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Big Brother 16 – Head of Household Spoilers


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Well, that was a bit unexpected. The HoH competition was actually competitive. It went 12 rounds of true/false before Julie had to cut to commercial.  Left standing at the break was:


Two of those five players will be head of household in about 15 minutes.  Keep checking back and I will update you when I find out.

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New Head of Households:


Hayden missed the tiebreaker by 1 second

To pat myself on the back, I called Nicole, Donny, Hayden and Christine as the top 4.  Christine failed me, but the other 3 did really well.  Hayden was 1 second off.  I know too much about this game I think.


Nicole and Donny already discussing who to put up – just like production planned. They are going to discuss nominations further with Hayden, but there are only 9 people who can be put up. Hayden won’t be one of them, so every eligible person in the house has a 50% chance of going on the block right now.  Kind of weird.

Donny points out there are 3 people who have never been nominated.  Frankie, Derrick and Cody (excluding Hayden who is close ally of both)

Donny – “I’ve had a bad day. I’ve needed this. I wasted a whole summer hanging out with juveniles. I am excited to see pictures” Donny must feel so out of place in that house, but yet he handles it well. I think that’s probably why he’s easily America’s favorite right now.

With that, I will be right back, need to heat up my dinner. Coffee and hash browns all day are not very filling. My dinner – Frozen chicken parm TV dinner.

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  1. Comments (120)

    Ugh, Nicole won. I’m okay with Donny winning. Nicole is going to nominate Victoria for personal reasons only, because she’s paranoid Victoria is trying to steal her man (Hayden). Hopefully Donny actually nominates someone worthwhile.

    • Comments (151)

      Unfortunately youre right. Jealousy clouds peoples views not only in bb, but in every aspect of life. And nicole is 21 so she doesnt know shit, too bad.

    • Comments (92)

      totally agree. She is jealous of Victora’s beautiful looks. Maybe Hayden will wake up and get rid of ugly nicole. I worry also for Zach but with those power two they will get off from the battle of the block.

      • Comments (138)

        did you say victoria is beautiful? are you being sarcastic? she’s second only to christine in fugliness.

      • Comments (426)

        Agree, me

      • Comments (692)

        several days ago an observation was made which I agreed with, Victoria must either be buffalobill’s daughter, sister, or girlfriend because of the comments that he is made about her and being his princess. the comments that he is made on here about her could only be made by a family member or boyfriend of hers. so so sad.

      • Comments (644)

        A few days ago Buffalo Bill said the same thing and I am answering the same thing I said then. Buffalo Bill was on some websites last year saying Amanda was his princess and that he bet on her to win and that he was going to make a lot of money. So here he is trolling again. He’s not to be taken seriously.

      • Comments (138)

        Amanda was also Jewish. Safe to say he just roots for Jewish people.

      • Comments (42)

        I agree, he has to be kidding, RIGHT?

      • Comments (11)

        ROFL …

      • Comments (151)

        I wasnt implying that nicole is ugly. She is easily the cutest one. She is jelly that victoria is getting attention. You clearly dont understand women buffalo bill

      • Comments (151)

        I also agree that victoria is beautiful. So is christine. Who the hell are you people to sit there and judge. Like I always say, hate ppl cuz they are shitty, not on their looks. We dont have to be like this!

      • Comments (426)

        Not judging their character on looks. Just stating the facts of physical attributes.

      • Comments (469)

        Beauty (or ugly) is in the eye of the beholder – remember the song – Everything is beautiful in it’s own way – I have at times caught myself saying – wow they are not good looking – then I pass a mirror——- enough said.

      • Comments (6)

        Jealous of her looks. Hahaha

  2. Comments (11)

    hah. I guessed them both!!

  3. ashley anchondo
    Comments (6)

    Omg yess finally I hope they nominate and send home a member of the detonators. This season is getting boring. No big moves. Very disappointed team America wouldn’t vote against the house

    • Comments (1446)

      I would like to see the Detonators sweating it out on the block, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. I’m guessing Victoria will be the target of both of them and then Frankie, Derrick, Zach, Cody and Christine will get to lying and whoever THEY want to go home will leave.
      This is Donny’s chance to start playing the game – he needs to take advantage of the situation. Let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint us.
      I also wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole lets Donny have the HOH so she doesn’t have to “get blood on her hands.” She’s such a wuss.
      Unfortunately, we will have Jocasta in the house another week.

      • Comments (6)

        I’m rooting for Donny to do something too. I agree and hope he doesn’t waste this opportunity

    • Comments (16)

      I can see why they didn’t. Like they said it would be out of character and could damage their games

      • Comments (6)

        Like I said we need something to stir this house up. This season is boring

  4. Comments (1)

    Yay!!!! Finally, No Detonators Alliance!

    • Comments (64)

      Hopefully, the house will split and a real brawl occurs. I want to see a back and forth…no more unanimous voting.

      • Comments (1446)

        In order for Derrick to win the game he will eventually have to get out Frankie and Cody, who he may not be able to beat in the end. I could see him cozying up to Nicole or Donny and trying to convince them to get rid of Frankie or Cody. That way, he can take Zach, Christine, Jocasta or Nicole to the end and win it all. And the blood will be on Donny or Nicole’s hands, not his.

      • Comments (224)

        I think Derrick could beat Cody. Right now anyway. Cody hasn’t done much, and when he was HoH, Derrick controlled his nominations. Cody might kick it into gear later though.

        I’m not sure who would win between Derrick and Frankie though, and it would be interesting to see how it played out. Neither of them wants to be sitting next to the other!

  5. Comments (42)

    you and your website is awesome..always get most recent updates..

  6. Comments (6)

    YAYYYY my top two won HOHs!!!!

    Victoria can GTFO and not because Nicole’s my favorite. “the fakest of them all, Amber” and “the conniving Brittany”, blaming Jocasta for losing the BOB…byeeeeeeeee chick!

    • Comments (64)

      Yes. Victoria is catty and does not seem to like women. I’ve never heard her say one nice thing about another woman in the house. She can go asap.

      • Comments (138)

        It’s because she knows they’re prettier than she is. Then again, who isn’t prettier than her?

      • Comments (426)

        I don’t know. She thinks she is pretty cute. Can’t even walk out of the DR without looking in the mirror the whole way, but oh, then it’s ok again because she can look at herself in the mirror in the hall. Gag me!

      • Comments (36)


      • Comments (412)

        Yes I agree Victoria is prettier than Christine. Christine is the WORST! Victoria isn’t that ugly everyone. She has a really nice body. It’s just her nose that may not be pretty too you guys. But that’s her heritage and she should be proud. Which she clearly is.

      • Comments (37)

        I relate the word pretty to a girl’s (woman’s) face. Victoria is a complete butterface. (for those few unaware that means she has a hot body “but her face” is butt ass ugly)

        It is mainly her nose yes but after hearing her talk about her hair problems and it all being fake I bet without her hair on she really looks rough!

        I have been called out before for making rude or sexual comments on the womens bodies for those interested in pics of houseguests caught on camera (mostly the gals but they do have a few of the boys for you as well)here is an interesting link that is updated daily (Victoria’s nip slip this morning or last night included as well as Cody in the shower and you can see Mr. Johnson behind the frosted glass)

        Those not interested can keep moving along!

      • Comments (469)

        Find a mirror troll

    • Comments (3)

      Do you watch the live feeds? Do you watch the show?? They’re mean to Victoria and act like she’s beneath them.
      Jocasta is a terrible player and she hasn’t won anything by herself. The BOB she did win was because of Amber, she got out so early, the stuff she did during the BOB didn’t matter.

      Victoria won the veto, she got and nobody took it, and she won the first BOB, and managed to get herself off the block every time she’s been on.

      • Comments (528)

        Having a personality also helps your game. Victoria has NONE.

      • Comments (3)

        Stfu you don’t see her on tv because the show makes it that way nor do you live in the house or have ever spoken with Victoria

      • Comments (528)

        Whatever you say Victoria’s best friend/sister/mom(?)

      • Comments (1288)

        C’mon Sadie, don’t go feeding the trolls.

      • Comments (426)

        Victoria hasn’t really won anything because of her own game play. Only won BOB’s due to who she was playing with, and was handed that Veto due to Caleb’s greed.

      • Comments (1446)

        She’s always whispering to the boys and never has anything nice to say about the girls. She said rude things when voting out Britney and Amber. As a female, I don’t like girls like that.

      • Comments (151)

        Um who are you ladies to judge. U call her ugly all the time. All of you women. She might say bad things about ppl, but you catty bitches are doing the same thing!

      • Comments (1446)

        Um….does calling people “catty bitches” make you any better?
        Get off of your high horse. These HG’s put themselves on TV! They don’t expect to be judged? Victoria judges the others 24/7.

      • Comments (151)

        So do you. And so do I. We all judge. But I will never think any less of a person based on looks. Vic sucks at bb. But her supposed ugliness isnt the reason. It is because she has a shitty personality. Stop calling her ugly.

      • Comments (1446)

        I do agree, Rachel, that it is immature to judge people on their looks. I am not one that has done that here.

      • Comments (426)

        I think Jannie and I agree. As I posted previously ‘Not judging their character on looks. Just agreeing with the facts of physical attributes.’ Their character and personalities are a whole other level. But she is pretty much losing points there too.

      • Comments (426)

        Analysis, guessing you are a relative or friend of the family. Yes?

      • Comments (3)

        Actually, I live 2000 miles away from her (: . The BOB Victoria won required direct interaction between both players and Victoria got herself to the position in the veto and had it around her neck when it was over. If she didn’t play well in it, she wouldn’t have won. She played better than Brittany, etc.

        @jannie Right after Amber replaced Victoria on the block, Jocasta started crying, Victoria got on her knees and consoling Jocasta and telling her she is safe. Please stay informed.

      • Comments (1446)

        Sorry, I have a life and better things to do than watch 24/7. Not my definition of “being informed.”
        So in the moment of being nice to Jocasta and telling her she was safe, she was basically being a bitch to Amber by insinuating that she was going home.
        And to accuse others of not “having lived in her house or spoken to her” implies that you have done both.

      • Comments (426)

        Thank you, Jannie. And Analysis, just because you live 2000 miles away doesn’t mean you aren’t a relative or friend of the family. And yes, she had it around her neck, but only because it was handed to her. And also only because of her playing position in the comp.

      • Comments (37)

        “Anal-ysis” You must be a family member. Not only is she butt ugly but her game (or lack of I should say) is very poor at best. On jokers updates she is always in the mirror plucking hairs off of her face, popping pimples (and was wiping her pimple juice on the chase lounge if I recall properly)which is not very attractive at all. Yes she does have a tight body so if she is face down and ass up with a pillow or a bag over her head you could say she is “pretty”

  7. Comments (1)

    Yayyyy!!! Finally!! Hopefully they’ll play their own game and stir up some dust!

  8. Comments (9)

    WOOOOOOOOOO! SO EXCITED! As long as they don’t listen to the people talking in their ears, this might be a fun week. Bye bye Caleb!!

  9. Comments (9)

    I hope Nicole and Donny make a big move and put up Frankie, Zach, Caleb and Christine. With DE coming next week they can get two of them out.. So happy for them both.

    • Comments (1288)

      Not gonna happen, you don’t poke that many strong players and stick around for very long after – you are sending only one home after all. One of those four may very well leave the house but it will be through a backdoor.

  10. Comments (64)

    Defrody needs to go up plus Victoria.

  11. Comments (16)

    back door one of the detonators i dont care which one just show em how it feels

  12. Comments (5)

    Actually, Hayden has been nominated. I think the week that sent Paola home. He and Nicole were nominated, and won the Battle of the Block.

  13. Comments (182)

    Nicole and Donny best be careful, for what goes around will come around and the ‘Detonators’ will come back in full force come D.E. week. Enjoy your power with caution.

    • Comments (64)

      I have a feeling Nicole will hand her HOH over to the boys.

      Donny may consult with them but will not allow them to run over him.

      • Comments (1288)

        Donnie will own his own HoH, Nicole will consult heavily with him. She really can’t take direction from the guys because she has to negotiate the process with Donnie. It is safer for her to come to an agreement with him so they are both happy with the outcome. They are both already engaging in CYA by telling all they don’t know what each other is doing and they have to plan for “surprises”.

    • Comments (332)

      Nicole will not hand her hoh over again she already said she got told what to do last one!

  14. Comments (64)

    Zach needs to stay because he is so entertaining.

    He has a real active crush on Frankie.

    He has diarrhea of the mouth.

    I love his diary sessions.

  15. Comments (644)

    Nicole and Donny should put up Frankie and either Jocasta or Victoria (because those two girls are not good competitors and that way they’ll have a chance of losing and then Frankie goes home). The other two that should go up are Derrick and Cody or Zach. If they are afraid of putting Frankie up he can always be backdoored. We need this game to change it’s very predictable and boring.

  16. Comments (286)

    If they put up Caleb/Zach/Derrick/and Frankie it would be very interesting.

  17. imwatchingbigbrother
    Comments (1)

    If Nicole is really smart she will get Christine or Donnie to tell her who is in the allegiance. I know she realizes that there is one just not sure who all is in it. They will form a new alliance with Jacosta, Donnie, Hayden, Christine, Nicole and Victoria. The problem will be keeping Donnie and Christine quite. Donnie and Nicole can put up Zack, Frankie, Caleb and Cody. When they send Caleb or any one of them home the Detonators will lose the numbers to control the vote. If this were to happen Donnie might just win this game because his social game has been awesome. He would probably take Jacosta to the end and he will definitely beat her. I think Nicole and Hayden have been underestimated by the house. Of course the two of them are currently just playing along trying to appease the house. It is time for a BIG MOVE and I just hope someone realizes it before they miss this opportunity.

  18. Comments (120)

    Stevebeans, Hayden was nominated with Nicole in week 2. They won BOTB.

  19. Comments (843)

    Hope Nicole stays strong and doesn’t let the guys run over her like she did the last time. Also hope they keep the nominations to themselves and DON’T include Christine, who I’m sure will move into the HOH room.

  20. Comments (18)

    Did everyone notice how fast Nicole was answering the questions….she was first on everyone. I still cant figure Hayden & Nicole out. I just cant figure out how she doesnt know who Hanscel & Gretel are. As far as Hayden, was he trying to tell Nicole he liked her as a brother or does he not know who they are either?

  21. Comments (843)

    Steve Beans, your diet is as horrible as mine! LOL Thanks for all the updates.

  22. Comments (20)

    Yes! I am so happy! I was so hoping Nicole/Donny would win and they did! Finally! The people running the house are no longer in power!

  23. Comments (18)

    Next Thursday is going to be a good one…Nicole & Donny will probably go after backdooring Caleb or Zack, and and if Caleb goes that leaves all of the detenators to play for the Double eviction HOH.

  24. Comments (644)

    I just read that Derrick told Nicole what she thought about getting Frankie out and she likes the idea so that’s great.
    Since next week is a double eviction get one Detonator out on first eviction and then a second Detonator on second eviction. Of course the second person evicted should be Frankie since everything happens so fast and he wouldn’t have time to manipulate, lie and campaign.

  25. Comments (692)

    several days ago an observation was made which I agreed with, Victoria must either be buffalobill’s daughter, sister, or girlfriend because of the comments that he is made about her and being his princess. the comments that he is made on here about her could only be made by a family member or boyfriend of hers. so so sad.

    • Comments (182)

      Either that or he is goof-ball clown

    • Comments (76)

      He’s just pulling our chains , for reaction ..I just laugh when I read his posts ..

      • Comments (151)

        Victoria is beautiful. Have you seen her legs? Oh my goddddd since amber is gone, she is my next fav in terms of sexy ladies lol. Im not any relation to her I just think she is pretty

      • Comments (332)

        Ok your kidding, right? Victoria does have a nice body but pretty is pretty does and she is not lovely at all

      • Comments (151)

        Just because someone has a crappy boring rude etc personality does not mean they arent pretty physically. I think she looks pretty and has a hot bod but I think almost every woman is pretty lol. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we shouldnt be on each others asses for their opinions on how others look. Sorry everyone.

      • Comments (426)

        I agree, Rachel. Put a bag over her head and lets take another vote about physical attributes only.
        Personality and character should be a whole separate vote. But I’m guessing she wouldn’t win that one.

      • Comments (2)

        Okay are there 2 different people posting as Rachel? If it’s just 1 person, you seriously need to STFU. You keep b*tching about everyone ELSE judging people on their looks, every time someone so much as says so-and-so is pretty. Then you turn around and comment on the women’s looks. WTF? You have issues, girl.

  26. Comments (120)

    I’m getting irritated with Derrick. He just told Donny to nom Jocasta and Victoria because they were both the first ones out. Does he not realize that both he and Christine were also knocked out on the same question as Victoria? Donny should be able to pick up that Derrick and Christine are working together.

    • Comments (332)

      Victoria should go up but they make the boys duke it out like Frankie and Derrick against Zach and Caleb that would leave two on the block. I say let the best man stay!

  27. Comments (2)

    I think that they should nominate Victoria’s nose and Jacosta’s stupid bow toes.

    • Comments (151)

      It is comments like that which really make me lose faith in humanity…come on….

      • Comments (6)

        Oh lord. Chill out Rachel. It’s a joke. You know things to make you laugh. Read it and keep on moving. All your comments about women and their looks. Who cares. Jeez you’re annoying on here and im not basing this on your looks.

      • Comments (2)

        totally wish I could high-five you thru the screen. that was awesome!!!!!!!!
        Rachel is obviously ugly and never got asked to the prom. lol

      • Comments (37)

        Is this Rachel Reilly? Another gal that is butt ugly (IMHO)but had a nice ass and nice legs. Big fake plastic boobs (not my taste) and a ugly mug so another one you need to take from behind or cover her face with a pillow!

  28. Comments (27)

    So Nicole and Donny won, good, now hopefully there going to put up people who are really worthy of being on the block, for me putting up Victoria and Jocasta would be the safe way but if they want to take out some real power, put up Zack Attack with Caleb. Now that be interesting.

  29. Comments (1288)

    Christine is so stupid. First thing Donny asks her about when they are alone is Christine pitting Donny against Jocasta in the Wild West HoH. Christine blurts right out that “someone” told her to. That is all the info Donny needed, didn’t even press for who. I really like those knock-out types of comps that can expose the game beyond just determining who wins.

  30. Comments (83)

    I feel Donny is going to nominate Cody and Christine and Nicole is
    Going to nominate zach and Caleb.

    • Comments (151)

      I hope you are right. This season is only interesting cuz of this website. After next thurs there will hopefully be some blood bathing going on though. Does caleb honestly think he is running the house? He needs to go

    • Comments (1288)

      Donnie could justify Christine because she targeted him in the Wild West Comp, but I don’t think he will. The Cody/Christine combo would stand a good chance in the BoB.

      I think he will get an agreement from Nicole that she will nom Jocasta and Donny will nom Victoria, that way the BoB would be a fairer comp. Nicole could then match Jocasta with Zach and Donny would match Victoria with Cody – with that grouping I think Jocasta and Zach have the best chance of winning BoB leaving Donny as the sole HoH.

      Donny would then be OK with Cody winning the veto because this has been the season of backdoors and that would open up all sorts of possibilities.

      Of course Nicole might get to pick first and screw Donny by going with a Jocasta/Victoria duo. Donny would then probably go Caleb/Cody and hope the BoB was something like the wedding cake where guys might have balance issues.

  31. Comments (36)

    Ugh…Nichole was the last person I wanted to win HOH. Now I will have to listen to that irritating voice of hers. I am glad Donny won though. He was starting to wear thin for me so now it will be interesting to see how he plays this. I hope whatever happens w/ noms or BOB that Caleb ends up going home this week. Also, I know a lot of people don’t like Victoria due to her lack of actual game play but sometimes flying under the radar is the best way to get to the end. Or at least second place. Oh and I’m so sick of unanimous voting. Very boring. I was disappointed there wasn’t any drama over Ambers eviction.

  32. Comments (332)

    Ok Victoria bawling faking it. She is playing the, oh please I can’t go up, no, I just can’t, cry cry dry

    • Comments (1288)

      If Derrick has his way she will be on the block every week between now and the finals but she will always be up against someone more dangerous than her. Derrick will give her $50k just to guarantee himself the $500k. She will be a combination of GinaMarie and Spencer in one annoying package.

  33. Comments (332)

    I love Caleb’s blank stare in the hoh room. He knows he can go out. Sounds like it maybe Zach and Victoria against Caleb and Christine. Both these don’t want a strong team and want a fair bob. So veto is utmost this week.

  34. Comments (332)

    Oh man Victoria is sneaky they better watch her and she always mumbles except when she smacks and eats.

  35. Comments (16)

    Hey Stevebeans, what did you mean by “Nicole and Donny already discussing who to put up – just like production planned.” Are all of these things really planned?

  36. Comments (16)

    Am I the only one made uncomfortable by the way Victoria acts towards Derrick? You shouldn’t hug a married man the way she does. Obviously he doesn’t act the same way towards her! But at times, it seems like she is trying to throw herself at him. Maybe she doesn’t realize how it comes across. Or am I the only one that it rubs the wrong way?

  37. Comments (207)

    The people I would put up are: Victoria & Christine(Donny nominees)
    Caleb & Jocasta(Nicole nominees)

    Because Jocasta & Victoria are the floaters of the game. Christine & Caleb are strong competitors. And arranging them like this Nicole is not nominating her friend Christine and Donny is not nominating his friend Jocasta.

    The other way they can do some big moves and shake the house up is if each puts a strong player they want out for example Nicole puts Caleb on the block and Donny puts up Zach then puts the two floaters next to each of them since its a double eviction whoever wins Battle of the Block will have one strong competitior and one floater on the block so if the strong player gets POV evict the other strong player.

  38. Comments (14)


  39. Comments (16)

    Yeah, even though I think it is time to get one major/influential player out (Frankie to be exact), I really don’t know if I can deal with Jocasta anymore. She is always sick or making excuses as to why she can’t compete or complete a challenge. If they could get rid of her & self-absorbed Caleb this week, I might enjoy the rest of the season a little more 🙂

  40. Comments (17)

    I think Victoria is pretty, but I don’t understand some of the comments that she says, like why did she think Amber was fake?

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