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Big Brother 16 – Kicking Through The Live Feeds


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Poor Britney. She’s had a pretty rough summer so far. This is the 4th week of Big Brother, and she’s been nominated 3 times and was a have-not for 2 of the weeks. On top of that, she was given a punishment during the PoV where she needs to kick a soccer ball into a net 2,400 times in 24 hours. Assuming she doesn’t sleep, that’s 1 goal every 36 seconds. What’s worse, she was given 1 ball and has to retrieve it after every kick. Now, let’s say she sleeps/eats/bathroom for 6 hours, that drops it down to 1 goal every 27 seconds. Now remember, Brittany is the current target this week, so she may leave this Thursday after all of this.


The strange part of it all is that Brittany really hasn’t done anything to deserve it. It’s not like she tried to make all these big moves or get caught in a mountain of lies. Her problem lies solely in the fact that she chose the wrong people to be friends with in the house. It’s kind of stupid, but so far this cast has been pretty stupid.

So let’s hop into the feeds….

  • 1:05pm – Brittany is outside kicking balls (of course) while talking with Jocasta and Donny. None of them can figure out why they’re on the ‘outside’ of the house along with Christine, Nicole and Victoria.
  • Jocasta also mentions she wonders why Nicole took the veto considering only Victoria was the remaining player going for it.  Nicole could have picked the Germany trip instead of the veto.
  • Brittany is hoping to hear she is safe in an unexpected twist after finishing this punishment. Sadly, she likely won’t.
  • Kick count – 1,743 of 2,400
  • 1:55pm – Kick count – 1,826 of 2,400.
  • 2:17pm – Hayden and Nicole talking about how Christine acted so worried the first two evictions despite knowing she wasn’t going up. This means they think she’s a good actor and may want to watch out for her
  • 2:46pm – Britt still kicking balls, while Cody has to kick himself in the butt.  Only 10x every once in awhile. That punishment pales in comparison.
  • 9:00pm – Derrick is in the HoH room with Zach and Cody talking about who to potentially renominate. The name Caleb keeps getting mentioned, but the funny part is when they ask people like Christine or Nicole who the biggest threat to their game is, the girls say Brittany.  Oh boy
  • 9:20pm – Zach is really pushing for Caleb to be nominated. I think Cody is too weak to make a big move.
  • 9:25pm – Amber comes up to the HoH room and the conversation stops
  • 9:35pm – Zach is gone, and Amber is pissed about Zach going against Amber. I haven’t caught up to how she found out, but I will.
  • Meanwhile, Cody sits next to her rubbing her leg. Caleb should try that
  • 10:04pm – Frankie pulls Zach into the pantry. Frankie said Brittany is ‘the devil’. She is the source of all the drama (apparently drama trumps threats this season).
  • 10:35pm – Nicole is in the havenot room filling Hayden in on all the stuff tonight.

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  1. Comments (2826)

    Yeah, I’m a fan of Britt, too. If Cody has any sense he will put up the BOast Mode Cowthing.

  2. Comments (401)

    I hope they show Brittany crying because she’s in so much pain and Nicole at the very same time complaining about her outfit. Which is what’s happening outside as I type this. And Cody said he stayed outside until 5 am so Brit wouldn’t be alone and Nicole immediately shared she was also up until 5. But clearly not outside showing any support for Brit.

  3. Comments (20)

    Brittnay did it! 2400 goals in less then 24 hours! You go girl!

  4. Comments (469)

    I have not mentioned Brittany yet – I have seen many negative posts about her but fail to see any legitimacy in any of them – what has she done that is so terrible – she cooks – she cleans – she hasn’t back stabbed anyone- what she has done is stood up to Devin – spoke up for herself when neccesary – and more importantly stood up for others when she felt it was neccesary – and now when every scenario points to her eviction she is outside attempting to complete a task that is next to impossible and fighting through real pain – and whether you think she is doing it to draw sympathy it absolutely does not matter – SHE IS DOING IT – in my opinion she is doing it because that is what BB put on her and her ethics tell her that is what she will do. I see Brittany as a 29 year old mother of 3 that has seen and experienced much more of life and the world than the other guests and believes in doing the right thing no matter how much it hurts.

  5. Comments (198)

    You would think that BB/CBS have enough staff they could keep the activity tracker up to date. It still dated for July 17. Come on CBS get your act together.

    • Comments (843)

      Annoying isn’t it? They weren’t even wearing the trackers when Brittany was doing the goal punishment so none of that will count. Now she will be so sore she won’t be able to do anything.

  6. Comments (469)

    I just posted above and see Tabitha said Brittany did it WOW WOW WOW -I have been an athlete all my life and I would not have put money on me completing that – Brittany has just accomplished the most difficult challenge ever asked of a HG – this is a testament of her will power and her ethics —– Shut the house down now – give this girl the 500k – and a weeks rehab at a posh spa. —- And all you “muscle boys” put your shirts back on this 29 year old mother just made pansies out of all of you.

  7. Comments (843)

    Christine and Hayden should have to do the soccer kick since they are being so snarky about how easy it is and how fast they could do it. Wasn’t for Brittany until now. No one supported her except Donny. Immature bunch of children!

  8. Comments (383)

    What the heck was Jacosta doing on tonight’s episode when she got eliminated??? What WAS that? She’s all makeup and self-righteousness. I don’t see any real character in her. Can’t STAND her!

    • Comments (198)

      Did’t you know SOME of the most religious people are the biggest a**holes always thinking they are better than everyone else. But are the most sneaky and back handed people.

      • Comments (624)

        I get sick of her “praise God” stuff over every trivial thing. I’m sure God doesn’t care about the show.

      • Comments (469)

        Connie Sue – yes you are right to an extent – some of the people who “claim” christianity are hypocrits – but please don’t lump them together with true born again christians – case in point Donny – he is a shining example of true christianity – meek – humble – caring – giving.

      • Comments (198)

        I did say SOME I did not say all.

      • Comments (469)

        Connie – yes I caught that, and said some in my reply. I am not critisizing you I merely wanted to point out that christianity is real in spite of some hypocrits tarnishing it – and you did say some so I believe you agree with me – Thanks for the reply Connie.

      • Comments (198)

        Yes I do.

    • Comments (692)

      I have the same question, what the heck was that that just Jacosta was doing on tonight’s show?? I was watching with someone who had never seen the show and they were asking what the heck what’s up with that girl?she’s just weird!

      • Comments (843)

        Jocasta was speaking in tongues. It’s spoken of in the bible, but it’s used inappropriately by a lot of Christians. Example was right then.

      • Comments (469)

        Sadly I agree with you mouse.

      • Comments (76)

        Hopefully next time Jocasta will speak in Tongues while Dancing with Snakes. Q .What supposed Bible reading Christian prays to God that they win a contest on Big Brother. A. PHONY HYPOCRITES …Another one is Caleb with his “All glory to God ” for why he is in the BB house.. Bible reading man of God ..Homophobe & Racist ..I like Donny & do believe he is sincere in his faith ..

      • Comments (692)

        I know what speaking in tongues is and that was definitely not it. that was stupid gibberish or something.

    • Comments (110)

      I asked the same thing. That noise she was making was quite odd and irritating.

  9. Comments (528)

    My god, BB America is cruel to the houseguests! I guess they really just think the only thing the audience wants to see is a bunch of antagonized, bitter people on edge. That wasn’t what the show was originally about and it’s gotten worse every year. 🙁

  10. Comments (220)

    Maybe because this is the 16th cycle of BB, players know that there’s power in numbers and have been scared into submission. The “house” mentality gets worse each season. Very few players are willing to make big moves. And the players who do, are hung out to dry (i.e. Devin and Joey). Devin was “too fast too soon… and too erratic”, but at least he played and gave us something to watch. Like Joey had a good idea in having a girls’ alliance, because obviously there’s a need for it. And she was outspoken. Watching these HGs is like watching paint dry.

    I like Derrick’s game but him as a person is too boastful. Caleb’s green-eyed monster has taken over.

    Here’s my issue: if everyone knows who’s running the house….why not form an alliance with the outliers? I never understand that.

  11. Comments (843)

    Well, Boast Mode Cowpie, aptly named by AIO-7, Amber didn’t need you to rescue her at all did she? Looks to me like she and Brittany are the “Beasts” of the game along with Donny. Christine, Zach, and Frankie are big talkers too. Hoping Cody ‘grows some’ and flips the house.

  12. Comments (469)

    In tonights show during the HOH competition Derrick made it very clear who he was backing – Donny caught it immediately and spoke of it to the camera- didn’t the other HG’s pick up on this – Donny-Amber-Nicole-Hayden-Jocasta need to group up immediately or it will be too late. — Something else is happening also – Cody is beginning to question the “5” especially Frankie- hope this suspicion grows legs and as someone else has mentioned – Cody could shake everything up. — One other thing – have you noticed how Derrick and Frankie have pretty much excluded Donny from TA decision making and congratulatory high fives – they seem to forget Donny was picked before them – maybe next TA task will be – Have Donny pick two new TA mates after he personally fires D. and F.

    • Comments (469)

      I should have included Britanny in the group – she would be there if Cody does grow a pair as Mouse so aptly pointed out and saves her – and puts up the cowgirl or cowpie (both seem to fit).

      • Comments (274)

        Yes please! No joke I am praying earnestly to have Caleb get voted out. That production would have their hand in this knowing full well that he is dangerous & delusional.

      • Comments (343)

        Really? Schoolboy crushes are now dangerous. Better imprison most young boys in America, then.

      • Comments (469)

        problem is jimbo caleb is not a young boy – he is a muscled up grown man that is 2 fries short of a happy meal

      • Comments (692)

        Two fries short of a happy meal??!! That’s just funny!!

    • Comments (110)

      I said the same thing to my husband. No one but Donny made a comment about the clear display of favoritism Derrick displayed.

  13. Comments (383)

    Anybody else see in tonight’s episode where they had a promo for the new show Stalker? The word STALKER in huge letters was displayed across the lower part of the screen while the camera was on Caleb. LMAO.

  14. Comments (469)

    So somebody who watches the 24/7 live feeds – during BBAD it sure looked like Nicole is now either a member of the detonators or at least is aware and welcome in their meetings – am I seeing this right?????

  15. Comments (3)

    People in that house are crazy, they talk about people not doing anything floaters if you will, Zach Christine Nicole Hayden Cody up til now, when does being in an alliance mean your not a floater. And Brittany she’s tough but she has to win, but she will go home.

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