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Big Brother 16 – Hayden And Nicole Are A Thing


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Well, it happened. Hayden and Nicole decided to make a liar out of me, so they’re officially on my list to go home. Kidding, I actually think Hayden is a favorite to win it all, but that’s another story for another article.

Last night at 12:30am (flashback here), the lovebirds slipped into bed to get away from the weirdness running around the house (more on that later). They started making out under the sheets, and it made me look wrong for saying they were never going to end up together.  Oh well, at least I was still right on Caleb  (though that was obvious). Good for them. They’re actually 2 of my favorite people in the house right now (as well as Donny), so it’s always nice to see good people end up together. Even though Hayden follows Nicole around like a puppy dog, being likable doesn’t make it as uncomfortable as watching McCrae follow around Amanda.

In other news, the house was buzzing over the potential re-nominee that will take place later on today. Most likely it will be Donny, but Zach decided to stir the pot a little and even offered to stage a fight with Cody in order to go up himself. His reason?  He’s bored. I don’t know if I should be annoyed at Zach, or applaud his efforts of trying to make this season less dull.  It’s very unlikely Zach will be the replacement nom, but let’s all hope he doesn’t end up sitting on the block by the end of the day.  There is a real chance he could be the one who would walk out the door on Thursday, and that would kill the entertainment level of the house even further.

That makes me wonder, did Big Brother give the house activity bracelets to motivate Zach?  The guy sleeps like 22 hours a day, but those 2 hours he is awake are generally pretty fun to watch. Perhaps when they find out the tracker will be tied to havenots, Zach will sleep less and stir the house even more. He’s currently the only one brave enough to do so.

Zach also tried to push Caleb on the block, but none of the house really seemed to like that idea. I fully expect Donny to go up on the block today (as a pawn), and Brittany will quietly go home on Thursday. Please don’t make it another slow week.. please!

Check back in to see how the meeting actually went, plus I’ll be doing live feed updates.

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  1. Comments (18)

    It get so annoying to watch !! grrrr if donny jocasta hayden nicole victoria and brittany & christine put their heads together they could flip the power in the house …

    • Comments (332)

      Its odd, they are the ones voting but don’t seem to be thinking about their votes just aligning their vote to not be noticed. Do they not get that the votes count and are played with intent as to make a game play?

  2. Comments (198)

    All Christine would do is go running back and spill the beans. Leave her out she can NOT be trusted.

    • Comments (50)

      It’s so true. I wish Christine would stay loyal to Nicole and Hayden 🙁 But it looks like she’s with the boys… Wouldn’t it be funny if Cody put Zach up and he went home? The house would get a little less interesting… but I do want to see the other side shake things up. I don’t want the guys to rule the house all season. Though at the same time I don’t really care much for Victoria, Amber, or Jocasta… I just want Donny, Nicole, and Hayden to go far haha. 🙂

    • Comments (412)

      I CAN NOT STAND CHRISTINE! Get her out, already!

      • Comments (1799)

        She is the pet snitch for the det. My question is who does Derick want to take to the final ? The way these other people are not playing it seems like a cake walk for him This has turned into Big Brah with Zach not knowing he is out of school

      • Comments (224)

        I think he’s protecting Christine right now, thinking she might be good to sit next to in the final 2. Unless she starts winning stuff later, than she’ll be easily expendable. I agree with you, I think Derrick is playing the best game at the moment. He seems to be the only one thinking about the end game right now.

  3. Comments (68)

    For all the grief Devin got for his poor gameplay, he did lay the foundation for this group that is running the house.

    In week 1, without being the HOH, he was able to for a bomb squad that consisted of 6 members. Although the members were sort of forced to join in, they still managed to be on the same page for a while. Devin also added Amber and Christine without the backing of the other members, even if this didn’t go to well with the other members, it did create 2 good informers. Amber was able to spill the beans on Joey and Christine will spill the beans on any plans Nicole or Hayden might have. This is like having eyes in the back of the head. Amazing move by Devin on that one.

    He did get a little too power hungry the following week when he got HOH, but that’s another story.

    • Comments (138)

      On top of strategically bringing Amber and Christine in as informants, he was the only one who thought to include women in the power alliance. Very odd behavior for a man who, according to some, specialized in brutalizing and menacing females.

    • Comments (412)

      The show was a lot more entertaining with Devin there. I think Zach is the only one who is seeing everything for what it really is, but that’s probably going to get him in trouble. I did like Derrick, until this week. Why is he trying to keep Caleb safe? I think they are passing up an opportunity to get BOAST mode cowboy out the door. Even though Caleb is dumber than a box of rocks, he’s still a physical threat, and he’s playing with his heart. When ‘his queen’ doesn’t even like him. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Every time he opens his mouth, I roll my eyes & wonder what ignorant thing will possibly come out next.

      • Comments (2826)

        I call him Boast Mode Cowpie, and yes, he should go this week.

      • Comments (68)

        I actually like Caleb. He brings something to the table, even if it is delusion.

        I think Cody is the one making this bigger than it actually is. I mean, even if Caleb doesn’t mean it, he does say the right things like how it doesn’t bother him. Amber too says that she’s just friends with all the guys. But Cody is the one that’s like making a scene on how he’s afraid of Caleb because he talks to Amber. I really don’t think Caleb is that bad.

      • Comments (50)

        I agree with you, I don’t hate Caleb. He is delusional and is playing with his heart but I’m honestly not a fan of Amber. She can like who she wants but I don’t know – the way she talks about it in her DR interviews puts me off.

      • Comments (224)

        He’s keeping Caleb safe because he knows he can talk him into anything. Even volunteering to be nominated. Why wouldn’t you want to keep someone like that around for a couple more weeks?

  4. Comments (83)

    If Donny goes up as a pawn and ends up going
    Home, I’m not going to watch the rest of the season.

  5. Comments (138)

    At the very least Devin gave us some sort of bulwark against “the house.” The evictions in the post Devin house will be predictable until the inevitable final four of Cody, Frankie, Derrick and Zach. No one left, besides Amber, is willing to go against the grain. Donny, Nicole, Jocasta and Brittney are lambs being brought to slaughter. By the time Hayden, Christine and Nicole wake up it will be too late.

    • Comments (412)

      I did like Nicole but I don’t anymore because of Christine. Sms because she claims to be a super fan but as of now, she’s as good as Icky Vicky.(that’s what I call Victoria)

      • Comments (412)

        And because***
        Not sms lol

      • Comments (50)

        I saw someone write on here (forget if it was a commenter or SB) saying that Nicole and Hayden are kind of realizing that Christine is a good actress (acting scared about being put on the block even though she knew she wasn’t going up) so they don’t know if they can fully trust her… I think (or hope) Nicole is careful about what she tells Christine or starts to watch Christine more closely.

      • Comments (198)

        We can only hope.

      • Comments (2826)

        Nicole doesn’t seem too smart (game or otherwise); neither does Hayden, maybe they deserve each other.

  6. Comments (57)

    As long as they only have 2 nominees to choose from, we’re stuck with the “what the house wants” mentality (thanks bb15). I say get rid of the Battle of the Block and leave all four nominees up there. Watch how quickly alliances crumble.

  7. Comments (20)

    I wish Cody would put Caleb up. He has a perfect excuse to do so(taking the $ instead of the veto). I would love to see Caleb walk out the door on Thursday!

    • Comments (2826)

      Cody pretty much has wussed out of that idea.

    • Comments (76)

      I agree, Caleb needs to go & Cody needs to stop being Derdicks little B**ch , & grow a pair of his own . I really liked Cody , but seems he is a follower.
      Caleb is a major Sick Tool. who in his own words is in the BB house “Only by the Greater Power of God”..or some Cowpile like that . If that Hot Mess stays around any longer , he will lose his Cowpile on HG’s..We could see the real Caleb, instagram Caleb…. could be ugly , so boring now , that might be interesting .
      If Cody is going to be such a limp D. Then I really want to see him & Amber flirting more in front of Caleb

    • Comments (76)

      I agree, Caleb needs to go & Cody needs to stop being Derdicks little B**ch , & grow a pair of his own . I think this could be Codys Shining moment..when are they going to see Frankie for who is. A snake in the Grass .. I had enough of his show.
      Caleb is a major Sick Tool. who in his own words is in the BB house “Only by the Greater Power of God”..or some Cowpile like that . If that Hot Mess stays around any longer , he will lose his Cowpile on HG’s..We could see the real Caleb, instagram Caleb…. could be ugly , so boring now , that might be interestin.

  8. Comments (832)

    This season looks like a repeat of last season, just different HG’s. Doing what the house wants & like last season “it’s too early” for making big moves. They seem to be playing too far into the future, I thought with some “superfans” in the house we’d see better gameplay this season. I’d love to see Nicole, Hayden & Donny go far!

  9. Comments (832)

    A tip to future houseguests: learn to chew with your mouth closed! The mics pick up everything!

  10. Comments (332)

    If two girls get HOH then watch for the guys to go up maybe three with Victoria because it looked like none of the girls liked her. And its odd, she is secretly with Cody and Frankie (or thinks she is) but last night, Cody said to Victoria, all you have to do is ask if you want something.

  11. Comments (332)

    I am so bummed Victoria got veto, she is so BORING! And I like Donny but they may put him up just to look good by putting up a guy. I hope Zach doesn’t get put up. He is the only laughter we have right now. Dereck is way to serious and Hayden never talks and Frankie is a sneak and I am not sure what Caleb is but weird. He is definitely not a cowboy and not a metro sexual. I think he thinks he is cool but not winning my favor.

  12. Comments (266)

    Two ridiculous quotes made by Cody to Victoria:
    “Caleb is not coming after me. So why would I put him up.”

    “I’m so glad you won the veto. I feel so bad putting you up.”

    Haha wtf!

  13. Comments (12)

    Okay production — it is time to shake things up. This season is so boring. First off — get rid of the double HOH and battle of the block. Enough is enough. Secondly — bring back Pandora’s box and make of the prizes — Devin coming back into the house with some sort of power!
    Well maybe not — but scare the houseguests into thinking someone is coming back. Devin would be the obvious choice to light some fire under them.
    Team America challenges are very BORING. Make the choices better. Start the player coming back or Pandora’s box rumors or something.
    I am a Big Brother fan from season one. Someone needs to change things up and start doing some damage. Where are the Chill Town, Bro-mance, Dr Will’s of the season.

  14. Comments (7)

    Donny just convinced Cody to put up Caleb…. of course Frankie heard and ran around telling everyone. Should be an interesting hour…

    • Comments (266)

      Wow… Frankie is on the verge of being an ‘Andy’ weasel! Super annoying for us to watch but It got Andy the win of BB. The dual HOH and botb needs to be canned. Team America is utterly boring… I’d rather watch random clips of houseguests on CBS episodes than those dumb challenges. Or, give America some kind of voting power like who to put up on the block for a week! Or let us choose HOH for a week! OR how about we vote on clips of the houseguests scheming to expose to the entire house??Now THAT would be worth watching and voting for.

  15. Comments (198)

    Frankie is a little weasel, went running to Derrick when he overheard Cody’s convo with Donny. I think Cody should put up Frankie get his a** out.

  16. Comments (1)

    I’m do not like Jocasta especially after she was acting like she was speaking in tongues,as a pastor she should know one who speaks in tongues a interpreter shall translate in spirit,I found it offensive and degrading and fake,the good lord is not going to give you a half million.i will be glad when she is gone….I hate fakes.

    • Comments (198)

      ME TOO

    • Comments (266)

      That fake tongues moment was so awkward. I would be highly embarrassed if I were her or her family! Everytime she talks I cringe.

    • Comments (224)

      I didn’t even realize that’s what she was trying to do, but it was definitely weird. Thanks, now I understand what that was all about!

      • Comments (832)

        I couldn’t figure out wtf she was doing either! I don’t have strong feelings either way right now regarding Jocasta but the crying, when she wins or like when she was taken off tge block, is getting old!

    • Comments (692)

      I am so glad that someone else knows that when one person speaks in tongues the Bible says there must be an interpreter. there is a gift of tongues but an interpreter must be present to translate to those who do not understand. thank you so much Troy!!!!

  17. Comments (843)

    As soon as Derrick heard Cody was putting Caleb up, he made a bee line for Cody and attached himself like a leach! “Not going to tell you what to do, Bro, BUT….” They continue walking while Derrick continues telling Cody what to do! Little weasel Frankie struck again. Hang tough, Cody!! Derrick, Frankie, and Zach don’t want to keep Brittany because she is tougher than they are.

  18. Comments (20)

    Well, Cody put up Donny. He is such an idiot!

    • Comments (843)

      He is such a pansy. None of them keep their promises so Donny could be voted out.

      • Comments (469)

        Like someone stated above – I don’t watch the live feeds – I only see Britteay the 3 one hour shows and BBAD – but I have seen NOTHING that Brittany has done to cause the hatred that people seem to have for her – In my opinion she is the only player in the house that has a pair of balls – I guess that is why Derrick is after her so hard – he is scared to death of her – he certainly isn’t worth a crap in the challenges – and I contend there is not a swinging d**k in that house that could have completed that kicking challenge that Brittany kicked ass in. Derrick – a legend in his own mind – Caleb – a delusional ego maniac – Frankie – a filthy, obnoxious pansy with no scrupples – Zach – a whack job who changes his mind every time the wind blows – Hayden – a kid who has fallen off his skate board one to many times and seems like he never bathes (even Nicole said he stinks) – Christine – who is obsessed with being one of the guys and gets off when they paw her and grind on her (mostly Frankie YUK) She is a married woman wonder what her husband and the church she speaks of think of that. Victoria – poor little lost Vicky – she is either totally out of place or may prove to be a great game player (right now i’m leaning toward the first) – Nicole – my sweet little Nicole -I fear I made another bad choice – she seems to be showing some real weakness (but again she could suprise us) Cody – 2 words BIG disappointment Jocasta – losing respect for her – Amber- too wishy washy – and it does seem she is stirring the Cody/Caleb pot. That leaves Donny – my favorite as well as most everyone elses – sadly it appears his true kindness and forgiveness is going to prevent him from bowing his neck and begin fighting – he has shown glimmers of being fed up but he has of yet to come out swinging. Even a Christian can fight if pushed to far (rightous indignation) but I think it will happen only because someone he likes is mistreated and not himself that you could see him strike back.

  19. Comments (843)

    When are they ever going to learn NOT to say anything in front of Frankie!

  20. Comments (266)

    DONNIE?! Nice Cody… I’ll laugh when you get put up in the next few weeks and wish you had Brit or Donnie there to save you from your own alliance. Good luck.

  21. Comments (162)

    Frankie and Derrick are running the house right now. Can’t believe Cody went back on his word right after he had just told Donny and meant it at the time until the Two Jerks talked him into doing something else. Stop telling the other house quest what u plan to do.

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