really pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. That would require him to try to deceive them. All that he is doing is being himself and other people’s paranoia is making them think Donny is more than he says.

      Derrik is the one who has pulled a wool over people’s eyes since no one even suspects he works for law enforcement.

      • Comments (469)

        Sam – thank you for your reply – you are exactly right Donny has done nothing to decieve them – but very wisely he has done nothing to correct their misgivings either – early on he told Devin he is exactly who he says he is – Devin told the rest of the Alliance and they chose to ignore that – so he has allowed them to continue in their own fantasies. If you remember Devin at first believed Donny – then while in his HOH debacle once again accused Donny of deception. — Donny is one smart cookie – and continues to play with integrity.

    • Comments (875)

      Me too!!! I totally agree with you about Donny, if he doesn’t win this season of BB, he will certainly have my vote for America’s Favorite Player.

  19. Comments (174)

    Hayden won POV and says he is going to save Victoria.

  20. Comments (1288)

    So now the long wait until Monday for the POV meeting. This group will go through 10 different scenarios before they settle out the plan. Jocasta of course injured herself plus got a Slop penalty out of the comp.

  21. Comments (3)

    Jocasta is a complete waste of time and why did they cast her. Doesn’t make sense. Christine is a waste of time laughing all day with that dumb smile. Ugh. Add nothing to this game. Amber just sits around looking pretty and does nothing. Victoria. …DOES NOTHING. JUST A WASTE.

  22. Comments (2)

    The problem this year? The two HOHs each week. It seems to have made it too easy for the for the 2 HOHs to collude and then very really easy to put their plan (throwing comps, etc) into motion. I.E. no drama.

  23. Comments (76)

    This has to be the worst season or tied with last yr. I have been a loyal BB fan since the fist.
    I did not follow every season as intensely as some . But these last 2 years ,are the worst ever.
    Like Real World BB has lost what made it great,

  24. Comments (1)

    Not to sound harsh,…. but does anyone happen to remember Jonny Fairplay from a few seasons back on Survivor..??? He had someone call the production and say that his grandmother had died so he could get sympathy votes…!!!! This just seems a little suspicious, don’t you think..??? I wouldn’t put it past these contestants to do the same somehow…

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