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Big Brother 16 – Nicole Is Campaigning, Will It Work?


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Nicole is not going down without a fight, and she has enlisted the help of Victoria and Zach in her attempts at remaining in the house this week. Will it work?  Probably not, but she certainly has a better chance than many of the recent houseguests in her position.

As expected, this last in the season is when alliances kind of split into sub-alliances. Derrick clearly has Victoria in his pocket, and Cody has Christine. In my opinion, both guys would take their pocket girl to the final 2 in order to secure a win.  Despite the foursome not clearly playing together as an alliance, Cody and Derrick are, so that means the girls are likely safe with them.

This means Caleb, Nicole, Zach, Donny and Frankie are on their own even though a few of them think they’re part of a tight alliance. Zach has already realized he’s alone, and he knows it’s in his best interest to keep Nicole over Donny because of that. He and Nicole had a little bonding session Thursday night after all the drama went down, and said they were going to work together. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but really for Zach, he needs to get the wheels in motion today if he really wants to save her.

With pros always comes cons, and the major con that is on everyone’s mind is Nicole’s relationship with Hayden and what Julie said on Thursday night.  Julie basically told the house there will be a competition to re-enter at some point  (my guess is when there are 4 evicted houseguests, so next week).  Nobody in the house, Zach included, wants a situation where Donny leaves and Hayden returns. Hayden and Nicole will instantly pair up and become a pretty strong force because they won’t trust anyone else in the house. As a game move, this makes sense for everyone… somewhat.

What Zach needs to realize is, if indeed that does happen, Nicole won’t forget it. She is not the type to just cast Zach aside and I’d be willing to bet the three of them can become a really strong alliance.

I’m rambling a bit. Nicole clearly has Zach and Victoria if she can secure two more votes.  She really needs to spend the day working on Frankie and Cody. Cody may seem like a weird choice, but he is extremely threatened by Donny. He has made numerous comments about that and really wants him out of the house.  Frankie is the only other option because there is no chance Caleb turns on Derrick and crew. However, a good player could convince Frankie to be on board… but is Nicole that good player?  I guess we’ll find out today.

One thing appears to be certain, Nicole will at least give more of an effort than many other houseguests have this season – Zach included (remember, Zach was sleeping when his fate was decided last Wed night).

I’ll start a live feed thread in an hour or two, depending on when the house gets up.  It will probably be a slow start and a slow afternoon, so I’ll try my hardest to stay awake a bit late tonight and blog anything that happens (if anything happens).

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  1. Comments (1446)

    I can’t wait to watch them start eating each other alive once Nicole and Donny head to the jury house.
    Hope Donny can win the next HOH and Hayden or Nicole can get back in next week.

  2. Comments (2)

    I can’t wait for someone to put up Cody or Derrick, neither one of them has made it on the block and I don’t like Derrick. I want Derrick or Cody to go to jury next week! I’d love to see Donny and Nicole make it to the final 2.

    • Comments (644)

      I completely agree with you deena.

    • Comments (1276)

      That is actually one of the reasons Derrick will be able to use when/if he makes it to the final 2. He managed to keep him and Cody off the block the entire season up until this point.

    • Comments (400)

      I think we would see a totally different side of both Derrick and Cody if there were on the block. Neither or them would be so cool and calm. Think about how aggitated Cody gets at just the mention of him being put on the block. He’s scared to death of it.

  3. Comments (42)

    So there are two groups – one Derrick, Vic, Cody and Christine and second Caleb, Zach and Frankie…she cant go to Zach and bitch abt Frankie that ship is sailed already..She only has one way out and to make first group understand that they need one more vote if they have to fight against Caleb, Zach and Frankie to save their girls (Christine and Vic) for next week since Christine cant play for HoH. Now that one vote to be guaranteed can only be Nicole and not Donny is what she needs to convince Derrick and Cody and then Christine and Vic will follow-thru.

    She needs to divide and rule the house. Well, its already virtually divided into two groups.

    I dont think she has time or any way to convince Zach and Frankie unless she makes them realize that D, C, C and V is one group. Derrick is good player he will prove Nicole is lying about they being a group.

    • Comments (487)

      Nicole has a shot IF Zach is really playing Frankie. Zach was really pissed that Frankie lied to him and knows he has to do what is best for his game, not Frankie D.

      • Comments (42)

        That route was already tried in beginning of this week and it failed which is reason why she is on block.

  4. Comments (1446)

    I don’t think Nicole has Victoria’s vote. She will vote the way Derrick tells her to vote.

  5. Comments (401)

    To whomever I said I didn’t think Nicole cared enough to stay to fight, I stand corrected.

  6. Comments (9)

    I really want to see Nicole stay this week. If she can get Cody’s vote, she has a chance. If she stays, I want Hayden to return to the house, and the two of them could start getting some of the detonators out.

  7. Comments (138)

    There are people watching BB right now who think alliances and lying aren’t necessary. They think it’s an individual game and the right strategy is to lay low, play week to week and just win competitions. These are the morons CBS will cast for BB17.

  8. Comments (266)

    Cody’s rant about Donny last night in the backyard was so frustrating to watch I had to turn it off. Cody complaining about Donny “coming into the house with no strategy” and “what has Donny done… He’s done NOTHING.” Umm ok Cody, so your strategy has been any better? Has Cody even won anything? All he’s done is ride on Derricks back while stroking nasty Christine.

    • Comments (412)

      I completely agree with you. Donny has won 3 veto comps and 1 HOH. Has Cody won anything? I don’t think so. He is the ultimate floater.

    • Comments (152)

      Preach on Stemmie! I agree whole heartedly! Cody has done nothing while poor Donny has had to fight for every week in the house. Cody just has a guilty conscious because he is messing around with nasty Nasty Christine.

  9. Comments (412)

    I think it would be cool if they brought back 2 jury members this year.

  10. Comments (1)

    Victoria should have been put up on the block. Get that floater out of the game. Sheshould have been the first person to walk out the door in this season.

  11. Comments (152)

    Come on Nicole. I would love to see someone else make a game changing play in the game. So far EVERYTHING has been decided by Derrick and the dominoes! Oh…I mean Detonators. LOL
    Go Zach….I am still wanting him to win it all!

    • Comments (469)

      Tango – you said so far everything has been decided by Derrick – well to be fair in the past week have seen infighting – scrambling – back stabbing – chaos – tearful “confessions” and paranoia – what precipitated this change in the house dynamics – Nicoles bold move as HOH – she was the first and only HG that had the guts to shake things up and salvage a boring season for the fans – is she paying the price – YES – but she still did it knowing she was making herself a target – and I must add she has done all this with integrity – everything she has been accused of has been manufactured by Derrick and Frankie – last night while Derrick and Cody were plaing pool Cody admitted that Nicole got hosed by them on the Christine issue and Derrick agreed. This girl has more guts and backbone than all of the “macho” crew combined – and she’s done it on her own – anyone remember the story of David and Goliath?

      • Comments (644)

        Hi john ruth. Nicole is the only one, besides Zach (but I really don’t understand his game!) that has been willing to call out people on their lies. It’s just a shame that she has to go. She will be gone this week, next week it’s poor Donny’s turn, and they were my two favorites left in the house. So then I think I’ll be rooting for Zach, unless someone does something miraculous in the game!

    • Comments (1276)

      Nicole has sure tried, I just hope someone will see the light and try to work with her. It would be a real asset to get her with them, for a vote, plus if Hayden comes back, he can take on all of the boys in the comps.

    • Comments (492)

      Yeah!!!! Me too!

  12. Comments (2824)

    I just hope Jocasta doesn’t make her way back into the house.

  13. Comments (1799)

    Seems that Derrick has succeed in holding his pets in line Nichole will be out Than he will sit back in the HoH comp No need to win and be forced to the front No he will lett one of the underlings step up win Let Christine Frankie and Zach eat each other Donny will go up again than one of the other ones will fight between each other If Donny goes great If one of the Detanators goes even better for his game The only thing better is after Nichole goes to jury house that makes 3 after next week they will have 4 perfect to have them compleate than return 2 into the game to finaly put a speed bump into Derrick plans

  14. Comments (644)

    I had a dream with Derrick last night. I was walking at night alone in a parking lot and as soon as he saw me he hid behind a car. Then I woke up. I guess he was going to rob me!
    I’d like for Nicole or Donny to win, if not then Zach. But I think Derrick will probably win because even though he is running the house they don’t have a clue, except Donny.

  15. Comments (412)

    Caleb= Crazy Delusional
    Christine= Accidental Villain
    Cody= Ultimate Floater
    Nicole= This Year’s Jessie
    Victoria= One Extra Vote
    Zach= Wannabe Villain
    Derrick= Undercover Mastermind
    Frankie= Attention Whore
    Donny= America’s Sweetheart

    • Comments (2)

      Jessie was the saving grace of last season
      I also didn’t mind Candice 🙂
      Those 2 should be considered to return if there is ever an all stars 2

  16. Comments (69)

    I am just tired of Derrick always going up to the HOH room and eating everyones food – he never stops eating –

  17. Comments (69)

    maybe that is where he is getting his brain power – eating all the chocolates from the head of household – and why can these people not see he is telling them what to do

  18. Comments (412)

    “In a perfect world for the Hitmen,” says Derrick, “we get Donny out next week. Victoria out the week after. Or Christine. Victoria or Christine. Whoever we can get up there [on the block]. One of ‘em gotta go. Preferably Victoria, then Christine. Then we gotta go after…”

    Cody interrupts, asking why they wouldn’t want to get Frankie out before Victoria or Christine. Derrick says he would if they could get him up there. “If we can get him up there, then I’ll send him home,” adds Derrick. “I would rather send home Frankie before Victoria,” Cody says, “So let’s do it,” agrees Derrick.

    Derrick runs through their revised list. Donny, Frankie, Victoria or Christine with whichever one doesn’t go home that week would go home the next, then Zach. That would leave them with Caleb. Cody questions whether or not they could beat Caleb in a final 3 round of competitions. Derrick thinks they could, but Cody is hesitant. Okay, so Derrick offers another option….

    Derrick’s alternative to Caleb with them at final 3… Victoria, of course. Hah! Nicely played, Derrick.

  19. Comments (266)

    Christine’s head is too far up Cody’s armpit to realize she will be first from their alliance to go. Muhahaha.. Can’t wait.

  20. Comments (266)

    And if I hear the Relacore commercial one more time on BBAD I will punch my TV.

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