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Big Brother 16 – Will Nicole Flirt For Votes? Live Feed Updates


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Last night, Nicole started getting a little cozy with Cody on the living room couch before snuggling with him for a few hours in bed. I guess this was her last ditch effort to remain in the house this week, but I don’t think it has a slight chance of working. Part of me wonders if it was an attempt to get back at Christine, but we’ll probably never find out for sure.

In other news, the house was given a good scare last night beginning around 11:10pm when images of ghosts and zombies started appearing in the mirrors around the house.  It’s a zombie apocalypse outside!  The house reports about the zombie outbreak, the symptoms and locations.  The concept is really cool and was made into a movie in 2008.  Kind of funny they did that the same day I randomly talked about starting a Walking Dead blog, they must read my stuff. Just kidding, this was likely planned and will be part of a competition – probably HoH tonight.

I’d love an endurance challenge (I’ve only been asking ALL SEASON), but the zombie outbreak points to a memory competition tonight.  It could also be for the PoV Saturday, but I don’t think they would show the stuff that early in advance. This likely means we’ll have an endurance competition next week that will be exactly like last year. The regular houseguests will compete for single HoH, and the first four jurors will compete to get back in the house.  Who knows, Julie did promise this to be the season with the twistiest twists that ever twisted (my words), so maybe they won’t have a format exactly like BB15.

Enough rambling, I will be adding updates to this thread, but right now everyone is sleeping

  • 1:00pm – Sorry for lack of updates. Thursday’s are almost always dead because people are preparing for the show and the feeds come in and out.  Right now nothing is happening. A few people eating, Frankie moving out of the HoH room (… and yes, he was not HoH). I doubt anything will happen between now and live show, but if it does I’ll update this post and submit to facebook and twitter.  Otherwise I’ll be doing predictions shortly.

Check back for more updates

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  1. Comments (412)

    I’m glad Nicole is finally flirting with Cody. I don’t think she really likes him and is only doing it to remind Christine she’s a married woman. I love Nicole. I still want her out instead of Donny, though.

    • Comments (1446)

      Last night Caleb, Zach, Nicole and Donny ALL talked about the inappropriate relationship between Christine and Cody. Cody denied everything, while Christine just sat there giggling like a school girl.
      Unless Christine and her husband have some kind of alternative or open marriage, I feel sorry for the guy. He may not want to admit it, but she is making a fool of him on national television.

      • Comments (412)

        Really? I didn’t see that. She didn’t even try to deny it?

      • Comments (1446)

        She had nothing to say about it – she just kept doing her annoying, cackling, nervous laugh. She acts like the nerdy girl who got a date with the football captain. Cody was denying that he had ever “spooned” w/Christine, and Caleb and Zach were outright calling him a liar. Sheesh, even Zach has more morals than those two. Caleb even mentioned walking in on them whispering and cuddling in the same bed at night in the “rock” room.
        So inappropriate for a married woman, at least in my opinion. But then I am 40+, maybe times have changed.

      • Comments (1276)

        It was pretty bad. He was swearing up and down that He never “spooned” nor did Christine ever sit on his lap. And basically said that his junk never touched her junk, so it was ok????????
        I don’t really care, I think what she does is between her and her husband, and he may actually be fine with the way she acts towards Cody. However, she didn’t even try to say it was all innocent, or anything like that, just kept smiling and didn’t defend it in any way shape or form. So she either doesn’t care, or doesn’t think it’s a problem.
        The strange part is Cody defending it, and her not.

  2. Comments (13)

    Does anyone think the ghost/zombie happenings could mean a evicted housemate will be returning this week kinda like coming back from the dead just a thought

    • Comments (412)

      I really don’t think it will be this week. Double eviction was last week, there are only 2 jury members right now. Tonight there will be 3. I really think they will wait until there is at least 4 members to compete to come back.

  3. Comments (412)

    I bet Christine really thought her and Cody shared something special.

  4. Comments (492)

    Poor Hayden having to listen to Jocasta all week in the jury house. For Hayden’s sake let it be Nicole leaving!

  5. Comments (152)

    GO NICOLE. First person to actually rally to stay in the game. I love it. Really want her to go over Donny but love seeing someone actually TRY to stay in the game. so far, they have all just accepted the cards Derrick and the dominoes have dealt them and left the house without a fight.

  6. Comments (332)

    I cant figure out why they are so threatened by couples when clearly, Frankie and Zach are one. But Zach is the living dead HA! I think they are just trying to be the Brigade and I truly don’t like Victoria BUT I could be swayed to accept her in the finals to win if it becomes her and Christine.

  7. Comments (332)

    Right now, I am a Donny fan and hoping Americas team carries him to the finals. I just hated Derrick and Cody talking about Victoria as if she was like their garbage and tool!

  8. Comments (412)

    Hayden must be so bored with only Jocasta there preaching about everything. Maybe he’ll be reunited with Nicole tonight! I think it would be cool if they brought two jury members back at separate times.

  9. Comments (95)

    I just gotta say that if I were Christine’s husband, I’d have damn divorce papers ready for her when this show is over. My husband actually sat and watched it with me the past few episodes and I told him she was married. He couldn’t believe that she’s doing this on national TV and doesn’t seem to care about her husband seeing it. She doesn’t even mention him! I don’t know, I just feel bad for the dude.

    • Comments (2826)

      She did mention her husband, she said he likes anal, and she loves to give it to him….and why not, it has to look better than her face.

      • Comments (1446)

        Yikes!! 🙂

      • Comments (412)

        Did she really say that?

      • Comments (644)

        @Honest—I’ve read that somewhere else too, so I guess it’s true. I remember Christine saying that she liked short, chubby guys, and she married someone completely different. Her husband is tall and thin. Cody is really Mr. Universe next to him. Even though I also think Cody is super attractive (he reminds me of John Travolta when he was young), I’m not rooting for him. He hasn’t won much and he just gets by with his good looks and because Derrick protects him.

      • Comments (383)

        Yeah I see the John Travolta thing, too. Circa the bubble boy movie. 🙂

    • Comments (1446)

      On another site(Joker’s maybe?) they printed Christine’s letter from her husband and it was really mushy – about how much he loved her and how proud he was of her game.
      Either he’s an idiot or he’s just waiting until the game is over to deal w/it. If she wins the money, he’ll get 1/2.

      • Comments (412)

        Actually, that was the letter he wrote to her before she even left. He says he wrote her a letter that took 45 mins to write talking about how he felt about Christine’s relationship with Cody, and they didn’t give it to her. Poor guy.

      • Comments (1446)

        Really?? I tried to find info on him, just to see how he feels about it(not to harass him) and I couldn’t find anything anywhere. Where did you hear this – I would love to read about how he’s doing.

      • Comments (26)

        You can find him on Twitter Jannie. He seems like a nice guy, I feel bad for him but he is handling this really well publicly anyway.

      • Comments (1446)

        Thanks –
        Yeah I do feel sorry for the guy. He’s looks kinda geeky(not that it’s a bad thing) and I’m sure he’s pretty young. Hope he isn’t dominated by Christine in the real world. By reading his twitter, he does seem to be handling it as best he can…

  10. Comments (1799)

    Just got done watching BBUK 2013 and they did a zombie attack Half the HG were safe the other half had to do different things . Like shave a bald trip in there head Drink goat eyes ,dog food. ,and harrings all mix together Can you say sauterday night live bass-o-Matic . Unfortunetly not enough players now to do it

    • Comments (469)

      dan – unless you have been watching re-runs of Sat. Night Live – you are sure dating yourself – I remember watching it live – Dan Akroyd plugging the Bas-O-Matic – one of their funniest and most memorable skits. And do you remember Akroyd pureeing the bass and then drinking it – had to be trickery but it sure looked real.

  11. Comments (2826)

    “Like shave a bald trip in there head Drink goat eyes ,dog food. ,and harrings all mix together”

    Seriously, and people find sadism like that entertaining? I would turn the channel, immediately.

  12. Comments (412)


  13. Comments (3)


  14. Comments (412)

    Out of curiosity, who is everyone’s least favorite houseguest?
    Mine is Christine.
    I really don’t like Frankie, either, but he’s playing the game more than Christine.

  15. Comments (4)

    Been reading for a few weeks now. Thanks for the updates, StevesBeans!:) Least faves are Christine & Frankie. Makes me sick & is so obvious production is catering to Frankie & subtly to Derrick as well.
    Has anyone else noticed Christine signing? I noticed on BBAD when she was in the bathroom, while “fidgeting”. Then it seemed production noticed and moved camera up from her hands. I don’t know ASL but sure would be interested in what exactly she’s signing.

  16. Comments (4)

    correction: *stevebeans*. Sorry for misspelling your name, sir.

  17. Comments (1446)

    I should say Caleb, because the guy is so dang cocksure of himself and constantly talking about how famous he should be, but I can’t help but (almost)like him because he needs a reality check and will probably get one when he gets out of the house and people say “Caleb Who?” So I gotta feel a little bad for him.
    Frankie and Christine for least favorites. She seems very phony and untrustworthy, and he is just plain annoying with all of the touchy/feeley and performing all over the house.

  18. Comments (487)

    Nicole is helping Donny with the memory information that may be used for tonight’s HOH competition. If she can’t stay Nicole is willing to help Donny get HOH and go as far as he can. She even flirted with Cody which had to bother Christine. I really like Nicole.

    • Comments (401)

      Not at all surprised and happy to hear this.

      • Comments (469)

        Nor I Ann – the two class acts in the house.

      • Comments (469)

        As a matter of fact Ann – if you watched BBAD last night there was extended coverage of Donny and Nicole playing Jengo (suprised me – it is most always the Frankie show) – but it was heart warming they had downstairs to themselves so they didn’t have to whisper – they chatted and laughed more than talked game – if you didn’t know better you’d have thought it was father and daughter enjoying themselves and each other – just nice people – and she is cute as a bug.

  19. Comments (843)

    Least favorite: Frankie and Christine

  20. Comments (644)

    It’s so funny when they asked Derrick to cast his vote to evict he said something like: “Team America, I vote to evict Nicole.” His next pick to evict is Donny (at least that’s what he has said), he couldn’t care less about him and he thinks we are idiots, that we don’t watch BBAD or the live feeds.

  21. Comments (644)

    Now that that Frankie and Derrick won he HOHs this is what I think will happen: Frankie is going to nominate Victoria, and Derrick is going to nominate Donny. Then one of them will nominate Christine and the other one will nominate Zach. The alternate would be Caleb.
    Poor Donny, he’s out the door next Thursday, unless a miracle happens.

  22. Comments (5)

    I completely agree. Nicole and Donny aren’t cut out for this kind of game.

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