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Big Brother 16 – HoH Competition Thread

I am breaking this out from the live thread, so people don’t have to scroll down too far.

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HoH competition…

Teams: (the winning team are the HoH’s)
They were randomly selected

They need 12 eggs to win. I will keep this updated on the egg count when the feeds return. 

Victoria | Christine – ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Caleb | Nicole – ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Brittany | Jocasta – ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Amber | Zach – ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Donny | Hayden – ?? (Thanks feedmasters)
Cody | Frankie – 12

Each team has to work together to move the eggs through chicken wire.

7:15pm – Feeds still down. They better come up soon. There is only so much of these highlights of the week I can take. Christine’s laugh is horribly annoying

7:25pm – Feeds still down. I am beginning to think we’re not going to see the competition live. Great. I seem to remember something similar the last time they had this competition.

7:30pm – Feeds back, it appears Frankie / Cody won HoH. I can’t believe they didn’t show the feeds.


7:50pm – Everyone pulling Frankie away to cheer how they’re safe this week. I guess everyone is safe this week now that Devin is gone.

Check back for more updates

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  1. Comments (1)

    Frankie and Cody won!!!

  2. Comments (3)

    From a pure entertainment standpoint this was the worse thing that could happen. Neither will want blood on their hands and already feel safe in the house because of their alliances therefore they will continue to play it safe. 3 of the 4 nominees are pretty easy to guess, Brittany, Jocosta and Victoria. My 4th guess would be Donnie. Only way this becomes entertaining is if they plan to back door Caleb.

  3. Comments (198)

    What happens if one of TA goes home are they done at that point?

  4. Comments (43)

    Remember Team America needs to put up someone they believe is a physical threat.

    • Comments (3)

      That’s right I forgot about that twist, since Frankie is one HOH and Cody has beef with Caleb maybe Caleb? Or does it have to be a direct nomination? Could they use the power if veto to complete the task?

  5. Comments (182)

    It’s Floater elimination week, starting with Victoria, Brittany, Jocosta and Amber. Let the real players, advance on. Caleb needs to get over his house crush with Amber, otherwise he is in the danger zone.

  6. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans you are showing that devin is part of Team America instead of derrick. also, the chances of elimination better on the screen are still showing last weeks nominees. I know you’ve been busy so I guess that’s why that hasn’t been corrected all week.

  7. Comments (843)

    It’s amazing what a different view point I get if I just watch the show rather than read all the spoilers. Paying for the live feeds is a total waste of money. They blacked out the actual competition. Hoping they plan on back dooring Caleb!

    • Comments (2826)

      Paying to call in and vote for TA is for chumps too; as is giving a darn about those wristbands and the players heart rate. Just more ways for CBS to make money and distract from the show.

  8. Comments (5)

    I hope Caleb goes home next week. No more open shirt speeches. No more of his lusting after Amber. If he goes home next week he can hook up with Devin and they can cuddle. Caleb needs to go next so he is not on the jury, because if Amber stays and makes it to the final two (heaven help us) and he is a jury member his vote will be for Amber. Oh, even worse imagine how horrible it would be for Amber if she and Caleb are both in the jury house together. Ewe.

  9. Comments (120)

    Geez, Christine and Nicole wimped out. Both are starting to irritate me now. Why didn’t they just throw two votes to Caleb? It wouldn’t have been tracked back to them at all. Ugh.

  10. Comments (383)

    Caleb is just… I know they can edit it to make him look even more like a stalker, but seriously. He’s borderline delusional. Definitely immature. I’m sure if they thought he were dangerous he’d be out of the house, but he seems to be skating close to that line. Would love to see his face when he gets voted out next. America voted to get out someone who is seen as a physical threat…and he’s the remaining “beast”, right?

  11. Comments (2)

    Worse big brother yet I already know final five derreck cody zach frankie and christian why even watch it america caleb needs to show aka beast mode cowboy stupid name and get one of those five out this is worst big brother and dumbest twist yet I wont be watching anymore devin and caleb together could of wiped the floor now he is gone stupid kove final three zach derreck and cody final two cody derreck why should someone trained in reading people and interrogate peopme get to play next they Wil have production people in game with answer and cheats for comp bs worst big brother ever

  12. Comments (383)

    I can’t help but feel bad for Victoria, the way the guys were ripping on her. Yeah she has an oversized ego and thinks she’s much hotter than she really is, and that’s sad. She’s a cute girl but she’s average pretty, not Hollywood pretty. That’s life. I’m guessing she had a privileged upbringing and grew up thinking she’s beyond perfect. Hope she isn’t crushed when she sees how the guys really felt about her.

  13. Comments (22)

    Hayden is bizarre. Caleb is creepy.

  14. Comments (343)

    Yep, Devin is gone. He needed to be removed IMMEDIATELY even though he was powerless…..roll of the eyes. He was one of the only ones who made the game far from boring to watch on the feeds.

  15. Comments (274)

    Stevebeans-I can’t vote still. I was able to before but now starting Wed, it just stopped.Anything going on again with my email? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    • Comments (1288)

      Are you logged in to WordPress? Firefox sometimes logs me out but still leaves my commenting email and password filled in on the comment form so I only notice it when I try to vote.

  16. Comments (15)

    Did anyone notice how lame it was that Caleb wore his shirt unbuttoned during the live show? What is the guy trying to prove? It was gross

    • Comments (692)

      I thought the same thing.

      • Comments (5)

        He is full of himself.

      • Comments (151)

        He might be living in a fantasy world and I would even call him some what of an imbecile. But his wonderful unbuttoned shirt was the opposite of gross. He is very attractive and his body is not gross why would you even say that. Just because you dont like him as a man doesnt make him ugly. Youre a bully to make fun of the way somebody looks or dresses. Hate them cuz they are stupid not cuz they are beautiful.

      • Comments (692)

        I didn’t say he didn’t look good, it was just strange that he would be sitting on the block with a chance of going home even if it was slim and be running around with his shirt open like that. It’s always nice to see his body but people usually dress better if there’s even a chance, even a teeny tiny small chance, that they could be talking to Julie in front of the entire audience.

      • Comments (15)

        Agreed Franko, I never said his body was gross. To me he should have been buttoned up, he did have a chance going home being on the block. I think it is respectful to dress appropriately for occasions. Wearing and unbuttoned shirt was not appropriate. I think it is gross that he chose to do that.

      • Comments (1799)

        He always has an open shirt on The only thing bigger than his biceps is his ego

    • Comments (42)

      I sure did notice, he’s so stupid.

  17. Comments (151)

    The worst was when he said beast mode cowboy out lol what a sexy loser. Mmmm

  18. Comments (1288)

    The Cody/Amber/Caleb Train in Vain is picking up speed with some nasty curves ahead. I am willing to wager a confrontation is imminent and Caleb may become a backdoor target.

  19. Comments (68)

    This was a horrible competition. Off the bat you knew people like Victoria, Brittany, Christine, Donny and Jocasta were going to lose because they don’t have the skill for this comp. This meant that all those duos were meant to lose to begin with.

    Probably only Zach and Amber were the other duo with a chance but man…If Frankie and Cody were with anyone else i highly doubt they were going to win. I know they said it was due to a random draw but i can’t help but feel that it was a set up because of the following reason:

    1 – Frankie wins because he is part of Team America and for over a week now the challenge was to put a physical threat or a floater on the block. How did they know that a Team America member was going to be on HOH? Especially when Derrick was the outgoing HOH and couldn’t participate, which meant they only have 2 chances.

    2 – Cody wins to make the whole love triangle thing (a word that BB used as a hashtag by the way) a more serious thing.

    Every year i feel like the show is controlling things and ruining the fair play of it, but i still watch…

    • Comments (138)

      I think your foil hat is a wrapped a little bit too tightly around your head.

      1. You don’t have to be HOH to get someone put on the block. Look at how Amanda controlled almost every HoH nomination last season.
      2. From what they’re all saying it was a bang, bang, finish between three teams and Jocasta and Brittney only lost because one of them dropped an egg at the end.
      3. No matter who won, there was going to be drama potentially. It’s the nature of the game. If Donny won you’d say, “what a coincidence America’s favorite player won?”

      • Comments (68)

        It doesn’t make sense; you’re basically saying that Team America would be able to put anyone they want on the block. How is that even possible? They don’t have the same influence over the house as much as Amanda. Donny, Derrick and Frankie just seem to go with the flow and the only way they would be able to put someone on the block is by being HOH.

        Donny never influenced anybody in the house, Derrick as HOH was able to evict Devin only because the entire house wanted it and Caleb volunteered to be on the block next to him and Frankie, for the amount of camera time he’s been receiving, hasn’t done much. I honestly believe that if Frankie or Donny didn’t win HOH they would not be able to complete their task.

        As for Cody, it does seem a little too perfect for TV drama. They have been building up this love triangle where Caleb loves Amber, Amber loves Cody and Cody is afraid of Caleb. This makes no sense because I’m not sure you realize this but Amber does spend a lot of time with Caleb, we only see the parts where Caleb is a creep but Amber does lead him on, just like how she leads on Cody. Cody is paranoid over Caleb and the only way to add drama is to give him power to send paranoia to Caleb too.

        It all just seems too fishy.

      • Comments (138)

        You don’t have to have influence over the house to control a nomination. You just have to have influence over the Hoh, and Donny and Frankie have influence over the other members of the detonators. And I’m not saying that Team America would definitely be able to put anyone they want on the block. That would be the challenge of the task if none of them won Hoh.

      • Comments (469)

        you mean Derrick and Frankie – correct

      • Comments (138)

        And why am I arguing with a conspiracy theorist? You will see a conspiracy no matter what happens or who wins a challenge.

      • Comments (68)

        Do we know each other?

    • Comments (1799)

      Watch as they up the punishment to the losing HoH member

      • Comments (1288)

        Probably won’t be as bad as Cody was contemplating – losing HoH is third nom for eviction – but they should keep increasing the penalty.

  20. Comments (843)

    Wish they would back door Zach! He immediately went to Cody and said, “This is what you are going to do.” Like he is in charge. Victoria is annoying, but the way Zach makes fun of her is disgusting. He acts like a 14 year old. The Frack (Frankie/Zach) frat is getting old. Look at me, watch me, see me, hear me—the need for constant attention. UGH!!

    • Comments (343)

      Zach should have been axed instead of Pao, if they were smart. They are not.

    • Comments (110)

      I wish someone would say what the guys are doing specifically. I don’t watch the feeds so when it is brought up that the guys say mean things about Victoria I have no clue what they say. That being said in Zach’s intro to the show you could see he’s an arrogant jerk. He even said he hates everyone in the house when Julie was talking to them and people took it as a joke but was he joking? I agree, he is just way immature.

  21. Comments (50)

    I’m super disappointed that Frankie and Cody won.. Out of all the teams I was hoping it would be Donny and Hayden. I really liked Frankie in the beginning but now he just rubs me the wrong way…

  22. Comments (46)

    He appears to be rubbing Zach the right way! I think once out of the house away from cameras those two will hook up. Come out of the closet Zach and into the light. It is 2014 you don’t need to hide who you are. Just wait until you are out of the BB spotlight.

  23. Comments (843)

    There is no “Team” America. Frankie and Derrick are leaving Donny out this time. They will make the decision then tell Donnie what to do. Last time they had him start the rumor so, if it came back to bite them, they could blame him. Frankie did nothing. Frankie shouldn’t receive any of the money.

    • Comments (412)

      It was Frankie’s idea to say Zach was related to Amanda.

    • Comments (469)

      Mouse – if you were watching Donny and Caleb’s meeting in the storage room and Derrick tried to tell Donny what he expected him to do – Donny as much as told him to blow it out his a** (my words Donny would say it that way). I still think everyone is selling Donny short – there is a REAL MAN under that quiet voice and fatigue clothing.

  24. Comments (1)

    I still don’t understand why everyone does unanimous votes. Why not shake it up a bit and vote how you really want and deny it when they try to figure out who voted “against the house”? No one is going to know since this whole game is about lying.

  25. Comments (23)

    Last night’s show reminded me that Jeff was a great houseguest. He’s got a great personality for TV. And interviewing Donny’s parents was no easy task! On the other hand, I go back and forth with Frankie. He is charismatic and certainly he has the ego for BB, but he’s immature. What can you say? We’re all idiots at one point or another and these people have consented to let cameras capture it all on video for the rest of us to yap about. Thanks!

    P.s. CBS did a good job making that whole episode a nail-biter, only to end up with a unanimous vote! C’mon, wimps! Shake it up! I wanted Devin gone, too, to take him off his delusions of grandeur pedestal… But then I realized how hilarious it would be for the “pawn” to get evicted. Expect the unexpected, dummies. Except… Not.

    I think I’m rooting for Nicole or Hayden to win. They are kind of floaters, but they’re not annoying or evil…

  26. Comments (23)

    Cody nominated his crush?? Wtf?

  27. Comments (23)

    I can’t believe they already had the nomination ceremony. Jeez… Did they sleep last night?

    Did the 2 HOHs collaborate again?

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